Peggle HD Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: PopCap
  • Updated: Aug, 25 2011
  • Version: 2.0.8
  • Size: 138.17 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: PopCap

Awesome performance improvements to keep the game running smoothly!

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Customer Ratings

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101 Ratings
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3244 Ratings


Shoot to clear all the orange pegs from 55 sparkling levels in what calls one of the "top 5 most addictive games of all time." Become a Peggle Master and pit your skills against over 40 Grand Master Challenges. Rack up bonus points and hit style shots that will make you smile for weeks.

Game Features

Clear all the levels and train with the Peggle Masters in Adventure mode. Revisit your favorite levels in Quick Play. Face off with friends or your iPhone or iPod touch in Duel. Unlock Challenge mode and prove that you have become a Peggle Master.

Raise the Fevermeter in spectacular, colorful levels including snow banks, tulip fields and outer space.

Hone your skills with the help of 10 Peggle Masters and learn their magical skills.

Fine-tune your aim to bust more pegs with every shot.

Rack up more bonus points with tricky shots like Off the Wall, Double Long Shot and Eye of the Pyramid.

Build a shrine to your own awesomeness in the new Peggle Trophy Room.

Relive your Peggle glory and show your friends your most spectacular shots!

Classic Peggle background music is now available during gameplay!


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Customer Reviews

  • Cooleo

    by Sesshomaru love

    We have ipads at school and we play this and clash of clans on my account

  • Still love Peggle!

    by phoni17

    I've been playing on my Mac for awhile and can now take it with me! The best time user I can think of.

  • Ultimately.... It's frustrating

    by 1fargle23snorker4


  • Long time player, can't get it right still

    by wild rock fan girl heart

    I love the the hardness of this app I've gotten use to it I've been playing for years so this is just one bit annoying

  • Fun, but limited.

    by Heather Ducharme

    This game is fun, but I quickly completed it (as well as Peggle Nights) and there have been no updates with more challenges or levels.

  • All around fantastic

    by Vdragon54

    Favorite game on my iPad. Really fun, but really hard to ace/100% some levels

  • Peggle old Peggle HD

    by Kemah b

    Both games are fun fun fun games and I would recommend for all age groups. I'm 47 year old and a Gramma and if I can do it right next to my 3 year old Grandson, I'm sure it is fit for all ages. Enjoyed every second of it so far. Kemah

  • Amazing

    by Zod tomorrow

    A great port, and I have no problems with Peggle Nights.

  • awesome

    by Jake Habluetzel

    Best game ever

  • Peggle

    by Callietopper

    Fun and challenging!

  • Awesome game

    by Webkinz111

    I think the game is so fun!tip:if u can't get a peg on the game the next time u play it is in a different place.have fun!

  • Button placement

    by Satanzangl

    Button placement is better in iPhone version

  • Time for Peggle 2!

    by TLKoontz

    Glad to see this one still gets an occasional--if incomplete--update...

  • Peggle HD iPad

    by Svs95

    I like the iPad version better than the PC version which I have enjoyed for years! Great job of porting the game to the iOS platform! If you already like Peggle, you'll love this version. If you don't like Peggle, I wonder why you would want to buy it and then rate it poorly? Have fun, everybody!

  • Cool

    by K.knox

    Try to make it better by adding different charicters new peggles

  • Wow

    by unknownocean12

    Great game!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome!

    by Scarlet The Weavile

    Really awesome game. It's fun, challenging, and addictive! I can't stop playing it. XD I love the power ups and stuff.

  • Addictive

    by Ant.R61

    As soon as I passed the first level, it became addictive right away. Instead of listening to my teachers in class, I would play this because is soo much fun!!!!

  • Love Peggle

    by NinjaKimja

    I have this game in every format!! Love the Peggle Nights addition!

  • Fun game but i hate the limits

    by Djuanamama

    Love the game but i hate that there is only one leval

  • Crashes


    I got this a long time ago. Even got Knights expansion. Now I cannot open it. I have tried removing and reinstalling, rebooting, etc. Always crashes on boot after the pop cap screen. I have an iPad 2 with ios 7. Tried it again after the update, they must have fixed it, no dice! Still can't play it. One star until you fix the game.

  • Oh nooooo

    by Anonymeme

    Original game is amazing and Addictive Which is why I purchased peggle nights Now it's crashing and I am unable to plaaaay Fix iiiiiiiiiit Update did not correct problem

  • Physics Rip-off

    by vierge99

    If you've played this on PS3, the iPad version will only frustrate you. The physics engine behaves unnaturally at best and at worst, is programmed to give you (the player) the least beneficial outcome of any trajectory. Poor translation is poor.


    by Surfed

    Have iPad air and bought Peggle and Peggle nights it's unplayable it crashes in 1 second! Fix this!!!

  • Still crashes if you're dumb enough to buy Peggle Knights

    by 5468135497

    If you buy the Peggle Knights expansion, you'll never play Peggle again. It crashes in less than a second.

  • Peggle cheats

    by Shirlsma

    This game would be much more fun if Peggle didn't cheat and not let the ball go where it should like in a pinball game! Sometimes, no matter ho hard you try, you can't win because Peggle guides the ball for you to loose. Also, I bought this game for my iPhone and my computer but it won't recognize that I already paid for it twice on this iPad!

  • Love this game!!!!

    by Keypinky

    This a fun and challenging game an I love it

  • Awesome

    by legjack


  • :o

    by 13BB:)

    Probably the best game ever!!!!!!

  • Great

    by Mark_itruexelite

    This is a very fun game If you have an ipad or ipad mini if not then I wouldn't get it because screen is too small I would buy Peggle nights it DOESNT crash at all

  • Love it!

    by tinashop


  • Good game PopCap

    by HeendC

    I play this on my DS, my computer and iPad, and my iPhone. Each version is different: The DS version includes Peggle Nights and Peggle. When you finish Peggle you have to complete Peggle Nights. It's fun using the stylus and the graphics may not be good but it's still fun. The underground gem thingie after hitting four purple pegs and the gold peg is good, and should be added in this version as well as the iPhone version. The computer Peggle Nights is really awesome with all the cool soundtracks. These soundtracks should be added in the mobile version to make sure people can distinguish the differences between the games. I am so tired of the same soundtracks over and over and over again. The mobile version is pretty good. It looks exactly like the computer version when its on my iPad, as well as on my iPhone, but smaller. Only one more update with these editions make this game complete and epic: 1. Peggle Nights Soundtracks From Computer Version 2. Underground gem thing from DS version ____________________________________________ Thanks for reading and I hope you will consider my suggestions.

  • Cool

    by Andreg123

    Ver fun! I recommend it.

  • Why it can not

    by Bran di Posey

    Open to new level

  • Great game

    by Cutebunny55

    Great game. I love using Splork in quick play.

  • Fun Game, Reasonable IAP.

    by Joshua D.

    This game to me, features probably the only proper use of in-app purchases that I have ever come across - the Peggle Nights expansion. Paying extra after you have already purchased a game or app, is completely fine in my opinion, if you are actually getting real additional content to a game. But, pretty much every other use of IAP's, well it is just pure corrupted greed at play, and that is fact, not opinion. A fine example of this is the PopCap/EA tragedy, Plants Vs. Zombies 2. Just an IAP-filled, or rather, infested, nightmare. But I am happy to pay for the expansion in this game, though I won't do so, just because of the IAP greed in PopCap's other scams. As a side note to other reviewers - "addicting" is not a word. The word you would want to use is ADDICTIVE. The made up faux word "addicting" is incorrect, and just because you see it erroneously used constantly on the Internet, does not mean that it holds a spot in any reputable English dictionary. You might find it in one of those terrible online dictionary's, such as FreeDictionary or But sad to say, slang and made up words do not constitute proper established English grammar. If you are perusing any so called dictionary, and it contains definition listings for either "addicting" or the ever so asinine, "irregardless", well, you would be wise to run away from said trash dictionary, and find an established well respected source for your English learning ways.

  • Great fixes! Very addictive

    by Durga64

    This game is so much fun! I haven't had any problems with this. I've gotten at least a dozen other people hooked as well! Play it, you'll be hooked!

  • Mal

    by Jeo0493

    Gaste mi dinero a lo tonto lo trato de abrir y se cierra inmediatamente en mi iPad mini que fraude espero que lo reparen y cambio mi reseña y puntuación

  • Great Game

    by sidschester

    Love the game, wish had more levels, I'm already thru all of them!

  • M

    by Huntingchickxb243

    Truly addicting! Fun to play.

  • Crashes

    by Game shuts downs

    The game crashes immediately. Waste of money

  • FUN


    This game is great . I do recommend this to those who want to have fun,while trying your skills.

  • Don't Buy Nights

    by Alexandra Critch

    App starts crashing after purchasing Nights add-on. Now I can't play. Would have gotten 5 stars otherwise :(

  • Purchased game but half of levels are locked

    by i8lutfisk

    3 stars because I purchased the game but Levels 6 and up are locked out. Excellent game but will not purchase another game from these thieves.

  • Love the game

    by That person typing

    I haven't run into any problems

  • Peggle is great,!

    by Risarena

    I loved Peggle because it pushed me to work my hardest. It was such a victory to finish, but sad I couldn't play anymore!

  • peggle nights!!

    by sk8erkjvm


  • Pay extra to completely break your game.

    by 5468135497

    Didn't think it'd be necessary to check the reviews for a game I bought years ago, but it seems giving PopCap an extra dollar in 2013 means you'll never get to play Peggle again.

  • Oh nooooo

    by Anonymeme

    Original game is amazing and Addictive Which is why I purchased peggle nights Now it's crashing and I am unable to plaaaay Fix iiiiiiiiiit

  • Love it!

    by Leeeeloveee

    Cant get enough! Please make a new pack!

  • Fun Fun Fun!

    by Maxmom62

    Really fun and addicting!!

  • Excellent

    by XHolcomb

    Great addicting game for 99 cents its a steal

  • Crashes on iPad 4 retina

    by Killer713

    I bought the nights pack and now it crashes, I try reinstalling and nothing seems to fix it

  • So Addicting!

    by The kid with the face

    I used to play this game all the time and am so happy there is finally a port. I can't wait for peggle 2 on xbox one!!

  • Crashes on mini retina

    by Kyle Patrick

    Ran fine until I paid for the 99 cent upgrade now it instantly crashes on launch on mini retina. Don't buy this version on mini retina.

  • Crashes on mini retina

    by Kyle Patrick

    Ran fine until I paid for the 99 cent upgrade now it instantly crashes on launch on mini retina. Don't buy this version on mini retina.

  • Crashes on mini retina

    by Kyle Patrick

    Ran fine until I paid for the 99 cent upgrade now it instantly crashes on launch on mini retina. Don't buy this version on mini retina.

  • I'm so hooked

    by gnossos-Oly

    I can't believe the longevity of this game! I've been playing it every day for 6 months and still haven't completed all the levels. I love the way randomness and skill blend to create a satisfying experience that both is AND ISN'T because I'm so clever.

  • Fun game

    by Peggle fun

    This is fun and a little addicting.

  • Kind of fun

    by bsdjunkie

    This game is very nice and kind of fun to play. Also well-designed.

  • Favorite game

    by JohnnyBoy8986

    I love this game. Hope they make a second one.

  • Addicting

    by Birm2

    I love this game. I have completed all the game modes and still I can't stop playing due to missing the 100% trophies. It's really a great challenge in itself to try to really complete this game.

  • Multiplayer

    by Miffed Fan

    Add multiplayer PLEASE!?

  • Love this game

    by Mommybradley

    Truly a game for the whole family! From my kids (9& 12) to myself, we all have wasted many happy ours trying to ACE, or 100% every level, or even complete challenges! Great game... Now, with this new update, the ball moves faster, and seems to bounce a bit differently than before, but maybe that will help us finish up the challenges!

  • Updated, apparently.

    by natthew

    An allegedly large update, but still no support for retina resolution ... and somewhat unbelievably, still no lefthand option. Really regretting ever purchasing this particular version of the game. This should have been a universal app--charging iPhone app purchasers even more for a pretty lazy port with less features is lame.

  • Crashing

    by KingZodiac

    When I paid for the night club it started crashing for my ipad mini I really hope y'all fix this soon

  • Great game

    by Jm27904

    Entertaining for hours

  • <3

    by TylerFromJohto

    Love Pop Cap, Loved Peggle on PC + PS3, love Peggle on the iPad.


    by Issa B.

    I just purchased the game but haven't played it yet coz it won't open. Pls fix this problem...

  • Addictive game

    by Shelby1098

    I love this game. I've completed all of the games and levels and wish there were more. It's so fun and addictive. Great game for a great price!

  • If ever a good addiction

    by Erly Rizr

    This is the best addictive game EVER. I love me some Peggle. Ran across this game years ago at work on my " down time", on my PC. And was ecstatic that I was able to find it again on my iPad. WOW! How sweet. Love, love, love this game. Even got my "no game" playing husband to start. Freer

  • My Favorite By Far

    by Pickypeggy4

    I've been playing Peggle for several years now. A former pinball, pool, and ski ball addict, this game has all that and so much more. The replay feature sends it over the top for sharing with friends. As I've aged, I can't handle the muscular tension of timed games. Yet many other games are just not that exciting for me. I've replayed Peggle so many times, and never tire of it. I also enjoy sharing it with my music students when they're waiting for a sibling. Peggle is one of the few games that will keep them out of my hair so I can concentrate on my students.

  • Cool game

    by Forgotten21

    Worth the money, good time waster!

  • crashes!

    by SmashingMelons42

    I'd review it if I could play it! Can't get beyond opening screen ... I'm running iOS 5, but I guess my first gen device is unacceptable.

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