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Fixed Facebook login issue after denying permissions.

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The #1 Slow Motion Video App on iTunes

Shoot video at a high speed then play it back in sllloooooww motion. Just added--SUPER SLOW MOTION 1000FPS--it will blow your mind!


Featured by Gizmodo, MacWorld, Redmond Pie, Cult of Mac


Shoot, edit, and share videos in beautifully smooth slow motion without the hassle of transferring files.

Version 2.0 is a huge update--it adds fast motion, super slow, ghosting, optical flow, frame blending, exposure lock, sharing feed, and much more. Grab the free update and check it out!

ACTION SHOTS look way cooler in slow motion--try it and see.

RENDERLESS EDITING- edit in/out points, slow motion cues and speeds without waiting. This much freedom can only be found on the back of a good Harley. (fast speeds & effects still need editing)

EDIT WHILE SHOOTING- toggle slow motion while recording or do it after. You choose!

FAST MOTION- jump from slow to fast and vice versa for a fun feel.

SUPER SLOW- 500fps and 1000fps can now be simulated using optical flow. Check out the in-app tutorials for tips on getting the best results.

3 SLOW EFFECTS- optical flow, frame blending, and ghosting come standard.

HARDWARE ACCELERATION- effect rendering on the GPU happens 8x faster than on a desktop!

UNIVERSAL APP- now available for iPad

IN-APP SHARING- upload to Facebook and YouTube for free. Small upgrade fee for email, camera roll and iTunes. New option to export raw footage.

COMMUNITY FEED- upload videos to YouTube to share with other Slo Pros.

Check out our YouTube channel for tips and samples:

…or just get the app for free and try it.

NOTE: if you are getting an error about the microphone and a white screen instead of video this is due to new privacy settings in iOS7. Go to system settings -> Privacy -> Microphone and turn it on for SloPro.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by 04ziggy

    I love this app, I can do slo mo basket ball dunks and rad jazz turns I love it!! The only flaw is that you can't post on Instagram!

  • Just buy it.

    by Pro c.o.d

    People, they have to make money somehow. Either they make a paid pro version or one with ads. Theres nothing wrong with paying a few bucks. Your last meal cost more than 5$. Stop complaining about the price. Also do you really think they can turn a cheap 60$ camera into a 1000 fps camera? They render the film with OF to make it smooth. The rendering engine is not bad it looks like true 1000 fps if you have a iphone 5s. If you dont like it, just go buy am10000$ high speed camera.


    by  Jlbrown23

    I love it but I need to be able to import FROM camerarole

  • Epic app

    by Angrybirds332133333344545lol

    If u see any reviews saying it only shoots at 60FPS it's bull crap they don't know how to tap the edit button and change the frame rate! Great app!

  • Need help

    by Luc 119

    It's good and all but I want to be able to take pictures out of the videos

  • This app

    by The boss0000000014

    Such a beast app! Very useful!

  • Awsome app

    by Princess Amy

    This is a very cool app that is very easy to make awesome videos with

  • Slo pro

    by Mateo_22

    Coolest app ever!!!!

  • It's okay

    by Mindy Walton

    It's a good app, but you can't save it to your camera roll! Y'all should fix that!

  • Almost worth it

    by bakonfreek

    It legitimately does shoot 60 FPS (on phones and the 5g iPod touch as far as I have been able to test), but the 5s can do 120 fps. I want to have something with that kind of capability but I don't have the money for it (I blew the last of my money on this app). I do like that this is legitimate 60 fps though. That is pretty chill.

  • Great app

    by Tkd540

    This is a great app, well worth the $3.99! You can save it to camera roll with no watermark, this kept me from buying an iPhone 5S since you can record videos with the iPhone 5 and you get the same effect.

  • GREAT!

    by Tevin23100

    If you know how to use it... The app is really cool and really fun. But if you don't know how to use it right the your gonna have a bad time.

  • Optimal Flow doesn't work

    by Cailman

    This app is great but optimal flow will not work on iPad mini retina, makes the app crash. Please fix this!!!

  • Missed it by That Much

    by Shmick21

    1. The app is worth the 3.99 just bite the bullet. 4bucks is more than you'd spend at starbux. 2. Dear: Creators of app. Please fix bug: I export the video onto my camera roll. Then export said video roll onto Instagram. Quality worsens. The image becomes stretched. Any solution would be greatly appreciated :) -shmick 3. Love app.

  • Awesome app, misleading title

    by FiniteElement

    My only negative comment is that the app is marketed for 1000 fps video. It does NOT record at that frame rate. It ONLY records at 60 fps, but then you can slow down the playback speed. That said, the 60 fps videos are excellent, as is the audio integration. Really, well done app, just be honest about its capabilities.

  • Awesome

    by puppylover500

    The app is really cool. It's really easy to make videos and edit them. The only bad thing is that to upgrade it, it costs $3.99! Everything else is really awesome.


    by Kharris99

    Yep, this app is really sweet! Your best shots are usually when you want to hear a funny noise in fast mode or if you want to catch your buddies jumping off a building or something. If you like to mess around with speed, this is your app!

  • Not true 1000fps -misleading

    by Tnabes

    I just purchased the pro version and would like my money back. This is not true 1000 fps slo motion. It renders to it with frame doubling/interpolation. It takes 120 which is cool but my iPhone can already do that.

  • One thing

    by Anodes

    The only thing that is really bad is that you can't save it to your camera roll unless you buy the pro version which is $3.99!!!! >:(

  • Fix

    by Ermagerdy

    When trying to upload a video to Facebook it keeps asking me for me to check my Facebook permissions for some reason and I don't know why

  • Horrible!!!

    by Peanut the first

    It will not even let me take a video! Every time I press the record button it go's to my home screen!!

  • by Kobeschalk

    Closes every time I try to take a video. Please fix


    by Tango hater

    I have paid the full $3.99 & it has completely stopped saving my videos to my phone camera roll once I've edited the video. Fix this please. I really like it but this is becoming annoying!!

  • Bad

    by Willdetter

    It was mesing up on me

  • It won't Open

    by Dhamir

    I click the red button to start and it exits to my home screen. Please fix this bug.

  • Grrrrrrr!!!

    by Vivi01234

    Omg every time I press the film button it crashes! Literally! I haven't been able to film a thing!

  • Instagram

    by Captianalec

    please fix this Instagram issue it's driving me crazy

  • Price

    by Jointlho

    It's amazing but why do I have to pay to save it to my camera roll -_- ya money hungry

  • Ugh!!

    by Annalikesorange

    I bought this app. Every time I pressed the record button it exits out of the app and brings me back to the main screen. Please fix this problem. I can't use the app so I deleted it. Don't get the app!!!

  • Wtfff

    by evanpiron

    I bought the pro version before and tried to redownload it I can't restore my purchase

  • This looked cool...

    by An 11 year old

    Until I got it, then upgraded it for $4.00 for it to crash every time I click the video botton!

  • Crappy save options

    by Masterdemon196

    I don't think you should have to pay $4 to save to camera role.

  • What a waste of money!

    by igamer21

    The slow motion quality is garbage! It looks cheap and distorted compared to the slo-mo on the new iPhone. I tried to upload the exported vid to Instagram and the video is too big and just looks a mess. This needs to be better for the price I paid for it!!


    by EpicAgent 7

    This app is probably great but can't use it every time I click play it takes me back to where all my other apps are at. JUSTT TERIBLE!

  • Videos won't save to camera roll

    by Mr.met1986

    I've upgraded to the pro and paid the $3.99, why aren't my videos saving to my camera roll?


    by Joe

    Bad app yes yes very terrible

  • Straight Scam

    by @msrenababy

    I can't believe I paid $4 for an app and I can't upload it to my Instagram because it distorts. That was the point of me purchasing it, For Instagram!!! Extremely disappointed.

  • Needs work

    by Stythym

    It should let people save it to their album...without charging us.

  • Doesn't work

    by None yer biz

    Every time I hit record it goes off to the home screen.

  • Kool

    by *!(jessiз)!*

    Needs to have a front camera

  • IPad Mini with Retina BUGS

    by CSAsoccer101

    On the iPad Mini, the optical flow does not work... Crashes every time I try to select it.... Please fix because I've waited 2+ years for 60 fps to come back... Only to have an issue restricting full potential... PLEASE SMS, inc. You have 1 (ONE) app, how hard can I be?

  • Lagging

    by Baeymen

    I made my first vid and then I watched it,it was lagging so much!

  • No Instagram post?

    by Shepeirhsndjjsv

    This app is horrible if you are like me and bought this app to use to record me doing my BMX stunts and I can't even post the video on Instagram with out it messing the video all up! This makes me so mad that I bought this app for nothing! Do not buy the app if you are wanting to post your video on Instagram! It doesn't work, I'm one unhappy costumer that will tell everyone not to buy this until fixed!

  • Good, but

    by Crazylaserhead

    It works fine. Just allow to email or export to camera roll.

  • Djcervantes12

    by ramon cervantes

    Good but when i see video back is not that good and to save video in are iphone you have to pay is not good

  • Wow

    by Annabelleros3

    Works great but I'm not paying $4 to save something to my camera roll.

  • Zoom or crop mode

    by Jdjckdkdnxkx

    Being able to zoom in to an object in the video after importing it would give you 5 stars. Please consider!

  • Awesome!

    by thething6754

    Works just as advertised.

  • Good App, But Optical Flow Does Not Work On IPad

    by KenKensRule

    I love this app, but optical flow does not work on this iPad mini

  • Is this a JOKE!?

    by UAE girl 143

    I paid $3.99 just to be able to save it to camera roll and remove the watermark but its not exporting anything. This is a silly joke 4 real. Handle ur problems with ur stoooooppid app.

  • by


  • Why pay!

    by Coolguy94101

    If you really want people to get this app don't make people get the pro app and pay money to export the vids into the gallery pls don't make people pay for this feature

  • Instagram Distortion

    by Kielociraptor

    Really cool app, just bought the pro version so I could upload cool stuff to ig, but the edited slow motion videos are all widened out and really distorted. Like I'm 2ft tall and 6ft wide. FIX THIS NONSENSE!!!!

  • Bugs

    by Dsfsdfjkl

    All I keep getting is the white screen. I even did what it said to fix it. Still doesn't work.

  • Problem

    by Filmz914

    Hello Everytime I upload a video to instagram my video looks squashed I'm using a iphone 5 with the latest firmware.. Plz help thanks!! The app is great besides the Instagram problem.

  • ???

    by Maggotbound

    Crashes when I hit record...

  • Bug NOT Fixed!

    by Corey Kipps

    App is great, but your update clearly says that the Facebook export bug is fixed. Nope. Still won't let me.

  • Awesome, awkward

    by kwik

    This app is so awesome it crashes every time rendering 1000fps with a brand new air ipad

  • Keeps foreclosing

    by AllyBombEdits

    After every other video I make, when I go to preview it closes. Also has closed recently while in editing. Love the app, hope to see it improve.

  • Not worth it

    by I don't want to revel myself

    The quality isn't that good. I don't think it's 1000f/s

  • $$$

    by Awsedrft4

    They make you pay to do anything. Not worth it

  • Baaaaash humbugh

    by Chandler1233

    You can't save it to your camera roll :(

  • Dogs in slo mo

    by Emilyelp

    Great app...but when I save to camera roll and try to upload to Instagram the picture is skewed. Like I have pancakes for dogs. Anyone else?

  • Delete

    by itsvictoriaah

    Just threw me off when they charge me 3.99 just to upload to my camera role . What.

  • iPod

    by High word

    It dose not work with iPod 5

  • Ski pro

    by Josh Brantley

    I hated this app, it was very complicated and didn't give you any directions

  • Doesn't work.

    by MrFixItttttt

    I tried six times to upload a video I edited with this app. Four times it crashed, twice it said the video was successfully uploaded to my camera roll but was not there. This, after paying $3.99. Please fix bugs or refund money. This is frustrating.

  • A Hollywood experience

    by Rishi n' riki


  • Do not buy, terrible

    by Amandazzle

    Bought the app and it won't even let me save it to the camera roll till I pay $3.99 more, also won't remove the watermark till I upgrade to "pro"

  • Good bye $4

    by Grrrrrrr123456

    Pressed every button available nothing happens, wth??

  • Can someone please

    by Lachlan H.

    Can someone please tell me how to use this please!? I'll rate it higher if I know how to use it. Thanks

  • Seriously?

    by Easybreezy173773848493

    I paid 3.99 for it to save to my camera roll, and it won't save to my camera roll.

  • Ok app

    by tuling

    Does what it says. But in many cases, the app crashed my iphone(yes, the phone). I had to connect to the power cord to bring it back.

  • Ok app

    by tuling

    Does what it says. But in many cases, the app crashed my iphone(yes, the phone). I had to connect to the power cord to bring it back.

  • Can't upload to fb

    by Adjejejjejes

    Login failure? Seriously?

  • Slow motion

    by Jointlho

    For the iPhone 5s, it's so far great but I'm still going to see if it can perform well outside

  • Crashes on iPod touch 5 iOS 7

    by Meely98

    It crashes every time I try to recored something. It used to work very well, that's why I'm rating it 2 stars. It still does me no good if I can't record anything.

  • Don't know how to record

    by Bawesome Bj

    Someone please write a review on how to record!?!?!?

  • Ok

    by Mrsfashionful

    I can't watch the vid that I made

  • Its good

    by Jok3R-_-Man

    Probaly the best slo mo app thats good out their i really recomend it.


    by homey joe

    It won't let me use the Optical function...

  • Paid for upgrade, but can't upload or save

    by Snafu273

    This is ridiculous. Freezes while "processing" my email uploaded and does not save to camera roll either.

  • Not worth the time or money

    by CoderA

    Only plays back in slow motion. Saves original speed to camera roll. No export to Instagram.

  • Good, but why do we need to pay for the the pro version?

    by Al3jandro7


  • Needs front facing cam

    by Melissababy007

    Good app but needs a front facing camera view!! And needs to not be so expensive its not worth that much

  • Good

    by Beth is Awsome

    It's really good it's worth it

  • Doesn't work

    by P_town_jerry

    The slow mo works fine but it doesn't let me save to camera roll after I just payed four dollars

  • Instagram?

    by Cyal8rbro

    Love the app. It's great but why does it look so weird on Instagram? Like seriously, I save it to camera roll then on Instagram it looks widened. If you fix this issue, I'll rate 5 stars.

  • by عبدالله بن محمد الروقي

    كيف احفظ الفيديو الي يعرف يكلمني كيك joohrh

  • by عبدالله بن محمد الروقي

    كيف احفظ الفيديو الي يعرف يكلمني كيك joohrh

  • by عبدالله بن محمد الروقي

    كيف احفظ الفيديو الي يعرف يكلمني كيك joohrh

  • Awesome

    by Uriah loves

    I love this App not only does it have slow mode it has fast mode!!! And it is super funny and entertaining I love this app!!!!

  • Fix!

    by Key key <3

    It crashes every time I record on iPod touch!!! Please update!!

  • by sierrraaaaa.

    This app is amazing but to be honest if you could add music in it, it would really be amazing!!!

  • Needs a dew fixes

    by dantheta2man

    This App would get a five star from me if it was able to load up to Instagram. Tried using Instagram and loading up the video from my camera roll but it looks really wide on Instagram.

  • Great

    by Brod13.5

    All you cheapskates just buy the pro it's awsome

  • Front-view anyone?

    by JazLynes

    Liking the app so far but it would be awesome if we could have a front-facing camera option. Please, please, please???

  • Few issues to fix

    by Hochey08

    Issues: 1. You should be able to send the video to your email or camera roll. 2. There is no way to email the creators of the app to tell them the issues. 3. You should be able to send the video to your camera roll or email without having to pay. Please fix those issues, and you will be more successful.

  • It crashes!

    by Ahshakiernjxtnehzsgog

    Every time I press play, it crashes please fix!


    by Nicks game

    I had this app on my iPhone 4S and it was the best!!! But when I got my iPhone 5s it's is not working. Please make it comparable with the iPhone 5s!!!

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