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Seller: Kathleen Oswald

New Features:
-Mute Button
-Change Colors
-Remove Ads
-Share App

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This basic calculator is very useful and user friendly. It is a great everyday resource!

Customer Reviews

  • Good app

    by Domigermany

    This app help in school work etc!

  • Cool

    by Pp576

    Omg I do this for homework

  • Calc

    by AngelWinds


  • Just what I Needed

    by cdaleyart

    This simple, easy to use calculator is just what I need to re-check my basic math with. It also doesn't take up a lot of memory!

  • Easy to use

    by Game nut666

    Great simple basic calculator. Easy to use, bug buttons.

  • OK

    by 700Capt.

    Works great but is way too big. Should be about 1/2 the size that it is. It's too overpowering the way it is.

  • It's cool

    by Koala_lover

    It's exactly what I need. Just a simple calculator. Not too fancy not to lame, just RIGHT!!

  • Love the size of the numbers

    by Peggy Warner

    The size of the numbers are great but it could use a CE in addition to C. I will realize I've entered a number incorrectly and there is no way to get rid of the incorrect number without erasing everything.

  • Calculator

    by LadyJackie

    Perfect, big numbers and easy to use

  • Does the job

    by 丁€$$€

    There are so many complicated calculators out there that just make the keys smaller and smaller. Most of the time all you need is just what this is.

  • Great calculator thanks

    by Joeo78


  • Could not do with out it

    by 1960yellowrose

    I finally found one I can use every day thank you so much for this app.

  • Good basic calculator

    by RickyDeDe

    Works fine, just the basic calculator that does what most people need. Ads are somewhat annoying...get rid of them and I'll rate this five stars!

  • Awesome simple calculator

    by Ehappy

    Simple calculator!

  • Just what I wanted

    by Growsup

    Huge and simple. Just what I need to calculate something really fast. Thanks

  • A+

    by Gabbi's Nana

    Just what I needed. Large buttons and not a lot of functions I wouldn't use.

  • Nice....

    by Vertigo56888


  • Works great!

    by Miamine99

    Like the large numbers!

  • Mr

    by Hidyo

    I just wanted simple calculator with % key. This calculator is great for my needs.

  • handy calculator

    by Sis4444

    this calculator is so handy. easy to read and use for everyday. Works fast and accurate.

  • Not the best

    by Fuzzybatdragon

    It was good the ads are bad and annoying

  • Got this and very disappointed because of aggressive gambling ads.

    by Kajaell1

    The gambling ads were a big turn off. Deleted the app after downloading.

  • After you pay get spam with pub !!!!

    by Olivarius-F-59

    After you pay .. Pub is still at bottom !! Distract you

  • Disappointed in paid version

    by Nancy Greene

    I have iPad 4, paid the $1.99 to get rid of annoying ads and to get color as was specified. Ads gone, but no option to add color on my device.

  • Be

    by !?$&/:18


  • Bug report

    by Alex SoCal DB

    Good and simple user interface. Bug --- Enter 123456789.1, observe the wrong display, multiple by 3, observe the wrong result.

  • It's grate

    by Max eeqh

    It's grate nothing complicated just simple

  • Sue

    by Lovegolf1972

    Best calculator app ever

  • Perfect

    by Howard Rosenkranz

    Nice and plain, no frills, and large numbers - very easy to read, no distractions. Just what I was looking for.

  • Need I say more

    by BWCC4

    Perfect just what I needed................

  • Jesse

    by sneakers69

    Basic & easy!

  • Simple and useful

    by Charliesaurus

    Does everything I need without annoying pop-ups. Sweet.

  • Calculator

    by ToStep

    Nice basic function . Suits my needs

  • Easy to use...

    by Shebs54

    ....large numbers and has all basic functions including % . Very easy to use!

  • Annoying

    by EMily Athena

    There are ads all over the bottom of the screen with this app

  • Ease of use

    by Davweeks

    Perfect...straight it!

  • A piece of Junk

    by OLC51

    Do not display the full numeric keys The # 0 at the bottom barely display at the same With the period...... Before with the ads was Super , now a piece of junk. Please correct the problem CLO

  • Advertising Bad

    by Calc user2

    Calculator is very good for basic use - but will probably delete due to advertising at the bottom. Extremely irritating!!!!!

  • Calculator

    by Stephanietica

    Get it. Excellent calculator. You won't be disappointed.

  • Great Calculator

    by There-are-no-nicknames-left

    Simple & easy to use.

  • Cal

    by Tessie26

    A great calculator. Large numbers. It's all I need.

  • Love It!

    by Geamma

    I use this app all the time for bookwork. Thank you!

  • Works for me

    by Coltonburris

    I like the big numbers

  • Account

    by Rev Larry E

    Great tool and easy to use

  • Happy

    by Doog on

    Works great!

  • A simple Calculator

    by Broker Arun

    A good simple calculator

  • the best

    by love in t

    this is the best app I've ever seen

  • good app

    by mi chan2009

    This is good app

  • Simple but Effective

    by TFH139

    Works great for my needs!

  • Nice and easy

    by Casimara

    Basic, simple, easy

  • Great App

    by Filo.Beddoe

    Simple and elegant. Does what it is supposed to.

  • The best one for percentages

    by alanyt

    All of the other calculator apps that I have tried (nearly all) have unending ads that even block your view. This is plain and simple and it works without being flashy (the way math should be).

  • Calculator app

    by JJTee

    Love it! JJTee

  • review

    by Sam 4321

    excellent app

  • Nice Calculator :D

    by MG3214311383142341213125345131

    Not a bad calculator. Good, simple interface, I like that it's big and easy to use---

  • Nice calculator

    by Bld2773

    Very nice calculator. Easy to use and I like the large numbers.

  • Great app

    by butterfly7610

    Simple, not complicated, I like it!

  • Too simple

    by >gamefreak<

    Not very smart calc. I'm trying to divide and multiply decimals but it's not working. I'm multiplying like 3.1416 by 2 and it just does like 6.28212

  • Fxfctfug

    by Vyghhg


  • Simple, big and bold

    by CrazyinKarachi

    Great basic calculator, does everything I need for household and personal tax and income finances in an easy to use design.

  • Simple

    by Thrust on

    Great simple app. Just enough not all the extras

  • works

    by Tpt-fun

    works for me

  • Nice calculator!

    by JcanQueen99

    I love this calculator, the numbers are big, and easy to use; love the fact that I can change the colors!

  • Good

    by X3AM

    Does the job.

  • Good calculator

    by 680$52

    I like the large display!

  • best calculator!!!

    by Jens Gad Enigma

    this is the only calculator app with percentage function in the vertical position. it's clean, simple and functional. I tried lots!! thanks

  • Plain Calculator

    by Rakurudy

    This is a plain calculator that I use to figure sales tax. It works great and the keys are large enough for me. Aloha

  • Good app

    by never loved elvis

    This is a good calculator app. It's basic but do you need much more than that.

  • Perfect!!!!

    by Orbitv

    Basic calculator perfect

  • Excellent

    by Raki.Ja


  • Ads are annoying. It's a CALCULATOR!


    Really? Is a calculator app so special that it needs to have annoying banner ads flying across the bottom of the screen? Keep looking.

  • Nice!

    by CissyPSP

    I write short reviews :-) this is a very simple and basic app. It has all you need for everyday use!

  • Clean and easy

    by Ablesq

    I was looking for a clean interface and easy buttons - found it here. My favorite of the calculators I have tried.

  • Works 4 Me

    by Silver fox 49

    App does what it is designed to do. Thanks for making it landscape, as well.

  • Great calculator

    by FamilyWA

    Great for math on the go.

  • Very good!

    by Ferlentbear

    It's easy to use with big numbers.

  • Perfectly basic

    by grassrootsk9

    I needed a calculator with basic functions for constant use at work and this was it! Used it for 2 months with no problems. Love the big numbers.

  • Great App

    by Q34P

    Big numbers, works perfectly.

  • Good

    by Selket1

    Has ads but it works fine for a basic calculator.

  • To the point

    by Ottonmheim

    No non sense, just the great!

  • User Friendly

    by PeanutDuster

    This is all I require of a calculator. Thanks.

  • Good

    by NoBeesHere

    Simple basic calculator. Easy to use.

  • Good app

    by Tree Tree6

    Works good for when I check my work.

  • Calculator

    by Disappointed farmer

    Basic, simple and always works. No bugs, no crashes and reliable.

  • by Ogre rates

    Meh. Banners.

  • Great app

    by Indigoalisa

    Simple, elegant, exactly what I was looking for!

  • Awsome

    by Sammydeleon

    I love this app. This helps me a lot for homework. I wanted something that's works and you don't have to pay for.

  • After purchase won't work

    by Yukio's Kimberly

    Having a problem. Tried the calculator, decided to buy $1.99 "no ads" I haven't received the invoice from Apple yet - but now I can't open the app at all. Crashes. Tried powering down iPad -- deleting and downloading the app again. Won't open.

  • Good Basic Calculator

    by DON-543

    This does what is needed.

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