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Rise and shine! It’s time to play the latest episodes in Dreamworld and because we know how much you love Candy Crush; this release we’re giving you not one, but TWO new episodes!

-Discover the secrets of Dreamworld at dusk by unlocking Twilight Egg.
-Fly onto Crazy Crossing. The journey into Dreamworld continues here, as you cross a deliciously crazy looking bridge!

Make sure to update Candy Crush on your device for the latest features.
Happy gaming!

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Switch and match your way through hundreds of levels in this delicious puzzle adventure. Isn’t it the sweetest game ever?

Please note: Candy Crush Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. You can turn-off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

The super hit game Candy Crush Saga is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! 

Join Tiffi and Mr. Toffee in their epic adventure through a world full of candy. Pass level 50 to unlock a Dreamworld and escape reality alongside an owl named Odus.

Take on this deliciously sweet saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score! 


Candy Crush Saga features: 
● Tasty graphics that will leave you hungry for more 
● Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master 
● Hundreds of sweet levels 
● Leaderboards for you and your friends 
● Items to unlock by completing levels 
● Boosters and charms to help with those challenging levels 
● Seamless synchronization with the Facebook version

Last, but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Candy Crush Saga! 

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*Minimum iOS version recommended: 4.3.5*

Customer Reviews

  • Review

    by Skiey123

    It's a fun game to play and to compete against ur friends by score and u can help them out too

  • Ms. P

    by Rightfam

    I did not "Get it" at first. Oh, but now I do. Unwinding with this game every chance I get, is now as favorite a pastime as reading. Thanks for such a great game.

  • Pure perfection

    by abbs214

    Play this game whenever possible! Never loses excitement!

  • So fun

    by NJF215152022

    This is challenging and so addicting I love it

  • Candy awesomeness

    by Alley Monkey

    I love this game. I just started playing and I am really good at it.

  • Lots of fun

    by RQIgnite

    I'm only on level 65 but find this game to be very addicting. I have had several very difficult levels that had to be played 10 or more times to complete.

  • Great

    by Hgffgfbv

    Way too fun

  • Prince Royce

    by Corncake123456789

    Awsome games make a new power up

  • Fix

    by Agony Ann

    For the first time I need tickets to pass to the next level, have 2 & other people sent me one, but it didn't register. Cannot play now , please fix, or I cannot play

  • Candy

    by Dj djnxy


  • This game thoo!!

    by KK Gss

    I really like the game. Its very addicting but i think that we should have at least one or two more lives than the usual.

  • Great game

    by Mnbhuihbnj

    Great game

  • Fun

    by SirChasIam

    This game is so fun once you start playing it you can't stop :)

  • Great game!

    by Fifjujk

    Fun game to pass time

  • Fun game, I love it!

    by Sgarza2011

    No matter where you stop the bonus wheel, it will literally skip bonus. I always get the chocolate ball. Can I have one?..

  • AWESOME!!!!

    by Izzypizzy

    I have fun. But later in the game I get bored. And later I don't like it anymore. But cool on the idea to have us determined to keep going

  • I liked a lot

    by Iliney


  • Need more levels!

    by linda dimond

    They need to update this app- need more levels !!

  • Candy Crush

    by Ryanm13

    This app is just hard, annoying, and should have more hearts!!! And I love it!!!!!!

  • Nice game

    by Jitzy G

  • Rip off

    by Gameqqqqqq

    Love the game at first but u can't win a game without spending money. I will stay stuck on the level I am on. Not paying to advance. Is there a way to give no star? I would if this review would let me. Fix this fix that. If you pay I am sure it would fine. What a rip off.

  • Still can't connect!!!!!

    by Booboo127235

    I have been playing this game for MONTHS!!!! And for the past month it has told me I don't have access to the kingdom!!! This is my only game it doesn't let me connect and it is very frustrating. It takes me twice as long now to move on than necessary bc I can't ask for tickets or lives!!

  • Crushing good fun!

    by Sinfullnes

    Best game yet!

  • Worlds greatest app 5 stars totally

    by Paulit35

    Should be number one app! Amazing

  • Ridiculous !! Annoying and rigged. And that owl needs to be punched in his beak

    by Jets80

    It's like a slot machine takes forever to win. A month on 1 level really ?? This game is going to make you wanna throw your phone. Plus they charge you for everything I would never pay a dime to this game. FRUSTRATING this game is so rigged delete!!!!!! I must say if you love your phone don't play. this game will make you want to smash your phone.

  • Add the other levels to the app!

    by Hazel0905

    I'm already at level 500 at the app but can't go any further. I know there are more levels but I have to play them on my computer which I don't use often. Please update the app to include the extra levels!

  • annoying :(

    by B1067

    I like this game dont get me Wrong im highly addicted, however i have begun to notice (im on level 327) with i get stripped candies sometimes it will break all the jellies... And sometimes it will only go halfway thro the line (if that makes sense) i have played the same level a million times like anyone else and its a level where u have to pop all the jellies sometimes the strip candy will wipe out that line (like its supposed to) sometimes it will stop halfway pretty annoying and i have spent money on this game :/ dumb!

  • Candy crack

    by Con3531

    The game is fun and addicting

  • Top Fav Games

    by Truth""""""

    One of my top Favs will continue to play till the game ends. Let's get Crushin!!!!!!!

  • Like it

    by La Plebita Caprichuda

    Very addictive

  • Fun And Addictive

    by Young Bundz

    I play this on my spare time ! Great time killer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and

  • Candy crush

    by Very challenging

    Fun and challenging!

  • The company does nothing to solve the technical problems as they occur.

    by WhitneyMayme

    I will not be playing anymore King games.

  • Candy crush

    by Deebaby880

    I love the game but I'm having problems with it. I can't connect my Facebook with the game it keep say no Internet connection but I do have it on.

  • Crashing

    by NO82

    Since recent upgrade, game keeps crashing and I'm losing lives in the process on both my iPod and iPad. PLEASE FIX ASAP so I can continue enjoying this game.

  • Pancake

    by Creau51


  • Hello

    by Ary/:/

    Amazing game Suggestion I suggest thes game full lives 10 lives not 5 lives

  • Luv it

    by Mwolf

    I played bejeweled, wasn't feeling it. Then came along candy crush and it was the bomb

  • Mrs. C

    by SuperladyX

    I haven't been able to connect to Facebook for several days now so I can't send or receive requests for help. Please get this fixed. Also stuck on level 347 for over a month been stuck before but this level is ridiculous going to quit playing. It was fun when I first started. Now it's all about the money you spend playing it. Haven't been able to connect to Facebook for over 2 months so can't get help from friend. Please fix this. frustrated!!!!

  • Can not connect!!

    by Kjcs05

    Since the update I can no longer connect to Facebook with the game. So I can not use my 3 extra moves or send anything!! PLEASE FIX!!

  • Fun game

    by cgory

    When u are looking for smoothing to do I would play this game

  • Pretty good

    by Myles Wierz

    Can get really agitating at some points where you have to get rid of one little square.

  • Daily Booster Wheel

    by I love Degrassi!!!!!

    The Daily Booster Wheel hasn't been working for me for weeks now. I have perfect wifi, but the wheel's blacked out. Please fix asap

  • This game is amazing

    by Clubblue

    Good game

  • Awesome

    by Klucky51345

    So addictive game

  • Fun

    by Shjejfjdjdjjejrrjdjd


  • It cool

    by 11fu

    You have fun

  • Candy Crushing It!

    by kleigh401

    Fun, addictive, and challenging. Great for passing time. :)

  • Fix it!

    by Maida211

    Won't let me connect to Facebook!

  • Really?

    by Racerchic2142

    Every time I open the app it lets me hit play kicks me off and takes a life. I'd like this to be fixed and it would be better.

  • Candy crush

    by Lalalovely166

    Cool game!!

  • Good

    by Cheezeer

    Muy bueno

  • The BOMB

    by Little Torch Tree hugger

    A friend told me about candy crush about a year ago... In the beginning I was indifferent but slowly it grew on me until I installed it on every devise I could get my hands on.I think I was stuck on level seventy for 3 weeks..but usually when I refer to help sites I win the very next game.Be ready to give up your wife/hubby/children..your dog may die from lack of water..your bills will not be paid on time or at all.Your home will be foreclosed.You will not want to tell anyone about your ridiculous addiction.The headlines will read ..middle aged woman found dead,apparently electrocuted when she tossed ipad into sink.Frozen on the screen was a lost game that had 3 candy dots,2 wrapped and 6 striped all lined up..but no moves left.Instead of flowers please download candy crush and put devises inside her open coffin..TRUE STORY LOL..very engrossing app!!

  • Great

    by Goooooossooonnnnww

    Love it funnie

  • Sweet!

    by Kilikoo!


  • Can't connect to fb

    by RV owner

    For the past three days I have tried every thing to get candy crush to connect to fb but nothing seems to be working I'm honestly not sure how much longer I will want to play this game if I can't progress to the next round without the help from my fb friends

  • Champ fig

    by Newt1377


  • Stuck!!!

    by Pete King

    Level 165 is ridiculous. The closest I've gotten in the last month is 20 more blue to go. And that was luck cuz it's usually around 40. But I'm still playing so I guess they win. Lol

  • Great fun

    by Tyuio4444

    Nice variety of different challenges

  • Fun and addicting

    by Jessenugget8

    It's really addicting and fun but sometimes it crashes,and it might just be my internet connection but I don't know. Overall it's a real fun game.

  • I AM DONE!!!!!!!!

    by Slonik84

    This game was very interesting and entertaining way back when it started. Once they started adding more functions and "fun" extras the game started crashing more often. And they purposefully have designed it in such a way that on some levels you always end up getting stuck with ONLY 1 more move that you could have done and finished the game.... So that people will keep purchasing moves and extras and such... I DO understand that purchases are personal choices, but when you have made it to the higher levels and don't want to quit and want to see what's next... You feel compelled... They have some good psychologists working for them ;) And this new "daily wheel of fortune"... It NEVER lands on jackpot!!! For all the other prizes the arrow gets forced to the left so it lands on the next prize. But when it's almost at the Jackpot, the arrow NEVER gets pushed to the left!!! On the contrary, it quickly returned to the polka-doted candy. 90% is that polkadot candy, 5% lollypop, and 5% other stuff, but BEVER EVER Jackpot. It was fun while it lasted but I strongly believe this game has run its course. I can't believe people still rate it as 5 stars. Kudos to the creators of the game, but it's time to say good bye... Unless some drastic and positive changes get made to the game.

  • Best in the world

    by Krazykidskip

    This is one of he bet games at first when I saw the game I thought I wasn't gonna like it but when I bought it I got the hang of the game and now it is my favorite game to play.

  • The best game ever

    by Hernandez12-21-13

    Love this game

  • Addicting

    by "Q---Bert"

    Addicting, but in a bad way.

  • Not happy

    by Suzbenz

    After the update I keep getting kicked off! And I'm NOT happy.


    by Spsoccer

    Game is fun and addicting but recently I've been having a bug and can't spin daily prize wheel or play... PLEASE FIX!!

  • Review

    by Tami38

    Totally awesome game!

  • Addicted but ...

    by JLPK112

    I love this game! However, when my ipad screen cracked I backed up everything to the cloud but the game made me start over at level 1! Why didn't it save my spot?

  • Candy crush

    by Juanadestiny


  • Annoying!!!

    by Lia87

    It's stupid fixed game!

  • Annoying!!!

    by Lia87

    It's stupid fixed game!

  • Fun but too frustrating

    by Mmmlllmmmm

    I like the game but it feels like a punishment to have to wait for a number of minutes before you play again after you fail to navigate a level

  • Cool

    by The e123


  • Great App

    by Team Indy

    Candy crush is a wonderful and addictive app. However, I wish it was more challenging. There are too many power ups and random bursts that come out of no where. Other than that, it's a great app that I recommend.

  • Candy crush

    by Mommabe wild 83

    I love candy crush I am addicted to it

  • Please fix

    by Malynch525

    With the latest update I can't even get into the latest Dreamworld. My iPhone automatically updates, but when I noticed the new lands weren't there I updated manually and still nothing! I've been waiting for Dreamworld as I alternate playing between my iPad and iPhone and I'm on different levels on both. I do agree with the other review that when playing Jewel Mania moves can be made before letting all the pieces fall to the bottom therefore making the game less frustrating. But all in all it's just pure luck and patience in whether or not you're willing willing to waste a few hours playing a mindless game.

  • Fun fun

    by Mrzzsj


  • Awesome

    by Colleen Collins

    Loads of fun

  • Great

    by Maso6


  • Fun!!!

    by Burnicus45


  • Money hungry Game - Deleted!!

    by realkuhl

    So to continue with level 35, I have to either pay money or do 3 challenges? And then (this is the good part!) I do a challenge and I have to wait 24 hours to do another challenge? I've never played such a "designed to make you spend money". Congrats on getting so much money from other suckers. I won't be one of them. Game deleted!!

  • Problem with the wheel

    by Tiffany6373637

    I love this app but the wheel near the lives is getting my fustrated .. It doesn't let me spin on my iPad even thought I haven't yet throughout the whole day fix it please and when I exit the app and re enter it makes me do the WHOLE level over again !

  • What the hell????

    by Mimi DebeEberly

    When I play on Facebook... Most of the time I get kicked off and lose my life.... If I don't play connected to Facebook.. I can't ask for lives from friends..... Pop-up for friends request for lives and or next episode is annoying and cost me lives....constantly getting kicked out of the game......verrrrrrry frustrating.... Love playing WHEN I can....please look into to these issues.... Thank you in advance.....

  • Delicious

    by Gr8ful12

    I'm new to Candy Crush but it's so FUN. I can't believe I didn't download this game before now!!

  • Candy Crush

    by wildwoman.coon

    Candy Crush is fun to play.

  • So addicting

    by Alandlex

    Loves it.

  • Christine

    by Dr. Devil Angel

    I don't know what has happened but this game now cheats and it doesn't matter how you receive your lives, purchase or otherwise it will cheat you. Fix it or I'm thru.

  • Cool candy crush

    by Xander7208


  • Candy CASH Saga

    by Smtpmry

    As many others have stated, this game was fun in the beginning but as you reach the higher levels there is no skill involved. It then becomes all about how much money you're willing to spend. Unfortunately, they have ruined this game.

  • Sweet.

    by NarcoticAmbience

    I haz a crush.

  • Early end

    by bmacken

    Game ends before all the moves r used

  • Level 35

    by GaRed

    Trouble - I have cleared this level at least 75 times, but it will not go to the next level! What is the problem!! I clear it, then it gives me a new score to get past, I do that it gives me a higher score to get past. Right now I have to get past 466,000. Fix this!!!!!

  • Eh

    by Mariadilene Avila


  • Can't play anymore

    by Kymmieann

    My iPhone deleted candy crush. I've tried multiple times to redownload. App Store says it's on my phone. My phone does not have it.......

  • Great game!

    by Venom000

    This is an awesome, fun, and addicting game for sure!

  • Love this game!

    by NoStPatrick

    Candy Crush is a lot of fun! I will say it gets a little more difficult as you progress but that's the fun of it.

  • Addicted to candy!!!!

    by Florida candy girl

    This is the best game on here!!!!

  • Awesome

    by Major Brad

    I've got my 85 year old uncle playing!

  • Candy crush

    by Silentshadow134

    Very fun game keep it going!

  • Awesome

    by Sjxinekxkkkkkv

    Love it

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