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New workouts programs and meal plans added as well as update to IOS 7. Bug Fixes

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The All You Need App to achieve your goals; with workout programs, meal plans, recipes and a calorie calculator guide. Follow the step by step workouts and Meal plans and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!!!!

The App Hosts:
- 100+ Different Exercises
- Video Demonstrations
- Multiple Workout Programs
- Calorie Calculator guide to meet your goals
- Healthy and Tasty Food Recipes
- Top 40 Food List of what to eat
- Create Custom Workout Programs

This is not your typical, run of the mill App created by an App developer with no clue of their way around the gym. This App was developed and designed by a FULLY QUALIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER where their skills, knowledge & expertise have been implemented within the app for you to obtain the best results!! Whether you're an Avid Gym Goer or an Newbie to the world of fitness, this app guarantee's results for all levels!!!

Learn how to:
- Build Muscle
- Drop Fat
- Tone Up
- Get in shape
- Eat Healthy

FULLY QUALIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER Kwame Dankwah has used his years of experience with his clients to pioneer a collection of simple & efficient plans that will help people reach their goals. Whether you're a guy trying to put on some muscle or shred fat, or Whether you're a Women trying to tone up or drop fat fast there something for you. There is truly something for everybody to help you reach your goals with tips and advice THAT WORK!!! DOWNLOAD THE APP try it out for yourself and watch the results take place.

Sculpt your aesthetic dreams! - Ultrafitness, Beyond Limits.

Consistency, Persistency & Will-Power required.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App!!

    by Masha_Challenge

    Great app full of simple recipes, workout plans and calorie tracking!!! Recommend to everyone!

  • Awesome!

    by Sakuranbo675032

    Awesome app! Has a ton of exercises, workout plans, meal plans. Great for beginners! Would like to see some HIIT training though. Keep it up! Looking forward to future updates!

  • Incredible App

    by JudahWorthy

    This app was an instant hit with me. It takes out the guess work for nutrition and gives a great library of workouts. I highly recommend this app!!

  • This is the perfect fitness app

    by notfullofham

    It is very simple to use and has great workout! Only thing is that I wish that there was more workout! Keep at it, it's a really good app!

  • Amazing app.

    by jeremy mallory

    This is an amazing app full of great workouts and great meal plans. If your looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just tone up a bit, this app has everything you need to reach your goals.

  • Love it!

    by Mo'hustle

    Finally a app that I can really use and is helpful to me!

  • Finally a great fitness app with meal plans!

    by Radin14

    This app is amazing. Obviously there's not one plan fits all but it's a great basis to use and work off. Definite buy!

  • Awesome

    by David03-10

    Great app with meals and work outs for everyone I love this app great job!

  • Very good

    by Jkballz

    Good workouts and good nutritional plans

  • Awesome

    by JDaKingC

    Great App for getting started! It's a huge advantage to have Meals and Workouts in your hands quickly. Time is money!

  • Workout

    by Closjr2388

    Best app so far

  • Great to nothing

    by Paulathekoala00

    Was a great app until the IOS 7 update and that cleared everything and made this app useless. Please fix this as soon as possible because it was a great app!

  • Needs update.

    by Blake1225

    Needs and update bad. Other than that not a bad app.

  • No need for a trainer!

    by Robyn_999

    I use the women's fat burning workouts and while I was at the gym, I realize everyone working out with their high dollar trainers were doing the same things this app was having me do! This is a great app because I'm getting good results with it!

  • Great guide at gym

    by Mannygym

    Helps me use new machines and gives me a good routine

  • Review

    by brie817

    This app has the potential to be great. I would like to see an option to save our weight information and have the app track our progress. I would like to see more meal plan options. Once more updates become available, I will review again

  • Some parts of the app don't work.

    by Charwhalz

    It has good information but some things just don't work. And don't eat brown bread but 100% whole wheat only.

  • Was great until update

    by Lexi1009s


  • Waste

    by Dat Tyga

    I'm sticking to the full fitness app. Only very few meal plans and no workout data. I need something legit.


    by Dramere

    The app was great until the update came and took away all of the workouts

  • Where is all my stuff?!

    by Leenaballina

    All of the workouts disappeared with the exception of the cardio day on the fat burner program. That doesn't help me who uses the tone and firm. I paid for the app, I expect it to work. Fix it ASAP.

  • WAS a Great App

    by Gldnboy510

    After the update everything was blank!!! Used it very frequently, I hope they fix it

  • Frustrated

    by Michael Angelo 1221

    I used to really like this app, but ever since the update it doesn't work right. Whenever I go to exercises it shows nothing. I use this app daily, so I hope it gets fixed ASAP.

  • Refund

    by Djharrydarnell

    Fix this or give everyone their money back

  • Stantly

    by **hamodi

    It wasnt even that great before update and now completly wirthless do not spend a dollar on this app


    by ExquisiteMe

    The update took away the workouts routine!!! Please fix like ASAP please!!

  • App trouble

    by MEC_RD

    This was a great app, but once it was upgraded, it took away all the info. It said "syncing data", but everything disappeared. Hope this is resolved because I used this app frequently.

  • Do not purchase

    by Jseid

    Nothing works. Everything is blank.

  • Worked fine till update

    by Juicebaby8879

    This app was once great, ever since the ios7 update, it's become 100% useless n and nothing works

  • Fix update

    by DidoDeGapi

    The new update keeps Saying 'Syncing data' for more than an hour and it did not open yet

  • Waste of time/money

    by Biznitt

    This might be a good app for someone just starting out, but in no way helpful for those who are regular gym goers. Such basic exercises and minimal info. Diet is a joke, only one day and workout routines are just as bad. Don't waste your time.

  • Basic info

    by Todd Pica

    You get what you pay for! It's a very basic app that doesn't have a wide variety of workouts and nutrition plans. I would say that it's great for someone that has absolutely no clue where to start.

  • Don't Buy

    by SwampDonkey17

    I never write reviews, but in this case I want to let you know there are better apps. The meal plan is for one day (unless I wake up tomorrow and it updates). Anyone can write a one day meal plan. Shop around, you will be able to find a more suitable fitness app.

  • iPad

    by Caleb4321

    Please make it work on iPad !!

  • Don't buy

    by Smit346

    The workouts and nutrition screen are blank!

  • Ehh

    by Brittney88

    It's was just ehh for me. Gives you meal plans and recipes and work outs step by step but does not allow to track progress or enter meals or calories for the day.

  • Doesn't work

    by Frizzy14

    Don't buy half the pages are blank

  • Not functional

    by Keith Beaulieu

    The app is only a gateway to the website. Many if the pages are blank. It has potential to be a good app if it gives you different options for meal plans etc.

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