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Fix for players not receiving Roadblock unlock messages.

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From the makers of the hit game Candy Crush Saga, comes Farm Heroes Saga!

Switch and match the collectable cropsies in this fantastic adventure.
Join forces with the Farm Heroes to stop Rancid the Raccoon from spoiling the precious farm lands. Switch and match three or more adorable cropsies to drive Rancid away for good! A farmtastic adventure filled with mixed fruit madness! Scrummy!

Farm Heroes Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. You can turn-off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Farm Heroes Saga Features:

● Gather all kinds of cropsies to win the level before you run out of moves.
● Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master.
● Acres of luscious levels to complete and marvellous magic beans to collect.
● Take on your friends to compete for the best score and see who can switch their way to the fattest onions ever!
● Rechargeable boosters, extra moves and special power-ups to help with those challenging levels.

Play through hundreds of levels of strawberry switching, carrot crunching chaos to help our Farm Heroes save the day! Have you got what it takes to be the next Farm Hero?

Already a fan of Farm Heroes Saga? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for all the latest farming fun:

*Minimum iOS version is 5.0.

Customer Reviews

  • Love game

    by Skilesdt

    I really love the game but when you get to the road blocks you can't get help every time you just get beans and you should be able to earn gold bars somehow.

  • Was happy

    by Booaroo

    I was very happy with the game till th last update won't receive now any of my road blocks none are coming through anymore so I'm stuck on a level and very sad please fix the problem

  • Intentional or a tactic?

    by Barn3277

    Love the game....but cannot get past roadblocks. Prior to this, I was have issues receiving friend requests. But, now that I cannot play due to the roadblocks, I am getting loads of friend requests. Strange....huh? I guess that I can always "pay" for gold bars to get past these friend request issues. But, doesn't it make you this intentional?....a tactic?....if you wanna gotta PAY:( Sad Regards.....

  • Great game but...

    by Tmanawesome

    Great game but it keeps crashing...and it uses a life every time it crashes. Very frustrating!

  • <3

    by littleruckus

    Love it

  • Fix the beans!!

    by Jen817

    I have been stuck on level 111 for a while. I can't defeat rancid. My friends send me the beans to help and when I accept them they are never added to my total! Please fix!!!

  • Farm Heros

    by Day5y

    The game is fun but have problems receiving more lives from friends, get beans instead and have no idea what to do with them. Please fix!

  • Roadblock

    by Jmgitts

    Can this get fixed please...? I'd rather not have to wait 4 days to advance....

  • Farm heros

    by Pattym76

    I am having trouble, my game turns off before I even start it, this only happens on my I-pad. Every time it turns off I lose a life. It is only on my I-pad, what is up with that. I do enjoy the game. Thank you, Pattyyy

  • Love this game! BUT...

    by VYSA28

    I LOVE this game & I play it 24/7 BUT... I am a bit annoyed that I constantly have trouble logging into Facebook AND that there's no way earn gold bars!

  • Very very very okay

    by Froggos

    I love it but my iPad keeps turning off so if I win and it turns of I have to start it all over again and it drives me crazy bonkers nuts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$2013

  • Farm Heros Saga

    by Grand kids 22

    Love the game, but won't stay connected with Facebook.

  • Farm heroes

    by Cathy Ashe

    When I try to ask my friends for more life's it won't let me send out for them.I can't hook up today to fb to get help with life's or send them

  • Fun cute challanging

    by JadeNik

    Cute fun game. Great game to pass the time


    by Yadirama

    No puedo enviar ni recibir vidas, por favor arréglenlo

  • Good

    by Kanahgae

    Cool game.

  • I love to play this game but....

    by Stateline Promo

    My roadblock requests are either not getting sent out or coming back. I have to wait so many days or get on my laptop. The last update stated you had fixed this problem. Guess not!

  • Update still has a Road Block Problem

    by KamariaKingston2

    I love the game but my roadblock requests and my tickets are not going thru even after the most recent update!! Still is a problem somewhere!

  • More levels

    by Kmk0021

    Love this game. Just wish y'all would update with more levels faster than what y'all do.

  • Bring at the farm!!

    by Edpez7

    The game is really easy to catch on and bonus makes it work even better.. Hours of gaming until my battery run out. LoL! Combos are always a great pick me up especially when you think you're about to lose.. Good job on this one!!

  • Please help

    by Avahja

    My game won't load :(

  • Fun til it crashes

    by kimmiboo89

    This is a fun game. However you really need to fix the crashing that's going on. Its really irritating that you can't get through a level wothout this app crashing.

  • Constantly crashes

    by buchas

    This version crashes constantly. I can't even click the PLAY button most of the time because the game locks up and crashes. When I am able to play, the last move always freezes for a minute or so.

  • Trouble working

    by 2 Guns Scarlet

    Just started playing the game. Like the game very much but this game has a hard time functioning. After a update it wouldn't open at all. My other program games from king work great. What happen to this one ?

  • Great update now I cant even open it



  • i used to like this game

    by Sophie Choice

    But now that I'm at level 99 they require I collect 10 green tomatoes to complete the level and there are never more than 4 that appear on the screen. Therefore, it is impossible to advance. They don't seem very interested in fixing this problem so advancing to the next level is impossible and it's not even something you can buy your way out of. I'm done with it.

  • Can't connect

    by CarriAnn8912

    I tried connecting to Facebook but kept shutting off the app. Did it several times and deleted the app and redownloaded it twice and same thing happened. So apparently I can't connect to Facebook but it will play just fine if I don't connect... Lame

  • Help

    by Weenie Luver

    I like this game a lot but I'm having issues getting my friends from Facebook to appear to ask for lives! Please get this problem fixed!!

  • Beans

    by Neeshalove

    I do not understand why I don't get my 100 beans from friends. I worked before update now nothing all I am getting is a life. Please fix.

  • Like it so far but

    by Marylyn1980

    Would be nice if it would remember my settings for music and sounds!! How is this no different from candy crush!

  • Crashes

    by MellyB.

    I have most recent ios. Will not even open since update. I see king splash page then it crashes. Sigh.

  • Farm Heroes Saga

    by Bwatkins4745

    This game is irritating will not let you play on my iPad nor will it disappear off my App Screen once you download it so that you can look at other Apps. VERY DISAPPOINTED AT THE WAY THIS APP BEHAVES !!!!!

  • Won't open!

    by Suthern Gurl

    I downloaded game and it won't open at all.

  • Great Game

    by KnittingB

    I really enjoy playing this one. It's got great graphics and really smooth game play. If there was one thing I'd like to see changed it would be to have unlimited lives. It's only wishful thinking though lol

  • Roadblock issue


    Friend requests to break through roadblocks are still not working. Game frequently will not connect to Facebook.

  • Great game!

    by Randall Baker

    This is actually a pretty addictive game!

  • Glitchy and crashing

    by Cmd6245

    This app is awesome when it works right. I had replayed level 111 about 50 times before I realised I wasn't getting credit for my matches. Some times it gives you 1 or 2 points if your lucky but if your using matches with any + points forget it you'll never see them. Also the app has started shutting down in the middle of a game. So disgusted I'm thinking of removing it from all my devices if it's not fixed soon!

  • King wants your money

    by CoSmosisisisisi

    After about lv 100, they make the game virtually impossible to navigate without spending your money. Don't waste your time unless King decides they want to award us with gold bars. Can't connect to Facebook even though it says you're connected.

  • Farm Heroes Saga

    by SissytoArianna

    I think it's a fun game to play. I like how the higher the level the more things you have to collect. Thanks for making this game.

  • Pronlem

    by Egajca607

    The problem continues

  • Crashes upon opening app

    by Jivespeaker

    Just downloaded and can't even open the app. I've restarted phone. Lame

  • Download an amazing game

    by Look killer

    If you are looking for a fun, long and hard game here it is this has been one of the best games I have ever play in my iPhone. If you are a candy crush fan you will enjoy this game, also please recommend this game to your friends, you can join with friends in Facebook to share life's. You are going to love this game when you play it

  • Addicting!

    by Chloelovesmike128

    This game is very fun! It's addicting and I just got and I can't put it down. It's very cool and fun. Get it!

  • I'd get by with a little help from my friends?!

    by Cre8tivgrl

    Fun game but won't let me receive lives from other players on my Friends list! I can give lives but not receive them - what gives?!

  • Download

    by Shaynaynay2013


  • Love it all except for one thing

    by PinkZe6ra

    I love it all except for the road unblocking process bc u have to wait 3/4 days till u can play again. But i do understand that their only trying to get mony, but i do recommend this app strongly.

  • Worst app

    by Sub car

    I got the game and it's stupid also the app page won't close and I can't get to other apps.

  • Not Working

    by GymnastLover#1

    This game keeps booting me out which means whenever I open it, it turns to a black screen and goes back to the home page. This is the only game that does that not open iPad all of the other games are just fine so therefore this gets three(3) stars which is not good. I do not recommend this game to others.

  • Level 16

    by XflipHat

    Impossible. Nuff said

  • Fun

    by Katiegreve_5

    Really fun. Good graphics

  • Annoyed

    by Squeaky1226

    Not happy wit the update.... Still unable to connect to fb on the I-pad .sooo mad

  • Decent game but overpriced

    by John Weeder

    Fun game but you either have to wait to get retries or spend exorbitant amounts of money to get gold bars. I would pay at maybe one tenth or one fifth the price but paying 1.20 just to get five more tries is risridiculous

  • Farm

    by Day5y

    The game is fun but have problems receiving more lives from friends, get beans instead and have no idea what to do with them.

  • Destroyed my social life

    by Callmeloislane

    5 stars. I have it on my tablet and my phone, so I can rotate between the two games. I'm literally addicted. I see those adorable little carrots and strawberries whenever I close my eyes. I need help.

  • Fun

    by Kunalchavan1982

    Really like this game. Fun and easy. Currently i m unable to receive any help from my friend. Thats only annoying thing.

  • Addictive

    by Addicted209

    Fun and addictive!

  • Still not receiving Roadblock help...

    by Starcsc22

    Even though friends are sending it. :-/ Lame.

  • Won't connect to Facebook

    by Mom2boysgrl041012

    It isn't letting me connect to Facebook and I even deleted the app and re downloaded it and it still isn't connecting!!!! Need help please.

  • Great!

    by Ashley31896

    This game is absolutely amazing fun and addictive. Can't put it down!

  • V addictive and interesting

    by Cool-la

    As you progress the levels get tougher and interesting keeping you engaged and addicted! Perfect entertainer

  • Fun!!!

    by #22 Venson

    I love playing this game

  • Update major let down

    by Breeze87144

    Since the update all my boosts have a lock on them, like I haven't unlocked them. But i am on level 248 and they were Unlocked till I updated. I had boosts and gold bought for REAL money before the update and they are all gone. I feel like they won't be back and it was a waste of $9.99 to spend since it's gone. Being that I bought the stuff over a week ago iTunes said there is little they can do. Please fix this and give me my gold and boosts I PAID for back.

  • Can't unlock

    by kmc979

    The update still didn't fix it, people are sending me unlocks and lives but instead I get magic beans that I don't even know what you use them for. Also not all my friends show up as playing to be able to request from them. Love this game better than jelly splash and candy crush, please fix.

  • Fix problem

    by Sweetlady44581

    Tried many times to play, but as soon as I press play, the game x's out, losing lives. Game was good for a while, but now can't stay on. Please fix!!! You fixed roadblocks, now fix so a person can play without x'ing out during game!!!!

  • Receiving roadblock requests

    by Rebelmama86

    Even after this last update I still don't receive all of my notifications. It shows me synced w fb n fb shows I have notifications but the game itself doesn't. Please fix it

  • No fixed!!!

    by Unhappy Andy

    I love this game but I been stuck at a road block forever!! My help is NOT coming threw!!!


    by Kristin Moore

    So far, I like this game better than candy's much simpler and more interesting to me personally.

  • Bad connection

    by Jrk28

    I love this game BUT all of a sudden I can't get connected to FB keeps saying no connection I have no clue what to do. Now I have to wait 4 days to play again. Please fix this!!!

  • Fun

    by Angelab90

    Very cute app! Nice break from candy crush. Fun time killer with great graphics!

  • Fix it!!!!

    by Ashley1907

    Will not show Facebook friends when sending or asking for lives. HELP!!!!!

  • Irritated

    by Jke224

    Now since the new update I accept my magic beans from people and thy disappear. I need these to beat the levels. This is really frustrating.

  • Having some trouble....

    by Ed11222

    Well first off, for those that are having difficulty with the game- it's supposed to get harder as you go along. Also, on level 99 you only get four apples because you have to figure out how to turn those four apples into, collect other items nearby and increase their value to 3/apple which will give you your 10 points. Now, onto my problem. I'm on level 111 and it doesn't give me credit for more than 4 items at a time even when I use the gold bars to give me more credit per item. Please fix this issue. I will.never be able to pass the level with out getting the full credit for the items as listed.

  • Somewhat fun

    by Jetrois

    Some what fun but too simplistic aimed at kids

  • I like this game but let me

    by Steff;

    Connect to Facebook goddamit!!!

  • Sad

    by Bmp813

    Done with this piece of crap app and i will tell the 30 plus others that i referred this game to as well. You cant make daily challenges and now all it does is crash?! Facebook is crap, will never have an acct, it ruins society.

  • Review

    by Soup sandy fun Las Vegas

    Awesome game!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡

  • Smh

    by Cookiie L

    I did love the game. But after paying 9.99 last night. It said I needed to update it. & it is no longer on my phone & when I go to the App Store it doesn't let me open it uninstall it or anything. I'm very disappointed

  • Can't see friends please fix

    by Reggie poo sb

    Love playing the game. I have problems with friends request and seeing other Facebook friends. Restarting the phone helps but only lasts one game. Really wish thus issue would get fixed.

  • Not Good

    by MCL - MN

    The gameplay is as fun as any similar title, but making users wait 4 days to open roadblocks (if not on FB) or buy their way through is just flat out disappointing.


    by AllAboutJonas

    I absolutely love this game! It is a great way to pass time and it is so addicting! In my opinion, so much better than candy crush! I have had no problems with it what so ever and I would definitely recommend this game to friends!

  • Super Amazing

    by Obeyydangelo

    This game, isn't just addicting like cocaine. It's probably THE BEST game in the App Store. Point blank..

  • 太差了

    by Ss三


  • Not too bad!

    by Michaelax24

    I love love love this app it's so addicting! It would've got five stars but the new bug fix for roadblocks isn't working and now I don't see all my Facebook friends when asking for help?!?

  • Another addicting game

    by RedDragonSRT4

    Strangely enough, this game is very similar toanother game called H

  • Fix Crash

    by Etika Tuisue

    It's a good game. Please fix crash with latest update cause I'm losing lives.


    by Vonbark

    This app crashes constantly- meaning I tried opening it at least 50 times, I tried turning my iPad off, I tried closing all open apps - and I couldn't get passed the opening screen. Nothing works. Very disappointed.

  • Evil

    by Lolwuut

    Do not support the makers of this game, King, inc. they are patent trolls who rip off other developer's content. They are trying to trademark the word 'candy'. They are evil.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Sk1099

    I love this game but for the past few days....everything I start playing or request lives it crashes and I lose a life. It's so frustrating.

  • Roadblock

    by Corinaeg26

    Love the app but still having problems with roadblock passes. Please fix

  • Great game

    by BlackWidow81

    Love the game!! Just wish I could receive lives and help unlocking the next level from friends in Facebook. It shows in Facebook they've sent them just can't get them on the game! Please fix. Love the game.

  • Disappointing!

    by Chocokitt

    It's a fun game & all but I've had to buy gold bars to unlock parts of game because I don't have any friends who play games that I play & now that I'm on level 99 there is absolutely no way anyone can win that one. You only get 4 apples, have to collect 10 and when creating water, it always takes away the apples without creating any more. I'm ready to delete the game and just take the $ invested in the game as a lesson that these kind of developers just like to rip you off.

  • Tippy

    by Zombielord43v3r

    Fun game, but still having trouble with giving lives.

  • Luv this game!!! My favorite!!!

    by Moni9473

    I love this game I'm addicted but still can't unlock to the next level even after the new update please!! Please!!! HELP!!! My friends send me the request and can't get nothing!

  • Cute

    by Caritasbb

    Version if bejeweled but deleted it after a few days - unlocking levels is a pain

  • Boo

    by LOLitSHARRY

    This a is lacking freedom of playing.Every time,I run out of lives and have to wait,ALSO the Blocks!My friends don't even have time to react.Also,what if a person does not have Game Center or Facebook?They would be left behind and only have the freedom to play only so,levels!

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Elevoltek

    Love this game. Thanks!

  • Farm hero's

    by Pokey772

    Like the game better then candy crush, but never get life's from my friends and I have a lot of friends and family that send them, but I never get them? Instead I have to wait for you to refill them. And the power ups are to hard to get to help you get threw the harder one. I don't even see anywhere to go to collect extra life's from friends and family. And what are the magic beans for? None of my friends or family know what there good for either. Would be one of the best games if you would fix the not getting life's. don't like waiting half the day to play. Please fix and give out some power out help. Hope it gets fix soon. Will give it 5 stars when fixed.i guess I've got to delete it I've been asking all ten friends and family to sent the gold bars and they do keep sending them, but your not letting me get them. So disappointing because its my favorite games. Please try to fix and I'll put it back on. Could be a 5 Star game if it would let you could move on to the next level.Very disappointing . Please fix so I can put it back on ? YOU DID NOT FIX THE ROAD BLOCK ISSUE, I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO PLAY FOR 5 DAYS NOW??? I'M ON SSI AND CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY FOR GOLD BARS.


    by Monkey2021141

    It is a big rip off I won't even let me even get past level three even though I got everything 24/16 and 16/12 and I only got one star and 128% never buy crap like this I'm never buying king products again any one who buys this craps is very very weird I do got to admit I like there out her game but it just glitches and goes to the home screen and it takes your data when your on it for like 10 minutes this is rediculously stupid right here stop putting out apps idiots!!!!!

  • No Facebook...roadblock

    by Bettens

    I have an iPod. No Facebook or Twitter. So I'm just supposed to be stuck?!? Well this is stupid. Was having fun and now it's right down in the trash.

  • Road Blocks Blow

    by IzzyPopPoppy

    Love the game but waiting for 4 days for the roadblock to open up is annoying enough for me to stop playing the game.

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