Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North ® Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Kabam
  • Updated: Mar, 01 2012
  • Version: 16.2.0
  • Size: 64.16 MB

Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Turkish

Seller: Kabam Inc.

Brand New Features:
- Greed for Power is driving hordes of Mercenaries to the Northern Territories of Camelot!
- Introducing the Imperial Guardian! The Mysterious and Brand New Mighty Mercenary Troop!
- Alliance Help is here! Build, Train and Research faster thanks to Alliance's Members Help!
- Chinese New Year is coming soon! Brand New Graphics, Events and Prizes to Celebrate the Year of the Horse!
- Recommended Quest! Morgause will lead novices to progress in the game.

- Incoming attack indicator will now alert you when any city is attacked.

Customer Ratings

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124 Ratings
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15257 Ratings


Build a mighty empire, forge alliances, unlock prizes, and claim your throne as ruler of the kingdom!
►►► Reached #1 on App Store in over 68 Countries! ◄◄◄
►►► 9.5 Million players and counting ◄◄◄

Join millions of players as you build your kingdom in Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North! (Camelot web players: this game does not connect to your web kingdom: it’s an all-new mobile game)

Drust mac Erp and his savage Picts have overrun Northern Britain. King Lot of Lothian is dead. His widowed queen, Morgause, appeals to her half-brother Arthur for help. It’s up to you to answer Arthur’s call and save the Kingdom!

************GAME FEATURES************
- Build a great and powerful Northern city
- Train an army of swordsmen, archers & catapults
- Play online with thousands of other players
- Forge diplomatic alliances with other kingdoms
- Conquer enemies across the vast world map
- Plan strategy in real time with live chat
- Participate in tournaments for valuable rewards
- English, Francais, Italiano, Deutsche, Espanol and more languages and worlds
- and much, much more!

Note: A network connection is required to play
Works with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPod touch 3rd & 4th gen, all iPads
Requires iOS 4.3 or later

By downloading this game, you agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and the License Agreement.


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Customer Reviews

  • Very fun, good layout...oh yeah, addicting too!

    by Notmyreallife

    Downloaded and forgot to play for a while, but when I got into the play, I really enjoyed the city layout! If you like these kinds of games, you'll love this one. Now I'm hooked for life!

  • Great game

    by Gene 1984

    Great game I've built might with and without money.

  • Great App!

    by jtr88

    Would recommend this app to anyone!! Beware very addicting!

  • Great

    by Gamerdenz123

    Great game.

  • Game

    by Yo yo guys

    It is good game .

  • Great game

    by Bestdada

    I really like this game

  • Kabam is not listening.

    by LTH-58

    Kabam is asking players for ideas on how to improve the game and then doesn't listen to any of them... If they did, the game would be a lot more popular and thus more profitable to them...

  • Addictive

    by Nubianmotherof2

    I absolutely love this game. I mean I wake up in he middle of the night

  • Kalslsksbbsbabanmakakamnddvvsvc

    by By music

    U don't have to spend money. I ain't spent a dime and I'm doin just fine. As long as u get in a good alliance u will dominate

  • Good if you want to spend lots of time playing

    by Swingdancerny

    To advance you need to spend a lot of time to get ahead. The only reason I am still playing is that I got lucky and got into a great alliance (top 25) early on. And yes, the top players and tourney winner spend lots of money to win.

  • the wars

    by Dope_lalo

    a great game in general beutiful graphics nice fps no lag love it

  • Problems

    by F C Dilallo

    I started playing the game about 9 months ago. I enjoy playing the game however, with every update there are always problems that come with them. To get the problems is impossible. Also if you don't have the money to spend on gems you will not even be able to compete.

  • Chuck

    by Mashinka00

    I've played the game for over 2 yrs and love it! I do feel customer service could be a lot better. I personally have had a few separate times the game hasn't paid me contest gifts but constantly chat with others and hear them complain about kabam stiffing them on pay out gifts! Game is a blast though

  • Kabam Camelot

    by Kjlady54

    Just love the group help and fun in chat meeting others. Awesome game

  • Ok.

    by Game dog

    Its ok.

  • Thanks

    by Red_Voltage

    I would just like to say thanks again this game is the best and I would also like to thank all of the people who read and solve the complaints they are very helpful and reasonable. For those of you that may not know they have listened to my two and only two complaints complain number one being we need a new world now (resolved with world 102) and number two being my accidental misuse of mystic triainings meant to further already capped out knights (I used on a lvl one knight by mistake). Once more I would like to say thanks and I love you guys <3

  • Ótimo jogo

    by Isabiasan

  • Funish

    by Pim0zide

    I usually don't play these types of games, however the new update us interesting and I kind of like it.

  • Great, but a little laggy

    by Adara&Laeyl

    I've been playing this since it came out online, and I have to say it's still my favorite strategy game--no, favorite internet game at all-- that I've played. The screen is easy to see, unlike the Hobbit one which is difficult... And the concepts are uber easy. I have to say I did get sort of addicted and took a fee months hiatus... But now I'm right back in again and going strong. The people are really why I play, I love global and alliance chats. They make the game worth coming back to daily, and I've made sone really great friends there. Sadly, there are a few problems with the buying your way to success... Or "gemming" as we call it. Kabam is first and foremost a business, but if so many people didn't gem, then the rest of us would have to pay... In all seriousness, the gemming and the new graphics are what I have a problem with. It looks like Kabam is trying to keep up with GoW and I don't like it because it makes the game lag. Other than that, Camelot is my favorite addiction, and the best war game I've ever played.

  • Good game

    by Akbthewarrior

    It's a pretty decent game..

  • $$$$$$$$$$

    by Driszt!

    When I first started game it was great! Now it's all about $$$ , no strategy needed, just a credit card! Good job Kabam

  • Kabam ruined this game

    by CascadesRanger

    This used to be a fun game but Kabam, in their insatiable thirst to lure players to buy more gems, far over complicated it. Too many different ways to upgrade, gain power and try to one up your opponents...all fueled by $ of course. It also is geared to their mega players (read...guys living in their mom's basements and spending all their cash and 20 hours a day playing phone games). The strong and rich get stronger through contests and awards (tilted to the biggest real $ spenders) and everyone else gets crumbs. Players I knew quit by droves. Many other better games out there to spend your time and money on. Avoid this one.

  • Use to be a good game

    by Mary Hernandez

    The game is horrible now days there are no more training days no more Everything u need u buy it if u have the money there is no strategy in that kind of game. Customer service is a computer that always mail u back to tell u to shut ur phone off and turn it back on or that case is been close!!! To much for me I'm playing hay day instead of lol

  • Kabam Lies

    by Dirty knight Perc26

    I have played this game for nearly two years. I have never had a worse experience from a gaming company. Kabam will advertise promotions. Once you uphold your part of the deal.. Kabam moves the finish line. Kabam has no concern for their customers. Profit,profit,profit. This is Kabam's only concern. If you like throwing money away. You'll love this game.

  • Money grab game

    by Bigbrotherg

    This game has become a complicated money grab. Expensive to be relevant. Many players leaving as cost of $100-$200 per week to be competitive cannot be maintained. Previously loved the game but it has been ruined.

  • Horrible

    by My5Peeps

    Let's see, they'd never answer or resolve complaints. There are countless bugs in the game. They added stuff to the game that doesn't make sense. They are terrible at communicating updates and new aspects of game. They fixed stuff that wasn't really broken but would require more in app purchases. Terrible.

  • Total rip off

    by kcpjr

    I'm Keith9007 in 70. I've spent bundles of cash and this game has gone to crap. I've done my best to save our domain from death only to have kabam rip us off at every turn. Win comps and get the crap prize every time. Buy the bonus chests get crap. Participate in spend events you guessed it you get crap prizes. Kabam is on a one way ticket to the bottom floor and were done spending cash. Save your money do not download this app save you thousands of dollars down the road. 0 stars is more accurate rating of this company with zero customer support and 0 customer satasfaction.

  • Dont spend money

    by Letschill

    It is extremely stupid to use money on this game. I lost about $500 on it and didn't even get my complete gems. I have been playing this for 3 years an now i am loosing my interest in this game. All my friends have also quit this game. So my advice is don't waste time playing kabam games. They are all just catching your attention to grab money

  • Find another game unless you want to spent over 200 a week

    by Kea scam

    Played for two years. When "buying" troops was introduced into the game all sense of a strategy game was lost. Some players are gaining might at a rate it would cost about 1,000 a week or more to accomplish some players much more. Maybe they are spending it, maybe they are cheating either way killed the fun for me in the game.

  • Perfect example of Greed!

    by stillAnonymous

    You WILL spend hundreds or thousands of $$ on gems if you plan to compete. If not, you will be another farm for those idiots that have spent hundreds or thousands of $$. Consider yourself warned!

  • Not good anymore

    by jcvillanueva

    The app is super slow and it has a lot of problems with shipments missing, missing reports, server errors, etc. Kabam make this game a cash cow. Those who pay have control of the game now. Same players over and over.

  • Gems gems gems.

    by JakeMMM

    Buy gems or play at the slowest and worst rate possible. Dont download this game.

  • Latest Updated Garbage

    by Jeremiah Jackson

    This was a nice game for distraction. Latest version keeps crashing within 30 seconds but typically faster. Tried reinstalling and that doesn't work. Pick something else to play.

  • Waste of time

    by Spartan6785

    You will get sucked up in this crappy game for a few weeks in a new world and then all of a sudden they'll release something that makes the game all about spending money and it completely ruins that world and their customer service is crap.

  • Kabam you blow!!!!!

    by Larx5

    I've been playing this game since it started. It was fun but not anymore now it's all about who can spend the most money! It's really bad when a level 20 player can dominate a level 76. A one billion might player??? Really??? I'm sorry that I ever got hooked on this game but I'm also thankful that I've not got sucked into the money pit that this game has become! Good luck to all and if you ever spend a dime on this game... Sorry for your luck.

  • Worst customer service and expensive

    by kp4141

    This game is dying fast. When I first started playing it was addicting and lots of fun but the poor player support and money hungry kabam has ruined it what was a great game. Only player who spend money can play this game. I got sucked it to spending money and had thousands of troops disappear because of a bug. I contacted player support and got a canned response unrelated to my issue. I also contacted them because they didn't pay out prizes for winning a contest and got the same canned response. The alliance I was in were never awarded several prizes and they ignored all of our tickets and complaints in their forum. I'm still trying to get my money back for the troops that I had to pay for which disappeared. Apple should remove this app before more people get ripped off.

  • Fun addictive game

    by Raspberry45

    especially if you become acting in the social networking side of it. So why do I give it jut one star? Kabam's greed, which will eventually kill the game. The company does a good job of selling he various upgrades in the game, but far too often they overdo what they will deliver. They offer "chances" to win great pries, but never state what the players odds are. The sad thing is that they would still make piles of money even if they raised the payout enough that the players don't feel ripped off. I will probably quit the next time the opening city glitch causes me to get zeroed, whisk is too bad given the friends I have made in my alliance.

  • Gone completely downhill!

    by covok48

    This game started out as fun, but has since turned into a money sucking nightmare. You will have to spend lots of money to get on even ground and as soon as you get ahead Kabam will change the rules that will force you to spend even more money on a new part of the game that didn't exist before. Do not let the freemium label fool you, you will have to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to make progress here. Avoid this game at all costs!


    by Tempy22

    The glowing, blinking red border while under attack is a cool idea, but IT NEEDS HAVE AN OPTION TO TURN IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have autism sensory regulation issues and am extremely sensitive to visual change and colors (particularly red). The pulsating ring is so painful to my brain, that I can't stand to play while under attack. I've had a troll send 1 supply troop at both cities, which is over an hour march, several times the past few days just to piss me off!!!! I CAN'T EVEN PLAY BECAUSE OF THE STUPID RED RING!!!! Y'all need to make an option to turn it off like the option to have 'hide troops' on or off. I seriously may just quit the whole game if this doesn't change soon. Please don't take another several months for the next update like you usually do.

  • Not as good as it was!

    by saint925boiler

    The game used to be fun but they do not care if players use foul language and threaten individuals! Some worlds have vulgar people that threaten others and when you let them know they do not care! As long as you are spending money, you can do or say anything!

  • Fun game

    by Angmarismine

    Fun game but it can be expensive if you want to do well. Customer support is easily the worst I have seen in any industry.

  • This game revolves around money not around fun

    by _Bishop_

    This game started out where everyone has a chance to grow an army and battle for the north but now after all the updates if you are not spending cash on the game you can build an army but your fight will be short lived due to those that buy special weapons and troops. Kabam has seen the money role in started updating the game to make you want to buy more but for many folks that just want to play its game over

  • Don't even bother

    by Lmayorga

    I would rate 0 if they would allow me. The game developer only rewards those that spends tons of money. In order to compete you need to upgrade your knight. ( lots of money). Upgrade your city now above lvl 10. ( even more money). In order to win competitions you have to spend again lots of money.

  • Save your $$$!

    by JaxJava

    Developer puts greed above player experience. Wasted nearly two years of my life on this game, thousands of dollars wasted. Developer will deliberately change the game to force you to purchase more. Do yourself a favor and don't download any Kabam game.

  • Aa

    by oElement


  • Never listen.

    by JMILL005

    Game is decent. It used to be much better. Seems like customer service doesn't give a crap, days turn into weeks before u get a response. Most developers want to know what the players think so they can develop the game so that more people will play and enjoy. Not these guys, tons of people complain about certain aspects....never gets fixed. Then u would think as they open new servers they would take the suggestions and tweak those servers so people stay there....nope.. Same shot different server. I was playing four servers and buying gems....not anymore. Can only handle so much crap from one company. I recommend u play something where the developer actually cares about the experience. Later Kabam, won't be downloading anything in the future from you.

  • Another good game corrupted by greed

    by Dragonxxx1

    This game started out great with people forming alliances, friendships, and fun wars. People worked hard and long hours to level up/ increase their power but for the past few months, at least since summer 2013, Kabam has made Kingdoms of Camelot into a purely based money game where the only way 95% of the players and alliances can get ahead or win tournaments is by spending large amounts of real life $money for in-game currency. The game has basically become whoever is willing to spend the most money will win which takes all the fun from the game. RIP original KoC

  • Max_the_twisted

    by Maximusvirusggg

    KOC ruined the game, but I like staying in touch with friends in alliance. Just like America. There is the rich gemmers that are all powerful 1%er and the other 99% are just aggravated at how KOC manages the game.

  • Awesome

    by ImABaller69

    This is a fantastic game I've been playing it for around a year now and I really have no complaints other than why can't you build T4 in your 4th city I just got able to do it was about to build some then updated and I could not anymore so we need to get that back and only if your impatient buy gems in 78 though to compete with players there you need gems it's one of the hardest worlds cause it's basically the top gemming world I've bought gems it helps and I like it but I'm not a gem fanatic other than that great game definitely play it

  • Good game

    by Pinkpancake10

    Relies on spending money to win though

  • PC Veteran

    by Sjgoldps

    Although I've had my issues over the years with customer service, KABAM has treated me fairly. That said, the game itself is wonderful. I highly recommend it. Strategy, tactics, the fun of learning battle systems, economics, and the great players you get to meet is incredible. I'm a veteran of the original PC game and although the mobile version doesn't have the same nuances, it's still worth the time I put into the game. Kudos, KABAM! I'll be waiting for customer service to contact me for giving such a glowing review! LOL

  • Lots of new content

    by Rochambeaux

    Love the constant updates

  • Awesome game!

    by dmac197862528

    Wow! Awesome game! Great update!! All of the T4 troop issues have been fixed-

  • Sweet update

    by dkn2101

    Alliance help feature is sick. Exactly what I've been waiting for. Definitely worth checking out!

  • Full of hackers, poor service & cash players r screwed

    by Uncle-Scar

    Script hackers run rampant on the server. Kabam customer service is the worst I have ever seen. Several honest cash players have lost items and troops due to glitches and kabam's policy is to only return 10 million might. The glitches in the game never get fixed, because only improvements in cash flow items are focused on. Don't download if you value your time or yourself.

  • Awsome

    by Trfl16

    This game will cost u a ton of money. They will false lead u to spend ur money only to not be rewarded. And I hope u don't need help or have a compliant because they won't respond or fix it.

  • David Girard

    by David King of the Board

    This game has many bugs that go unaddressed. Customer service is non existent. I have attempted to contact them multiple times on various different problems without any reply. The game would be fun if it worked. They do not charge for the game, however they do charge for gems to play the game. As a customer I am very unhappy at the lack of attention to my concerns. You do not have minus stars if you did I would give them -5.

  • Fun game

    by Giftsgfffffff

    I don't know know what everyone is complaining about. This is an extremely fun game. People complaining about spending money are just impatient. You can get everything in the game if you are just patient.

  • Great game

    by Fus ra da pushove lite

    it is a overall great game you really don't have to spend money if u just wait

  • Use to be great

    by Treehouse78

    This game use to be awesome. Not they have changed so much and there' all this great that looks the same but isn't and u have to forge stuff that doesn't make sense. If it's confusing reading this then u r seeing what I mean. If u don't pay $$ u don't have a chance in this game and really don't even bother trying the game if I are brand new. You'll never catch up.

  • Not fun anymore

    by Crazyduddette

    I played this game for over a year now.. It used be fun war game that you can play casually.. Now it become constant work and money drain if you want to be in the top...

  • Unplayable on iPhone.

    by Jellyfish1974

    A worthless money pit.

  • Awsome

    by Crazyman05048

    Its a really chill game

  • Game is crap

    by Beatvagina

    Developer are smoking crack with the prices they are asking to purchase gems. Update blows!!

  • Game has become boring!

    by Peys_daddy08

    No one opens because kabam has made it a real money game. Open and loose what u bought or stay closed and kill the game is the question. Kabam needs to figure out a way to make the game fun again!

  • Don't Do It!!!


    Do your self a favor, read all of the bad reviews then read them again. I just stopped playing this game after 3 years of dealing with the same old greedy bad management. Everything that has been said is true and spot on. Stay away or you'll regret it.

  • It's too expensive

    by Queenbgord

    This use to be fun, now it's all about spending money to play, I'm quitting .... Not worth the effort without lots of gems.

  • Kabam should be locked up

    by Sir mingealot

    WOW. What a disgrace this game is, i played for a year, spent thousands of dollars and have one of the top accounts but KASCAM never stop with their intolerable need for money, well no more kascam, I've had enough of your greedy money grabbing ways and you ain't getting another penny out of me. If kabam were a criminal on the street he'd be locked up for many years! ROBBING BAST^*#S!!!!!!!!

  • Camelot.

    by Topfighter99

    This game is amazing, totally recommend it.

  • One year

    by reracingjp

    Playing for 1 year so far so good

  • What a rip off

    by Silverdodge

    Yelp it's a money rip off

  • Horrible mismanagement

    by Yah way

    It's a fun game and good concept but management seems like it's being run by a bunch of people that have no clue how to run an organization or even be professional. The game constantly glitches, charges for those glitches, an when you contact customer service for an explanation good luck getting an answer by October. If you play just make sure you don't give this flock of shiesters your cash


    by Joe Brandimarto

    Stay away. KASCAM will fleece you. They let hackers cheat as long as they buy some gems. There is no such thing as fair play. OpusX


    by iSageyNintendop

    You really shouldn't get this. It is trash. Maybe lots of people like and play it but seriously! If you want a good game, download The Hobbit Kingdoms Of Middle-Earth! It's way better than this! In fact, it's the same thing as the hobbit game. BOO! BOO BOO BOO!

  • More money More problems

    by Engorged Zombie

    I have been playing for over a year and unfortunately i can no longer play competitively because the game is catered to those with a huge bank account.still fun building your army but i suggest any other game...i am too invested to quit but you shouldnt download this game.

  • Very disappointed in KOC

    by Slrrjrr

    This game has become only for those who can buy gems! I am greatly disappointed in the way the game has changed. Too many gemmers has put this game out of my reach.

  • Dying a quick death!!!

    by Gwendolyn21

    Kabam has taken a game that used to be fun to play and created a bunch of gemmers. If you don't plan on spending a lot of money and time on the game, don't bother starting to play. It no longer a game of tactics, since you are afraid to stay open for fear of being zeroed within 10 minutes due to furies and then hope kabam doesn't open your cities for you. To much time needs to be spent hitting wilds for gear and Picts for city crests. Please don't waste your time on this game.

  • Play dark ages!

    by Beck525

    Kabam for some reason over the past year has become overly greedy. All they want is for your to spend $$$ and in return you will receive a dying game and poor customer service. If you do not spend $100 at least a month you will not compete with the top in each world. People are leaving the game for dark ages which you can compete without spending alot. Until Kabam starts listening to the customers this game will die!

  • Horrible Update!

    by Disappointed_L

    Yet another update to screw veteran players out of the time and money spent to elevate barracks in all cities to train t4. Now we have no capability to train in the cities where we used all our crystals and divine elevations. Are kabam programmers a bunch of monkeys eating bananas and picking bugs out of each other's hair? Do you not understand how long it took players to elevate those barracks? Gimme a break Kabam! Give us back the t4 training the way it used to be, or move the elevated barracks into our first cities. Why does this company keep scamming its players? Looks like more and more people going to play GOW. And it's no wonder you keep losing players Kabam with unthought out updates like this, you kill your own game! Seriously disappointed!!!! Don't download this crap game. This company doesn't care a bit for its players.

  • Don't get the update!!

    by Catfishw20736

    This last update took away the ability to train T4's in all four cities...AFTER we already spent tons of gems elevating our buildings to train T4's. now they want us to spend MORE gems for training T4s all in city one. Effectively, paying for something we already bought. Kabam is a rip off. I will never make another in-game purchase and would warn against downloading this game.

  • Finally!!!

    by Static47

    Good update. Thanks!

  • Everyone has moved to ....

    by Mrs Mary Bias!

    Everyone has moved to Game Of War...that should tell you something. LOL. In games like this the people in your alliances make it fun. This game...nothing to see. Move along.

  • Game crashes

    by Rate dude 12345

    This game used to be great but kabam has ruined the game by trying to make the most money. When I first played this game there were things you could pay for but now it's insane how many things kabam wants you to pay for. My game would sometimes work with the old update but now it never loads and will just lag out on the load screen.


    by Gffbnjj

    most fun I've had in years

  • Horrible app 13

    by Forget this 13

    They don't payout on the prizes they promise even though people spend money to win them. Now your castle will "open" on its own so other players can easily kill all the troops you've purchased or trained so you will have to buy more. Do not use this app much better apps out there.


    by DeltaCharlie Fire

    Horrible Customer Service or lack there of! Constantly changing game rules to make players pay more money and they do not respond to game issues! The new update/ game change is NOT fair i have spent countless hours harvesting the requires crystals and upgrading required buildings to now find it changed to city one.... This is a totally unfair game change to those players like myself who have been playing for a long time.... I am very upset over this and not to mention your HORRIBLE customer service or lack there of! I send a trouble ticket in to Kabam over 5.5 mil missing might due to a glitch in the game that took my might away and it still had not been resolved or have i even been contacted! I am EXTREAMLY UPSET and disappointed!

  • Don't download

    by Tmk33399

    Only Kabam employees write 5 star reviews. I challenge anyone anywhere to find a company that cares less about their customers than kabam. Don't download any of their games if you like being treated fairly.

  • First Review!!

    by Hate it1123

    This game is amazing. I've had it for over a year and it is still fun!

  • Lags me out of the game in loading screen

    by Woodmore wildcat #40

    Please tell me nobody still plays this game

  • wow big money$$$

    by Ssbsts

    Another Kabam cash grabbing update. must have $10,000 of spare cash to play this game...

  • Do not play

    by It-is-all-about-money

    It is all about money. once they take your money, they will not care about anything else...

  • Eh

    by Jim the beast

    It's not bad

  • Slow growth if you don't spend money

    by PANTTT

    A fun game. Addictive. Can be played without spending money.

  • Fix bugs not profits

    by Br0k3_Back

    I love the game and have seen the gameplay deteriorate while competitiveness favors big spenders. The long standing issues have never been addressed (missing Rez transfers, horrible messaging interface, unexplained city openings). In addition the introduction of blood furies and contests awarding troop chest buying really ruined the game by forcing players to close more often and create an uneven playing field. Why performance tune cities when you just need to buy troops?! Why try when elevate is so expensive. Fix it or no gems, no revenues, and I will likely quit.

  • More of a Job than a Game

    by KOC Player

    I've played this game for two years and I'm quitting. Instead of being enjoyable it's turned into a job that you pay to do. Kabam is constantly moving the bar, requiring you to spend hundreds of dollars & hours to remain competitive. Because of this more good players are leaving and in a war game you find yourself with no adversaries to battle. The game really went downhill after it became possible to buy your might and now with the new gear system for knights unless u have the top knight possible there is no advantage to defending. I'm guilty of buying might too, but when I realized I was spending hours gathering gear & then opening the stupid chests to chase an ever receding goal I called it quits. I'm playing Game of War now, not so labor intensive and as of now far more stable in terms of the goals you much achieve.kabam needs to rethink what it has done to this game, soon there will be nothing but dead works full of dead cities. On the up side there's plenty of resources because so many people have quit.

  • Don't do it!

    by Bucknasty1978

    The only thing good about this game is the friends that you make playing. Other then that absolute waste of time and money. Unless you are a money spender you can't compete and hacking has ruined it for a lot of players. Play a different game if you want to waste time.

  • Terrific game

    by Hamish56

    Been playing for nearly two years, part of a great Alliance of people that have become my friends. The game can take some work & dedication, but with the help and support of your Alliance-mates you can be successful without buying too many gems. Playing the game us fun, especially wars between Alliances, but the social aspect can be ever better. My Alliance has become my second family, with members all over the world. I heartily recommend it.

  • Kabam is unresponsive and doesn't care.

    by Spanish Mom

    I have played this game for quite a long time and have enjoyed it. However the game has several major glitches that effect gameplay and they are well known. Kabam will ignore you if you ask for help about those or any other glitches.

  • Horrible Customer Support

    by L10nh3rt

    Kabam's customer service is horrible. It's filled with automatic responses that speak to fixing issues and they never fix. You will be passed back and forth with no support or assistance only to have the problem still relevant. The only way to fix the problem is give up that this greedy company will help you. If you haven't been a long time player? Don't bother joining.

  • Error

    by Airborne 4321

    Every time I try to access the game,an error occurs and I'm unable to play.

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