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Bugfixes for iOS 7 issues.

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Record notes and audio synced with the best note taking app in the App Store!

AudioNote combines the functionality of a notepad and voice recorder to create a powerful tool that will save you time while improving the quality of your notes. It’s the perfect app for students or business.

By synchronizing notes and audio, AudioNote automatically indexes your meetings, lectures, interviews, or study sessions. Need to review the discussion about deliverables on your next project? Trying to remember what the professor had to say about a key point? With AudioNote there is no need to waste time searching through the entire recording to find out. Each note acts as a link directly to the point at which it was recorded, taking you instantly to what you want to hear. Didn't take any notes during the meeting? No problem, you can add them later.

A fully functional note application, AudioNote also increases the value of your notes. Watch as your text, drawings, and photos highlight during playback, helping you to remember the context in which they were taken.

With the convenience of the iPad or iPhone, you can use AudioNote anywhere: meetings, interviews, conferences, lectures, study sessions. Even use it to record memos to yourself as you jot down new ideas. Join the thousands of students, teachers, business executives, and other professionals who have already discovered what an indispensable tool AudioNote can be. Download it today!


AudioNote Features:

- Synchronized note and audio recording
- Seek directly to audio by tapping notes
- Highlighted notes during playback
- Insert text, drawing, photo, & highlighter notes
- Audio amplifier for recordings made in larger conference rooms
- Import and take notes directly on PDF documents (iPad only)
- Share with iCloud, Dropbox, over WiFi, or through iTunes
- Desktop support: view your .audionote files on Mac or PC
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Featured in Gizmodo's "The Best Note Taking Apps":

"AudioNote has one trick, and it's a doozy. Aside from functioning as a basic note-taking app, AudioNote can make sound recordings at the same time, and keep them synchronized, note by note, with the text. You can, in effect, relive a lecture or a meeting through sound and notes."


What Customers Are Saying:

"The best note taking application out there!"
- Bill K.

"I've been looking for a note taking program. Tried several. This is the best by far."
- Steve S.

"GREAT JOB, use this for all my meetings!"
- Jason T.

"This program is sooooooo useful. ... I would recommend this to ANY student for any lectures."


Still not convinced? Try AudioNote LITE for free!

Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by BigDaddyHill

    I am currently attending a conference and have to sit through several one hour educational sessions. This app has been a huge help. I usually write pages of notes with no context to what was going on while I was writing them. With Audio note the session is recorded and my notes are typed and time stamped. Now when I read the notes I can playback the session and hear exactly what was being said when I was typing the notes. I can even click on a word and hear exactly what was being said at the moment I typed it. I'm going to set my Secretary up with this app for her meeting minutes. I think it will save her a lot of time and trouble. I was looking for an app to turn the spoken words into text. but this is way better. I'm glad I found this app.

  • Great App

    by ZodieGreenHomes

    I enjoy using this app, especially in meetings and CE courses. However I just updated to iOS 7.0.4 I think, and I'm having challenges, please fix this problem, thank you.

  • Stop searching

    by kaden56

    This app is PERFECT for college students. Make it possible to stop switching between your notebook and your ipad. It does EVERYTHING. Taking notes with the timed audio record makes it so quick to relive the lecture so you can pick up anything you did get the first go around.

  • Best, but needs more work.

    by Sjksjlvcgkpkcd

    It's the only app I found that lets me type time coded text with a Bluetooth keyboard without having to tap the screen. Very handy! However a few things could improve it: - variable audio speed play back: (.5x, 1x, 2x, 3x) - It could use a design makeover and Retina artwork. - Have a UX designer look at it too please. Some of the workflow could be a bit smoother... For example, hitting the top left folder ends the recording without warning. - A way to jump to speaking between long pauses that are not annotated would be handy. With the 10 second skip it's easy to miss things... Not sure how to do this. Perhaps display a short waveform? I like the Recordium app in this respect, but your text view is better, not sure how the mesh the two... Perhaps the waveform in the drop down seek bar, perhaps a seek to next audio button? - Formatting Bug: a line of text that just barely word wraps, that has a parenthesis and a space will cause a wordwrap for the text but not the time codes, causing them to be off for the rest of the document. But in playback mode, it doesn't word wrap and looks fine. Example: ( Copy and paste these lines... ) <-- now the time code is off. - Also it would be helpful to be able to annotate imported audio (and audio from video?) Thanks!

  • Absolutely the best!

    by Suesie Q

    I use this app every week for recording Sunday meetings at the Kingdom Hall. I love the fact that it records while I can take notes. I share these recordings with ones that could not attend. I also can go back over my own notes to refresh my memory and sound down the Bible information into my mind and heart. The best spent money and it does exactly what it is promised to do!

  • Love This App

    by MsIsey

    A note taker I am not, but this app makes taking notes so easy. Worries about missing important information is in the past. Best App Ever!!!!

  • Works good.

    by John-0-0-0-0

    Why doesn't the hi lighter work? It didn't work on my imported background so I added some handwriting; it didn't work there either. I would have tried this app sooner had I known one could take text and handwritten notes.

  • Fantastic

    by RVR57

    The app is fantastic. Not only is it a universal app it also supports iCloud. You can enter type written text, create drawings, record messages, insert photographs and use a text highlighter. It also synchronizes your text, photos, drawings, etc. with the recorded message. This is great if you are taking notes while recording a lecture.

  • Documentation is wanting...

    by Chuck "D

    Basic note taking seems easy enough. Unfortunately, I live a very mixed Windows & iPad world. After taking notes and recording a 3-hour presentation, I remain unable to transfer the file audio file I am able to play back to my Windows-7 laptop. Both hard wired, and via Wi-Fi, neither method works. The audio recording seems as good as Apple promises, that doesn't stop me from needing to get this file. Important steps are missing in the documentation, visual queues would have been helpful as well. The program does not appear to have saved the file to a retrievable format.

  • Such a great tool!

    by arnald

    This is an app to show off and impress your friends with. Such a great tool! Audio quality is very good and to be able to pin the audio with notes as they are made is insanely powerful. Thank you for fulfilling my note taking dream.

  • I love this App but would love to see this UPDATE!

    by Zack Stahl

    I have used this app both on my Mac and now on my iPad. It's great! I love that the timestamp allows me to hear what a professor may have been saying during a certain time that way I can go straight back to it when I need it. However, with this iPad app there is no bullet function and I would REALLY REALLY like to see that happen for the iPad version.

  • Super good

    by Nursing12355

    I use this app to take notes in class and it works great!!

  • Love it!

    by CakeMittens

    I love this app! Would be even better if it could convert audio to mp3 and allow trimming, otherwise it's all good!

  • Meeting minutes made easy

    by Gdanie02

    This app made my life as someone that takes meeting minutes all day much easier. Before this app I would have to try my hardest to keep up with every word in meetings...but we know I missed many things being said. Now at I have this app I pre-load my agendas and types key words or names and people being to speak and I don't miss anything when I go back got my desk and complete the minutes. Thank you to the designers of the app. It is the best app of its kind on the market. I've tried others including MS OneNote and other iOS apps hut none compare. Worth every penny!!!

  • 55yroldschoolboy

    by Biblejunky

    This app is well worth the cost. Take notes while it records. Tap on a note and app starts where you tap and lightens the words as the recording replays. Everything it says it is.

  • Great software

    by Kattnip333

    This is more than I expected. I hesitated at first because of the cost but after I saw what it does it is well worth the cost,

  • Great!

    by Snuffs!

    I find it most helpful in school; my hand is not so fast in writing but with this, it is easy as pie.

  • Excellent

    by Anna Braga

    Very useful!

  • A must buy for college students!

    by Markans0980

    What makes this app amazing is the ability to type, use handwriting, and take/import photos all while recording a lecture, no other app does this. This app is a few updates away from being, perfect. Such as the addition of new paper styles (graphing, or just blank), as well as video record option on iPad. But in all app is totally worth every cent!

  • Best Notetaking App!

    by Momof4ormore

    I absolutely love the features on this app! Typing, writing, highlighting, and adding pictures are just the basics. I have also been able to import documents so I can take notes on them. This is the best for any student who wants to lighten their load and not carry lots of paper! Only bad points - you can type on lines, but have to start from the left side of the page. Also, you can only highlight material you've added (typed or written), rather than just anywhere on the page.

  • Sound is static

    by Lyda21

    Used to work great. Last two time using app, no sound was recorded. Missed to lectures when I thought I had it, back to back lectures, lost now since I relied so much on the audio of the lecture. Every other sound feature of iPad is working fine plus older audio notes playback just fine. Please fix, it had to have been a recent change.

  • Loved it. Then it let me down!

    by Debbie Regensberg

    I was mightily impressed by this app as I used it in my initial research interviews - picked up all the discussions, even in a large venue - but after a recent update all my files have disappeared, including those backed up to Dropbox. Not sure of I can trust it going forward.

  • Great app - and very responsive support too

    by JazzCode

    I got this app for my daughter who is visually impaired - to help her take notes in class. I ended up using it myself for client meetings and briefings. It is one of the few apps I keep coming back to. For its use it is indispensible. I would love to see variable font-size, and time-delay. Variable size font would be useful for my daughter. Time-delay would be useful to better sync audio and sound; it takes a few seconds before you are able to jot down what someone is saying. If you later go back and tap on the subject, you will miss the few seconds of audio that went by before you realized what was being said and wrote it down for future reference.

  • First rate

    by Cheezeme

    This app is really good at what it claims to do. I use it all the time.

  • Drawing, text and making additional notes

    by quick0225

    As a biology student, I really like this app, except for one particular feature. When reviewing my notes and adding text to the document, the drawings already present lower down in the document, often lose their formating. These drawing do not maintaing their spacing between text that has been entered or between other drawings. This feature makes it difficult to add notes from the audio after the fact, without destroying the formating, spacing and continuity of the drawings.

  • Useful, Superb

    by Dr.Stam

    I use it frequently, no learning curve. Look at rec time during a lecture, zero-in later on important parts. Next Ver: let user edit time on left side, while recording.

  • Best audio notetaking app

    by BuddynLodi

    This app is great it has the ability to pick up a conversation in a big conference room. I use it all the time for staff meetings and I used it this morning while in a conference call with another party via speakerphone. The cloud support is excellent if you don't have or don't want to use iCloud you can use dropbox. I have the app on both my iPhone and my iPad so sharing AudioNote's between the devices is a big plus. The only thing I would like to see change is when you AirPrint from the phone the note prints in a small strip in the center of the page, if you print the same AudioNote from the iPad it uses more of the entire page. The AudioNote should look the same when printed regardless of where it's printed from and should be formatted like it is when you print from the iPad

  • Great app!

    by Chiquita27

    Use for new songs I create and write.

  • Wonderful and Useful!

    by Louis88keys

    Easy to use, records well even when there are a wide range of sounds in the background, clear recordings. The ability to take notes while recording is tremendously useful.

  • Great for business or personal use

    by Poppa Kappinyoas

    I use this app for just about everything that I need to remember or review. It's smart and easy to use.

  • Favorite app

    by hotturkey

    This application is wonderful. I can take notes in almost any form, on any device including my laptop, and access all my notes from any of them through iCloud - or not. AudioNote gives me all the choices I want. I use this app several times a day on my phone, iPad, and laptop, and have zero complaints.

  • Does not convert

    by Marciafied

    This is not an audio converter to notes. Bah! It doesn't say it's a converter, but that's where it showed up in the app search, so I bought it with false assumptions. Probably works great but not for what I wanted.

  • Unbelievably good

    by Floradora888

    Fantastic app that enables me to listen during meetings instead of constantly scribbling notes.

  • Thank you for another update!

    by Sherap6

    Thank you for great update.

  • Review

    by ThomasS878

    Great app. Use it in depos to keek track testimony. Well worth the price. Highly recommended.

  • Good app!!!

    by Quessie Foreman

    Good app, only problem is with sharing via Wi-Fi and Dropbox. I think I will be asking for a refund.

  • This app has made my job so much easier

    by Trolly Treats

    I have used this app over and over again. My meetings are so long. Without this app I would have struggled to record important minutes

  • Very useful

    by Oregon Deb

    I use this app constantly at meetings and have found it extremely useful!

  • Love it

    by ServantJ

    I love this App!! It is phenomenal for recording classes, business meetings, and sermons!! I would recommend it to everyone.

  • Works great

    by VikingCheeshead

    I've used this app as a group's archivist/historian to conduct a one-on-one interviews, record lectures in large rooms and now we can add photos (slides projected, etc.) as well. This app not on does what it says it will but the developer helped convert the audio to MP3 for our archives. I can't praise this highly enough.

  • perfect app but crashes frequently

    by krystyna03

    i use this on my ipad, but it crashes when taking multiple pictures to add in notes. i love using it to take pics of my slides to cut back on writing, but it keeps crashing between pics and i end up missing slides.

  • Excellent App

    by RonC1949

    I use on a daily basis and have found this app to be the best of its type at meeting my note taking needs. It could be more intuitive (I think). The file management feature (creating, deleting, moving, etc.) take time to learn to understand and operate. At this point, I assume the problem to be mine.

  • Good Apps

    by Al Amien

    Business apps which help me to do the job..good

  • Excelent app

    by Gmeriot

    Great app for taking notes in class. I just wish it Was more stetic

  • I love this app

    by justjuncas

    The app is great. The recording time is long and the sound of the replay is excellent

  • Audio quality not so good.

    by This is an App?

    I got this because it is like a smart pen, which I have. I was really disappointed that the quality of the recording had so much fuzz to it. I can't focus on the voice I want to hear. I compared it to my Note Plus that I have been using. Notes Plus has no fuzz in the back ground. Some how they got it programmed to record a lot better. I really hope this developer continues to work on the program because I love the idea!

  • Love this application

    by CopyLady

    This is the best application I have used for taking notes in my business meetings. It is fairly user friendly and has lots of cool features, like being able to find a particular spot in a meeting where you may not have taken the best notes and need more clarification, one can quickly jump to the exact spot in the recording by touching the last typed note taken and listen to the recording from that point forward. One can even add notes from that point on while listening. A couple drawbacks. I find by not having the ability to move several files at once to folders in the cloud without the app closing on me only to have me start again and select fewer files annoying. Also, the .caf file format is a bit cumbersome to use. I wish it had the ability to upload to Google Apps and Evernote in complete form.

  • Jay

    by Hfdhbgjc

    Amazing app

  • Never had An app more satisfying

    by MatthewHectorPerez123

    Lemme just say I have ADD recognized through my school, this app enables me to listen while taking notes while recording. I can them go back and reference these notes, never messes up and never had any problem. BEYOND SATISFIED. thank you for this app.

  • great app

    by Kalitoysophie

    great app

  • This App saved my Life!!

    by mikeanthonyrdz

    I am a Musician and I finally found an app where I can neatly store my song lyrics and quickly get to them when im preforming live! I love that I can record the music intros and quickly listen to the song in case I forget how the song starts. I only wish we could delete the recording to rerecord instead of having to delete the entire file to do so. I also love that it automatically alphabetizes each folder, it would be great if it would alphabetize each note title inside each folder.. Overall the app is a lifesaver for any musician like me who plays what his fans want on call and not just what he and his band have practiced!

  • Great!!!

    by Kmiller18

    Great app for school!

  • Incredible App!

    by Jim MBA

    I've been loving the app. I've been using it for grad school lectures to supplement my notes with the recordings. For PowerPoint handouts that professors distribute to accompany a lecture, I usually check the App's timer and write down the time he/she starts talking about a particular slide. It works great! Thanks!

  • continuous crash

    by ablazes

    Lately, the app has been crashing a lot! Seems like issues with Dropbox sync, taking pics while recording, and moving files from one folder to another. No response from the developers. If you're using this app for something important, find another option.

  • Fantastic!

    by Voicegrrrl

    I love this app on iPad and iPhone. My ToDo list is always available with the features I need. Keeps me organized and allows me to manage tasks and my team. Can't function without it!!

  • Not Recording

    by DisneyByron

    Forwatever reason, after this update the app no longer records. It'll say it's recording, but once done it posts 0s... I hope the next update comes soon.


    by student?

    I liked this at first, but it recently dumped an entire section of recordings. I didn't find out until just before the test. Also, it won't record unless I type notes. I was following along with iAnnotate while I used this app to record, but it wouldn't unless I also took notes on this app. Not sure why it did that, but I'm no using this ever again.

  • Amazing app until iOS7

    by Somerandomchick

    I loved this app. I am a verbal and kin esthetic learner, so the ability to write notes over lecture was amazing. That was until iOS7. After updating I can no longer go into full screen mode. If I try, the window gets cut off and turns black. It also stops me from writing any notes with the drawing part. I can only type. Please fix this!!! I used to love this app. Now it infuriates me.

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