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Hi Pet Rescuers, it’s time for a fluffy update!
Just added:
-2 brand new episodes: Red Rock Ridge and Holiday Harbor, each with 15 levels. That’s 402 levels of fun in all!
- A great new game ending, with valuable bonus points for remaining moves and blocks!
We’re always working on improving the game, so keep sending us your feedback and rate Pet Rescue Saga after each update! Thanks for your support!

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Pet Rescue Saga is the new hit puzzle game from the makers of Candy Crush Saga .

Match two or more blocks of the same colour to clear the level and save the pets.

There are hundreds of levels of this great game with amazing features – sizzling rockets, colourful paint pots, exploding bombs and much more to help you pass the levels and get a high score. Moves are limited so plan them carefully.

Your puzzle skills will be tested with hours of block busting fun!

*** Downloaded over 150 million times! - Thanks to all our fans ***

Please note Pet Rescue Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

By downloading this game you are agreeing to our terms of service which can be found at


Pet Rescue Saga Features;

. Eye Catching graphics and colourful gameplay
• Quick to learn, but with hours of fun challenges
• Lovable pets of all varieties, puppies, bunnies, piglets and many more!
• Spectacular boosters and bonus rewards unlocked after many levels
• Diamonds, exploding bombs, locked animal cages and much more
• An exciting leaderboard for your friends and competitors
• Seamless synchronization with the Facebook version


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From King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and Bubble Witch Saga. Play now!

Customer Reviews

  • Pet Rescue

    by Gamenfool

    I love this game! Play it on my iPhone.. But wish they had the app for Kindle HD as well. I am totally addicted!

  • Boosters

    by Boina60

    Suggestion: Booster rockets achieved but not used at the end of the game should be saved as a bonus for us to use when we want.

  • Pet rescue

    by valbada

    Love the challenge.

  • More levels please!!

    by dawnygurl

    More updates to catch the levels up to Facebook!! I'm well past the levels available on my phone.

  • Better than Candy Crush

    by Bjrheuble

    A lot more fun than Candy Crush

  • Love it

    by Tamichel

    Love it very addictive

  • Great Game

    by Niall Lover

    I love this game but is there any way that you don't have to pay to get boosters otherwise it's a great app you should download it ✌

  • So much better than Candy Crush!!

    by Lobsters11

    Tittle says it all! This game is so much fun, and totally addicting!! Great way to kill time. I just wish it had a daily booster spin like Candy Crush

  • latest update

    by Cspfp2

    I am bummed to see that part of this update is the annoying light-up hints as seen in candy crush. I wish that was an option you could choose to turn on or off.

  • Mal

    by Mal54976

    Fun and addicting!

  • Love it but needs better updates

    by Islanena86

    Love the game, love the levels! I do think its taking tooo long to do updates and its disappointed to wait for the updates

  • Puppy rescue

    by Reosmom

    This is an interesting game that involves the use of strategies to succeed unlike so many that are by guess and by golly!

  • Love it

    by Nick glover bob

    This is an grate game to play on trips

  • Pet Rescue

    by Rosebug8


  • Please let users turn off new "hint" feature

    by LizS71

    Would have given this game 5 stars but the latest update now has a "hint" feature that you can't turn off that's really annoying! Otherwise love this game

  • Do updates more often

    by Amanda groom

    Love the game

  • Addicted

    by Mrs.L_Supabadd

    I'm completely addicted! I absolutely love this game!!

  • Shhhh

    by Blacksoloman

    How can you say no to the puppies

  • More boosters

    by Marydj88

    I love this game, but is there any way to get more boosters without paying for them?

  • Per Rescue

    by justinbieberlover1699

    Stinks have to wait or buy to play! Would give a 5 star IF NOT FOR THAT!

  • Annoying

    by Minnie:3

    I loved this game. But now I can't play past 23 it says tell friends to help unlock game or pay .99. Disappointed.

  • Mr.Ford

    by Little Michael

    I am at level56 & when I still have moves on the board it says give up what is wrong with this stupid game I' m about to quit this game & tell my friends what it's doing please correct this thanks

  • Love it!

    by Suinda Rivera

    Best game.

  • ;)Netty

    by ;)Netty

    Loads of fun

  • Nice game

    by Phuoc tai

    This game is very good!!! So funny

  • I love it

    by Kailee.k

    The game pet rescue saga is awesome I love it I love all of the levels I'm on level 52 and I have Been on it for ev the thing is some levels may take awhile but it is really fun try it out u will love it like I do

  • Fun!

    by Smudgeprime

    I'm thoroughly enjoying this app! Keep up the good work!

  • Awesome game

    by dark300s

    Keep doing what ya'll are doing developers

  • Addicting game but inconsistent across devices

    by Dwdiveley

    Game is fun and addicting. I play on Facebook, an iPad and an iPhone. I get tools on Facebook and on the phone but not on the iPad, and not necessarily the America number of tools. I get lives from friends on the iPad and the iPhone but not always on Facebook. Fix that and I'd add a star

  • ScottM

    by Foxys345

    Aw some game so fun. And my mom teach me how to play game candy hits all go to next step so cool! Love it. U should try out game u will love it!!!:)

  • Not on Facebook

    by Fiestygirl

    Was sad to see that eventually I'll have to stop playing as I'm not on Facebook. It's interesting to see from the reviews that players spend a lot of money to play. I can find better uses for my money even though I'll have to stop playing (like candy crush) when I can't get past a certain level,

  • Pet RESQUE

    by Chooch363

    So much fun . You have to use your brain . Will keep you busy .

  • Awesome and Addicting

    by Goosey1979

    I love this game! I gave up on Candy Crush because this game is WAY better and more addicting. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Review

    by Putt/put

    Nice game

  • Why????

    by Lilydale2

    Three updates have said there are new levels but don't include new levels. Why???

  • It needs another update

    by Trishacat

    I'm pass level 442 so please do another update.. You guys need to update the app often anyways!

  • Crushes all the time!!! Pls fix!

    by Simplicty

    Couldn't open anymore after the update and we can't connect to facebook! For iphone4s..

  • Fun!

    by Barbies2x

    It's fun and challenging. Great way to pass the time

  • Loveeeee !

    by Her Mommy

    Better then candy crush

  • Great fun

    by Mom having a blast

    Fun, addictive, challenging! I play this more than candy crush

  • Fun

    by 123ugh


  • To you

    by Waterlover143167742

    You should add a daily spin

  • A pretty fun game.

    by Mary Stapleton

    This game is fun if you like King's games and pets. Rescuing pets is very interesting to be in a game. Absolutely Amazing.

  • Favorite game but please update!

    by Fairy Magik

    I love this game more than any game I've played. But I can't play on my phone cuz it needs an update for over a month now! I play on my desk top when I can but then the updates are still behind me! I miss being able play on my phone! Please add all the episodes that are on Facebook so I can play more again! Thank you! Oh yea, and when will we be able to purchase other tools for coins and why can't we do that at all on mobile?!? (iPhone 5)

  • Great game!

    by JJ12472

    Takes skill and thought to play!!!!

  • Raphael

    by AlphaOmegaA-Z

    Pleasure to me for wasting my time on this game

  • Fun but harder than expected!

    by JKent18

    I love the game. I love how it's more challenging than candy crush! You actually gotta think about what you're doing!!

  • Great game!!!

    by BozuBoy

    I could spend hours just playing this game.

  • I love this game

    by Nanacool27

    Even better than candy crush

  • Fun but aggravating game.

    by Madog6969

    After you get deep into the levels, they are not winnable without spending money.

  • Fun game

    by Anajuli4

    It is a fun game but ... I don't like having to wait to move to the next level & when someone sent it to me it would not open the level :(

  • Addicting and Adorable

    by MomOfMeccaTheLab

    I love this game, I cannot put it down! My only complaint is when I run out of lives and have to wait a half-hour to gain more.

  • Pet rescue

    by Spaz12x

    Love it!!!!

  • Nana 02

    by Nana Queen

    Keeps locking up. Exclamation mark with a triangle around it. Where's the love stuck on 38. IS ANYONE READING THESE REVIEWS!!!!

  • Butter

    by Pdub big dub

    Game is butter. Smooth and clean. A must play no doubt

  • Mad

    by Jor jor193639301$

    So I connected pet rescue to Facebook and then disconnected cause I didn't I want it connected now every time I got to play it takes me to Facebook to reconnect this is really starting to piss me off someone needs to fix this!!

  • Fun game

    by Critter_caretaker

    Cute graphics too

  • Addictive

    by Lum5899

    This is an awesome game I love it and so does my hubby.

  • Very cool

    by EmilyB35

    Very cool, fun and addictive

  • Levels

    by Irishnation

    Love the game I'm at the end of it We really need more levels ASAP

  • Pet rescue saga

    by Butterswill

    Come play with us and have fun

  • Please do an update!

    by jennifer smith

    I love this game! I am currently on level 426 but can't get pass 372 on my phone! I am dying for an update for my iPhone! I play on Facebook but can't always get on Facebook to play! Please update soon!

  • PAY to PLAY

    by Carla Mayb

    A very fun game. Addicting. You have to pay Big BUCKS to play. Can't tell you how much I've spent!!

  • only puzzle game i played!!

    by Crizel080912

    fun fun fun!!!

  • Pet Rescue Saga

    by Chcchp24

    Great game! Updates don't come quick enough!

  • Save a Pet Today

    by My gal jerzee

    This is a FUN, mindless game that you can figure out and have a great time !!!!Start to play today. You will be pleased and the animals too !! ENJOY

  • Good mental distraction

    by Mr.the best

    Forget your worries - Get lost in the puzzles - Fun - difficult enough but not too difficult - pets are very cute

  • Super game

    by Rozaala

    Best !!!

  • Much improved

    by Bethanygee

    At one point actually deleted this app because had to spend money to advance. No longer need to do that. Fun game and can get to new levels without buying help---it is hard sometimes, but achievable!

  • Love this game

    by Gobobocar

    I like this game, it is challenging and fun!

  • Pet rescue saga

    by Housewife2039

    It's challenging I love it

  • Fun!

    by kabinautumn

    This game is fun and a little addictive. It appears simple at first but does get challenging as it progresses.

  • Fun, Addicting Game! Watch out for money traps!

    by lhcherry

    This game is so much fun and is definitely addicting! There is a level of skill and problem solving required to get through some of the advanced levels. My only gripe about this game is that you WILL have to pay money to buy the tools that are necessary to clear most levels, and to advance to some levels altogether. After about a month of playing, I figured out that I had spent well over $20 in extras on this game! If you don't mind wasting $2 here, then $2 there, then $.99 to get to the next level, then you'll love this game! Happy Pet Resuing!

  • I love pet rescue

    by John Cyr

    It's a lot of fun! It has a little bit of a challenge,but still easy. I love this game!!!!

  • So addictive !!!!

    by Yjenn

    I love it.

  • Pet rescue

    by BellaFlorNmore

    Very addictive..awesome game. Love it.

  • Excellent But.....

    by MiZZTiNAB00

    I love this game...I'm addicted to it more then Candy Crush, but I would like to have more then 372 levels I have to get on my computer to play the levels higher then 372 plus update ASAP.....

  • What I think...

    by Mystic Windi

    I really like this game! It is challenging enough to keep my attention & is a great way to escape the world for a little while! The only thing that I think could be improved is how long it has taken to update with new levels! It's been over a month & I'm still waiting! I miss playing & replaying old levels is not fun or challenging for me! Other than that, this game is great & I would recommend it to all.

  • Pet saga

    by Waianae 808

    Used to dislike the game but the improvements they made,so I can try to achieve level vs purchase all the time ,are again

  • Fun game HATE waiting to be unlocked

    by Dk6223

    I enjoyed this game but I deleted it. I understand having friends donate lives and unlocking episodes but really? I have deleted candy crush too for the same reason hate being stuck on a lvl for a week cause I have to be unlocked. Take that out of the game and you would still have me as a player.

  • I love this game

    by iTsMoye

    Add more levels soon please!!!

  • Game....

    by becky2007

    It take for ever to send, help request., to friends to unlock more level..

  • Very challenging , fun game

    by HGRONER

    Great challenge but, fun.

  • Mui Bien!

    by MsOrbitDog

    So fun, so cute.

  • More levels

    by Cman2278091

    Add more levels I've beat everything


    by sjd09

    I've been stuck on a level for almost a month now (!) (level 52) and its really annoying and the frustration! Plus some of the prices for stuff too! One dollar for one blaster! Really! It needs to have a daily prize wheel too! So many things wrong with the game!

  • Update????

    by Amy Smith

    Everyone is saying they are on level 400's...I'm waiting to move from 356. Hubby got update in droid but I don't on iPhone

  • Tony G

    by Smiley1ton

    Cool Game, like it much!

  • Need more Mobile levels!!

    by Dancemom63

    I love this game and I play on my computer but would LOVE to have more levels on the mobile!!

  • Fun

    by Abird85

    This game is adorable .

  • Very entertaining!

    by Gsuarez001

    I love this app is very entertaining

  • Great Game!!

    by jessicaly78

    So far I really love the game!!

  • Good game

    by Juneyjune80

    I love it , I give it a 100% , it's something that u cloud get ur mine off when u don't have nothing to do.. I play it everything n I'm not lie in abt it....

  • Awesome

    by Twikes


  • Kid

    by Ian-x9

    Great game

  • Pet rescue

    by Cafefd

    I play a lot if King games. Pet Rescue is fun. Purchase items are a little expensive. I think long time players should get a cost break or maybe get rockets quicker.

  • Fun game!!!!

    by Perminder Kaur

    Very relaxing

  • Ugh

    by Kristieg2010

    Love this game it's my favorite but it's so frustrating that I keep having to wait for updates and can only play on fb. Come on creators get it together

  • Bearystars

    by Bearystars

    This is a fun game. I'm still trying to figure the strategy. It keeps you on your toes while rewarding you when you succeed.

  • Great Way To Relax

    by HummerGirl64

    Like this game. A great way to relax. It does take some strategizing but fun.

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