Bookworm Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: PopCap
  • Updated: Mar, 22 2009
  • Version: 1.0.5
  • Size: 31.99 MB

Languages: English

Seller: PopCap

Good news, Bookworm fans! The hard-working team at PopCap has a brand new update in store for you with tweaks and improvements designed to enhance your word-wrangling experience. Meanwhile, if you're enjoying Lex and his letter-linking challenges, please be sure to leave a review in the App Store!

Changes include:
• Updated assets to optimize the look and experience for iPhone 5 users
• Tweaks to ensure compatibility with the latest-generation of iPhones

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
70 Ratings
All Versions:
7785 Ratings


The award-winning word-puzzle game from the makers of Bejeweled®!

Have an appetite for words? Then join Lex the Bookworm in the hit word-puzzle game created by PopCap Games! Link letter tiles left, right, up and down to build words and keep Lex sated and smiling. The bigger the word, the better the bonus. But watch out for burning letters — they could spell disaster for you and Lex!

If you need a quick word break, link letters fast in Arcade mode. If laid-back wordplay is more your style, go with Classic. No matter which mode you like best, you’ll relax and tune up your brain every time you play!

Game Features

• It’s easy to learn — start working wordy wonders in relaxing Classic mode or race against the clock in Arcade mode
• Boost scores and advance faster by spelling bonus words
• All new shake-to-scramble — just shake your iPhone/iPad or tap Lex to re-scramble the letters
• All new bonus books — unlock themed tomes and complete special word collections
• Instant stats to track your progress — just turn your iPhone/iPad sideways for a quick view of your word history
• Unlimited levels to keep you rising up the ranks in the Hall of Fame
• Uses the Oxford English Dictionary — the most authoritative vocabulary available
• Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (4th Generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
• Gameplay dictionary is ENGLISH ONLY

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Customer Reviews

  • Too much fun

    by katyakrove

    Word nerd here. I have killed many hours with this game. Love. It.

  • Great for all ages!

    by LJHI

    First I got hooked on it, then my husband, and now even our 5 year old asks to play. While we are trying to get longer, higher point words, he is happy just trying to make 3-4 letter words. Its really helped him learn phonics, spelling, and sparked conversations about vocabulary. We've had no technical problems at all on iPhone or iPad. Works great every time.

  • Love this

    by maggiesue222

    I have this game on my computer and this version is so very close to the original. They did a great job on this app!!! I really enjoy it. There is one thing I wish they would change. When you finish a game, you don't get to see what your final score was. They only show you your highest score. I want to be able to see how close I came. Perhaps showing the last ten highest scores would be nice.

  • Game freezes!

    by Dragonoshby

    Lately have had the game freeze several times--no way to reset it without losing all my data. Also wish there was a way to suggest words the game doesn't recognize like 'dike' and 'okay'. Love the game but the problems make it frustrating.

  • So addicted...

    by Jessee J.

    I love this game and can’t stop playing it! It’s a simple, satisfying interface and easy to pick up for just a few minutes or play for hours. I like the way the game stores your word history so that you can gloat over your best achievements. There are a few cons: as several other reviewers have mentioned, the fire tiles sometimes fall so thick and fast that you can’t possibly cope with them (not that I mind a challenge, but it should be reasonable), and there do seem to be too many vowels…especially I. The dictionary really needs updating to include perfectly good words - it seems weird that “hie” is okay, but not “fie,” “matey” is fine, but not “ahoy,” “alas” doesn’t count, and neither does “whir.” What gives? Overall, though, a really fun game for just $2.


    by LetteHardcore

    i fu**ing love this game!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing!

    by Bubbsies

    There's nothing else like it!! Keeps me challenged at beating my own high scores! Have had this game for years and it never gets old. Perfect for focusing on something other than social media that keeps your mind sharp. Thanks PopCap! :)

  • Always have loved this game!

    by Celia Berru

    Never gets old! I love this word game, I just don't get tired of playing.

  • More books

    by Emmie151

    I love the game. It makes me want more challenges! Add more books please!!:)

  • Great...but

    by Tasantacruz

    Great solo word game, but I agree the dictionary needs to be updated & MOST IMPORTANTLY you should be rewarded for making six letter or longer words by having less burning tiles appear.

  • Great game but please update!

    by soul24

    I love this game, it's one of the best solo word games ever. I just wish pop cap would keep it fresh and interesting. How about more word groups to solve? What about wildcard tiles?? There's a lot of potential here that is sadly neglected. That said, it's definitely worth the download.

  • Hours go by


    I enjoy this challenging game so much. Hours go by before I realize.

  • Frustrating

    by Submit1234567890

    It seems to me that there are a lot more burning tiles than there used to be. I spend way too much time getting rid of them instead of being able to find words on the rest of the board. This has made it more a game of luck than skill and frustrates me!

  • Awesome Game

    by Racine Azzarella

    One of the best games EVER made!

  • My favorite game

    by Ursyl

    I can play it relaxed or I can really work at challenging myself to make longer words. Either way, my kind of brain massage. There are times I know a word the dictionary doesn't accept, but occasionally have been surprised at a word going through when I was tapping tiles out of flaming desperation. Ent is a word! Please. Read your Tolkien!

  • Bookworm

    by Deb323

    Absolutely love bookworm!!

  • My favorite game

    by LizBetteLizBette

    This is the best game to pass the time and it helps with spelling.

  • Bookworm (the original)

    by Sheila Eyberg

    Fun rewards for good words! Challenging but never frustratingly too hard. Takes a long time to burn out on this game, and interest revives after a short break.

  • Losing my love

    by Roselandmama

    For bookworm. Since the update the red tiles fall faster and on both sides of the board especially when I'm close to scoring the bonus word. Impossible. If I shake it before they hit bottom, they hit bottom anyway. Not as much fun anymore. Used to play a game for a few days, scoring high 7 figures but now it cuts me off early.

  • Intriguing word game

    by Kathy LB

    One of my favorites. It's a simple game in concept, but it sometimes takes a lot of thought and strategizing to find words that don't leave you hanging.

  • No fun...

    by RockinMa

    It was fun & challenging at first, but when you get to the upper levels, the burning tiles are too frequent & impossible to use in a word. Frustrating! I'm over it.

  • Ads?!?!

    by escrafford

    I have loved this game for years. Now they've decided they should update it with ads?!?! In a paid game. Insane. If you want to modify it, try moving the floating word score up off the tiles so I can read the tiles. Otherwise, this game was working great for years.

  • All time fav! However....

    by terabella

    I LOVE this game, however I agree with the others that it needs an update badly. Also, why isn't connected to the Game Center? I'd like to see how my scores compare to others'. I hope the developers are considering these things, as I'd love to give 5 stars instead of only 3. PS, Why does the game not recognize basic words like, "ninety"? That's another lost star for you, PopCap!

  • Need A Forever Play Mode

    by Yearn to Learn

    I agree with other reviewers. There gets to be way too many vowels and burning tiles. I would love a forever play mode. Also, having to shake to scramble is silly and not always a convenient method. Come on developers, improve this game!

  • Fun - except for ads in the paid version

    by whoit

    Yes, I like playing this game. I am very unhappy however, that the newer versions have ADS even in the PAID version. Really? You're not making enough money you have to annoy paying customers? Way to make me hate Pop Cap! You get 1 star for being jerks to paid customers.

  • Bookworm dictionary needs updating

    by PamPhotographer

    It's a fun game, but someone needs to update the dictionary. There are so many words that are real words that Bookworm won't allow.

  • Ads?

    by Ni2tan

    Oh hell no.

  • No story mode!

    by ImCrazyGoNutsCW

    What I loved about bookworm was the story mode where lex is pitted against enemies and damages them by chaining letters together, and that mode is non existent here. What remains is boring and dry.

  • Bookworm for iPad

    by Jim PO Retired

    Why am I getting ads in a paid version. Game freezes on start up with Popcap logo then ad comes up. Fix or return my money please.

  • Not the same since update.

    by tncnd

    Since the latest update this game is not near as fun. It seems like it constantly throws down way too many vowels, and way more burning tiles sometimes with very few let ups between the burning tiles , and multiple tiles at one time which is becoming extremely frustrating. I don't mind a challenge but now I don't seem to be able to get through near as many levels as I used to. I can't even concentrate on making words because of all the burning tiles. I don't know what you guys did but I'm ready to find a new game to play. Please put it back the way it was.

  • Ads unnecessary

    by JaciJade

    While I love the game itself, the game will not start up without it first switching over to the App Store where it tries to get me to download their stupid Zombie game first. Why is this necessary for a game I purchased? This is in poor taste and a horrible way to treat your customers. This will be my last Popcap game unless you remove this requirement.

  • Bookworms take the ads out and let the game load faster!

    by Aoi Tori

    Was excited about the last update, hoping that popcap or maybe EA would listen, and remove the advertisements at the opening page. But, the powers that be, still have to keep it there. The game still takes a long time to load, just put those ads at the bottom. Paid apps do. Or have ads for other games. Words their Way has their other games on a different tab. Can you do that too? Very disappointed. Still my favorite game to play. Hoping that unlike our government, the powers that be would listen to the people that bought the game. If you want to advertise other games, please create a separate tab, you can do it.

  • Bookworm

    by Shmoopsie18

    Loooooove me some Bookworm!! My fave word game!

  • Bookworm

    by Daddyswar

    Great game love it Love how you can pick it up and continue where you were last time for months

  • Bookworm

    by Scorpio 38

    Game needs to be updated to include generally accepted and used newer words that have recently come into our vocabulary! Also, definitions do not always appear when uncommon words are would have to go to a dictionary to look them up!

  • My Go To Word Game!

    by BecStuff

    All time favorite!

  • Tarnished with Obtrusive Advertising

    by Catch the Train

    Why does the game open to a nearly-fullscreen advertisement for Plants vs. Zombies 2 that can only be dismissed with a hard-to-tap button in the upper-left corner? Worse yet, this is behavior is repeatable, as when the app is closed and subsequently reopened, the advertisement reappears. This is an classic game from PopCap with addicting gameplay, but it has now been senselessly vandalized by parent company EA. For a paid game, this kind of underhanded trickery via embedded and reappearing advertising is absolutely unacceptable.

  • Me

    by ICUR YY4me

    Love it!

  • Graphics issues on iPhone 5s

    by theoryzero

    Grabbed the update and tried it on my new 5s. Ouch, "missing" tiles, and letters on top of letters are some of the graphics glitches I noticed. Will wait for another update. Hey Popcap, how about updating Chuzzle? No update since the 1.0 release in 2009!

  • No ads, but a lame dictionary

    by dwiwo

    I'm not getting the ads that other people are complaining about. While I like this game, it has an extremely disappointing dictionary; real word game fans will be very frustrated. Slang and proper nouns are included at the expense of real words; "agin" but not "aging?" Really?

  • Worst

    by Sue2020smith

    Not the book worm I played before don't like it

  • Wonderful game but

    by Patuna

    I plat Book Worm on my IPad Mini & it does not reorient itself when I switch hands to hold it. The game only permits play when held in my left hand but not my right. I don't have my device locked for positioning so I don't believe that's an issue. I'd appreciate some assistance with this.

  • Bookworm

    by Pugladie

    The best If you're smart

  • Don't like the new tile faces.

    by Bookworm Expatriot

    I REALLY don't like the new tile faces. The highlights around the edges are too dark, which impairs viewer ability to quickly make visual connections of the tiles, As a graphics professional with 25+ years experience, they hinder playability. I will no longer play this game.


    by JaxieCat


  • Fun game but ad?

    by ChrissaLynn

    I just bought this game and its fun but I have an ad every time I start the game? I thought we weren't supposed to have ads for purchases

  • ADS?!?!?!


    I paid for this app, yet there are still ads. WHY? Not sure about everyone else, but the only reason I pay for an app is so that I don't have to deal with the annoying ads. Ridiculous. Is this a mistake? If so, PLEASE FIX!!!!

  • Love

    by Sue Andreassi

    I LOVE THE GAME!! But now when I open the app it's instantly closes! I, going through withdraw PLEASE FIX ASAP

  • Used to be 5 stars...

    by ValorPax

    "Try our other games" ads at the start of a game are annoying enough, but this one is completely obnoxious. It covers where you need to tap to start the game. They should just get rid of it.

  • Great fun

    by Flipflopsodapop

    I love this app it's really fun and I don't have an issue with adds as others are mentioning (maybe it got fixed) Anyway GREAT GAME!!!

  • Coolgm

    by Zemldf

    I love this game. I play it several times a week. I really like the bigger letters and the easier scramble function But, lately its been freezing up frequently. Please fix. Still freezing up. Very annoying. Still freezes up. I have to keep deleting & re-installing. Very, very annoying. Please, please fix this problem.

  • Don't Update

    by DominatorIV

    This update brings annoying ads to your device, even though you paid for the app.

  • Rocks

    by barbieface32

    Honestly this is the best word scrabble known to man. Complete classic. The only game on my phone

  • Uses pitiful Apple dictionary

    by GladIdidn'tpay$

    Many words are missing: some simple & some more complex. Developers need to expand the game. You should be able to spell words beyond 12 letters in length. Also increase memory for words spelled.8/4/13

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