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Languages: English

Seller: King.com Limited

It’s time for another update Bubble Witch fans! Here’s what’s new:

• A romantic Valentine’s Day theme
• A lovely gift from the Witches if you play on February 14th
• 1 new challenging episode for you to master
• The option to invite your friends to play and help you out
• Wish of Shattering - now more powerful, will clear all visible crystal bubbles

Enjoy playing your favorite bubble shooter!

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179 Ratings
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Aim, fire and pop your way through more than 500 levels in this enchanting and addictive puzzle adventure.

The game that has captivated over 40 million players on Facebook is now available on your iPhone or iPad!


"My all time favorite game. I am so glad it is now available on iPads and iPhones. Thank you!" - Mamshucks

"Just like reading a good book--you don't want to stop! Very addictive!"

"Totally awesome. Better than popping bubble wrap lol. Loving it." - Debbiedaffodil

“A spell-binding combination of addictive gameplay and engaging strategy - this is going to be big!” - PocketGamer 


The Witches need your help to fend off the dark spirits that are plaguing the country. Travel the realm and win each potion challenge to free the land piece by piece.

Take on this epic saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!


Bubble Witch Saga features:
- Enchanting graphics that will leave you spellbound
- Easy to play, but a challenge to master
- Over 500 magical levels & new ones weekly!
- 3 friendly cats
- Leaderboards for you and your friends
- Items to unlock by collecting stars
- Bombs, spider webs, doom bubbles, locks, bonuses and lots, lots more
- Potions and charms to help with those challenging levels


Last, but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Bubble Witch Saga!

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*Minimum iOS version recommended: 4.3.5*

Customer Reviews

  • Bubble witch pls stop sending push notices

    by Ooshimushi

    Pls stop sending push notices its Irritating!!!!!

  • Another hit from King.com

    by rickyc5

    Like all other king.com games, I just can't put it down. A definite must-have, donwload it now!

  • Aggravated player

    by Carybear24

    Love this game it is really awesome and challenging!!! However since the Christmas update I no longer receive my gifts and when I receive my tickets to go to next level I never get so end up purchasing but it's getting expensive please fix!!! Other than great game and great challenges!!!

  • Great Fun but, Pricey

    by B52bomberdog

    I play this game a lot. It really is that much fun. It does cost a lot to get help but, if you stick to it you can make it?

  • Addictive

    by Melly4109

    I love this game just don't know what exactly to do with the potions and coins ?

  • What happend to my gifts!!!!

    by Brutus72

    I am not getting gifts from friends all the sudden!! PLEASE FIX!!!!

  • Addictive

    by Tribal Wonder

    Great game. I've enjoyed playing and will keep playing. I think the game experience would benefit greatly if features were easier to acquire without having to pay for them. Just a suggestion.

  • I love the game. But it rips you off a lot!!!


    Rip off!!!! But love to play

  • Good

    by Meba2629

    Is sooooo funny, entretenido y adictivo

  • Stews

    by Stewart004

    Great game, challenges get more difficult as you go on.

  • I love it!!!

    by Foo-Fii

    Game kicked me back to level 145 from 167 when I switched phones - the hardest level for me! Regardless, most addicting game ever. I'm like....a junkie. I sneak off to get my Bubble Witch fix!

  • Bubble witch

    by Bearlee1

    Cute thoughtless game in the beginning ... And then your stuck.... It's great and I play games over and over, depending on time at the time... Good luck and have fun

  • Addicting!!!

    by Bubble Witch Queen

    At first I played it not knowing the rules. I made it through several levels before I started doing research on a level when I got stuck. I'm on level 178 and play it all day! I love it! So if anyone is thinking about downloading it do it!!!! Read up on it for difficult level. Getting more stars when you complete a level really does matter later for potions.

  • Please fix glitch on level 309

    by Nannette77

    Please fix glitch on level 309

  • Love it!!

    by MrsStint

    Have loved this game, since the first time I played it.. So addicting!!

  • Addicting and FUN!

    by Meh blah blah

    Love this game

  • Excellent

    by WildwingSuz

    Great gameplay, reasonably priced add-ons, stable system.

  • Valentine smalentine.

    by JessikaRabbitt

    Makes me so dang mad. Crashes in the middle of levels. If I'm doing poorly of course it doesn't. If I'm about to rock the level, it crashes. I like the winter one better. I appreciate the sentiment.

  • Lost all my gifts from friends!

    by margew

    I like this game HOWEVER...today I opened to play and all the extra lives and extra bubbles people have sent me have disappeared. When I reach the new areas that need unlocking, the "unlock" gifts from friends don't work half the time. And have we always had only 5 lives to begin with? I don't know why I thought I had 8. Maybe that's from Candy Crush-which I have completely stopped playing BTW because some levels are impossible unless you pay. Since the cat is part of the theme, I think we should get 9 lives. Just sayin'

  • Fun game But

    by Sue524

    Fun game but you have to wait for friends to unlock worlds for you. If you only have one or two friends playing you just sit stuck or fork out money.

  • Jessica!432

    by JessicaW432

    Freezes a lot since last update and doesn't update unlocks from friends like it should. Fix it and I will increase your stars.

  • Littlejohn

    by Littlejon45376

    Not bad little game needs a little more help on the later levels, the level still won't let me advance even with help from fb friends, not worth the time deleted,every time I get to the swamps and need help to continue, I can't get any further.

  • Disappointing !

    by Rox201

    Initially enjoyed the game but now, after having it freeze up at level 35 three times so that I have to delete it and re-install, it is losing it's charm. I also agree that Game Center prompts and constant requests to connect with "friends" and buy coins is annoying.

  • Game is rigged

    by Deedriah

    Don't play unless you intend to spend spend spend. It is all but impossible to get pass some levels without spending. It it very difficult to get three stars on all levels. Crappy game!

  • Stupid updates

    by Wontletmecoment

    I still play the game but not like I used to. I thought after all the complaints about being able to see where your aiming they would have fixed it! Then I realized its not a game it's an eye text!! Really what's the point if you make it so we can't see where we are aiming!! Im looking for something I can buy so I don't have to deal with this. To bad it was so fun.

  • Game Freezing

    by 321tulips

    Game keeps freezing on iPad causing lost games. This has been happening for a long time! Can't it please be fixed!

  • This game demands spending to win

    by Glennie58

    In the first level your wins aggregate. After that each attempt to get one of the necessary three stars (needed to go to the next level ) is separate and impossible. I also noticed that when I use my points to get golden spiders they are the first to go. Missing a triumvirate of balls makes the spiders float up and away. Every time I 'purchase' spiders I have three or four shots in a row where a trio of balls cannot be achieved. All this unfair rigging takes a lot of fun out of what could have been a great game.

  • Kimmer703

    by Kimmer703

    It's ok

  • In app ratings

    by Emeria

    1 star for in app rating system. How is that working for ya king?

  • Very fun!

    by Shawjl

    Very fun game! Not super hard- yet- but enough that you want to keep playing.

  • Freezing issue

    by Zzzznnnnn

    The game is great when you don't freeze up and lose turns

  • Love it..... But!

    by Coolest Nana

    I've already completed a level but game won't move to the next level. I've tried everything. I'm actually the only one of my friends to get to this level, so my name is right there every time I start the game again!

  • Fun

    by PaUlAkAs

    It is a fun game but if you don't purchase items it is slow moving up levels.

  • Freezes

    by Kristenj239

    Not happy with the freezing several times within a day that take your life and then tell you to buy more or ask friends when you didn't even get to play.

  • Fun

    by Lawrynberlin


  • Freezing...PLEASE FIX

    by Junefille

    Screen ...STILL....freezes on iPad air...others? Please fix it. I'm wasting lives.

  • Bubble'on

    by planetpepper

    Love this game!wonderful time waster!

  • Bubble...

    by Honeydun59


  • Bugs in update

    by Killaflav

    Nothing loads past level 315 even tho I've passed it. It shows three stars but nothing to click on for 316.

  • FUN!

    by StampyFan

    I have enjoyed playing

  • Fun, but.....

    by BJSV

    This was fun up to the point where you have a choice of ether sending money or annoy your Facebook friends. I'll probably delete the ap and move on.

  • Addicted already! Love this game!

    by Twoofdkind

    Very easy to get addicted!

  • Bws

    by All these nicknames are taken?

    I love it, as long as you are not color blind or epileptic, it's an amusing time waster! Fun and entertaining!!

  • All they want is our money!

    by lovemetal kitty

    You can't see all of the ceiling bubbles and the only way to see them is to buy that vision wish for ONE USE only! This is ridiculous! I have been stuck on the same level because I cannot see! I love this game but if they do not fix this then I will be uninstalling!

  • Lame!!

    by Mdblll

    I have played this almost to the end and today, it ERASED ALL MY PROGRESS AND STARTED ME AT LEVEL ONE!!!!!! ERASING THIS GAME!!!!

  • Color change

    by Koolmater

    Don't like the new look of the bubbles. A game I once enjoyed & played daily. Change it back or loose a player.

  • Love it! Hate it!

    by Poiqz

    This a great game. However, I hate the idea of being unable to complete the higher levels without having to buy something and I REFUSE to bother FB friends. So I will continue to replay all the other levels. It's still a lot of fun even if I can go no further.

  • Bubble Witch Saga -Valentine

    by Pammybob

    Recently updated & game freezes. Can you fix please? Playing on iPad mini.

  • Tuxedoman

    by Tuxthecat

    Fun game, but very difficult to see on iPhone because of the colors! Much better on iPad.

  • Entertaining

    by Juniperzam

    Entertaining but you get stuck quick

  • Bubble Witch Saga

    by Pooh Bear 001

    I enjoy playing this game!

  • Fun-ish but frustrating

    by JohnJacobJingleHimerShmit

    Designed to buy extras in order to make much progress and pretty glitchy.

  • Like it

    by AlleyLynn

    Like this and like being able to play against friends.

  • So so

    by Dose808

    This game has some flaws. The inability to progress without purchases or bothering your FB friends is a major let down. Also, the Game Center achievements reset everyday, which gives those annoying pop ups every day for achievements you already completed.

  • Lot of fun

    by Jmwoolf

    Great game

  • Awesome

    by Crabee

    Totally addictive

  • Valentine Upgrade

    by Mihubcap

    HATE IT!! I'm partially color blind and am having a very hard time playing a game that I enjoyed before the upgrade!! I also have trouble seeing in the dark, and usually avoid playing those games! Please give a a good reason to continue playing this challenging game!

  • Just ok

    by Mardigrasmawmaw

    This is a good game if you want to stay on Level 32 FOREVER, unless you want to spend money to advance. First few levels are great it's just a shame that it will not allow you to go any further.

  • The best

    by Osrufias

    The best game to play iah

  • Bubble Witch Saga

    by Thegeejc

    Great game!

  • Love the game

    by StiinaQT

    In general it's a lot of fun. I just don't understand why I get the message, "Come back tomorrow for the gift of precision." I come back day after day and eventually I get the boost. Why tell me that if it's not true? Frustrating.

  • Needs adjustments

    by A ladybug76

    I saw this game app on tv and thought it would be fun. I enjoyed it until the game keep freezing and crashing. Once you click on the app to return to you game, it deducts one of your lives. Also once you finish a section, it wants you to ask your friends on FB to help you out. I'm not bugging friends or blowing up my FB with game invites. If you don't ask friends for help then you have to buy your way into the next level. I'd be more okay with paying $1or 2 for the app than having to pay for all these extra things to continue the game. Other than that, the game is fun and addicting. Not sure how much longer I will play if it keeps crashing, and I'm not buying into the game's extras.

  • Bubble Witch

    by jeff hamman

    Bubble Witch is a totally righteous game! Kudos! Nanci CA

  • Game keeps freezing and I order to advance u gotta spend some money!

    by Blu Star

    However problems at stage 85 what is going on???

  • Witch saga

    by Sanjuana Martinez

    Love it

  • Bubbles falling

    by Laineyjri

    I love this game. It is cool when a ton of bubbles drop and bounce like crazy!

  • Other saga games are better

    by Paw.NYC

    Least favorite of the bunch

  • Bubble witch

    by GGAnnie

    Very enjoyable.

  • Fun to play

    by Sharon Yokelson

    Good fun. The app version is harder to control the aim than the regular version in FB. I never bye extras so some levels take a while to get through.

  • Fun to play

    by Sharon Yokelson

    Good fun. The app version is harder to control the aim than the regular version in FB. I never bye extras so some levels take a while to get through.

  • An obvious attempt to take your $

    by Lilawatt

    If this game was random and not set up by the programmers to play with your emotions in hopes that you'll buy extra lives or amenities, it would actually be a fairly fun waste of time, but certain levels are obviously stacked against you on purpose to lure you into spending money. You're a sucker if you spend any money on this game. I know because I paid $.99 before I noticed the pattern. Yes I'm a sucker, but at least I admit it.

  • It's fun

    by Fhjgdcgh

    And passes time when I'm bored. Good game. Some levels are challenging.

  • Fix needed


    It keeps crashing for some reason.

  • Entertaining

    by Kdawg mcgraw

    Very fun! A must have game app!

  • Addictive

    by Rbnreeder

    This game is super challenging and highly addictive!! Love it

  • Frustrating

    by Cyndoberger

    Like the idea of the game. Will not buy to advance...thus will delete soon!

  • Fun!!

    by Chefly300

    Great game! Fun and very intriguing! I love it and have told others!!!

  • Bubble Witch

    by Scary-movie-addictions

    Sooooo afflicting!!!

  • Okay game

    by Kelly_arlene

    Not great but some fun. Does cost too much for extras which makes it less fun.

  • Updates????

    by Roseclemons

    Ok so the game is finally updated but only on my Nexsus but not on my iPhone! Why is this? PleASE PLEAse fix this.

  • On the fence

    by Shawna Ray

    I do like the action of the game. I just find it a little overly difficult. I refuse to buy into the iap bonuses, so I just play until my lives are gone.

  • Fun game

    by Amayia310

    Great game to have when you just want to be distracted with fun!

  • It's fun. Sometimes.

    by KellyRenee33

    This game is more fun to play online. The charms are a rip off but I still play like a sucker.

  • Theme

    by Jorvfxhgvdhvxvxbcv

    Theme is getting old fix it please I'm waiting

  • Fun and addicting

    by Childersfamily5

    I really enjoy this game. Lots of fun!

  • Was perfect

    by TurnerMom07

    Game was awesome until the most recent update. Now it won't connect to my fb and it has lost my unlock help.

  • Fun game

    by RestLeSsD

    Fun game to pass the day.

  • Don't spend money on this game

    by :;5(67)8$

    This is a great game but was too expensive to keep up with. They tell you that once you buy a charm you can keep it but in reality you can spend $4 on a charm and only get one use out of it. Also they give you the gift of precision, which you really need to play, and then it disappears without warning. I discovered that if you wait a day to play, you can get the gift if precision back.

  • Fix game

    by Suse 25

    Keeps freezing up while I'm playing. Please fix already. And get rid of Santa theme.

  • Fun

    by Kkgrandma6

    This game is fun and habit forming. Only play if you have a lot of time, once you start it's hard to stop. Enjoy.....

  • Great game

    by Bubble witch player TYS

    I love playing this game. I play it once a day

  • Candi crusth

    by Erme1

    El juego es bueno, ayuda al entretenimiento; sin embargo, en ocasiones, hace imposible su avance intencionalmente, lo cual no veo la razón. Creo que debe ser difícil, pero con solución

  • Jbob

    by jimbob way

    Great game

  • Good time

    by Marieg17

    Great game more challenging as u go

  • Ms

    by Delyse73

    It's okay

  • Awesome!!

    by Cashcow$$$$

    What a great game. Not sure about downloading? Don't hesitate. Well worth it. You won't be sorry. Enjoy!!!

  • Awful

    by CheezDoodle69

    Bad game. No warning before in-game purchases.

  • Fun

    by <3nlife

    It's a lot of fun! Have had the game freeze a couple of times, and on some levels the colors are hard to see, just wish there were more games as I completed the last level and miss playing it every night. I have never had to make any purchases even though some levels took SO many attempts to get beyond. Highly recommend this addictive lay fun game.

  • Great game

    by CrazyHunter94

    Great game! Can't stop playing!

  • Bubble witch saga

    by Hazel86m

    Fun game. Very slow to advance!

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