P90X Health & Fitness App Review (iOS, $2.99)


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Seller: Beachbody, LLC

- Updates and improvements for iOS7
- Minor updates to About Screen
- other minor fixes.

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Now $2.99 for a limited time only and P90X3™ scheduling and tracking is coming soon.

P90X® has evolved. The breakthrough workout program that revolutionized home fitness now has a companion app that lets you Bring It!® on your iPhone®, so you can get even more amazing results—and work out with P90X anywhere. Keep track of your sets, reps, and weights, view your progress, log your nutrition, and share your results. With interactive features like these, you'll stay motivated and accountable to get more out of P90X and P90X2 than ever.

Special P90X DVD Program Discount
Don’t already own the P90X DVD program? With the P90X Official App, you can take advantage of an exclusive FREE SHIPPING offer on your purchase of the P90X DVD program when you buy it in the Beachbody Mobile Store, accessed through the App. Just tap on the “MORE” tab, then go to the Beachbody Store. This offer is for a limited time, so act fast!

You'll never have to sweat which workout is on deck each day. Select P90X Classic, Lean, or Doubles, and your Calendar auto-populates with the correct workouts. For P90X2, tracking works by phase. Select the phase you plan to start—Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, or Recovery—and your calendar will populate. You can even schedule your own workouts like running, hiking, swimming, and more.

Conveniently keep a record of your sets, reps, and weights as you complete each P90X and P90X2 DVD workout. You’ll get customized progress reports at day 30, 60 and 90 to keep you motivated and help push through your plateaus to get more ripped than ever.

Earn and Share
Up for some friendly competition? Mark your success! Rack up achievement badges for accomplishments like meeting fitness goals, completing workouts, or even for working out on a Friday night! Then share your results and compete with your friends on Facebook®, Twitter®, email, and Game Center.

"X" Anywhere
Want to do P90X workouts while travelling? At the gym? Outside? Within the P90X Official App, you can purchase Guided Workouts - versions of the P90X workouts designed specifically for the iPhone. They feature timed video demonstrations for every move, tips on form, and audio guidance from P90X trainer Tony Horton. For a limited time, try the P90X Fit Test and Ab Ripper X for FREE!

Guided Workout Prices:
P90X Fit Test – FREE
Ab Ripper X – FREE
All P90X Workouts Bundle – $59.99
5 P90X Resistance Workouts Bundle – $29.99
• Chest & Back
• Shoulders & Arms
• Legs & Back
• Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps
• Back & Biceps

Individual Workouts:

Chest & Back – $6.99
Plyometrics – $6.99
Shoulders & Arms – $6.99
Yoga X – $6.99
Legs & Back – $6.99
Kenpo X – $6.99
X Stretch – $6.99
Core Synergistics – $6.99
Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps – $6.99
Back & Biceps – $6.99
Cardio X – $6.99

Customer Reviews

  • It's ok...

    by Cubs555

    Not a bad app. Although, the P90x3 update needs to come out soon. I don't like the app doesn't have the nutrition journal for P90x2. I'm hoping the P90x3 update will include the nutrition journal specific to it, since the nutrition plans are different.

  • P90x3

    by Roman Yagudayev

    Missing P90X3 workout it getting hard to track. Please add it soon

  • Waiting for p90x3 update

    by dlgrde00

    Great app tracker just waiting for the p90x3 update to track my workouts. And still waiting.....

  • So perfectly done

    by bthomasltd

    Nice to not be chained to the TV. Love this anywhere I am. Just play and swet!!

  • Doesn't have the option yet!

    by P90x3 user

    If you recently purchased P90x3 don't waste your money... yet on this app. Even thought it says it has the x3 option it has not come out yet. When doing the regular P90x and P90x2 this app will be perfect for keeping track of exercises, food, and your progress.

  • Love P90X

    by Shaggyonetwo

    I've been doing p90x for about two years and still love the workout! Get this program!

  • Loses info

    by Rhino R.

    I've been using this app for over a year and for some reason it loses my information or it states that I haven't been tracking my workout for 14 days and that I need to restart the program and it stops the program and won't let me continue. Please fix.

  • Good

    by Mrhuddle

    Waiting for P90X3!!!

  • Waiting for p90x3

    by E-papa

    Bought the app thinking I could use it for p90x3. Unfortunately it currently doesn't support x3. Hoping they update it...

  • Overall good

    by g_m_o_n_e_y

    It's a good app but it takes forever to update to the current workouts. P90x3 has been out for 2 months and it still hasn't been added.

  • P90X3 update

    by YtownBlue

    I've been hearing since the P90X3 release in Dec that the P90X app would be upgraded to include X3. When is this going to happen? Many people are asking with no response from beachbody

  • Where's P90X3???

    by macfreak928

    The app claims that support for X3 is coming soon, but X3 has been out for a while... Where's the promised update?

  • Waiting for P90X3 for iPhone

    by woodysg1

    App is rather clunky at best. But still wanted it to keep track of my reps and weight for P90X3. And, would be nice it if would be even easier to use with the iPad. When you're working out and trying to write down what you did. The phone is a small screen. Was told by beachbody that the update for P90X3 would be available late January early February. I'm waiting.

  • Nice !!

    by JJ to

    This app really helps to keep you on track and on schedule so I give it a thumbs up

  • P90x3 is NOT SUPPORTED

    by Going2Chase

    Their website says it is, but it's not there! I know they say it's coming soon, I just assumed their site was current and the app had been updated. Instead of providing updates to legal terms and conditions, they should focus on getting their latest fitness program onto the app!

  • Ok

    by Tjb19

    Need an x3 update for iPhone 5.

  • X3 Please

    by TheMatrixContinuum

    I'll be finished with a round at this rate!!!!

  • Does not support P90X3

    by Man o' Steel

    Really needs to support P90X3. Also does not have P90X+ workouts supported. Sometimes photos and measurements disappear misteriously. Good for checking off your workouts and seeing what you have tomorrow or next week. Good if you want to do a P90X or P90X2 workout in a hotel gym. Can easily track next move in the routine using this app. So a mixed bag.

  • Good but not great

    by Dchap02

    I really enjoy this app. It has most of the moves and it automatically logs the workouts into the wowy gym. The problems I have with the app is you can't go back and review your workouts. There is no breakdown for your weights and reps. All in all, it's a good app that helps with my accountability without having to keep a pen and paper. It's good but there are a couple improvements that could be made to make it great!

  • Could be AWESOME

    by cellogirl584

    This app is the exact thing I was looking for. HOWEVER, it is so buggy that it is nearly unusable. Every time I try to track my movements on some workouts (particularly arms, shoulders and triceps) it crashes when I try to move past the first movement. Fix the bugs and it will be an amazing app.

  • P90X3

    by Shellycp

    I am currently doing p90x3, it recommended this app, but none of the workouts are on it. I inserted my body measurements and saved them, went on to look at my measurements a few days later, they were gone. so basically a waste of $3.

  • P90X3?

    by Dnice12

    Where is the update for the p90x3 program! Make it happen already

  • Does Not Support P90X3 Company Lies!

    by Craig Opie

    Company Lies!!! Does not support P90X3. Don't waste your Money here!!!

  • P90x3

    by Bert Vee

    Come on guys, get p90x 3 on the app!!!

  • What's the deal?

    by Shrekasoress

    I pay $2.99 and can't even sign in. What's the deal? I have a BeachBody account and everything.

  • No p90x3

    by Imprdrn

    Needs to update for p90x3

  • Where is P90X3??????

    by AllieB01

    I am on day 8. There's no P90X3 still and it's been out for how long?! Come on Tony, give them hell until this is finished. I could use the extra support!

  • Disappointing at best

    by Dave Osborne

    Not only does the Beachbody website state that there is a P90X3 app, Mr. Horton refers to it in his videos as if it exists. So, if you're participating in P90X3, this app is completely useless to you.

  • Crashes

    by LuigiMemel

    Keeps on crashing! And after I open the app again I can't just select the exercise where I was left on I got to skip all the exercise that I already did and the app is very confusing too. it deffinatly needs polish!!!

  • I wish...

    by Chefzman

    P90X 3 was integrated into this. It's frustrating to hear tony speak about the app in the videos and it's still not available for P90X 3. Hopefully the release will also have the nutrition aspect for P90X 3 as well. Until then, poor at best.

  • Still no X3 updates

    by Michel Bennett

    Really!!!! How hard is it to update for your flagship program...I cannot use this at all with X3...you should also consider syncing and tracking with fit bit, body media and polar HRM's

  • Crap App disappointment

    by Dray7

    This app used to be great. It was awesome for the in app guided workouts (that cost extra by the way)! Now the guided workouts crash constantly. I've to make it through one workout without the app crashing. In addition - where is P90X 3!??!! This was promised before X3 was even released. I love X3 but without tracking or guided workouts that work it's a total step backwards - to the dark ages. Let's get it together guys! Like the tag line says - bring it!

  • One star is too much

    by Theduck1985

    This is a follow up to earlier rating. Customer service provided the "canned" answers, with no resolve. Asking for refund, funny, no response... And counting.

  • Don't buy if you're doing p90x3

    by Tb127

    I've been doing 3 since it came out and they tell you to use this app to track progress. It's still not out! Bad deal. I wish I had my money back.

  • So... P90x3

    by Ljw1769

    I would have figured this would be out by now & I'm discouraged by other reviews. I'd love to use the AP for P90x3 at some point before I finish the routine.

  • No p90x3

    by Gjammy

    Advertised as containing p90x3...it does not.

  • Wish I wasn't lied to.

    by Guitarplayingboy

    I want to give this app 5 stars, I love Beachbody, but when I purchased P90X3, one of the selling points was being able to track the workouts and the nutrition with this app. Please don't tell me you'll "definitely have it ready by late January" if you can't deliver. I know submitting apps can take time, but don't get people's hopes up by promising what you can't deliver.

  • Waiting on x3

    by Waiting on x3

    Totally worthless for those with p90x3... Hopefully they will make the tacking more intuitive IF they ever release the x3 version.

  • P90x3?!?!

    by HaleyBr

    The app is usable and ok unless you are doing p90x3! The app should support the newest workout. P90x3 has been out since December, quit saying the app is able to support it, when it clearly doesn't!

  • Very disappointed!

    by No likes gore

    Wasn't a great app :/ I love the work outs because it is professional and very to the point when it comes to working hard. The app is pathetic because you have to keep buying things to actually use it and i do the workouts off my phone so I can't use them both at once. Overall waste of money and I regret buying this app :/ I love p90x though and wish that they could improve this app!

  • Doesn't support P90X3, NO COMMUNICATION from Beachbody

    by SnowRiderJ

    We've been patiently waiting nearly 2 months for an update to include P90X3. This really should have been ready on P90X3 launch date like it was for Andriod. At the VERY least Beachbody could provide communication as to why it's taking so long. I'm betting I will finish P90X3 before I even get to use this app. If the app isn't completely redesigned from the ground up it will be a huge disappointment waiting this long for something that should have been completed on launch. Learn from other companies and communicate with your customers. They will be much happier even when your product is delayed. The company line of "It's coming soon, please be patient" is not meaningful communication. "Soon" is not 2 months in this scenario. Especially since Andriod had it on day 1.

  • Buggy lots of glitches app crashes problems syncing

    by Darkerfullmetal

    Nice way to keep track But overall it is buggy Syncing to the website is nothing but issues Turn off your sync seriously Except the app to crash mid work out

  • As of 2/5/14 no P90X3

    by Stevesdguk

    Functionally It's a good app, I'd give it 4 or 5 stars, except that it clearly states it has the p90x3 schedules in the description and it does not! This is the only reason I bought the app and it isn't there.

  • Disappointing, crashes constantly.

    by Abby Ordacowski

    This app continues to crash anytime I try to input my reps and weights. Therefore, I am back to tracking my workouts on paper. I don't think it's compatible with IOS7 at all. I don't like the nutrition tracker. It doesn't allow you to input your own food, calorie intake, description of what you ate, or anything personalized. It's very generic. I think it would be better if the nutrition aspect was more like the fitness pal app. I am very disappointed in this app. Great idea, but not worth the money.

  • P90x3?!

    by Cole.....

    Where is the p90x3?! I paid for an app I can't use!!!!

  • Not worth it

    by jon.anon

    Not sure what I bought for $2.99. The calendar interface is horrendous.

  • Needs a lot of work

    by Coachdicarlo

    Sometimes it works fine, but often I get to a certain exercise and and I will just crash. And it will continue to crash at exactly the same point. Today it was the 2nd exercise of Chest, Shoulders, Triceps so I basically couldn't track my entire workout

  • Unusable!

    by Tobie Silva

    I used this app on my iPhone 4 for years. Since I've upgraded to the 5S the app crashes constantly and is unusable. I'm going to reinstall it for the third time on this phone...hopefully it works. I hope they find a fix for it soon!

  • Bait and switch...

    by Ennoxx

    I'm a big advocate for p90x since I completed the first version. I decided to pick it up again and got p90x 3. On the first workout Tony talks about using the app to track progress. There's the problem, unfortunately it isn't updated yet. I only bought for this purpose therefore it's useless. I'm requesting my money back until it's updated.

  • No P90X3

    by El Nati

    Would be nice to eventually get an update for the latest P90X program that has bee out almost two months.

  • Where's p90x 3?

    by Tampaphoto

    Still waiting for an update to Decembers program .

  • Don't buy for P90X3!

    by Nfrench35

    Useless for the new P90x even when the videos tell you that an app is available. Would work for the previous versions but until an update hits this is a waste of money when doing X3!

  • Where the heck is p90x3?

    by ASU Jen

    Seriously beach body! I would give this 0 stars if I could I started p90x3 this month and have been patiently waiting for an update to include p90x3 but nothing! Tony even talks about the app in and during the workouts! Come on get it together! Very disappointed

  • No P90X3 tracking

    by goBYUcougars

    No P90X3 tracking

  • Needs a p90x upgrade

    by Kinsp

    Very weak app needs improvement

  • Crashes....a lot

    by Lodgings

    I love this app but after last update every time I go to change my workout time and alert it crashes and I have to go back in and most of the time I can set it after the first crash. But the other day it just keep doing it over and over so I gave up for the day. Please fix these bugs. It's not like I didn't pay for this app.

  • Great but…

    by Juanito1751

    Great workouts and good app but bought arms and shoulders and it won't download please help!!!!!!!!!!

  • How freakin hard is it to add X3?!?

    by dragonflygirl7

    I bought this app years ago when I did P90X, and it was ok but not fantastic. When I recently bought X3, I decided to reinstall this app to keep track of which workouts to do on which days. Very frustrated that the update for X3 is still not available. Come on, guys. The program was released almost 2 months ago...get it together.

  • P 90x

    by joemmaammaa


  • Looks good but I need the update for p90x3!!

    by dlm43

    Can wait to use it with p90x3! When will it be available?

  • Not Happy With App

    by Phreekenstein

    I have always trusted Beachbody so I did not read reviews.Purchased the app and guided workouts. The app seems to crash during guided and tracking workouts. Have followed the troubleshooting suggestions with no better results. I must restart the app and forward to the next exercise. Not happy and expected much more from P90X. I want my money back!

  • Crashes all the time!

    by armageddon1914

    It gets frustrating when you're in the middle of a workout and the app constantly crashes to the point when you can't even record your workout! Has the potential to be a great app, however they're too lazy to update the app. The last update was Dec. 18, 2013 and I know they see the complaints about their app, but they still have done nothing!

  • Let down

    by Toedg

    What a waste of money. The app crashes & won't let u record workouts if they are not done at the exact specified time. I also can't figure out how to get it to sync with my beachbody website account. More frustrating than helpful.

  • Where is P90X3?

    by sneyens

    I have been waiting for weeks for the X3 update. Very frustrating!

  • No p90x3 support

    by Wincha

    The rest is good.

  • No P90X3

    by Ox53

    They keep saying it is on the way. The videos say there is an app. Waste of money. Worthless app for P90X3.

  • P90X great exercise tracker not do go for nutrition.

    by Taina Boricua

    I love the app for exercise tracking for 1 and 2 as of today 01/25/14 the P90X3 update is not available. The pictures and measurements tracking is fantastic but the nutrition part leaves much to be desired. I do the part on Fat Secret or MyFitness Pal. People have mentioned bugs, I have used for over a month and no bugs to be seen or experienced. It works great!

  • P90x3

    by P90 Texan

    I bought this in the pretense it would have p90x3 as the videos indicated was available via app. Give us a date of when it will be complete - I'll probably have finished my 90 days already. Refund?

  • Crashes, still useless in iOS 7

    by Rxray513

    Why haven't they fixed this app yet?!? Still buggy after the update on January 19th. Crashes when adding another set that's assisted in Chest and Back. Frustrating!!! Used to be an awesome app.

  • Update it

    by Yankees rule123

    I bought this because it said p90x3 was coming soon. Still no X3. Please update this. BB should be embarrassed that they have not gotten this completed already.

  • Doesn't offer P90x3

    by Jim in Pequot

    I bought this--was informed that it contained P90x3. It doesn't. So it's of no use to me. Wasted $2.99.

  • Sad

    by unicorntrina

    I am so upset that I bought this app just to use with P90X3 and those workouts aren't even available in this app. I feel like I wasted my money.

  • Might be good

    by Ash428

    Can't tell with no p90x3 support. Hurry hurry with the update please.

  • No p90x3 :(

    by Rmetz17

    Please add p90x3 to the directory. I just bought the program and was hoping to use this app to help aide progress. Other than this it looks great!

  • Great app

    by MommaMaria

    Love the app! So much better than having to use the paper sheets. Only problem I have is it crashes after I enter intensity. When I reopen, everything is saved just fine but it is a little buggy.

  • NO P90x3!!

    by tDo

    Why advertise this as a supplement to a program that's not available in the app?! Misleading. Complete waste of money! Grrrrrr!

  • Need X3, Mr. Horton

    by bleckwehlm

    Great app. Just need the P90X3 added and I'll be happy. It's been almost a month and a half since it came out and no X3 yet. Who's your buddy? Tony H.

  • Useless app, does not contain p90x3 workouts

    by Spirit Angel

    I bought this app because it was suppose to have P90X3 programs included. When the app is updated with the new program I will change my review. At the moment, this app is useless.

  • Update needed...

    by Deputy1042

    ...as in P90X3

  • Key in awesome results

    by DemolisionWolf

    The ease of this nutrition journal app was key through my p90x completion. I've never had 6-pack in my life.

  • No X3 support

    by Cden

    Paid for this app with the expectation that there would be X3 support. You know, cause it says that in the description, and Tony mentions the app several times in X3. Guess what, I'm almost a third of the way through X3, and still no app. Would like a refund if X3 is not going to be supported as it is advertised.

  • P90X3?

    by goebgirl

    I was so excited to get this app when I got my copy of P90X3. But of course 3 isn't available for iPhone even though Tony talks about it in the videos. Please fix the app so I didn't waste money on it and I'll give you 5 stars.

  • Please update to p90x3!

    by Lillers71

    I wanted to start with it. Disappointed. Will re-review when this is fixed. Thanks.

  • Overall good app!

    by Big A62

    Crashes more often then I'd like. Although it's great for tracking reps and progress and decent for tracking nutrition. I definitely use this app everyday during the p90x program :)

  • Useful compliment to p90x, but...

    by Trojanturtle

    What a terrible execution. Has the look and feel of something still in beta phase. Can't move workouts around, have to scroll through dials ( a pain when doing 60reps, and default is 1) Can't delete workouts added by mistake Crashes all the time No support for bands.

  • Time to update x2 to guided and track x3

    by Radar3

    They should now update P90x2 to full guided workout and track p90x3. Otherwise one of my favorite apps that I use a lot.

  • What the heck happened??

    by Garrett HEDSTROM

    Completely broken as of new update.

  • Closes

    by JinxSJX

    Every time I try to use this app is automatically closes! That's all it does! It works only when it wants to! No good!

  • Crash - the app, not the weights

    by 10pn2s

    If you can't fix the crashes, at least give us a shortcut through the workouts. Spend 20 min cycling through completed exercises to get back to my spot.

  • Buggy and no P90X3

    by ImJustShan

    I was very disappointed when I found out there was no P90X3. In the videos Tony had me all excited to use the app. Paid for it and nada. Kind of useless. I decided to use it anyway to track weight, etc. and it freezes frequently. Very buggy.

  • Awesome App

    by Killa Cal

    It's great.

  • Crashes all the time!!

    by brandone

    Fix it please

  • Too many crashes!

    by ProfStove

    Great app, but the amount of crashing that occurs is ridiculous. Please fix this. It's been doing it for a long time now.

  • Good app. Room for improvement

    by Miaghicketvbhg

    Would love to see an iPad companion for this app not just blown up version of iPod. Too difficult with time crunch to scroll to weights and no ability to pause calendar if miss a day or workout so can pick up when able. Otherwise useful but will stick with workout sheets for now.

  • Great app

    by jjdreyer

    I enjoy being able to keep track of my weights and reps on my device :-) I wish that some of the cardio workouts would have directions too. It's a great companion to the videos!!

  • User

    by Trying to bring it

    "P90x 3 tracking coming soon".... Can you define soon? I'll throw three more stars when you have it up and running... Otherwise it works great but I'd like to see more functionality in nutrition tracker.

  • Stole my money?

    by Hjpsayh5773

    So I payed 59.99 for all the workouts and only half of them downloaded the other half froze and have been frozen for 4 days now?? I guess I got ripped off

  • P90X3

    by PaulFPrime

    I'm 3 weeks into P90X3 and still no update. You worked fast taking my money how about giving me the whole product.


    by Outdoor Wildman

    This is the ultimate app and is really amazing. It gives you it all. The nutrition and everything. In my guess this is the app to buy and enjoy.

  • P90X3, Please.

    by Yashieboy

    The title of the review pretty much gives it away...

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