Day One (Journal / Diary) Lifestyle App Review (iOS, $4.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Bloom Built, LLC

- New iOS 7 Design
- Automated activity data tracking for iPhone 5s
- Daily Step Counting (M7 coprocessor required)
- Speed improvements and optimizations
- Additional weather source:
- Add currently playing music track info to entry
- Fix issues with iPhone 5s panoramas
- 64-bit

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878 Ratings
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11222 Ratings


*2012 Mac App of the Year* Award-winning journaling app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac: 2011 #1 Best Apps of Mac App Store, and Jan 2012 App Store App of the Week.

Record life as you live it. From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Day One's elegant interface makes journaling your life a simple pleasure.

"Makes journaling as easy as tweeting." —Cameron Moll, esteemed design and tech leader
"A simple and always accessible new kind of micro-journaling..." —The Verge

Capture all your favorite memories and photos with Day One.

Day One provides:

## Superior writing experience ##
• Clean, distraction-free interface
• Multi-Markdown text formatting
• Full screen mode
• Privacy passcode lock
• Photographic entries

## Context ##
Each Day One entry automatically tracks:
• Photo EXIF data
• Temperature and weather data
• Locations (GPS and Foursquare Places)
• Time and date
• Activity data - Motion and step count (iPhone 5s)
• Music playing

## Encouragement ##
• Customized writing reminders
• Inspirational quotes and questions (Mac version)

## Organization ##
• Search by keyword
• Create tags and #hashtags
• Star favorite entries
• Browse past entries by calendar, timeline, maps, and more

## Archive and Backup ##
• Sync entries across all your iOS devices with Dropbox or iCloud (Mac sync with purchase of Mac app)
• PDF export (with date range and tag filters) and Printing
• Automated local backups

## Sharing ##
• Tweet entries
• Check-in with Foursquare
• Email entries (PDF, HTML, or Plain Text)

"Day One Journal... using it every day now." —Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter and Square
"I love Day One diary software as well because it syncs across computers and reminds me politely to record my life in little snippets."—Felicia Day, Actress and Producer
"Day One is probably the most powerful app I have on my Mac and iOS devices..." —Federico Viticci, MacStories

From "how to" questions to technical inquiries, the Day One Support Center has the answers for you:

Customer Reviews

  • Love the app. Great support.

    by Mike Rautch

    Totally love this app. It's easy to use, has great features and backs up to Dropbox. I also love that the developers respond quick to issues, questions and/or suggestions. Great app!

  • Does what I need

    by UPLIFTI

    Simple. Elegant. Useful. Never tried another. Likely won't have to.

  • Great Customer Service

    by SueinHouston

    Love this App and exceptional customer service.

  • Great app

    by cecib

    I really like this app. It will be better if each post could include more than one picture and also videos

  • Awesome!

    by LA_Yuppie

    Just awesome app!

  • Get the Mac version too!

    by Daniel Levy

    Syncing is great!

  • Wonderful app but...

    by anesdoc

    I love this app. You really appreciate it, when you go back and look what happened a year ago. I loved it so much, I got the desktop app to make things easier to log. But this app has gotten a bit stagnant in terms of improvement. My a Wonderful Days app now allows for multiple pictures per entry and video. To switch to another app would be a pain, but without the ability store multiple pictures, the app is limited in my opinion. Therefore I will make the jump and because that feature is needed.

  • Great app, only 1 pic per entry

    by Aladandy

    I recommend this. Great app - now I jot down notes more often on the go. Easy to use and I like the location and entry tagging abilities. I took 1 star off my rating because one 1 picture is allowed per entry (but you may add multiple entries per day).

  • The very best!

    by Matisita

    I have always had a physical journal where id record memories of my daily experiences but I found that my hand would get so tired from writing! Because let's admit it, we barely do any handwriting nowadays. So my friend recommended this app, and it's probably the best thing that has happened to me! I can type for days and record my thoughts and important events that happen in my life that I would like to one day be able to look back on. This is absolutely great, I wish everyone in the world would get this app and document their lives at least a little paragraph everyday because time really flies and sometimes we forget the small things and events we've been through that mold us into the person we keep growing into. The only wish I have is the same wish the majority of the people have : i would like to be able to add more than just one picture per entry. Thank you very much!!!!!

  • Love this app!

    by Annonomous

    This app if a great way to keep a journal. If I could add 1 feature it would be to add multiple pictures on an entry.

  • The App That Got Me Back Into Journaling

    by Mosscow

    I can't believe I'm actually journaling! 'Nuff said!

  • Great app

    by Cyntroy

    Really like this app. Very easy to use started my 11 year old daughter on it, wish I had done this long time ago. Love to jot down little things that happen here and there and then I forget where I put it at so never could keep up with a journal this is easy to keep up with. Would love to have more room to put more pictures on it one picture sometimes does not capture the day. Like that it picks up where and when on pictures. Thought twice about it because of price. But overall great so far

  • Perfect

    by DayByDayAsMrOwl

    Great app does everything I bought it for 5+ stars ^~^

  • Writing a dairy because of Day One

    by DY2012 Ghjj

    Day One provides a great platform to remind me to write, to cultivate my writings, to help me to write a diary easily, and to show my diary in neat and clean style. This app does worth it.

  • Wonderful app!

    by Luis Villalva

    I use it on both my ipod and my iPhone, and I have it synced on my iPhone through Dropbox to use for my work log. For my ipod I sync it to icloud and use it as my journal, I've always wanted to keep a journal but never wanted to carry one around, and now I don't have to. I just open up the app while I'm listening to music and write whatever ideas I have or what I want to reflect on. After years of searching, I've finally found the perfect journal! Only thing that keeps me from rating this a five is the pesky bug that happens in landscape orientation when you try to add weather/location, etc.

  • Such a great app!

    by Domgabriella

    This app is fantastic. It has really helped me to remember to journal daily, even if just a sentence. I do wish, however, that you could put videos into the entries and that you didn't have to buy the app for your MacBook separately. Other than that, this is great!!!

  • Actually writing consistently

    by keaggy220

    I was just checking my Day One journal and I have 154 entries in 2012 and 159 entries in 2013. That's not bad, certainly much more consistent than I've ever been. I guess that proves even lukewarm motivation is enough when one possesses a great tool

  • Aesthetically pleasing + nice app!

    by HardcoreSince4

    I love this app - have had it for over a year now and am so's one of the few out of 50+ apps that I actually regularly use!! I'll rate 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ if 2 things are added: 1) Higher resolution capabilities!!!(Support said "soon!" wayyy back in 2012!) 2) Option(s) to add MULTIPLE photos PER journal entry (or at least more than one). Other than my above requests, this is a definite mainstay on my iPhone!

  • perfect <3

    by angie ohmygodd

    i've noticed I've totally abandoned my physical notebook. lol i feel so bad but day one is SO much easier and faster! its like my own personal, private, twitter except with an infinite amount of characters allowed. it even has a "timeline" so I can scroll through all my entries like tweets, and a calendar so i can look back at what i wrote on this exact date months from now! plus when i'm updating in public, it just looks like i'm texting ^_^ perfect app to keep track of my feelings & things that happen throughout the day without telling the whole world.

  • Best app!

    by RDreamNYC

    However, I have two entries from my iPad that will not sync to my iPhone. Every time I use this app on my iPhone it keeps saying downloading 2 yet, nothing happens. It has been two weeks and it still doesn't sync these two entries however, I love this app and don't know what I would do without it.


    by GabySays13

    Img whats wrong??? This app was amazing and i've been using it since his release!!! And its gonee!!! Gosh i hate you all. :(

  • Fatally flawed!

    by BurmaYank

    Until the next upgrade enables it, or until I discover how I can either sync with or import the >3 years of almost daily notes I've already journaled in my (Apple) Calendar app, it doesn't matter how wonderful the features in this app might be, it's still useless to me, completely!

  • Loved It Until It Dropped Weeks of Entries

    by NicknameCrazy

    I've been loving this, but today it dropped everything for no reason. I didn't change a thing. Backup anything you do OFTEN!!

  • Well designed, well executed

    by EnigMoiD

    It does what I want. I don't want anything in my journal that I didn't put there, I like the focus on text, I like the auto weather/location, I really appreciate the markdown support, especially on mobile. Now stop asking me to rate you!

  • Great app. Tired of being nagged

    by Corp User

    One of many apps that likes to give you popups to ask you to rate the app. I opened the app & made a quick 2 line entry, in the time that took me I had to close an alert asking me to rate the app & another alert asking me to buy their desktop app.

  • Amazing

    by Amr Khaled Emara

    I didnt think this app would be worth the 5 bucks but believe me it should be worth way more. Some apps are charging way more and offer way less than this is offering. Believe me this is a very powerful app and your gonna love it, 100% money back not guaranteed since I don't work with them lol. But in all seriousness good app. Give it a try, what's 5 bucks anyway, your gonna waste that money on 5 or less stupid games anyway at least spend it on something that will be extremely useful for you later on and today. Believe me your gonna go back one day and read all your entrees and you'll be very happy.

  • One of my favorite apps

    by Santo Valera

    I've been using this app since '02 and it really has a nice feel, it is dependable and easy to use. I wish there was a way to make entries through email. It would be great to have a dedicated email address for those times when I'm away from my apple devices. Good job with this app overall.

  • Great diary app, interface issues

    by conradb212

    The value of an app is often measured by whether we actually end up using it, on a regular basis. I do use Day One, because it's a wonderful illustrated way to keep track of your life, and unlike Facebook, no ads, it's all mine. That said, I likes the pre-iOS 7 interface much better. The new one is confusing to the extent where even after using it for months, I still end up frustrated every time I try to create a new entry. Nothing seems obvious anymore. Something as simple as adding a picture is a puzzler.

  • a journal I actually use

    by ChiTown Marie

    I've had the desktop version for a while and have been very happy. Now that I have the iPhone app my entry rate has become more consistent.

  • It has become the record of my life.

    by Chazalaska

    It does exactly what I need, and does it well. I use it almost daily for everything from journaling feelings, making plans, recording ideas, and logging activities. It is indispensable for keeping extensive notes and location tracking when traveling and, again, afterwards as a reference when captioning and categorizing travel photos in Apple's Aperture. It synchronizes flawlessly behind the scenes between my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Outstanding app! Tech support is very responsive, too, even with simple questions and requests for new features. Love it!

  • Best journaling app

    by Elliejoel321

    This app is such a joy to use. It makes me want to journal. I took a break from journaling for a while, but this app got me back into it, and I'm in the process of importing my old journals (Live Journal and paper journals) into it. I view this app as a necessity - a repository for my memories. Thank you for creating such a fantastic app!

  • Makes journaling a great experience

    by Bo is short for Bob

    My wife and I keep telling each other how much we love this app- and it's been months since we first started using it. I've always wanted to keep a journal, but I always ended up quitting soon after each attempt; one of those New Years resolutions that always makes the list, never becoming a habit. After using this app, I think I've figured out why- until this point, writing in a journal has always required going to where I keep the journal, finding a place where I can write comfortably, and spending time thinking about how I want to write everything down. Having an app on my phone changed everything, and Day One is not only a great app that functions smoothly, it adds other dimensions like photos, GPS location and the current weather, and making note of what I'm listening to- it helps capture the moments more completely than just words. Great app!

  • Great app

    by Peter8978

    Well supported, keeps getting better with each update.

  • My Favorite App

    by Adam Cox

    Some may have quibbles here and there, but not me. Day One is a beautiful, peerless journal app, which is basically your own private social media feed. I've had it a little less than a year, and it has become the main purpose of my phone. Five stars, because apparently "a kajillion" is not an option.

  • Lovely

    by Kauphy

    I've never been one to keep a journal, but Day One makes it incredibly easy and now I have something to look back on fondly.

  • Simply great

    by gabecode

    Simple, great, and beautiful. There's something in it for every writer, and it's a great place for all kinds of private thoughts.

  • Bug prevents photo attachment on iPhone 4

    by freezingmariner

    Normally a 5 star app but the latest version has a bug that prevents me from attaching any photos to my entries on my iPhone 4. Very annoying bug! Also I'd like the ability to attach multiple photos per entry.

  • Great product, love it

    by PBollinger

    Love this product, and this is not the first journal program I have purchased, included but not limited to... Chronicle and MacJournal - This one syncs great with iCloud, (pictures included) to my iPad, iPhone and Macintosh. I have to figure out how to get my entires from the other journals into this one. If you take and use a picture with your iPhone, it can identify your location, which is cool. I saw that there was a foursquare intregration, I was hoping that my checkins would be automatically be included, but what actually does is allow you to find four square locations. Very easy to use and a great clean interface. If I had one wish, I would like to be able to store more than one picture I often take several. Would also be great of you do more that one entry a day that they would roll up like the Mac app does. A great product I highly recommend it.

  • Awesome App

    by Mary De Witt

    I have journals that I am transcribing into DayOne that represent my life to this point. It is an excellent app. User friendly. You can now add in your location and specific address. The only draw back is the limitation of one image per entry. However, every picture has it's own story so I believe the one picture per entry is appropriate and enjoy the app with the way that it is.

  • Nice app, but wish more interplatform connectivity

    by Golota

    A great journalling experience, but wouldn't it be nice to use other mobile devices or just mail an entry to a technical address and have it recorded? iPhone keyboard is too small to encourage lengthy articles, so why not augment that?

  • Great App

    by Grokzone

    I've been using Day One nearly every day for many months, and it is a thoughtfully designed, useful application. It is more fluid and intuitive than Evernote and earlier journaling apps. Great features: - auto weather based on time/date of entry, not edit time. (Perfect) - quickly start new entries - automatically use photo GPS (auto time/date of photo would be nice) - simple, clear layout - Dropbox sync (encryption would be nice, but still allow third party access...) - simple underlying data format - multiple views - great tagging support - easy post-editing tagging - some Windows viewing via 3rd party app (a native app would be nice) - stable Great job on this app! HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • Great App!

    by EduFarah

    It's a great app, cool interface and so easy to use.

  • This is the one thing that got me to start a journaling habit

    by TedwardM

    It's just so easy, I keep using it everyday. It's even better with slogger...

  • Nice, clean, semi-secure journal

    by Vis The Kiss

    I really like the interface and fluid way the app is set up. I only wish that the actual journal files were encrypted instead of just a password protected app. I downloaded Day One on my iPad, synced with my Dropbox and had instant access to my entries made on my iPhone. There was no prompt for the password set on the iPhone's app. I needed to set a new one on the iPad's app. I don't have any state secrets but if I'm setting a password on something, I generally expect it to be secure. Other than that, it's a fantastic app.

  • Used to love...

    by 6kiki6

    I loved this app before the new update for ipad. It is a nightmare to add pictures to a previous day instead of the day it was taken. Also, I can't figure out how to edit the date for my entry. You used to be able to just click on the calendar icon at the bottom of the entry and change the date. I'm disappointed these features changed :(. If someone knows how to easily add pictures and change the date of an entry... Please let me know?!

  • Great program, keeps improving

    by M.J. Hemsath

    I've been using day one for a couple of years, Mac and iOS alike. It's a great program and as the updates have piled in, there's really very little left to dislike. Markdown, photos, location, weather. Your choice of syncing between iCloud and Dropbox depending on your preference. If you're looking to start up a journal , start here. You won't be disappointed!

  • Super Hopeful

    by Crod8

    So far, I love this app, it reminds me to journal and I always enjoy documenting those moments that mean the most. Love the fact that you can add pics and locations. I also really appreciate the syncs to and from my phone. However, if this app ever updates and I lose all of my ramblings, I'll be devastated...

  • I love this App

    by Chabongety

    I have been using this journaling app for 6 months now. Never before have I enjoyed journaling like I do now. Sure, there are features I hope get added in the future. But I give this app 5 stars for what it has done for me. I use this app more than any other on my iPhone.

  • Detroitwriter

    by Detroitwriter

    Quite useful on a daily basis. Best app diary I've encountered. Truly a great find.

  • KDR

    by Renny K

    I have journaled daily since the early 1990s by writing in a book. In late 2012, I began using Day One along with my writing journal and loved Day One so well that I went strictly with Day One in 2013. I love it and doubt I will ever go back to writing in a journal book again. Day One has a few things I wish could be added, but over all, I love the app and highly recommend it.

  • Buggier than Maine in June

    by CLH-USA

    UPDATE: The Cocoa error is all over the place. I've lost my ability to add an entry on any day but the current. Other operations also error out with this Cocoa message. Why am > I < getting these warnings?? I'm not the developer!!! Switched back to Daily Notes, and am happy again. This is a bad update. Trying to add an entry continually displays "The operation couldn't be completed. (Cocoa error 4)." OK, so now what? I have over 200 entries in this thing!

  • Great except for one thing....

    by Sara Pennington

    Love this app and how it syncs to all my devices, always ready. My only wish is that you could add more pictures to a single entry.

  • Do not update

    by Hardik Gala

    I had written entire one year moments. After update i lost 2013. I currently have only 2014. :( sad.

  • Beautiful & effortless journaling app.

    by i am radiculous.

    This is my favorite paid app, and my favorite app to use. Day One is beautiful and makes it easy to record your thoughts and pictures. It is easy to write for a long time on this app, and it syncs easily to the iPad and MacBook versions. I love love love Day One!

  • Loved it, now hate it.

    by coolteachkaren

    Woke up today and all of my entries were gone! I started a diet and took before pictures and journaled about how I was doing. I also started a new life plan and was using pictures and thoughts to record that process. I was loving how easily it was to use this app and how you could use pictures (even though most of the time I tried to add a picture the app would just shut down and I would have to do it all over again). I loved how it recorded the weather since it's really cold here this month. But now it's all gone! So mad!

  • BUGS!

    by Mrmckaye

    This app does some nice stuff if you want to keep a basic journal, add photographs etc but seems to have a major bug. It can't keep track of dates! Every once in a while when I open it up, it has changed a bunch of my dates. This has happened several times and each time I have to go through and set the proper dates. Makes no sense to me why an app that is supposed to keep track of time can't even do that much. If you plan on serious journaling then wait until next version.

  • First journalling app I actually like to use

    by Marc Barrowclift

    The iCloud syncing is fantastic and the actual journaling experience is a delight. I just wish like many others that we could add multiple photos to a single entry. I know we're supposed to split it up and do separate "tweet" like journal entries for each but I really enjoy organizing with just one big post of stories a day.

  • Extra ordinary app

    by douglasbear

    I love this app. I think it should be standard software.

  • Almost perfect

    by tdmsu

    If this app could import social media and have encryption it would be perfect.

  • Great program and excellent support

    by jerrys

    I like the simplicity and complexity of this program. It has something for everyone who wants to journal daily. Also excellent support.

  • Great!

    by Miley h8ter

    Would love to see some Fitbit integration!

  • Dairy on the Go

    by Gaurav Vasare

    Since it's launch, it has been acting as my personal diary. Syncs perfectly between Mac and iPhone!

  • fantastic!! I never thought I'd journal

    by Renatomd

    I never thought I'd get ion journaling but this app is so fluidd!! And rich! I guess it was the push I needed to get started!! And I'm loving every minute of it

  • Almost perfect

    by Bbookstar

    I'm so glad I found this app, esp at 40% off for Christmas. I only wish it would allow me to add multiple photos to an entry. There's just so much picasa can do!

  • RTL support

    by Black.Hawk89

    Almost everything is good about this app except for the right to left languages support like PERSIAN and arabic ,so I cant write in my own language ... Fix this and get a 5 star ...

  • best parenting app I own

    by Had it a week

    Love this app! Have been tracking baby's daily achievements with pics!

  • Best design ever!

    by artnewave

    I love this app! Love the design and the way it works.

  • I Like it.

    by SpyroDeath

    Kind of like Facebook, but not sharing with the world. I like the reminder in case i’m busy and forget to write anything, however it would be better if it didn’t remind you every day at the same time if you have already made entries.

  • Fantastic!

    by GilsDesk

    Great app. Use it daily. Can't see how I could go without it now. Please keep improving by giving us additional ways to track activities, better options on the Mac app for how often to back up journal, and the ability to sense an empty entry (oops) and auto-delete (or not post it to begin with). These are minor things, though. The app is solid, and I love it!

  • Without a doubt, a fantastic journaling app!

    by crowdis

    I got the app a while back, but I never really opened it. On Jan 1, however, I decided to start journaling. WOW! Day One is so easy to use, it’s beautifully designed, and it works seamlessly with the Mac version. In fact, it’s a pleasure to use, and it’s helped me to stay on track with my journaling. Awesome!

  • Improvements Needed

    by kkcstone

    This app would be perfect if it had more fonts & if I could add more than one photo.

  • Perfect

    by GBF_br

    I love the idea of having a diary in my pocket, I really like the way the app is designed. It it's perfect to use every day, Dropbox integration is great. And then you have the design: perfect. It uses everything the iOS can do and create even more. I rarely write reviews, but this.... Oh this app is gorgeous.

  • Weather info wrong

    by Lrkimo

    One of the main reasons I chose this app is because of the automatic weather entry. The entry is inconsistent, often 20 degrees different than the actual temperature

  • The first journal application that I actually use.

    by ErebusBat

    I have wanted to journal for about 15 years, but never stuck with it for various reasons. I had tried everything… moleskin, notepad, word, databases, evernote. None of them worked for me, I would peter off about a short time. Day One is an application that I love, other than iOS/OSX itself (and maybe iMessage) is my most used application. Going back through and seeing the small moments that I capture are a true treasue, I know that I would have forgotten them and they would have been lost to the either if it were not for Day One. Like a picture of my son riding the vacuum cleaner one day while we were getting ready to do chores. It was a small event but seeing the memory again brings it back and how happy he was. The way it integrates between all of my devices is seamless, it also offers the ability to script on the Mac which is useful to me as I am an advanced user. This is one set of apps that is worth every penny on both platforms.

  • More export options

    by Morrisd567

    I love this app. It is easy to use and laid out beautifully. I only wish you could export files other than PDF.

  • Addictive

    by MKVinne

    Everyday I'm looking for an excuse to open this app and write something. I don't really know what it is that makes this app so enchanting, so alluring.

  • OMG - Password defeated by installing on another iOS device!

    by Riptide360

    Big Security Flaw! Bought it on my iPhone, set a password and started writing. Low and behold my kids take their iPad goto to the App Store and under purchases download the app (they are too young to have their own account). Well they open Day One on their iPad and instead of being able to create their own account or getting prompted for my password or iCloud setting they go right into my journal. Couldn't believe this bug hasn't been caught. Anyone thinking their Day One is password protected needs to realize that this security hole exists! Sweet Setup gave this app the nod so I bought it. Still learning it and noticed that when I add a photo and use the time/date/location it creates a double entry for the day. Seems like it should know to just create the photo entry.

  • Love it

    by GabMcDonald

    It makes writing journals easier. You no longer need a traditional pen and paper. You can write on the go.

  • Day One

    by Mhbunt

    This is a good app to record your daily life journal. I have found it enjoyable to use, but wish I could include more than one photo per day. Otherwise GREAT app!

  • WYSIWYG ???

    by videopro21

    Would it really be hard to implement WYSIWYG directly into the editor? The need for dashes and such makes me feel like I'm using a web app from the 90s.

  • This is it.

    by ddoron

    The most elegant journal app that I've seen.

  • Great App

    by chewymat

    I hated journaling but think this app is amazing since it allows you to integrate so many different types of media in to one entry. Very simple and amazing.

  • Terrific

    by Mark Wyman

    I highly recommend.

  • Great App!!

    by cscantrell

    I have tried to get into journaling before with little success. Someone recommended this app to me and I love it!! I have been successfully using it for 3 weeks now. I love how it marks the current date, time, location and weather when I start an entry. It also has the option to add a picture. I know this app has other features but I haven't used them so I can't review that part, but the journaling is excellent!!

  • Great App but..

    by beautyrushh

    Would be 5 stars if we can attach videos and not only photos!

  • Great App

    by roundeggs

    I use Day One all the time. I use it to keep a journal, but I also use it to review movies I've seen and books I've read.

  • Perfect Example Of An Intelligently Designed App

    by MattBontrager

    I'm the type of person who either always wanted to keep a journal or, when I did, would lose the paper I wrote on. I also despise writing things by hand ... on paper. There are plenty of journaling options out there; Instagram and Facebook probably being the best among them. But, my personal observations, thoughts, feelings, and opinions aren't meant to be "social", and I certainly don't think it's "media" either. Still other journal apps are decent enough, but fall short in a number of ways: ugly to look at (uninspiring); hard to retrieve entries; stove-piped (multi-device sharing fail), etc. Enter Day One. No paper. Brilliantly designed, inspiring, I can share what and how I want, my journal is archived remotely (so it still exists even if my device ceases to), automatically shares across all of my devices, offers the 21st century version of a diary lock, etc. Finally, the care taken in the development of this app is initially impressed upon a user because of the features I've mentioned. However, it's not until you begin to use this app on a daily/weekly basis that you begin to appreciate the depth of insight embedded in the design. It can count your steps. It records the weather conditions. It can document what you're listening to as you're writing. The presentation is brilliant. The various options given to view your entries provides a sometimes interesting view into thought patterns. All of these features are things that we would want, but would never think to include if we were the ones to build it. Freaking Brilliant App!

  • Unbelievable

    by briank247

    Worth $100, simply amazing.

  • Such a good app

    by MichaelW

    Day One is a really cool, really easy way to keep track of both the important and the little things that happen in your day-to-day life. With some really cool features like weather, location, and even activity monitoring (the app can count the number of steps in your day on the iPhone 5s), the app is invaluable to anyone who wants to keep track of the details of their life.

  • Just buy it!

    by Tony iPhone

    Can't go wrong with this app.

  • Fantastic.

    by Zeroes

    A great app.

  • Great app but want an update

    by Allen0012

    I really like how it logs in the song you're listening to and it's alright that it's just your music app, but sometimes it doesn't work, or a new song would come on and it doesn't change it. Please fix that. That's the only fix I see But It'd be nice if you could take and add videos to the journal. Add a favorites or something to location. It bugs me a little that my location is always my neighbors house, and if I want it to have my house number I need to type it in and find it every time. And sometimes it just goes back to the original address that's not mine. Also if you could add names to the locations you're at, like integrate it with contacts or just add a name to a place. I love app anyway but with those fixes and additions, some, don't need all, the app will be a 5 star app

  • A fantastic journal for keeping memories close

    by The One True Dude

    I love Day One. The desktop seamlessly integrates with the mobile version. I get to put in notes as I’m out and about or when I’m at home relaxing at the end of the day. It’s up to me to keep it going but Day One has reminders so I won’t forget to at least note something about my day down. I really can’t say enough good things about Day One. It lets you keep photos, times, dates, locations, the weather and your notes all in an entry. It’s fun to go back and look at what your thoughts and feelings were about a day and how it would have been outside. Get Day One for OS X and then go get the iOS app too. They work great and make keeping a journal fun.

  • Superb App - The Benchmark of Journals

    by mwb6

    It has been a pleasure to see Day One unfold as the premier journalling app available. It started out as a well designed app with a beautiful interface and release after release, the developers keep adding excellent new capabilities. I have tried many other journalling applications on the Mac and iPad/iPhone and find nothing that approaches the thoughtful capabilities and careful design of Day One.

  • forgot to add another wish item

    by AppEvaluator2011

    stronger password protection aside from 4 numbers. a string password would be better and can accommodate those who might want stronger passwords.

  • Best of breed

    by FCGreg

    Hands-down, this is the best journaling app I have seen. It is a pleasure to use and fairly motivating to scribble things about your life, work, world... Highly recommended.

  • Great and quick journaling

    by dennis1088

    They stay true to their claim of being able to quickly make entries. Simply gets our of your way in order to create your entry. Love the fact that you can attach the last taken image which is most likely what I want to place on my entry. Also love the different ways to view my entries. Depending on preference for the day I can simply just choose to view my entries based on the pictures or perhaps a particular date or year or maybe even corresponding to a tag. This app would be more useful with its desktop app. As it will give you a better experience being able to view and create on all your devices. Simple app but very useful.

  • The best place to keep a secret

    by JonMwords

    The iPhone had destroyed my journaling habit... until I got Day One. Now it's alive and well.

  • Great app

    by dqriffe

    Always readily available to jot down my thoughts since I always have my phone with me. The ability to output to a PDF is a nice thing as well so we can store or print of safekeeping. If you are looking for a journal app, this is the one!

  • Good app

    by AbuYaqeen Ali

    Awesome Application . But you need to add some other features such : 1- change the line of page from left to right or right to left and save it . 2- change color of font . 3- add images between lines . Thanks a lot.

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