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The OFFICIAL 10K Runner COUCH TO 10K app.
- Go from zero to 5K and from 5K to 10K
- 1.2 Million People successfully did it
- CBS, CNN, Fox, USA Today, Fitness Channel, Runner’s World, Apple's "New & Noteworthy", Times, AppAdvice, AppCraver, Best10Apps, Appolicious, Daily Motion, AppOfTheDay, MakeUseOf, the iPhone App Review, Remix Your Health, AppShopper, Apple's Top Health & Fitness apps, and so many others…

- Recommended by Fitness Trainers
- Recommended Top Doctors on healthTap.com
- Praised by Media & App review experts

10K Runner is for beginners or for 5K Graduates.
It gets you in shape with an awesome Walk - Run - Walk routine. You start slow, and the running gradually increases to a full 10K. Just plug in your headphones and play your favorites music, and the app will tell you when to Walk and when to Run.

10K Runner keeps you motivated and this is what made millions of people succeed. Its the true magic of this app, and its built into every screen. The running plan is achievable and enjoyable even by people that never liked to run. From the start the app keeps a log of your runs & achievements and awards you with badges. You can also share your progress with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or by mail or join our growing Facebook forum and talk to other runners.

This app keeps people running. Built by professionals and successful for millions, this is the ultimate Zero-to-5K-to-10K app.

● Couch to 5K to 10K
- 8 weeks, 3 times a week to reach 5K
- 6 more weeks, 3 times a week to reach 10K
- alternating walks and runs
- audio coach tells you what to do
- starts easy & slowly increases the the runs
- works with the screen locked (dark)
- repeat workouts whenever you want

- listen to your music while running
- audio coach gently blends in when needed
- works great with all music apps
- compatible with all running GPS apps
- Nike+, RunKeeper, MapMyRun and ALL others

- each completed run is a Win
- receive Badges for your progress
- motivational quotes for your mind & body

- share wins / badges on Facebook, Twitter, mail

- join our Runner forum on Facebook
- talk to other runners & share

- Designed to make any beginner succeed
- Guidance & information for beginners
- Answers to all common questions
- Links to stretching & warmup videos

Built for:
● iPhone & iPod touch
● iPad - awesome on a treadmill

● ● ● ● ●
CBS, CNN, Fox, USA Today, Times, Fitness Channel, AppAdvice, AppCraver, Best10Apps, Appolicious, AppOfTheDay, Apple's "New & Noteworthy" MakeUseOf, the iPhone App Review, Remix Your Health, AppShopper, Daily Motion, and so many others…

"If you thought that you could never run - get ready for a BIG surprise. With this app - you will run"

"Its a great App, I was hooked by the second run, and it kept me running"

"If you want to start running and to keep running - this app will do it for you"

"One of the best iPhone running apps I’ve tested." 

"This application is a must-have fitness trainer for anyone trying to catch the running bug or getting ready for a major running event"

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Customer Reviews

  • Great app!

    by Mjg1233

    Has really help get me back in shape after having a baby. Training pace is perfect.

  • Love it

    by Huckfu

    This app makes it so easy!

  • No complaints!

    by NolaJenAnn

    No complaints. I'm already in week 7 - no injuries and my stamina and endurance are building. The app is an easy guide that always works as intended. The motivational bits are a little hidden and could be more prominent for those of us that need a little extra encouragement.

  • Great app

    by Dominicip

    Nice long thorough program

  • Awesome

    by PPD1205

    Excellent app. Great tool to get the beginner ready.

  • Great App

    by Imakarolinagirl

    Most helpful app for novice runners out there!!!

  • Useful bit missing features

    by Poincare_

    This is a helpful app which outlines a beginning 10k training program. It would me more useful if there were more options such as customizing the training program (e.g., modify training based on gender, age, and weight), incorporating a GPS tracker (so users don't have to keep switching back and forth), and tracking mileage or at least the number of steps (for example as other trackers do). So, overall it is an useful app with an OK beginning 10k training program.

  • Awesome App!

    by Shaymarie1

    This app got me back to running safe and effectively. I love that I can stream my own music too :) definitely a must for new runners or those returning to the sport!

  • Love this app! Easy to use!

    by CnMe38

    Get it!

  • Review

    by Kcardinal

    Love it!!

  • Great app! Wish it has another feature.

    by B. Kauten

    Overall app is great and definitely works! Starting week 3 of 10k runner and have already progress a lot. Wish the app had the ability to show your distance for each day. It would be helpful to know the distance you run in these due to everybody having a different pace.

  • Beginner runner

    by Naomi Hawn

    I just finished my first week and am really enjoying this app. It really helps motivation and the workouts go by quickly. However, I wish it also had a pace and mileage feature so that when I'm outside I can keep track of my pace and how far I'm going.

  • Awesome!

    by sparrowchick

    I love running with this app! It is motivating and works great with pandora which is a must for me. I also enjoy that is gives you a half way mark and verbally cues your intervals so you don't ever need to look at the screen during your workout. I plan on getting the half marathon trainer once I've mastered the 10K.

  • 5K to 10 K

    by leslie morris

    Excellent App to get you motivated or to help you train for a 5K or 10K even a marathon~ 5 Stars*****

  • 32 and starting

    by Qwertyjlhvljhvljh

    This app seems really good for me. I could the runs I tried and am confident i'll be in better shape and ready to run 10k by the end of the year :-)

  • Love this app!

    by sweetievans

    Love the app! It's simple to use and is getting me to my goals!!

  • Best training app hands down!

    by Revmothertp

    Best training app if have ever used. It finally got someone like me, a lifetime walker, to start running!!

  • Totally worth the price $$$ :-)

    by Demenna

    Great app. Helps me stay motivated and gives me pre set which I like.

  • Great training app

    by Cmak5104

    Great app. It really builds up your endurance. I love having a program with someone instructing me along the way. Get this app!

  • Does what it promises

    by Shanrn04

    Gets you off the couch and running. I had used the 5k app, but am ready to move on to the 10k!

  • Will make you a runner!

    by Meb282

    Great app to help gradually transition to running. For the most part the increase in running times is gradual but there are a few weeks where there seem to be bigger jumps. Only improvement that I would suggest is that once a week they add in some sprints/intervals to change it up, which would also help with weightless (as this is probably a goal for many people using this app). I'm on week 8 and so far, so good!

  • Easy & Motivational

    by Lono del Mundo

    After a way too long period, this app has me back on track. Very easy to use on both the road and treadmill. Even if you are a complete novice, this will get you going. In app music controls are great if you, like me, prefer to have your music going while you run.

  • Turning me into a runner

    by Kaci Apple

    Love love love! This is something I can do even tho I'm overweight and in bad shape. It's slowly working me up to be a runner. I feel better than ever and believe it or not even tho the workouts are getting "harder" they are easier and easier to do! Feels great to see I have improved my pace after my run and then I'm on high the rest of my day. From someone who hates to exercise I'm now addicted to doing this!

  • Personal trainer, 42 sessions for $3

    by Garisimo

    "Just getting started, and it looks great -- thanks!" I wrote that months ago, and had to stop for a while. Picked it back up again and am about to finish week 14! Great app.

  • Good motivator

    by Kleikimpeter

    Nice to have your workout planned for you. Just push start....

  • Great app

    by Country In The City

    Easy way to get into running!

  • Great

    by Symanski0330

    This app is great! Love how my iTunes are linked to it. It really helps you achieve your goals in an encouraging and healthy way. I do wish that you could change some settings ie let me know when I am two minutes away from the final cool down. I also wish that it would tell you how much distance you have ran because that would encourage me even more by showing me even more of an achievement as I can run longer distances

  • This series rocks!!!

    by Dorothee4574

    I went from couch to half marathon using this and 21k apps

  • Simple and Strong

    by ptberry

    Just started with this for a retraining toward 10K, but already impressed with simplicity and no dependence in GPS...helpful when treadmilling!

  • Love it!

    by Best free app out there

    My wife and I have been using this app for about 12 weeks and we love the way that it helps us to grow in our running abilities to go longer distances with better results. We would recommend this app to anyone looking to grow as a runner!

  • Great

    by Meg12321


  • Hated to run!

    by Moror2

    I have never liked running. I was starting to put on a few extra pounds that I didn't like. I decided to start the Couch to 5k. I thought I was going to die when I first started running it. I finished it and liked it so much that I started the Couch to 10k. Each time gets easier and easier

  • It really works!!

    by Tysondog

    Great for beginners and runners wanting to move up in distance.

  • My running partner

    by I'm almost there

    This app got me to my first 10k. After a half marathon and injury I am working my way to another 10k. My old friend is always there for me. It helps coach me back without an repeat injury.

  • So helpful

    by Raewyn Mundhenk

    I love this app. I started with the 5k one last year and got up to 5k and felt so great and excited that I wanted more! So I downloaded the 10k one. I never thought I could run so far and long without stopping but it gradually gets you running further and further. I injured myself last year because I got so excited I started skipping weeks and doing too much too soon (I also switched to more minimalist shoes and my feet weren't ready). So just stick to the schedule and you'll be doing great! The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't save the dates you ran. But it's no biggie because I run mapmyrun at the same time to map the distance, speed, date, etc. Just recovering from my plantar fasciitis now (a year later) and starting again from the beginning. I love this app!

  • Great app! Really motivating


    I  this app because of the program and the awards along the way. It's motivating me to keep going and I feel accomplished after earning each one. The biggest goal I have is to get in shape and I believe with help from this app I will. Good luck with your journey. Highly recommend this app to help.

  • Great app

    by Cat-twin-mom

    After having my kids I am a lapsed marathon runner. This app got me back to 10k last year and here I am lapsed again (work and life get in the way)! Starting off again from the begining this app starts gently and gets you going without killing yourself. Great app!

  • So easy to use!

    by Jlspycha

    I love that it is almost running for dummies. It would be nice if it could track mileage too, but it great!

  • This mommy of two toddlers would recommend!

    by Jadicrescenzo

    I'm a mom of two toddlers and have been finding it difficult to start jogging again ever since I had my second child (she's two years old now). Also, I tend to go overboard trying to "get everything in" when I do go jogging and give up when my muscles get sore for a week! Since this program starts with mostly walking, I've started it right inside my house without even a treadmill! No need to get a babysitter! No need to wait for the warm weather to begin! It's easy!! My kids either walk with me, think I'm chasing them and run ahead of me, or just play while I keep jogging past them! I plan to keep going and maintain a level that I'm comfortable with and works with my schedule. It's nice to do something for myself without feeling like I'm taking away from my family. Thank you so much for creating this awesome app!!!

  • Fantastic training app for amateurs!

    by Joe Cable

    Easy, but challenging enough to creat progress. Well designed. I would add a distance feature such as audio for km or mi.

  • Perfect App!!!

    by Sean219

    Love this app. It has helped turn me into a runner.

  • Download Today

    by Apple enthusiasts

    Phenomenal app. Works for you, not against you.

  • Very useful app!

    by Kucha App

    This App helped me train for 10K race. I started with the 5k and had an amazing experience. I moved to the 10K app and again, it's awesome. The only hiccup is that you have to pay for each app separately, full price. I'm wondering whether downloading the 21K app from the beginning would prepare me well for each milestone. Anyway, fantastic apps!

  • Great app

    by Jenbuggie

    Easy to use. Makes training easy!!

  • Actually enjoying running

    by Tera 3.3.3.

    I generally push myself too hard and get injured before I get into running. There have been some times that I've gotten past that point, but this program is motivating me more than anything I've ever done. I'm actually enjoying and looking forward to my runs while feeling good and seeing progress.

  • Love it !!

    by Jennlovesrealestate

    Super easy app and keeps you motivated

  • No complaints!

    by Ricardo Castrillon

    This app is a must have for anyone doing any type of working out. It's a classic workout: jogging. You can do it by itself, before or after a workout.

  • Running again at 50!

    by Holly Blaylock

    I started this program barely able to run the 30 second sets. 5 weeks later I am running 8 minute segments and start running 10 minute segments tomorrow. It is easy and smartly designed to give you the right amount of challenge and rest! Very confident that I can run a 10 K this spring!

  • Very Helpful

    by Shootay6

    Great app! It progresses through the weeks nicely so that you don't over do it.

  • Great App for beginners

    by Chj801

    I've never been a runner but this app helps you ease into it, didn't take long until I reached my goals

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