Drawing with Carl Education App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Education
  • Publisher: Tayasui
  • Updated: Dec, 02 2011
  • Version: 4.1
  • Size: 42.7 MB

Languages: English

Seller: tayasui

• New Stickers: import photos from library
• New tools: oil pastel, spray.
• Added Kid protection

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Simply the best drawing App for kids in the Appstore. 5 ***** and featured by Apple all over the world.
Making beautiful drawings has never been so easy thanks to Carl.
Import Pictures and draw over them.
You can even play with talking stickers that repeat anything you say with a funny voice!

Enjoy many powerful and easy to use tools that helps you make great drawings.
Create your own sets with Talking Carl and draw Talking Monsters!
Explore creative drawing with Mirror painting.
Easily share your drawings and vote for the best ones.

Write your name with sticker letters.
Draw mustaches or funny eyes on your friends pictures.
Add stickers of Carl and his friends.
Share your creations on FaceBook or by email.
Save to the photo Album.

• Easy and fun drawing tools
• Talking Stickers
• Magical pattern paint bucket
• Mirror drawing
• Cool stickers of Carl and friends
• Share on Facebook Wall
• Email your drawings
• Import from photo libraty
• Save and load
• iPad compatible

Specifically designed for kids, Drawing with Carl help you make great drawings and share them with your parents and friends.

Customer Reviews

  • Best drawing app I have used

    by Danielle Jones

    There ate so many cool features to use. My kids love using the mirror drawing option where what you draw on one side appears on the other. You can paint,spray paint. Use your own pictures as background or as part of your picture.

  • Amazing, but crashes

    by emaweesmiles

    I love this app because it has a ton of really cool features. But after the update, I can't access my loaded pictures anymore. It also looks like my old saved pictures were deleted. I also miss the triangle/geometric brush because it was my favorite. Please bring it back. Other than that, this app is my favorite drawing app.

  • Tiny bug

    by KWIJORD

    When I try to paint with water color, it doesn't paint. Please fix, yet good drawing app.

  • Amazing

    by Nick name giver

    Love it

  • Cant access pics on iPad

    by Wingonpoo

    I have the app on iPad and iPhone. However, throne on iPad doesn't let me access the pics like iPhone. I emailed support but no response for couple days already.

  • 2 thumbs up

    by Kirb Kirb

    Pretty fn cool app.

  • Good but closes with +

    by With-3yr-old

    Good app but need to fix add colors (+). I am using an I phone 5c. Enough default colors for my 3 year old for now. Please fix!

  • Amazing, but crashes

    by emaweesmiles

    This is my favorite drawing app because it has a ton of really cool features. But after the update, I can't access my loaded pictures anymore. It also looks like my old saved pictures were deleted. Other than that, this app is really cool.

  • IT'S.. ok..

    by Brooklyn McCurdy252

    i think drawing with carl is ok bc, first of all it crashes, and whenever I try to enter my drawing in Carl's Contest it shows half my drawing and half the contest rules. Get it if u want but there's CRASHES AND PROBLEMS! I'm saying it's ok bc it lets u draw. So if the same happens to you you'll see what i'm saying. So PLZ FIX IT IN THE NEXT UPDATE! IT GETS ANNOYING!

  • I like to stalk one direction

    by danlynne28

    It's fun to follow around 1D constantly and see what they are doing you should try it

  • Love it!!!

    by Ms Alvarez

    I LOVE this app it really is a good app All the colors AND you can make different colors best drawing app!!

  • A+

    by dlylah

    Awesome! I love this app!

  • Crashes in color palette

    by nikki578

    App crashes whenever plus sign is tapped in color palette.

  • رهيبة

    by sarandah


  • Love it

    by Valeycindy

    My son really likes it

  • Best game ever!!!!

    by Lil princess bird

    This game is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I play it all the time and u should too!!! AWESOME!!!!!!

  • CRASH!

    by Carrieray32

    crashes when I make my own color!!

  • Sth

    by T@h$33n

    One word for this app "Awesome"

  • I don't if it's for kids

    by 

    Love it I'm not a little kid but this is an awesome app


    by Alejandra Moreno

    This app is amazing!!!! It's fun and easy to use. Has many little things to do and kids really enjoy it. It sure beats having to have children mindlessly playing games. LOVE IT! Get it!!!

  • Can't even ago on the app!

    by Frogkid900

    Every time I try to go on the app it crashes!

  • It's ok, needs fixes/additions

    by pomav

    Just downloaded this for my 5 & 6 yr olds. Immediately after starting, both asked where the 'eraser' was to erase unwanted marks. We have not found an eraser and think it does not exist. Please add one! Also not easy for kids toile shapes, such a circles. Need to add tools so kids can easy select a shape (think 'tux paint,' which is AWESOME!). Kids wanted to make perfect snowmen but were disappointed by their shapes and quickly gave up. Not sure how I feel about this yet but initial opinion isn't positive. Maybe would be better with some tweaks...

  • Crashes

    by Michielynn

    Crashes way too much to enjoy the app. I like all the features but the moment I switch tools or even open it or anything triggers it to crash. It's seriously the best drawing app ever except for that fact. 2 till fixed.

  • Crashes

    by F0ureyes

    Crashes whenever I try to add a color. Otherwise great app

  • Awesome!

    by Roy Reyn

    Awesome app! My kids really enjoy this.

  • This game is amazing!!!

    by Flugie01

    For some odd reason I am obsessed with this game! I really like it! It's one of those games that should be worth money! That's how great it is! If you are looking to get an app that is fun and all ages will like then this is the one!

  • My Review:)

    by Hey Jack! It's awesome!

    This is a fun app! It's easy to use, and u can pick from a lot of colors! There are stamps, and backgrounds, and little fun characters and more! I recommend this app!


    by Sharon84

    Most art apps r stupid! But this one actually is amazing! Keep up the great work!:D

  • Amazing !

    by Plz fix up

    Been looking for a drawing app that works! This one is it. Simple to use, made well, and no in app purchases;) thank you!

  • Fix

    by Censorer

    Crashes when I try to make my own color

  • Ughhh

    by g1rl_sh00ts_b0y

    Keeps closing!!!!

  • This is awesome

    by binkinster

    You guys take a normal drawing app, and make it a mobile canvas!!

  • great to cure boredom

    by Game Player15

    this game rocks!

  • Removed best function

    by Betsy198

    Used to be great for importing and drawing on photos. That function was removed with update. Why?! Pointless.

  • love it

    by Youtypu

    I love this app it is always a fun game to play when you are board and I love how it doesn't require wifi but what I would want is a glitter marker or glitter effect and my water color will not go double sided when I click the •|• button but other than that is is my favorite app

  • Gorgeous

    by federicosacerdoti

    Lovely interface, easy to email pictures. Three year old happy.


    by JakeiGuy

    This was the only drawing app where I could import a photo and draw on it. NOW I CAN'T. You just HAD to disable sharing and importing to make it all kid-proof bla bla bla BRING THE FEATURE BACK. Deleting!

  • Used to be a great app!


    We used to love drawing with this app, but ever since the IOS update it just crashes or doesn't function properly. What happened? I'm happy to rate this five stars once this is fixed.

  • Problems!!!

    by 1clare23

    Recently, the app has not been working. It crashes, some of the brushes don't work, and the share button has disappeared! Please fix, it was my favorite app before, but it has become very frustrating.

  • Great Game

    by Nobody Here, really

    The best and simplest drawing app I have seen so far. Fun for all ages.


    by .......,,,,??)()&??!?//-

    I think I can say for EVERYBODY that has this app, that it keeps on crashing and crashing!Please, please fix the app!!

  • Nice app

    by Sodaguy

    I love it. This app makes it easy and fun for older kids to draw unique pictures. I think it would be great for younger children too if there were a lock on the external links.

  • Great

    by Acaciasnec89

    It's a very nice painting app for kids. It includes cool stickers of Carl and his friends, my son loves it!

  • Great

    by pontiacy

    This drawing app works great on both iPad and iPhone. Great functionality and graphics. Delivers the best drawing experience. In my opinion, it is not just for kids, but also for adults who just start learning drawing.

  • The best

    by keepwei

    This is the best drawing app for kids. The drawing experience is so smooth. Extremely easy to use, and very realistic outcome. 5 kinds of drawing tools to choose from. My favorite one is the star tool. And you can erase or add stickers too. Really amazing.

  • Cool

    by LaurDENNiS47

    One of the best drawing app I ever tried, you, and your kids will love it.

  • Lovely

    by Guyunsmobile

    This app is cute and lovely. My kids love this app and spend a lot of time on this app.

  • Nice drawing app

    by CSS.2025

    Nice app, my daughter loves it. The painting tools are incredibly well-designed, it makes this app much more easier for the kids to use than the other ones from iTunes Store. So glad to see my little girl having fun with it. Two bucks seems quite a reasonable price. Worth a recommendation.

  • GoodApp

    by kishand09

    Good App for the kids...find it very interesting and easy to understand :)

  • Great app!

    by cherjam826

    This is an excellent app with so many different tools, colors, and stickers to use! I like how can resize the stickers too....great app!

  • Way kewl!

    by Patchwork Ninja

    A great idea , awesome kids drawing app! Easy and fun for kids to color!

  • Fun way to sketch on the go

    by Velyaevi

    This has quickly become my favorite drawing app (and I have quite a few). It has many great brush types, and mirror mode is an amazing way to get yourself out of a creative slump. It may be designed for kids, but old pros like me can get some use out of it too.

  • Nice drawing app

    by Jdubyac700

    This is a really nice drawing app for kids. My niece really likes this app and wants to play it constantly.

  • Best drawing app

    by MrCooper5

    This is one of the beautiful drawing app I've ever seen. Great interface and very easy to use. There are a lot of drawing tools and different colors to choose from. The app also has some cool stickers. Very cool entertaining app for kids. Worth it.

  • Update

    by ????$$$$@@@@&&&&

    The app keeps crashing with the new update PLEASE FIX

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