Doctor Who: Sonic Screwdriver (Official) Entertainment App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Useless Creations Pty Ltd

We've listened to your requests and added the WAR DOCTOR'S SONIC SCREWDRIVER, as seen in the 50th Anniversary special, "The Day of the Doctor".

You can also now take photos with your sonic and share them with your friends. #DoctorWho #SonicScrewdriver

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Turn your iPhone into the Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver with the Official Doctor Who Virtual Sonic Screwdriver app!

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who in sonic style with detailed graphics, authentic sound effects, an augmented reality background option, and so much more. It's like you're using a real Sonic Screwdriver, not your iPhone! So grab your fez and bow tie (bow ties are cool!), and don't leave your TARDIS without it!

- Detailed 3D models of 5 of the Doctor's Sonic Screwdrivers, each with their own unique details and features! Whether you've been a fan for 50 years, or only 5, there's a Sonic Screwdriver for you! Includes the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdrivers, and the classic Third and Fourth Doctor's Sonic Screwdrivers! NOW INCLUDES THE WAR DOCTOR'S SONIC SCREWDRIVER as seen in the 50th Anniversary special, "The Day of the Doctor"!
- Two background options: The transparent background makes it look like you're holding a real Sonic Screwdriver, not your iPhone, or you can explore the cosmos with the detailed deep space backgrounds!
- Take photos with your sonic and share them with your friends #DoctorWho #SonicScrewdriver
- Authentic sounds from the TV show for each and every action! Each Sonic Screwdriver is different.
- Simple point and think controls! Touch the screen to activate, and slide your finger up and down to change the pitch of the sound.
- Tilt and movement controls! Activate the Sonic Screwdriver and tilt your iPhone to change the pitch. You can even shake the 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver to extend it, just like the Doctor does!
- Two zoom levels: See the details up close, or see the whole Sonic Screwdriver on the screen at once!
- The Sonic Screwdriver controls your iPhone's flash, making this the coolest flashlight app in the galaxy!

The Doctor uses his Sonic Screwdriver to unlock doors and hack computer systems!
He defeats Daleks, and scares Cybermen!
He scans the shadows for Vashta Nerada, and lights the way to whole new worlds!
He saves the universe every day with his trusty Sonic Screwdriver in his pocket!

What will you use your Virtual Sonic Screwdriver for? Simply point and think! Your imagination is the limit!

* Remember, it doesn't work on wood.

BBC, DOCTOR WHO, TARDIS, DALEKS and CYBERMEN are Trademarks of the British Broadcasting Company and are used under license.
Licensed by BBC Worldwide Limited.

Customer Reviews

  • River Song?

    by Riwjauflxlcodkf

    Please add River Song's future sonic screwdriver!!!

  • Good but crashes

    by BBzinhudumal

    Fun app, too bad it crashes some times

  • Timey-Wimey fun!!!

    by Diana Bristow

    Totally useless, TOTALLY FUN APP!!!

  • Whovian

    by Time Lord wanna be

    Awesome! Heard about it from a friend and immediately had to search my App Store. I've been playing with it since, though I don't think my dogs are as impressed as I am.


    by Losycresent

    I love this app 10/10 I really enjoy Matt smiths because you can flick it to open

  • It a great app

    by Bdwayneh

    It one of the best sonic screwdriver app but could you add the pen one please

  • Fun for a little bit

    by Tristan27 2

    Its fun for a while but then it gets boring cause it doesnt do anything if anything id put a little minigame to play with the srewdriver and add stuff to do with it to make it more fun

  • Me gusta!!

    by Silhouettoman

    This app in a word: fantastic!!!

  • Sonic

    by Crazi 1

    Doctor.who is amazing

  • sonic is awaone

    by hondarules

    it is a great sinic app when im bored i just tap the app asap

  • fantastic

    by Griffcoal

    I ❤️ this app! The only thing is please put rivers screwdriver in! Love the war doctors too

  • Awesome App!

    by Edoras Spinner

    It opens doors very effectively - (but -be warned-it doesn't work on wood and other organic materials) - awesome app! I am so much more powerful now!!

  • Fun!

    by StargateFanSG-1

    I went to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary in the theaters and everyone in the audience had real sonic screwdrivers. I felt kind of left out so I thought to myself "Hey, there might be a sonic app" so I searched he App Store and sure enough there it was! Awesome!! This is super fun and a must have for any Doctor Who fan. :)

  • Epic

    by UltraWhovian

    Definitely a good app for whovians and people that are new to the series.

  • Awesome

    by Listen to meeeee!!!!!!

    I love it except pls put in a river songs sonic screwdriver and it will be the best app EVA!!!!!! I love it except pls put in a river songs sonic screwdriver and it will be the best app EVA!!!!!! I love it except pls put in a river songs sonic screwdriver and it will be the best app EVA!!!!!!

  • Omg

    by hobojoe1234567890

    You guys are amazing my friends bought the app and watch doctor who because if me

  • I haven't gotten this excited in years

    by Sir Anthony

    I got this app and thought it was going to be a waste of two dollars. Instead someone needs to make a sixth star so I can rate it. Best Whovian app I have ever encountered.

  • Love it!

    by HazarD2013

    Works well. Love war doctor's sonic screwdriver in addition to other four!

  • Here's a thought

    by Leaflyn

    First off, this app is amazing and thank you for adding the War Doctor's sonic. As for the new picture feature I love the idea, but it would be better if we could cover the screwdriver with our hand so It looks like we are actually grasping it. Also if it's not too much trouble, it would be bow-tie cool if we could rotate the screwdriver's camera without changing the angle of the transparent so it would look like we're pointing it at our friends in the picture! Just a thought....

  • Here's a thought

    by Leaflyn

    First off, this app is amazing and thank you for adding the War Doctor's sonic. As for the new picture feature I love the idea, but it would be better if we could cover the screwdriver with our hand so It looks like we are actually grasping it. Also if it's not too much trouble, it would be bow-tie cool if we could rotate the screwdriver's camera without changing the angle of the transparent so it would look like we're pointing it at our friends in the picture! Just a thought....

  • Love! But, due for upgrade

    by GregSinadinos

    Great app! Trust me when I say it's worth every penny. The only suggestion I could make is that the texture quality is due for an upgrade. Seems like something from an N64 cut scene.

  • ALLONS-Y!!!!

    by ern3589

    I love it so much I'm at a loss for words!!

  • Amazing!

    by YourFaithfulFangirl

    The sounds, details, lighting -- all so beautiful!! Can't wait to see what is added next. Perhaps the Master's laser screwdriver?! Now that would be brilliant!

  • Bloody brilliant

    by Alucard197

    Truly amazing

  • Amazing

    by udsteve1975

    Great app! Having a blast .

  • Amazing

    by udsteve1975

    Great app! Having a blast .

  • Needs more sonic screwdriver

    by CarrierTech

    You should add River song's screwdriver also The Master's laser screwdriver.

  • Dr who?

    by Bitteractr

    Exactly what it says it is. Sound is spot on. Good job, Useless Creations. Now I can annoy people with John Hurt's thingie.

  • Brilliant!

    by Jeddster

    I love this app. It works really well! I appreciated how they put in the war doctors sonic in. Amazing app!

  • Fun app for any fan of the show .

    by Kurt-San

    Absolutely love this app !

  • Love it

    by Mobyfan

    I love it! Allons-y! Geromino!!!!!!!!!:)

  • The BEST!

    by DD9448

    This is the best sonic screwdriver app, but can you PLEASE make the eleventh's extend? Thanks in advance!

  • Awesome

    by Nerol abc

    Still love this app

  • Fantastic

    by CarrierTech

    Now a am the War Doctor!!!!!

  • Now we need the 2nd Doctors Sonic

    by DJ Philly B?

    I love this app! I love how they made the War Doctor's sonic, now we need the 2nd Doctors sonic.

  • Awesome!

    by Iamthe100%

    Great app for doctor who lovers!! Love it!!

  • So much fun!

    by Jenny&James

    Great update! War Doctor sonic!

  • Great app

    by Jrodlivewire06

    Great fun app. Wish it had the eighth doctors though and the different shade for the ninth. And maybe even the seconds.

  • Intergalactic fun!

    by Cheese Weasel

    Amazing! More fun than finding a Jammie Dodger in the couch cushions! Do not blink. Run! And download this app now.

  • Great!

    by gmaswimmer

    Although it looks fake, what do you expect All the sounds, frequencies, and functions! GERONIMO

  • Really Cool

    by TPugh99

    Really cool app

  • Absolutely Fantastic!

    by Ninth Doctor

    Well programmed and executed. Now you should add the war doctor's TARDIS to the TARDIS app you guys have going.

  • The best

    by Kolbyrne

    The best period

  • Nothing bad! But...

    by Clingcreeper

    I would love to see a custom screwdriver option. I would pay extra for that.

  • I love this app.

    by The Unknown Doctor

    Love all the sonics but could you add an unknown sonic screwdriver?


    by Whovian_Kaily

    If you love doctor who (war doctor, eleventh, tenth, fourth) you will feel like you have been "exterminated" by a ray of flipping rainbows :) love this app!! Be sure to get the TARDIS app too!!!!!

  • River songs sonic?

    by Fisheater47

    It would be nice if it had red mode to

  • War doctor screwdriver

    by Fgdgcgchgv

    Love this app:) Allonsy!

  • Sonic Screwdriver app : Best screwdriver ever!!!

    by iRakow

    This app gives me the smile I need for a day!!! I just have great fun imagining I'm the Doctor!!! :D

  • Love this app

    by Mike Frasca

    I love this app so much. Can u guys maybe put river songs future sonic screwdriver and that will make this app my favorite app of all time

  • Looks cool in theory but...

    by chadadada17

    ...I can't keep it open long enough before it crashes. Fix that issue and I'll be a happy(er) man.

  • F*%#ing brilliant 2

    by Uberdoctorwhofan1

    Again This app is amazing. The attention to detail is stellar, the ability to rotate, extend, and retract the device is a nice touch, and the backgrounds are stunning. And once more My only issues are that the app occasionally crashes and that the future, and first model, screwdrivers are not present. Otherwise it's stellar. Nice model of the time war sonic.

  • Suggestion

    by Turner Sitton

    You should add River Song's sonic in the next update

  • Awesome App!

    by Go and get this app

    This app is great especially now that they added another sonic. It works well and the sounds and sonics detail themselves are perfect! If you're a whovian then you'll love this app. ALLON-SY!

  • Awesome app

    by Wolsliki

    I do not regret getting this app money well spent

  • What a fun Useless Creation!

    by Chazzemel

    The War Doctor’s sonic is a welcome addition. I’m hoping that the 8th Doctor’s sonic from the “Night of the Doctor” prequel will find it’s way to the app sometime soon. I know it’s a minor variation of the 4th Doctor’s but I can wish.

  • Really fun

    by vannypants

    Has all of the sonics as far as I know! Very worth the money.

  • Fantastic - now with War Doc sonic!

    by sidspappy

    Much like the unofficial SonicTool, but takes it further and modernized for iOS 7. The ability to activate the flash is a nice touch. It simply could not have been done better! Get it now, and be ready to #savetheday! P.S. Please update periodically - such as River Song's sonic, and if Peter Capaldi's Doctor gets a new one, can we have it too? Thanks! P.P.S. - Thanks for the War Doctor's sonic!

  • Great app!!!

    by Alienweirdo21

    This is a great app for all those whovians out there also the sounds are so and perfect!

  • Fan-tastic!

    by naþæniel_reykvn

    This is a wonderful app! Nothing like the high-pitched whirr of a Sonic Screwdriver out in public to make oneself shout, “Allons-y!” Further, I was absolutely ecstatic to see the War Doctor’s Sonic! It will be difficult to bring myself to switch to another one! Same software, different case!

  • Doctor who!!!

    by fhorn678

    If you love Doctor Who, then you're gong to love this app!!!

  • No

    by Dean Cooper

    Don't waste your money only a 1 star do to forced rate

  • Screwdrivers

    by Ze_bezt

    I have been waiting for the war doctor's sonic, and now it's here! Super excited

  • I'm the WAR Doctor!!!

    by nycbloke

    This is amazing! Allons-y!! Geronimo!! Love it!!

  • Love it!

    by SpyderPool

    Awesome simple app, but when do we get the War Doctors screwdriver?!?

  • ???

    by No please do not play this

    The one thing it is realistic although it is not very cool.


    by J.Smith2994

    I absolutely love this app! But, I'd love to see more sonics added, like Rivers screwdriver, some of the Master's screwdrivers & the rest of the Doctor's screwdrivers, mainly the War Doctor's and the first doctor's screwdrivers!! Please add them soon!!!

  • Pretty good, but...

    by Mine turtle says hello

    They should add a few more sonic devices, such as: 6's sonic lance, Amy's sonic probe, war doc's screwdriver, masters (old and new) laser screwdrivers, and maybe river song's sonic (instead of having it extent when shook, it switches color!)

  • Very surprised

    by Proguy94

    I am happily surprised how well made and fun this app is maybe a bit expensive I think 0.99 would do, but a fantastic and fun app.

  • Fantastic!

    by PositiveAppReview

    I love it! It's amazing

  • Fantastic!

    by Xue Liu

    This app is great for any fan of doctor who! For your next update you guys should add John Hurt's sonic from the fiftieth anniversary.

  • Great true to show Doctor Who app

    by PiDayPam

    Great interactive models of the screwdrivers from multiple doctors. Looks and sounds just like the shows.

  • LOVE THIS!!!

    by StevieSteve007

    This app is AMAZING. It's seriously like having a sonic screwdriver in your pocket! I've been waiting for something like this, and it doesn't disappoint! A must own for any whovian :)

  • Same software different case.

    by VW nut


  • Dr. Who Rocks!

    by PiedayPam

    As a huge fan of Dr. Who, I have to share how awesome this app is! There is so much versatility - you can change screwdrivers, use your own background or deep space, and I LOVE the shake and extend feature. The sounds are perfect! It all just works so well. I know other super fans are going to really appreciate and enjoy this app!! While you're at it - grab the TARDIS app, too! Versatile, fun - love the photo option!

  • More please

    by Appledude12

    I would like Rivers sonic, the sonic pen, and the war doctors sonic. Im sure other people do too. THANKS!

  • No sound

    by Jedifuzzy

    Sound does not work often. I love the app but the sound needs to be fixed

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