Cops N Robbers (Jail Break) - Mine Mini Game With Survival Multiplayer Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Liu Tao

1.Renew graphics.
2.Add EULA(User Agreement), about chatting in game.

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***Pirate Ship***
The new prison with pirate ship is coming now!!! Join us with all the worldwide players online.
New features: TNT setting, Cop's Command Room.More new rules for new map.

***Cops N Robbers (Jail Break Mode) 1st Release***
As every mc fans expected,the "COPS N ROBBERS (JAIL BREAK MODE)" mod is release now!
# We bring you the most addictive gameplay & comfortable control & Complete game features…
# Most importantly, we provide a stable server & Optimized @Worldwide Multiplayer Mode@!!!

# Huge map - "West Prison", "Christmas Prison": Cell, Showers, Mess Hall, Escape Maze, Library, Secret Passage, Roof.
# High quality graphics: Light setting in scene & Pixel scene modeling & Character modeling…
# Sound effect: different place with different sound effect.
# UI Setting: comfortable control & comfortable visual effects.
# Multiplayer: Worldwide Multiplayer support & Local Multiplayer support .
# Props: Labber, Valve, Sword, Bow, Sticks...
# Control buttons: joystick(move), Attack button (attack), Install&Throw button(throw prop&install ladder/valve)
# Rich&Funny Character animations.
# "Honor Rules": cheat & cheated!

***Worldwide Multiplayer***
# 5 server regions setting: GLOBAL/EU/US/JP/ASIA, choose the nearby&best region to start game.
# Room create: set room name & nick name & round time & max players, then create your room!
# Max players support: 8 players.(1 cop & other all robbers)
# Round time setting: 15-60 minutes.
# Chat system: chat with other players(you can choose close or open chat panel)

***Local Multiplayer***
# Start your local multiplayer game with your friends (In the same lan wifi)
# Max players support: 16 players.(1 cop & other all robbers)
# Round time setting: 15 minutes per round.
# Chat system: chat with other players(you can choose close or open chat panel)

***How to play: rules***
# There's a cop & other all robbers.
# Cop tell robbers what he should do: go to the mess hall to eat & go to the showers & go to the library...
# Robbers must obey and do what the cop says, or be punished!
# Robber's mission: Compliance & Betrayal(find the way to escape & win for every robber)
# Cops's mission: Wait for the limited time pass, then cop is the winner!

*** Support & Feedback ***
Mail: [email protected]
Twitter: [email protected]
Facebook: [email protected]

Customer Reviews

  • It's me Tess

    by Tess the 1st

    This game is really good but needs more things like if your a robber when you when get like 2 or at least 1 coin if you're robber and win you should get 5. Or have this thing where you pretendly spin a wheel and you win a skin or a Christmas sword or some coins I'll give it a 5 star when you do that BUT THE 99cents is worth this game I love it so much CAUTION ITS ADDICTING


    by Prin52

    It's a great app. But the problem is restoring purchases. I have the skin on my old iPod so I tried to restore the purchase and I put in my password but nothing happens I would wait but nothing.

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    by Kaden141

    Remember this is a suggestion,I would like fur u guys (or) girls to make a non-Internet connection mode where everything is controlled by a PC or MAC like u did on the original version.THANKS!!!!!!!! My user-name is Hackoroid7.

  • Cops and Robbers

    by Scoopyyyuu

    It is awsome

  • ^.^

    by Keb814


  • Justin miller

    by IIhjrhchh

    I think if the robbers win they should get coins. If the cop wins he gets coins(cop barely wins). We waste our gift cards and buy costumes

  • Mine mine minecraft cops and robbers

    by Tater2001

    It is soooo awesome

  • add something in the store plz!!!

    by Rabbit like totally

    I was wondering if you could put something in the store like you can create your own skin with colors for people won't have the same skin as the other person so if you could do this that would be awesome!! But if you can't do this it's ok but either way I love this game!!

  • Great

    by Princesstb14

    This is a great game and really fun

  • Eeehhhh

    by HappyFace109

    My friends have this game and they say its awesome. I have it but it says I have no Internet connection but I'm fine. If I do join a sever and I press the button to start the game, it says my team won. When I press new round, it does that again . I want the game , but it won't work. Please fix it!!!!!

  • Graphics mess up controls

    by Sonicsmooth

    The new graphics are okay but they make me move slower and whenever I try to move the screen doesn't make the view I want it to be.

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Kelly Giancotti

    This game is one of the best games I ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Kelly Giancotti

  • fix

    by Reagon (CutexNick's girl XD)

    i really love this game, but it always crashes for me. i domt know if any one else has this problem but it might need to be fixed


    by Lexipexify

    OMG This is the best beside minecraft pe.Its just like cops and robbers on the pc

  • Awesome

    by Rodthemighty246

    This game is awesome.This game is worth 1$.I got a great idea for next map,Alcatraz prison.2 cops,6 robbers.Robbers should find all plane pieces and fly to Golden Gate Bridge.Cops should destroy plane and kill all robbers

  • The game cheats

    by Njb235

    The games cheats. People can get on the roof by using ladders to get out. It's not fun.

  • Best of all mini games

    by GamerBro29

    I've all ways loved this classic game in real life, but now it's on Minecraft! That's just awesome! XD

  • Best game ever

    by Avatar2580

    I love this game

  • Cool

    by Rurouny


  • It's okay except for one thing that can be fixed.

    by Matt kolb

    It's fun and all but sometimes you get disconnected and you don't know until you find the way out then you don't win. Also every time I win I don't get any coins. Anyway thanks for an addicting game

  • DO NOT BUY!!!

    by Fagyfhyfhtc

    This game is not worth the money. Every map is the same and it's super glitchy. All you do is run to a boat and wait. Bad game overall. Needs updates.

  • COINS!!!!

    by PreditorGaming

    This is a great app it is very entertaining and all BUT they need to add it so you get coins when you win and fix it so that if your the cop you can not be cop the next round but overall a great app and I will give a better score when they add coins.

  • Crap

    by Darla Baldridge

    Waste of a buck, all you do is walk around, no guns, no way to even get coins do not get

  • Where do these reviews come from

    by markocean_1968

    This is a lame game. You wait till someone lets you out of your cell, you roam around, then the game is over when someone else escapes.

  • **PARENTS READ** :D you will not want your kid playing here.

    by xxxdesertxxx

    This game is ok I must say, the controls are manageable for me at least and it dosent crash for me.. But the most wrong thing about this game.. Is the ppl. The ppl on this game are 8-9 and are coming on this game FOR SEX!!It's soo frustrating for me for ppl to spam, also kids on this game beg for dates.. Really cmon, IF THE PARENTS ONLY KNEW THIS GAME WOULD BE DELETED! The game also has skins, and the kids go after the "sexy" skins, almost raping them, and if they don't get their way they spam! using anything sexual should get banned or silence for a couple of mins. Also if u repeat the same thing 5 times In a row the same should be done.. Seriously I'm done with this game, the ppl on here are so perverted it should have to let parents sign them up!! Pls fix this negative content on here.. Maybe ill actually play it then. Also fix how when the cop "rapes ppl" by not letting them out until he gets his pleasure with a girl, also u die for no reason by frickin walking up to him.. When the rules say u die when u dont obey him/her when she or he didint say anything!!! It's soooo stupid. Imagine this, a perverted 12 year old looking for a girl (on app XD) and won't let anybody out!! The time to escape is 60 MINS.. So you decide to wait.. And ohh buddy do u wait, and they think it's funny, it's soo annoying -.-, why play the game when u can't even get out?!? Also cussing in every match, and ppl beg for pleasure EVERY MATCH!! Online hookers??!?! Take out the showers because that's where they go. Also bugs I found: -when ppl dont let the game choose cop they go in the portal, which makes the game stuck with ppl in the waiting room and ppl in the jail with no cop -u can climb up the walls In the waiting room, the corner near the roof near the closest escape area near the mess hall entrance, and the corner on the left of the ladder on the other escape area, then ppl either fall out of the map or party on the roof and escape the easy way.. Like game ppl intended it to because there's areas that lead to the maze!! Not like mc at all!! Also where's the boat?!? A PICTURE! Add a fricking boat and land, ik the jails floating and not on ground, and really.. A box shaped picture around the map.. What the heck.. BAD GAME BAD QUALITY! Also the textures are so unlike mc it's rediculous, I don't even want to know how bad the mc hunger games is oh god. Also ppl lie about their age to get hookers, and there like 7 saying there 15 to do it with a girl that "says" she's 15. Its a shame. GO read the reviews of the hide n seek minigame on the App Store, it's on the top paid. PPL experience the same thing. FIX THIS PLEASE JOYDO. The only problems about this game is those people, and the box with pictures from REAL mc around it. Fix that and the game will be perfect. It will be like christmas all over again to me :D

  • How do I use the button

    by MACHO MAN45634456

    How do I get out?

  • AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Skythekid16428

    This is the best game ever!!!!!

  • cool

    by Emily.awesome

    awesome game

  • Eh

    by Webkinz Lover48

    It's really fun but i just hate the new graphics but anyways I'm RoseABella and I hope to see ya around

  • dobiesz2

    by dobiesz1

    HOW DO U CHANGE YOUR SKIN! Overall the app is great! But i don't know how to change the skin! I see other people do it! Plz tell and i will give 5 stars!

  • Coins!

    by Himlic

    We should be able to earn coins by winning. 10 coins for robbers winning and 20 coins for cop winning! Thanks for reading!

  • Very Fun

    by Randombro43

    No problems so far! Keep up the good work!

  • Good game

    by CodMasterPs3

    This game is pretty good and I've had it for a long time and have had no problems but I know a code

  • There's a problem

    by Gamefreak!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every time I try to play it says that I don't an Internet connection but I have a perfectly fine connection. I can't create or join a server. When I do, everyone is gone because of the connection. PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mid way

    by Mono mono 1432

    Fix the crashing of the app it is annoying and it should be my favorite app

  • Bad

    by Good guy3000

    Don't buy this game it horrible, your character moves too slow,it's slow pace, and it has a lot of bugs. listen to me guys this game isn't worth 1$. You should buy the Hide n Seek game, it's at the top.

  • Awful

    by Sockmokitty

    this game is awful... its not worth the money

  • So bad it makes me want to curse !

    by Kasky1

    The graphics make you move slower , I get a lot of losing connection , and I am worried that I am gonna get serious consequences for saying something silly . Horrible with the update .

  • Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Enada1

    I have cops and robbers and this all ur games make us addicted u guys work very hard on them thanks

  • I love it but


    Every time I play this I win I do not get coins but when there is more people and reached the max it says we win that is good but it keeps doing it every time we finished a round we win then again we win I HATE IT I THINK THERE IS A BUG pls fix this! Thx! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Best game EVER!!

    by Dmjdawg-16

    This game is fun you should get it my name is Ashlyn search up rose that's my middle name so let's see if you will see me around well first you can play with the world and your family hope you get it really bad

  • Horrible

    by Timer GeForce

    The update is horrible!!!, hate the graphics and everything. I used to luv this game so much, after the update not so much!!

  • Banning

    by ANGE V

    U need a way to ban the people, or should I say 12 year olds, from trying to have fake sex on here. They are ruining the game. They know nothing about the real thing.

  • Little bad

    by Snakegghhgj

    You need to ern coins get daily bounus And more maps and extream weather like Sharknados and stuff like that.

  • Fun but…

    by Spenceerrrrrrrrrr

    Fun but it should be a bigger jail and a little longer and more challenging, the door to the boat should be I'm different places every game, should be more jail rooms, and should be 2 cops with 8 players. And anyone notice the ship from the pirate ship map is the same map as hijacked for Call of Duty?

  • Best game ever, but how do you get money?

    by King Ender-Elf

    I love the game, and I showed it to one of my friends who can't stop playing it, but we both wonder the same thing, WHERE IS THE CASH?! We don't get cash at the end of the game whenever we win, or if I'm a cop and I win, I still don't get any money. In the next update, you guys need to give 10$ to 20$, if you win the game. I want to buy a skin, but my phone won't let me make in-app purchases. I'm not saying I hate this game, but How do you get money? I love this game and its awesome, the graphics are amazing, the new pirate map is awesome, but just fix the money thing, please?

  • The app is great but...

    by Kylekiller

    Personally I think that you could be able to earn coins in game so that you don't have to buy them with money. I also think that the player would be able to jump , like kind of like with being able it run , you should have to wait a little bit or use the bottle in your inventory. Like I said , it is a great game but jumping and earning coins would be a I lot better. I'd appreciate if you couldupdate the game and let the player jump and earn

  • Ok

    by Temple of fire

    You should add more maps and more features like new weapons and make new rooms.the way to escape is to easy so you should make it hidden or harder to get out

  • Epic

    by Fashion dancer

    I love this game!!! But sometimes it won't let me join servers that say 7/8

  • Don't waste your money!!!

    by Pokey0305

    Very glitchy DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS!!!

  • Abbé

    by amberick

    My son love this app

  • My review

    by Table mable

    This game is amazing I can't stop playing it

  • Upgrades you need

    by Jada :D

    Upgrades 1. 1 player with default computer playing cops and robbers 2. More and more skins plz I adore them 3. A couple more different themes 4. No glitches 5. You need to make it were as soon as you buy the app it asks for a username that way it's not always " New Player " 6. You can play up to 2 players that way your not setting in a room for 5 minutes waiting for someone else to join 7. Make it kid mode or adult/teen mode like on "akinator " <-- a game 8. Make it were you can cuss and if you don't want someone to cuss put it on "kid mode" 9. You need it were you can swim (robbers or cops) That's all but if you could get all of that it would be 5 stars other than that I love the app

  • Needs some things

    by Snakegghhgj

    You need to ern coins get daily bounus And more maps

  • No single player

    by Hdoggg007

    Description is misleading. You cannot play as just a single user. You either have to be online or have to have someone locally to play with...

  • I

    by Shooter 2006

    I wish they can even more maps

  • Lovin it

    by TinaDinaTyDuece

    I love this game, though I think there should be a way to get out of your sell without the cop freeing you

  • Cool

    by Bot slave

    It is great but add more items

  • Epic

    by Fire7274753

    You can play with friends play fun maps and make new friends

  • Good for good

    by HelpYoGames

    I have payed money for this game, but i found out you cant get coins! Here are a few ideas from me... 1 if you win and the team wins also (robbers) you all each get 100-200 coins, 2 fix a cheating glich where people run into door and other person go on top of friend and open swich, 3 please let us all players jump! Jump, jump, jump, and jump! 4 let us have food! Please, im waiting for great food ro chew on, apple= 2 hearts bread= 3.50 hearts carrot=2.50 gearts potato=4 hearts. If you do all or at least some of these, i would buy all other games of joydo! Love yours games!

  • Fun fun fun

    by Gartek44

    This game is awesome and we love it. We wanted to make a review to tell everyone. Thanks

  • Dont know


    I hate this game

  • I like but.........

    by Cutest munchkin

    You should add more apps and make us walk faster any I like the game

  • Wow

    by Henry99999999999999

    This game is horrible! I don't understand how to play it. And you need more than one person for signal player. Unbelievable!

  • Amazing

    by Ollieellis1234

    Best game I have ever played and nonstop fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love this game

    by Amazing man...

    This is the best game I've ever had!!!!!

  • This game is the best!

    by Rexal rock's


  • Don't waste your money

    by Monkey23459336$

    There was no way to chat so the warden always would kill u no matter what. And looked terrible. I recommend u do not buy it.

  • It's ok

    by DondieL

    It could be better I just keep lagging out of the game

  • Ok

    by Kobigirl

    It does not give me any coins at all and when your in that room before you go in When three people join there is no door when five people join there is a door. Otherwise , it is a good game. Will someone tell me how good the survival games is!

  • Worst game

    by Prruxsf

    This game is terrible it has no way for the robber to exec ape

  • Cops +Robbers Review

    by Luke 0987654321

    The game is nice and cool,but I have some thoughts to change it.I think there should be a skin for girl wardens so no one feels left out.You should also gain coins in the game when you win a match do you don't have to buy all the coins if you are a child.This game is nice ,but do keep these things in mind.

  • To Slow

    by Sjshkdbs

    Very Fun!! But the movement needs to be faster, and no more potions!!! Just give us normal mine craft pacing with a jog feature.. BTW are you American? Cause your grammar is a little off. If not great job making an app for Americans and trying hard, overall it's real fun. Last thing, on the survival games I noticed you can see the mess hall from it, by leaning and looking through, very interesting.

  • Worst

    by F g ever

    Gay game boring no freeying you only friends kill you for nothing

  • Good game but..

    by Zacky bro

    It keeps disconnecting me from any game I join and says I don't have internet please make an up date to fix it

  • How fun this game is

    by LnAch

    This game is very mega awsome

  • Fun game

    by Bhcjnkkh

    I really like this game

  • Glitch

    by Cookie rules boss

    There is a HUGE glitch that needs to be reconsided

  • Awsome game

    by Awwww mmaannnnsss

    You guys make really good games like this game really awsome game. :D

  • Earn coins

    by JTandLyssy

    I think that people should earn coins not buy them. You should put in if that particular person wins they get 100 coins but if they aren't the one that escaped they get 50 coins that's what I think.

  • Look this is not fun

    by Jeffrey.J

    There are things that are not fun 1 cops keep you in cells and collect all the stuff and you lose! Some even kill you for no reason! 2 if your a cop and you let everyone out, you can't stop TNT! 3 you push yourself on the wall with 2 or 3 people and your already there! No ladders needed 4 if there's 2 people in a cell you can escape. 5 me and my sis can't play ourselves without a creeper joining! 6 you should have single player! 7 too many people talk about stupid stuff! 8 some TNT is too hard to get. 9 in real cops and robbers, you can't teleport, It makes it too hard for the cop! 10 overall I hate it

  • Jail break

    by Iwbsdhdjsjb

    This game was not that good because there should be a opening for the robbers to get out but have a cop to guard the jail and have other cops guarding other jail sells and have more rooms

  • Amazing

    by Darkblade996

    I love this game it is truly amazing it is definitely worth money! BUY IT NOW!?!

  • Awesome game

    by Twins827

    Awesome game I love.Best mini game ever.

  • Glitches

    by Deadman30

    Waste of $. Glitches can't play!

  • One word

    by Fhbxatknbf


  • Boo

    by thehunter:•

    This game isn't worth the money:(

  • Meh

    by Sirlemonz

    Every time I try to join a server, I get kicked off the application even if it's my own world or a local match.

  • Pretty good

    by Mr. Moo5tache

    Awesome but to change skins and themes and stuff u have to but it with real money.

  • :)

    by 0 __•

    Fun very fun

  • Awesome

    by Fred Johnson

    It's nice but the disturbing part about it people make rooms for sex or that they need a girlfriend or boyfriend

  • Put a singleplayer mode in!

    by Dawesomedude

    Every one on your games should have a singleplayer mode


    by BigDipper3

    I want my $$ back!!!! I just paid for this app for my son to play this game in his "own little world" with option of me to join. I would rather have him play locally, but found out that's impossible since we would need 1 more player in addition to me to start a game. RIDICULOUS!!! I read the description before I purchased this game & had the impression it would be much like Mine Craft or the like where 1 or more can play NOT 3 or more. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS GAME IF YOU WANT TO PLAY BY YOURSELF OR 1 OTHER PERSON- CAN'T DO IT!!!!!

  • Awesome.. but

    by Boifugi

    You need to fix the glitch where there is no cop

  • Everything is excellent so far! :)

    by Fjndjnkww

    I LOVE IT! keep up the fabulous work!!!

  • Update plz:/

    by Onenoisyboy

    I really like this game and it's really fun to play but the connection is horrible and sometimes ur just stuck in your sell with no tools or anything but till then no 5 stars

  • Fun game

    by 1234687(,.,)65;($6(2,,?6(

    I had the cop. People don't play the game right the cop just goes into the cells and kills everyone.

  • Ok

    by Irk disk

    It's a great game and all but on the next update add a list that way the creator of the place can kick people out of the game

  • It's ok

    by BR BOYY

    There should be more people in one lobby and you should be able to invite friends


    by Nococopuff

    The best game ever totally spend your money on it!

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