Minecraft – Pocket Edition Games App Review (iOS, $6.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Mojang
  • Updated: Nov, 17 2011
  • Version: 0.8.1
  • Size: 7.78 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Mojang AB

Get ready for the biggest update yet! We hope you enjoy it!

- Many fixes for multiplayer and Realms

- Minecarts, rails, and powered rails!
- The view distance has been massively increased. Check the options menu for more!
- New textures and colours taken directly from the PC version
- New blocks: carpets, more wood types, hay bales, iron bars, and more
- New crops and food types, including beetroot, carrots, potatoes and pumpkins. Now you can cook new soups, pies, and more!
- A bunch of new items for Creative and Survival, including clocks and compasses
- More blocks and items to use in Creative Mode: including jungle wood, ice, bedrock, shears, dyes, and tall grass
- New AI: mobs are now more intelligent and you can even breed your own animals
- A new Creative Mode inventory with tabs
- New functionality and tweaks to existing blocks and items. Bonemeal lets you grow new cool stuff!
- Improved lighting and fog effects
- Loads of bugs fixed, and possibly some added. :)

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Minecraft is about placing blocks to build things and going on adventures.

Pocket Edition includes Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network, and randomly generated worlds. You can craft, create and breed anywhere in the world so long as you have hands spare and battery to burn.

Since the first release of Minecraft – Pocket Edition, we’ve added heaps of new features and made massive improvements to the way things look. There’s never been a better time to enjoy Minecraft on the move.

Minecraft — Pocket Edition is a Universal App. Pay once and play on any of your iDevices.

Customer Reviews

  • Love it but some improvements are necessary

    by djca

    I love the app more than any others on my phone. My sister makes fun of me because of how much I am on it. Although I would say that this app would be better if it was more like the minecraft hexxit for PC. Take that into account, creators and get right on it.

  • A minecraft life

    by Ayden h


  • To the people who make minecraft

    by Poppy dude puss

    Fix the lag and slowness me and my sis try to put down signs and the app shuts off now it's shuts off constantly and it's really annoying so please fix it other than that I love the game and please add horses wolves and cats

  • Update?

    by RIcky Does MC

    I been waiting FOREVER for a update and still nothing! Pls make a update! Anyway this game is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Something to add

    by Review robot

    I love minecraft now it's like the ones on x box computer etc. but I've been watching minecraft videos and they have commands I've tried and it says error command not find. So will there be commands if so plz make commands for the next update. A other thing to add are villages with villagers and wolves ocelots and everything just like it is on an x box or PC. Plz do these for the future updates. PLZ if there are villages plz have villagers it gets lonely. If u do add villagers can u make It able to get married have kids and u know like on a computer. My friend has a computer and I am very jealous. The computer and x box have a lot of stuff when on minecraft pe it's fun but then u see how different it is. Can u have egg spwaners like on an x bow with creeper enderman pig an zombies and all the other egg spwaners

  • Add this

    by Lo,Lo BO,BO

    You need to add a horse on both so you can ride it and make it move

  • Glitch

    by Red Dragon, need help

    When you cook a potato, and press it on in the hot bar, its name isn't "Baked Potato", it's actually a glitched name.

  • Best game ever!!!!

    by Adivamom

    Love it, best app out there!

  • Awesome Game

    by L1lman188

    This game is so addicting. Creative mode allows you to have unlimited resources, and survival you have to gain all your resources. This game Is definately worth buying.

  • It needs an update ... like really bad

    by Voltrol's

    Well,first it's cool you added stuff from 1.6 BUT you should add things like red stone and REAL caves.And there should be an option to change game modes plus more blocks ! Helpful hint ! You should give updates for minecraft 1.2 or something like your adding stuff from 1.6 which was like 4 months ago do the updates befor that like for real!

  • More Updates!!!!

    by Tysfer

    When is the next update? It needs the actual nether and not just a big hunk of neather rack!

  • Awesome for everyone

    by HuntertheHulk

    I play this game every day and i just want to say that this game is AWESOME.when i go to my friends we all play some kind of minecraft. When im at home i play all night...in the next update you should add enchanting and experience or redstone contraptions... Maybe even boats and horses XD

  • Fix Servers

    by Been bag

    I enjoy playing on survival, but can you please fix the servers! Every time I play on a server, I always wind up crashing or disconnecting for no reason. It's not because I have a old device (iPad Mini) it's just because the RAM and chunks can't load fast enough due to server lag. Please fix!


    by Nikki 501

    Ok so I started on the lite version but now... I JUST LOVE THIS!!! you need to get it IT IS WORTH THE MONEY!!!!

  • Love It! Some Suggestions...

    by joybellz430

    The game is awesome totally worth the money but it would be cool if you added chairs and if you could place the bed in creative mode

  • 5 stars but missing one thing

    by Cody12345633

    I love everything about this app just 1 thing missing to it. -being able to use /gamemode 1 -being able to use commands in chat

  • Great so far

    by wœlf

    - switching between creative and survival mode. - have dogs/cats/pets - more variety in spawns (equal amount of beach-forest-tundra) - SEASONS :) (make it rain, snow, and summer??) - do we have lava yet? NEEDS FIX: there was a glitch when I made iron or gold bars from the furnace. The app crashes when I make about 3 or 4 bars at a time before collecting them. Thanks mojang!

  • Future updates

    by TheHarpist

    Would it be possible to incorporate a way for a player to save a world from multiplayer? My sister and I play all the time, but the world I like is on her iPad and I can't pull it up on my phone unless she's playing. The app is amazing so far :) Nice work Majang

  • AWSOME needs something

    by MeganHolt

    It needs something it kinda lacks in stuff Changeable skin please make animal skins/cat skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More orrs like copper Magic like wands Electrics Make the stuff you can build almost endless Add jet packs or. Something More animals like wolfs because I play PC to and there awesome but I don't play on PC as much it's not portable I love pe minecraft because it's portable

  • Good but UPDATE!!!

    by Polarbear Lover

    PLEASE UPDATE!!! Maybe add wolves,horses and spawn monsters, and spawn villagers. I end up making villages with no people. :( Saddles too. (Maybe exotic animals) Otherwise it was a beautifully set out game that is recommend to a lot of people. Otherwise--I thought it was a pretty nice game. I love the look.

  • Fun / grate

    by Volleyball star635

    It is a grate game fun to play

  • Cool Beans

    by Plz add more

    Dear mojang,notch,etc This game is woah! A REALLY good one though I thought this would make it THE best.... Dogs and ocelots would be good I believe that enchanting tables,experience,potion brewing cauldrons and other mischilanious things should be added The world would be nice if jungles were added also caves so ore mining would be faster and DIAMONDS could easily be found Redstone,levers pressure plates buttons pistons and other things like that could be added because I like to invent and stuff I'm not asking for mods but I would REALLY enjoy the FULL nether and POSSIBLY The End Also endermen because I would love to TELEPORT with there ender pearls Thank you for the incredible game, A fan of MC

  • Awesome but,

    by Hanny bany

    I love this game but can you please make it so you can switch from creative to survival vice versa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also the game could use a mod with fairies or cats like on the PC or the exact version of the pc


    by Dakota10200304

    It's self explanitory

  • Awesome but

    by Jakej111

    It's not the same without the music D: also needs hunger bar for more challengw

  • Add more things

    by Nacho129

    It's all really cool but i think you should add tp and gamemodes to make it more fun

  • Awsome game

    by $&@?!$&@

    I love this game plz put endless worlds and caves and hostile mob eggs in creative and put more commands in the game and plz put more mobs in the game and in 0.9.0 i hope a lot of this will be in it

  • Things you need to do

    by Fgfgiffhjgcghhxf

    This app is absolutely wonderful however it would be so much better if you added Redstone levers and buttons like in the PC version. Also villages would be cool

  • I love it!!!!!

    by M4rin 45

    I absolutely love minecraft it's so much fun and I gust think the game more animals because it's so lonely in creative I want a friend that will follow you.

  • Awesome

    by RadioactiveJose

    I think that the game is awesome but I think that the game should put in a nether reactor core without you having to make it your self

  • Different devices

    by Timothy Khane

    Its a good game but can you make it to where samsung and apple can connect?

  • Best game ever!

    by 7and9

    This is awesome and any boy or girl would like this i love it so much but they should update it so you can do everything like the computer version. P.s awesome

  • LOVE THIS GAME but...

    by A few things:

    I love this game but I would like you to add some stuff. Yes, I know, it could crash the whole game if you mess up putting stuff on. But at least look at my list... 1.) Please add ocelots and wolves so you can tame them and have company. (PLEASE) 2.) I would like to go to the nether. 3.) Add item frames so you can put nice pics of flowers and stuff in your home. I'm sorry if this is too much. Consider adding this stuff! LOVE THIS GAME!

  • Has it's ups and down

    by End568

    It could use the stuff that's on computer and xbox like dogs and ponys. Plus I can't figurer out how to get the mobs to spawn it's like their always turned off. But it's really fun and is sometimes challenging. Could use some cave systems and mineshafts and spawners.

  • Whoopit.com

    by I'm live istaframe and I no it

    Hey!I ❤️love❤️ this game is awesome!!I so totally rated it 5

  • Cool

    by Cggvgnngxbbvbvg

    You should add where you could Switch To creative and survival And Add red stone that could place and levers

  • Perfect! Except...

    by Playercoder

    Add more PC stuff and add engines so you build something, put the engine block in it, choose what blocks are part of the vehicle, and choose what it does then it moves like that! But have it so if you want to change it, click that engine and change it! Put it in PC also please.

  • Love it

    by Rockstar.32

    Hi I love your new and improved version of Minecraft. I think what would be nice to have is Minecraft exactly like the computer I know it's a lot to ask but could you at least think about it? Thanks :)

  • Update

    by Lucky puppy

    U should be able to turn creative to survival

  • I agree

    by Yea I won

    See you do not need to hate the game I have it on every game system so I love the game so do not hate this game because if you need to hate do it on pony games or your moms favrote game candy crush because of lag dUUUU!!!!And lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool about candy crush

  • Awesome!! But....

    by AngelaDeptula

    I love it! Soo fun!! But u really need to put more of the things that are in x box in pe. Im getting board. U cant even spawn zombies and stuff on creative. U cant even go to sleep. Also can u add some cauldrons? Please hurry up with the updates!! U cant even change your skin!!!! Whas up with that??

  • Awsome but

    by Guty pops

    You can add emeralds and emeralds tools plz that will be so awsome and nether portal gush plz emeralds

  • Best game ever in the world

    by I'm now in CTF now thank

    My name in minecraft is Grasscanadian

  • Awesome just add this

    by Olivia's1

    I think the new update rocks! I think everything is awesome just needs couple of more things. Everybody wants

  • A couple adjustments should do

    by Chase T.#1

    I think there should be a nether I actually have a portal ready for that update. I also think there should be a bar and if the bar gets low you start dying of not eating at all. There should be special host settings so the host can fly or disable dying without eating. Endermen would help with getting to high places (ender pearls) I think an update with these things would make me very happy! (P.S. There should be potions!)

  • Great game

    by [slender_man]

    I love minecraft a lot. I love it how you can be creative (if you know what I mean

  • Good so Far

    by Alphaqriiite

    I would give this game 4.5 stars. I cant fo half strs when doing a review so i done it as 5 stars. But for the 0.9.0 that will come.... will give it a 5 stars. Here are the changes. Ability to choose world sozes. Infinite worlds. Endermen and Villagers (cant trade due to Mob AI) 90% of the biomes currenlty in pC including the ones that have benn added recently. (No extreme hills+ or M types jsut normal extreme holls) New blocks (obviously) Bug fixes (duh) New flowers possibly. Possibly jungles and roffed forest (might not be added due to lots of resources i tried adding lots of trees once... It lagged) Ability to make your world infinite and have new biomes (only ofr devices wotha dual core) Skins New controls and sprinitng Boats A exclusive biome due to endemen being added and its ability to grief. And check out more at the minecraft wikipedia (gamepedia actually) and its upcoming PE features section.

  • Good game

    by doctr

    Good game I love it I can't wait till the next update I just found out that the next update will be even better mor like the Xbox version I just played for 2 months and I'm still an intermediate this game requires lots of time but don't spoil it for yourself by playing in creative all the time. This game is awesome

  • Update

    by Diomands100

    Isn't minecraft suppose to be about having adventures.Plz add random structures by 0.9.0

  • Amazing!

    by Paul da man

    This app is amazing! I've ha it forever. Really like it. Y'all do need to add sticky pistons,boats, pressure pads, all kinds of stuff to the creative mode in the pocket edition app cause the PC has it... Please update Anyway I love the app!!!!!

  • Great so far

    by wœlf

    Needs more options in the menu (like switching from survival to creative) - have dogs/cats/pets - more variety in spawns (equal amount of beach-forest-tundra) - a little more animal spawns (there was a lack of sheep in one of my survival modes, all other animals were plentiful) There was a glitch when I made iron or gold bars from the furnace. The app crashes when I make about 3 or 4 bars at a time. Thanks mojang!

  • Put multiplayer 99+ glitch

    by TerrariaLover

    Why did you take off the duplication glitch in multiplayer where you have something in your hand then you quit and join again and then you have 99+ of that item WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I hate you!!!!!!X(

  • Pocket into PC

    by Oscarminecraft123

    I think Mojang should make an update where you can change skins and be able to change the game mode and add mobs like slimes Enderman silverfish blazes ghasts wither skeletons and the nether. And Mojang should add everything that the PC version has like infinite worlds random cave systems jungle biomes wolves ocelots they should also be able to teleport to other players and sneak mode sprinting and PC crafting. I'm the biggest Minecraft fan and I hope Mojang approves these updates

  • Amazing needs music though

    by Noble456

    The game is amazing and it's getting more up to date everyday. Just please though add the music to it. It would make it more awesome.

  • More things!!!

    by =LAS= radicaldude893

    Ok Mojang I love minecraft, but can you please add buttons, pressure plates, and levers please?

  • more mobs

    by Mia almanza

    one thing the next update should have is more mobs!! like villagers! c: and when is the next update cause i cant wait!! so i hope it has more mobs and stuff c:

  • Dogs

    by Destinee Sanchez

    ADD DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!

    by ZnNnnnnnnNnn

    This game is great. Just a few updates I feel should be made so it can be great like the PC,ps3, and Xbox. I've been dieing for red stone for the pocket edition for such a long time because I have so many ideas but I can't do them because theres no red stone. I want this more than red stone, i really wish you can switch from creative to survival on one world. Not just have one world in creative, or in survival. I think the p.e. Should be more like the xbox or ps3 and I would enjoy the game so much more.

  • This game is amazing!!!

    by La ocurrente

    Maybe in the next update you could add commands for single player and multiplayer like changing game modes just like on PC

  • Best game ever!!!!!"

    by CoCo

    Cool I want a new update

  • Best block game

    by Matt0404:)

    Best game here's a few things you should add mods enderman villigares emaralds cave caverns mineshaft skins add portals like nether æther and other ones skyblock flat for creative and survival hunger and harmful mods for creative here's the animals ender dragon dragons horses fish fix so you can turn survival into creative say ( I ) if you agree

  • Awesome game :)

    by Marco4:)14

    I can't wait for the next update I wonder what's it going to have and good game

  • I love Mincraft

    by ⭐️✌️

    Best game I've Evered played in my life

  • umm...

    by Sebago4

  • Suggestions

    by RandomPurson457995

    PLEASE ADD A WOLF AND A HORSE WITH A SADDLE! It would be so cool if there was an update for the game. I love the game, but please consider - MinecraftGal

  • It's awesome but.....

    by Stop enderman

    I need fooooooddddddd Redstone stuff WHY DID YOU REVERSE THE CONTROLS FOR MINECARTS!!!!!!!! Bigger worlds HORSES Mobs! Nether!!!!!! Servers! CAVES!!!! But otherwise this is a great game : )

  • Really..

    by Hale

    To all of you people saying "add this, add that" and saying it as if they can put these things in JUST in the next update, please maybe learn technology first. This stuff takes time. You are all to lazy to learn that you cant just ask these people for everything. They only have a team of about 20 people. And also, you think they will just add TRUCKS. And Aether? This is not modcraft, and all that would make minecraft look idiotic anyway. Actually think before posting reviews just asking a small dev team for hundreds of ridiculous items.

  • computer minecraft by zombiekiller2534

    by dragon artist

    Why can't you give the option to go to creative mode and switch back to survival mode you know like if you wanted to have a BBQ (dumb and dumber you always win style) CHECK THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Possible update

    by Fn190

    Since we have hay are there going to be horses

  • Add skins

    by M.c Maker

    Add skins and switching creative to survival and be able to put item in chest for creative and dog that you can tame also a jungle biome and jungle sapling for to make huge trees

  • Best game but needs updates

    by Shadow43259

    The nether should be accessible when it can great game keep it up notch and mojang

  • Pretty good

    by BoltingIron9

    Pretty good game. I just wish it had more like: -caves(maybe ravines too) -fishing -easier multiplayer -wolves ( I have so many bones i don't know what to do with them) -different nether potions enchanting -hunger -strongholds mine shafts -villages -new biomes Either than that it's great!i play it often.But the reason i give this app 4 stars because that's what updates are for. right? The computer version started off just like this. Until it had a hole bunch of updates. I think it is worth 7$! After some time this is gonna be pretty darn close to computer. That's for sure. Great app! Minecraft cost 7$ because it will be updated. I'm just a little mad there still isn't caves in mine craft PE. Please have a update soon with caves villages and new enemies.It takes too long for updates.

  • Next update

    by wynnha

    I want wolfs on the next update and tnt mine carts and the too many items mod

  • Minecraft

    by EMT Mama

    Really fun game but please add red stone :)

  • Fix

    by Coldtjsonic

    Thx you for fixing the bugs and glitches now game better now


    by Hunter4life1555

    I know you just made a new update but could you please add horses saddles buttons and potion ender stuff and could you just make it just like to computer version please because it gets very boring after a while but if you for make all the portals on creative and survival please please please can u please add all those things please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good but needs more t it

    by Wtrfsfdujdmdmddm

    PLZ add the nether and PLZ and dogs ender man sombie pigman ghats cats xp blazes Just add the ender dragon and wither And add the nether plzzzzz or add viliges And villagers and emerld and tradding PLZ add Biomes and mods plz but add comands like Game mode c

  • Cool

    by Daviddwr


  • Minecraft 0.8.1

    by Robinharp_22

    Best game ever!

  • Really cool

    by Robert Bryant

    I think we, us minecraft users, should be able to transfer all of our ore and materials we want from one world to another.

  • Best game in the history of iOS!!!!!!!!!

    by Lizzy2646:3

    I've played for years and never got bored

  • Add stuff

    by Garyrocks31

    You need to add sprint and hunger. Also add dogs add fishing rods. And add fish to. It will make the game better! Please add villages to. and add so roses are red please.

  • Good job guys

    by Dksdkskd

    This is the best game I have ever played and also you fixed the major bugs in one day awesome.

  • Booooooyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaa

    by By:Robbie Korn

    This game is so so sooo awesome

  • Mad review

    by Beautiful girl❤❤❤

    I'm very disappointed in this because my freind and I walked into that we built and pigs were in every room and we found broken walls!!!!! MINECRAFT HAS GONE CRAZY!!!!!!

  • Good but

    by By Bad boy 116

    I like minecraft but why don't they add better stuff like wolves ,golden apples,and enchantment diamond armor picaxes,swords, shovels, and axes

  • My favorite ios game

    by nicky disciullo

    This game definetly needs caves, bigger maps, better controls and tall grass

  • Minecraft best game

    by UnitH3adshot

    They should allow to change from survival to creative

  • Flatland?

    by ShadowMoses935

    C'mon i need flatland option and stuff man! Happy customer opportunity!

  • Plz update

    by Ka$ha Talks

    This game is awesome but plz update it to make it more like the xbox version

  • Game lover

    by Game player in the room

    Great but need to be able rope animals add horses wolves and more caves to live in and to rain snow make it more like the computer version more lava

  • Plz add these things mojang

    by Nicypoo

    Plz add dogs and boats most of all add enchantments and I've heard that you have attempted to add caves/jungles in survival and it didn't work so keep up the good work!

  • Skins!

    by Joe5000003004

    Needs a way to change skins!

  • Minecraft

    by Miner 346

    This game is grate just that you should add wolves villages and mob spawn eggs also endermen

  • I love this app!

    by Nicolas Campanaro

    I love this app so much!! It is my favorite app!

  • Add skins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Sprint master

    This game really needs skins. Please make this game compatible with Seuss skin creator and other mobile skin customizing apps. Please!

  • Champion

    by mr.jasonpb

    When is the next update coming out?

  • #

    by Partygirl ;)

    I gave it 5 stars because it is such a great game... But I agree with most of the viewers that they should add some extra things like multiplier, wolves, and other types of mobs, good and bad. I just wish that it were a bit more interesting like if there was more stuff in the game. See, I've always loved minecraft so much and it's always fun. But after a while, it becomes boring. Minecraft owners please make even more fun than it was before!!

  • It's a blocky game but...


    Minecraft to me is not that bad but I just have a few problems with pocket edition 1. Instead of having a nether reactor they should have the real nether instead 2. You should make it where you can turn creative to survival or survival to creative any time you want 3. You should be able to change your skin easily from your pause menu like Xbox360 edition 4. More stuff y'all need to add a lot more stuff like xbox or PC edition and those ugly things with the houses

  • Update

    by Dhchgfghffgghh

    Mindcraft is awesome but I want to be Abel to have the hunger games to be There thank you

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