Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Kabam
  • Updated: Aug, 01 2013
  • Version: 3.1.1
  • Size: 57.55 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Turkish

Seller: Kabam Inc.

• Bug Fixes
• Optimization

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***The Web Hit with Over 15 Million Players All Time is now available on iOS!***

Join thousands of players as you rebuild lost glories in Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon! (Dragons web players: This game does not connect to your web kingdom - it's an all-new mobile game.)

The Ancients fled Atlantis in the wake of a cataclysm. The savage Anthropus overran the Lost Continent. The Dragons are dying. It's up to you to rebuild ruined cities, rediscover ancient wisdom, and save the Dragons of Atlantis!

Recover the lost wisdom of the Ancients

Raise mighty, fully interactive, 3D Dragons

For battle with powerful Dragon Armor

Reclaim Atlantis from the savage Anthropus

Plan strategy in real time with live chat

Get matched with Alliances which match your play style!

For a hi-def gaming experience


Note: A network connection is required to play
Works with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, iPod touch 3rd, 4th & 5th gen, and iPad.

Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

By downloading this game, you agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and License Agreement.


Customer Reviews

  • by [_jose14_]

    Me encanta este juego es el mejor

  • Needs some improvements

    by Otherwise good game

    I updated the game to the new version, and It said I had to restart the game because I signed into Game Center and I lost all of my data and had used real money in the game! Other wise it is a good game

  • Heirs of Atlantis

    by Professor9007

    Excellent game and great way to meet friends.

  • Good

    by Reddog-08


  • Dragons

    by Suhril

    Not a bad game but it's in app purchases are too expensive IMO .

  • Freezes a lot

    by brigst77

    When I fist got the game it looked pretty awesome I tried it. It was good at first then when I tried to build a home then collected the reward then right when I was about to press claim it froze. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!

  • Great game but won't let me log in

    by Nate class2015

    The game is fun the first hour or two but when you leave the game it kicks you out saying that someone else is using your account when it really is just you!!!!!!!! Please fix this buggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Best game

    by Etan alanis

    Wish u could get gems in campain quest

  • Buildings

    by Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaawrrrrr

    Can u guys change the buildings to where u upgrade it to level 10 then it has a new look Then have the real big fully completed one on level 18 I know that's what it was supposed to be because a while ago when I first got the game I upgraded my home to level 10 and the look of the building changed, then u must've changed it I know it's a really small thing but I really care about it so can u change that back please???

  • Yee!

    by Ghoste69

    This game is good, it's good company with a nice background, just needs to be patched up in a couple places but I love it, lawl.

  • Well then

    by WavveyBoy

    This game is really fun. Can't play it anymore do the fact THAT IT SAYS SOMEONE ELSE IS SIGNED IN IF THE GAME LOSES CONNECTION AND CRASHES.

  • Great game, but bad trying to get in

    by Leoc2445

    It's a good game but when I start it says my id is signed in to another device, which it's not. I deleted it and redownloded it and it says the same thing. That need to be fixed.

  • Great at first...but the wall pops up soon

    by DM731901

    Like all games there are in app purchases. This game has the prizes one would work for as purchase items only, namely different dragons. If you don't mind spending loads of cash or spend all your time on a journey that leads nowhere then come on down and play. If you think there is a way to pick your way slowly to you dreams...forget it and play something else.

  • Very funny game

    by Nguyen canhnhat

    Ok. Rather good

  • good

    by adam adams

    good game

  • Great game

    by Jd1031!!!$$$$

    So amazingly addictive! I never want to stop playing this game.

  • Love it

    by Devan8tor

    Great game spend $15 to get caught up and you will be good

  • Just like Train your Dragon

    by MicMac_OKC

    Build a city, to train a Dragon.

  • Really strange

    by Ta2Freak

    I have had to totally remove the game from my iPad twice. It plays fine the first day than when I log on again it tells me I have been disconnected because someone using my username has tried using it somewhere else????

  • Good but better w $$$

    by Magnus PI

    Bow to the fuzz

  • Help

    by Redhobart17

    Won't load into my game I have to keep deleting the game to play then gota start all over to be able to sign in again very frustrating

  • This game looked fun but

    by King of Burritos

    As soon as i got it someone hacked into my account and it wouldnt let me on

  • I got hacked

    by Goodgoodhoodogosphsjssb

    My account has been hacked by another player , everything was deleted and my resources used up and everything was wrong , it keeps saying another user connected on another device

  • Too expensive.

    by effnyfcvdvegebgbzg

    I have destroyed this game, I was logins in 20-25 times a day at one point, but now I have everything I can do without paying actual money, finished. Now in order to continue, I need to pay 25 DOLLARS for a SINGLE dragon ($75 for all of them) It's simple outrageous. The fun is short lived, don't even start because the ending is disappointing.

  • Fix this game

    by R1oTer

    Fix the log in issues and it'll continue to be a good game... If not... You're gonna lose a lot of people

  • Help!!

    by R.Dash lover

    Help help help!! I love this game so much but it won't let me in!! U know why?? Every time it's done loading this pops up its a black screen and it says something on it and it the. Has a arrow it won't let me click the arrow and it won't let me continue!! I want the new dragon and I love this game it's just it won't let me in plz fix this plz plz plz!! It says storyboard* then in freezes and it has glitches on the side of the screen and it won't let me click the stupid arrow it froze!! Even with the new update with so called "bug fixes" nothing has changed!! I'm about to cry!!! :(

  • Login

    by Shoaib77

    Game started off good. Asked me to log in and it appears that my email was already registered (from a previous Kabam game). Played for a good two hours then closed it. Opened the game again and I get a cyclic error saying I got disconnected because my account logged in from another device, which means I lost my progress. That's no big deal (only 2 hours worth), but the only option I'm giving is to "restart" and the error just keeps popping up (a cyclic error).

  • It's good

    by WillStage

    It's a good game if u can log on a couple times a day.

  • Not the best but good!

    by ChimeraLove

    I love this game so much. Except I try n try again and it won't let me login to my game!! Saying someone already did which is impossible. I do love this game though if only I could get into my game and not have make a new account every time. Fix the game!! I'm so mad because there's no way someone logged into it on another account. I can't get into the game!! Fix it!!

  • Level

    by LPB78

    Plz fix this everytime I get on my level goes down I was level 33 now i am 17 plz fix this ty

  • Tibby19

    by Onnalith

    Fun dragon game. Must find a good alliance to connect your kingdom. But u can spend lots of $$$$ buying rubies to get armour, etc. Tournaments are for the BIG $$$$ spenders only. They are trying to improve. Need to get feedback from players and hope they will listen if enough input about game.

  • Great

    by Saniaz.

    Wonderful game! Don't know why other people are having problems. I join just fine xD

  • Great game

    by Binweng

    That is so great game what I had played

  • Terrible

    by Justi5000

    Played for 5 minutes closed the game to wait then the game wouldn't let me get back in

  • Awesome game

    by Join jen's vamps


  • Fatal Error

    by Snowwolf101

    Too many fatal error messages but when you do get to play it is really fun

  • Yeeeeeee

    by Mactastik

    CRASHING NONSTOP TODAY. WONT LET ME PLAY. other than that love it. Plz fix!

  • Glitchy

    by Peewee's Music

    I've been playing the game for weeks love it addicted everything. I've Spent a lot of money on it to. Today it won't let me in at all. I tried all the trouble shooting fixes you suggest but nothing. I even delete the app and re download it in hope this will fix it. It did at first but made me start all over!! I'm not happy at all especially after the money I've spent! It worked for a few more minutes then same crashing issues won't even load!! I'll never play your games again

  • Problems with great game

    by Alex alhaodnbf

    Great game it just won't let me play it says something about we've encountered an error click ok to retry so I've done it like fifty times and nothing can you fix it please?

  • Crases

    by merfizillo

    Ir says a fatal error to many bugs always crashes

  • Fatal Error

    by The WaffleZ

    Every time I load up the game all of a sudden it keeps on saying fatal error press "ok" to restart and I have so much power plz fix the problem

  • Silver wolf

    by XxIzayaxX

    I love the game but it keeps saying A FATAL ERROR when it finishes loading. It's very aggravating please fix it and fast

  • App Crash

    by JulieAloha

    I've played for a couple weeks and I really like this game, but lately it won't open; I either get a Fatal Error message or it simply begins to load and closes on its own. Please fix!

  • Help!

    by Iguychvjhb

    The game keeps on crashing, I'm stuck at the loading screen...

  • CAN'T GET IN!!

    by Whatsitoya

    I'd give the game 4 stars if I could get in! I've been playing for about 3 weeks now and ever since the last update I haven't been able to play because the app won't open anymore and says "fatal error" Super disappointed :/. Hope they fix the problem soon or I'll be forced to give up on it.

  • Not bad......Until

    by LeoAlto

    Looks like a great game for fun and to kill time. However waaaaaay to many connectivity issues. Please fix. Game has potential!

  • Bugs

    by X4everjojo

    The game was great for the 1/2 an hour I got to play it... Now I can't play the game as it keeps restarting and telling me that someone has logged in from a different device; however, that cannot be the case since I have only had the app for an hour or two.

  • Yep

    by Armedteddybear

    This game blows

  • Too Glitchy

    by sarjswee

    Don't waste your time (or money) with this game. I got up to level 10 with 12,000 power and lost everything. I have no way of recovering what I lost because there is no login.

  • Great, but getting greedy!

    by Emerson Conger

    This game is great, and can be lots of fun with the right online company! But it's becoming all-too-clear that Kabam is trying to milk us for every dollar with this game. It's chased off a bunch of good alliance members.

  • Same Game

    by YamaDharmaXYZ

    This is the EXACT SAME GAME that ka-Sham keeps re-skinning. Game itself always crashes, but the "Buy Now!" feature always works. Kabam needs to invest more time in coming up with new games than they do in marketing the same tired junk over and over again.

  • Good game

    by BreJohnson

    The game keeps crashing! I've updated it and everything. Then it just shut me off. I reinstalled it not even 4 days ago now I have to do it again. Lucky I love this game so much or I wouldn't even try.

  • Fun while it lasted!

    by ReaseWiggles

    I really enjoyed the game the entire day that I was able to play it. No I keep getting an error popup saying I'm logged in somewhere else "Restart"... If this bug is fixed it would be great, but until then it's getting 2 stars from me. PLEASE FIX GAME!!

  • cmon kabam

    by Kannon69

    ok now you need to fix your junk i love this game but it keeps crashing over and over im going to delete this app if it doesnt get fixed

  • Crashes

    by justinalltheway

    The app opens then lets me play for a few mins then crashes on me. I have iPod 5 not sure if it's just Me or not

  • Buggy and poor combat coding

    by Paul D. Buck

    The iOS version is buggy, things like the countdown timer for the newest feature goes from no time left to 23 hours to go... Worse is the combat resolution engine where mixing troops causes higher losses. For example, attacking with 6000 SSDs you have zero losses... Add additional troops and suddenly you see losses... Attack a camp with bowmen and see zero losses... Attack the same camp with the same number of troops and see a total loss of the attacking force... Not a good effort.

  • Money

    by stichway

    I'm sure I've spent over $1000 on this game Save yourself

  • Needs improvement!

    by Lol989

    I was hopeful when the new update came out that it wouldn't crash anymore..... Now it crashes even more! And bonus.... I went to do the survey and guess what?!?! That doesn't work properly either

  • Great!! But hard to open and I have to spend real money

    by ivallycat

    It is a really fun game to play. Having said that... I can't even get the game to open! It's really annoying. I try multiple times in a row. Open close open close open close. After a few tries I just give up and go play Bejeweled 2 or one of my other games. If I could get it to open I'd play a lot more. Also, I don't like how you have to spend real money to do just about everything. It's a great game just let it OPEN and don't make me pay real money for virtually nessesary items.

  • Fun for 15 mins

    by aggie_baby

    Such a fun game... For 15 mins then screen keeps popping up saying that I've been disconnected by I'm signed on somewhere else which is impossible since I just started playing. Pls fix this!!!

  • Dragons

    by Bragster #1

    Good Game

  • Lord evrardin

    by Mtawnyharrington

    Great game has three characters two thumbs up

  • Help!!

    by R.Dash lover

    Help help help!! I love this game so much but it won't let me in!! U know why?? Every time it's done loading this pops up its a black screen and it says something on it and it the. Has a arrow it won't let me click the arrow and it won't let me continue!! I want the new dragon and I love this game it's just it won't let me in plz fix this plz plz plz!! It says storyboard* then in freezes and it has glitches on the side of the screen and it won't let me click the stupid arrow it froze!!

  • What up?

    by Ugh all names are taken

    This is : ~catrina~ :p love this game. My alliance is the best and it's #1

  • Fun game

    by Elwood Henslin

    Heavily weighted towards players who use real cash. I do not.

  • Love it but the app won't open properly anymore

    by TheGamingBoss

    I love the game but I just can't get into the app! I'm so frustrated I've been playing this for a couple of weeks and I'm really into it but now I can't even get in. I open the app, it loads and then sends me to a screen that is all black and says storyboard and nothing I try can solve this problem! Please please I love the game and I wanna play it but please solve this problem so I can.

  • Garbage

    by juanygorda

    Download only if you're willing to spend 100s of your real dollars to be succesful, prices are ridiculous

  • Items are very rare to get unless you spend real money

    by Brian Polk

    It is unfortunate that in order to complete some quests it requires you to spend money. It would be nice if completion grants and other items would be available through quests.

  • Amazing

    by Califus

    This game is really fun and very addicting. ^_^

  • Great Game, at a price

    by brittaanne

    It's a fun game to play, but you have to spend money to really get any where.

  • Strategy

    by Rebekah M Young

    Great strategy and challenge.

  • Choose your alliance well!

    by Davidlee I be

    Make great friends because you'll need them in this ever evolving strategy game. Learn everything you can about the game so you'll spend those gems and use those special troops wisely. Also: have fun!

  • Very addicting !!!!

    by Vondele

    Love it!!!

  • The game won't let me play.

    by AnnIeMaCk1

    Every time I try to get on, the game says I'm logged onto another device. If I want to play I have to delete the game and redownload it.

  • Dangerous

    by Remy Milo

    The game will engage you to SPEND A LOT OF TIIME (MONTHS) on it and have a very invested interest. Upon arriving at a higher level of the game when you have played enough to somewhat enjoy - you cannot move forward until you make a purchase with their feature stores, buy DoA currency (rubies) or likely spend another couple of months trying for top features. Kabam really knows how to draw you into buying virtual value. An unethical way to make money. A quick google search for Kabam and you find that it is funded by european based internet gambling company Betfair. DoA is designed to take advantage of human weaknesses for unethical financial gain.

  • Fun but broken

    by foreverluvd

    It seems like it might be a really fun game, but I can't tell for sure. Every time I exit the game for any length of time, it won't let me log back in since I've "logged on with another device." I've tried every fix their website suggests. I've tried reloading the game multiple times. I've tried putting it on multiple devices to see if actually logging on with another device might fix the issue and nothing works.

  • Dragons of Atlantis

    by Nelsonklan

    Fun addicting game. Can't stop playing.

  • Login issue

    by ChanelleShifferdecker

    The game is good but every time I exit, I can never log back on because it says "someone else has already logged on to my account from another device...which is me...so in turn, to play the game, I have to delete the app, and reinstall it every time.

  • I like it but......

    by Pheebbs

    I really like the game but everytime I exit out of the game on my iPhone 4s and come back on it keeps saying someone logged into the game on a different device and I only have the game on my phone. I refresh it everytime and the same thing pops up over and over. Please fix cause I really like the game

  • Bad, IDs not unique

    by ES2218

    I am stuck in login loop because someone has logged in using my ID. Very Poor setup. DO NOT BUY

  • DOA

    by Jjones1985

    Great mass multiplayer game for an app especially if your with the right alliance

  • Issues

    by Searean

    It seems like it would be a great game... Except it seems to be another money hungry one. Plus it gives me errors each time I try to play it again. Too annoying to keep playing.

  • Good game if your willing to pay

    by Pikaley

    It is a fun game for awhile but last several updates are only if you buy the content. Many buildings and troops are also off limits unless you pay. Bottom line, fun game but if your not gonna spend a fortune on it don't bother.

  • Logged in from another device

    by DecayDSP

    Game keeps disconnecting me and says I'm logged on a different device. Log back in an hour later and all my resources are spent on battles I can't win and on buildings I don't want

  • Good

    by Bftkghhdajkh

    Really good

  • Horrible tech support

    by HolÿSmokescreen

    This game has it's up and down. Kabam just keeps stealing are money. There tech support just close tickets withought helping you out.

  • Amusing

    by Tampabeachpuppy

    Seems fun thus far. Kind of sim city type of game. If your into building cities and researching ancient technology then you will probably like this.

  • Awful loading times

    by Strewy81

    This game takes forever to load then because of the chat is constantly lag spiking.

  • Crash fest!

    by Broham1334

    The game is pretty fun to play when you have the ability to play it but since it CONSTANTLY crashes it's pointless. DO NOT download.

  • Mr

    by Jdaddy38

    This game is great. If competition is your thing, it's a must try . Prices on extras a little but not a must.

  • Really Don't Want To Delete This Game But....

    by WolfMAN1415

    As with several other players, after creating a kabam account, i can no longer play because the game says that "somebody else has logged on with my ID on another device." I don't have this game on another device so I'm confused as to what this means. Would really like for this to be looked into because I don't want to delete this fantastic game.

  • Good game

    by Romantrilogy

    It addicting and fun you don't need money to be the best player

  • Help!!

    by R.Dash lover

    Help help help!! I love this game so much but it won't let me in!! U know why?? Every time it's done loading this pops up its a black screen and it says something on it and it the. Has a arrow it won't let me click the arrow and it won't let me continue!! I want the new dragon and I love this game it's just it won't let me in plz fix this plz plz plz!! It says storyboard* then in freezes and it has glitches on the side of the screen and it won't let me click the stupid arrow it froze!!

  • I am Orgasm

    by Tommy Natsis

    Great game but really needs some serious fixes. Crashes like crazy and takes 10 minutes to load each time.

  • Great game

    by Odomain

    I love this game but every time since yesterday (1/27/14) somebody hacked me, my name is odomain in the Poseidon realm

  • Do not get

    by 95467328202281

    I cannot even play the game it keeps saying someone else has my id so please do not waste your time with this

  • Doesn't work

    by LisaD211

    After latest update it just loads to a black screen.

  • Awesome

    by Cadelindsay29

    Such a great game to play much strategy and growth

  • Not good

    by Chacha424

    I just got the game and it was good for alil bit then it asked if I wanted a kabam account and I said what the heck so I made one and it restarted on my new account and said someone has logged on on another device. Anyone know please help

  • Fun

    by ToM.ShUlL

    Great game no issues, keep up the good work.

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