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Seller: Tim Oswald

-Double tap solution to Copy
-Bug Fix

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This calculator has a perfect design that maximizes the size of the buttons and display, with a great layout for fast and easy calculations.

Retina Display.

Download now and see how truly great this basic calculator is.

Customer Reviews

  • Great calc

    by renaissance-renegade

    Very good large numbers

  • E9

    by M2nm

    I can look at your adds but I can't use a 10 digit number? If all calculators can't use 10 digit numbers then this app is great.

  • I Love It!!!!!

    by catcherchase

    So simple and easy! You should get the app.

  • Good

    by William Angel

    It is a good quality calcutor app with lots of good features. The only problem is that they are a lot of adds. I perfer using my calculator. Lol

  • ممتازة

    by Dffsscfcffghhh

    نجدة ممتازة في حالة فقدت شحن تليفوني ممممممممتاااااازة

  • Great

    by Suesbaru

    I like this app. Large, easy, simple for when you need quick math.

  • Works great. Good visuals

    by Rickrack417

    No complaints

  • Great Calaulator

    by ADracut

    I honestly love this calculator there are no glitches and nothing comes out wrong like some other calculators but this is great and anyone who is looking for a calculator app I recommend this on P.S.and if you do get this app make sure you rate it :)

  • Calculator

    by Lindarabold28@gmail. Com

    Love it easy to use big numbers!

  • Nice

    by Xerxes787

    Simple and easy to the large interface.

  • Best calculator

    by Smoochthecook

    This one is simple to use!

  • Ot-traveler

    by Ot-traveler

    Love this calculator! Use it mostly in landscape mode. Full screen, easy to see and use, and ads are present, but not obnoxious, being seen across the bottom of the screen. Highly recommend for basic tasks/day to day use.

  • Rate calculator is ver very good

    by Lak29

    Rate calculator is very good. It is easy to find on my iPad that is crowded with icons. I use it often. Thanks

  • A Good App

    by Desireelovesfishing

    This is the perfect app for quick and simple calculations throughout the day!

  • Best

    by Pigmy killer

    Greatest app ever

  • This calculator is function and practical

    by Need 2 fix

    Love it

  • This calculator is function and practical

    by Need 2 fix

    Love it

  • RC

    by Robert A 35

    Like the large numbers.

  • Guitarman1258

    by Mr. Super D

    Large easy to read and use.

  • Great calculator

    by Guyfrommaine

    Super easy to use! Very clear, large keys...

  • Excellent

    by Harry Struck

    I like it Very easy to use

  • Just works.

    by Xeeroe

    Great basic calculator.

  • Calculator

    by KT car 88

    Love the calculater I like it on my iPad so I don't have to look for one at my desk. Thanks

  • Very useful

    by Xxxxxsnw

    Excellent product, easy to use and extremely convenient.

  • Love it

    by Emma

    So much easier to use then the one on my phone. It has the basic thing (what I need) the one on my phone is so compacted and has some much other stuff that I've never seen before. I totally say get it!

  • Simple

    by Kimbaku

    Simple & clear buttons. No advanced functions but I don't need that. Perfect for me.

  • Great App

    by Kay Schomp

    Easy to use, I use it a lot!

  • Great

    by Buster10001000

    great and very easy to use with this large-size letters and I like it as it is easy for me with my eyes I see thank you.

  • My app calculator

    by Po ear

    I believe that this app is helpful when your doing math homework or when there is something you need to calculate really i believe that the technicians should make more apps like this but more detailed.

  • Math on your pocket

    by SJZ@SF&ATX

    Love this app / easy to use & accurate!

  • RN

    by Kay RN

    Great app. No nonsense- just like a real calculator, only not sticky!!

  • Mrwildserenity sez great calculator!

    by Buckshot57

    Nice button size, and it does exactly what I want it to do. If I wanted more function I would have chosen a different calculator.

  • Basic Calculator for Basic User

    by Iloiloguy 2

    This basic calculator has an attractive design and very easy to use on my iPad mini. I like it a lot.

  • Nice Little Calculator

    by GoBlueinNebraska

    Does the job and is easy to use just what I wanted.

  • Easy

    by Koalad

    Very useful and easy to use app.

  • Nice

    by prn1626

    Nice simple calculator. I love it.

  • Love it

    by JovialZonda

    It fills the whole screen so it is very easy to use. You can do what a desktop calculator does.

  • Best calculator app I've used

    by cheryl in PA

    It's big, takes up the whole screen so no worry about hitting the wrong buttons. It's a basic calc that does everything I want, easy to use, and the price is right!

  • Great Calculator

    by Leopold Martinus

    Love this calculator! Simple yet efficient and perfectly laid out!

  • csvideo

    by Csvideo

    Nice app. I can see the numbers.

  • It's a functioning calculator

    by Christi Norris

    It does what it's supposed to do and I'm not sure I could expect much more than that.

  • Great

    by wisconsinplayer

    Nice and easy to use, read.

  • No memory + or - buttons

    by Fu Man Chu Panda man

    Basic calculator app but lacks the standard memory buttons most calculators have so pretty worthless app for me. I deleted it right away since it was the first feature I tried to use and it was missing. M+ M- Mr Mc. For an ad supported app, why not include this basic functionality?

  • Simple to use

    by Lorisfrogs

    I like this app, one of the easiest apps to work with

  • Calculator

    by badmove696

    I love this calculator. It's very handy, convenient performs exactly the way I need it.

  • Real good basic calculator

    by Bentbolt

    It uses the KISS principle and "keeps it simple, stupid".

  • Like this one!

    by SLPBarb

    Really like the big numbers and ease of use!

  • Excellent, Basic Calculator!

    by PPPANDS

    Sometimes I just need to add figures & this is the easiest calculator with the largest numbers I've found. I have a few calculators in my phone & this is my 1st choice!

  • N/a

    by Mahogany Row W

    Love big numbers but gets frozen at times

  • Easy peasy

    by mikesdaddy

    If you want an easy, no hassle calculator, and this is your best bet. I calculator should be a no-brainer… I don't want to even have to think about it... I just want it to work. It always does!

  • Works Great

    by TexasSteven54

    Does the job for me. Use it to balance my checkbook. No problem with it. Get it! Basic calculator

  • Good App!!

    by Karann12345

    I love the convenience of having a calculator in my pocket all the time. Someone mentioned turning it sideways to see the % and that does not work on my iPhone4. I would give it a five star rating if that worked because I do need the % often times. But a great app otherwise!!

  • Great

    by O11c

    Large easy to read and use for basic calucations, best app I found for my iPad. Can use without glasses. And do NOT like fancy things I don's use.

  • Good simple calculator

    by bal339

    I like the big numbers

  • Calculator

    by By Mrs smith

    It is simple and always correct. I say this is a awesome calculator. I have used others in the past that doesn't top this one. I have been using this one a few years since I ran across to it.

  • Cork

    by Bancer

    Great little app. Very handy. I love it a lot

  • Totally awesome Calculator

    by The right one for you

    It's a great calculator. I love it because it has big buttons. Great for people with big fingers. And it's pretty accurate. So I highly suggest this calculator for you.

  • 1+1=3

    by Dani

    ..and that's why I need this. It's the best!

  • Great calculator

    by Mayman40

    Love this calculator, absolutely the best calculator app that I have tried. I'm not going to look any farther. I usually use it at arms length with worksheet between me and the calculator and I'm looking back and forth between it and my papers. The large numbers and buttons are easy to read and give me easy targets to hit at long range. Most of the time I just want a good basic calculator to work with. This one fills the bill perfectly. Please don't change it.

  • User

    by Dyrawls


  • Great Calculator

    by Smoky Quartz

    I am very pleased and love this calculator. I like the color and numbers being a little large. This makes it easier to read. It's great app.

  • Review

    by Old duffoe

    Works good , but keeps asking for an upgrade. I don't want an upgrade,so stop asking,already.

  • Calculator

    by MsLRay

    This is a great calculator. It's simple to use and I like the appearance of raised keys!

  • Great

    by Deez69

    Just what I needed

  • Easy to Use, Lightweight

    by Hctrue

    Nice buttons. Be useful be to have a choice for the same keyboard layout in landscape mode as it is in portrait. The way ADs are displayed is irritating, looks cheap and distracting.

  • Simple & efficient

    by Mhillel

    Works well and is uncluttered.

  • Great calculator!!!!!

    by Pie1973

    Easy to use and see. Highly recommend.....

  • Calculator

    by PdxJoJo

    It's great, easy to use and I use it ALL OF THE TIME!!!

  • Love the visual look

    by Kittenlovebears

    Love the large numbers and ease of use

  • User

    by CascadeWanderer

    This calculator doesn't even have a delete or backspace key.

  • It doesn't work

    by Maddie33737


  • Simple and good

    by Ćčbvÿ

    This is a basic one but working well.

  • Big button are what I needed

    by Vgoooo

    This works for us almost blind old folks

  • V

    by Jfmphd

    Simple. Great visual appeal

  • Calculator

    by 7row

    I liked it more when I finally realized, that I had to turn it sideways to find the rest of the functions esp'lly the % sign. I may never use the other functions, but it's nice to know they are there. And yes, I do like it; esp'lly because of the larger keys & font's. I,m nearsighted & the larger keys for typing & larger fonts make it easier for me to use. I very rarely give anything I very high rating, but I decided to give this app at least 4 stars.

  • Works great!

    by ArnieWhitef

    Love it. Very straightforward basic calculator.

  • Calculator

    by Qal,

    Large numbers...easy to use...basic application!!

  • Rate

    by lszachary

    Easy to use

  • Nice

    by Cheeseheadone

    Big numbers - easy to use and to read. Well worth the price.

  • KCinBC

    by Happy Reefer

    I LOVE this calculator. I use it all the time

  • Great App

    by BC1754

    Love the app...simple easy to use calculator!!!

  • Great calculator

    by Camping4fun

    Wonderful iPad tool, works great

  • Why do you keep asking me to do this I already did

    by Chuckeva

    Is this really necessary again!? It's a good calculator; a must have especially if you are loaded with calculations all through the day. It helps makes work easier.

  • Love it

    by Roccy1959

    Great size. Thanks!!!

  • Simple and to the point!

    by SteveK1953

    Nice big , easy to use and see. No worries about your big fat fingers hitting the wrong button with this one .

  • Calculator

    by QuizzedUp Master

    Small, simple, easy-to-use calculator. Not real complicated, but it works.

  • Calculator

    by TexasGiGi55

    Would like a % calculation option

  • Calculadora

    by Fredycamacho

    Excelente aplicacion

  • Accurate and fast

    by DavidOfcanaima

    This app does what it is supposed to do - calculate. I have no quarrel with it, other than I wish it would magically double my income. :-)

  • Easy to see and use

    by Mr. Stiffy

    I like this calculator's big letters and ease of use. I do not need my glasses to use it.

  • 4000

    by Ćóół Śłáśh

    Good Calculator.

  • Simple to use

    by Sloslowe

    Simple to use. Recommend for all.

  • Great

    by RanchRunner

    The display is big and it is basic and easy to use. No complaints!

  • Awesome!

    by Luigi5580

    This is a great calculator and a great app. Very easy to use.

  • Calculator

    by Imhisgirl96

    It's been great. Very helpful

  • Very useful calculator

    by Ibenic

    I like the calculator. I use it every time I trade . Highly recommend it .

  • Needs a memory...

    by Tom555555

    Love the app, with it's large buttons and easy-to-read display, but it would be Soooo much better if it included a simple, single memory.

  • Nice, huge numbers

    by Will win9

    Love it :)

  • Cool calculator

    by Ranrjn

    It's easy to use

  • my calculator

    by I am rylee

    love my calculator. exactly what I needed, no more, no less!

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