Cops N Robbers (FPS) - Mine Mini Game With Survival Multiplayer Games App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Liu Tao

1.Remove Christmas trees.
2.Adjust Slots: Add all paid items to slots.(Not only Christmas items now)

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For our new game ##Survival Games## release! For Holiday!
The limited free is coming!!!
Enjoy yourself & Fighting with 2 million online players!!!

# 2 million downloads!
# 3000+ players online at the same time!
# 600+ rooms created at the same time!

*** New Feature v1.7 ***
1.New skins, new weapons.
2.Add armor and health pack.
3.Words filter.
4.Renew character action animation.

***Holiday update is here!***
1.Add auto gift receive.Receive gift box or coins.
2.Add gift box slots: win the holiday skins and weapons.
3.Add gems: buy some special items.
4.5 Christmas weapons, 8 Christmas skins.
5.New map: Christmas Town.Enjoy yourself.

1.Multiplayer support: local and worldwide.
2. Sky & Environment effect setting.
3. Detail effects: bullet holes & spark effect…
4. Chat System in game: team chat or all players chat.
5. Weapon System(15+ weapons): AK47, M4, M87T, RPG, AWP, G36K, MP5KA5, UZI, M249, Desert Eagle, M67…with great voxel models & pixel textures!
6. Skin System(28 + skins): with function of exporting it to mine craft pc edition.
7. Beautiful UI & comfortable control.
8. Maps: 10 + interesting maps.
9. Game Mode: now support 2 modes - Stronghold Mode & Death Match Mode.(New modes will keep updating!)
10. Profile System: (Weapon Equipping & SKin Set & Information & Reward).
11. Rewards: Killing Reward, Headshot Reward, God Like Killer Reward…(easy coins earning!)
12. Damage setting: (Head, body, leg) - Different position with different damage.
13. Growth System: Level, Rank, Reward.

1.Support up to 12 players worldwide.
2.5 different online regions you can choose.(Global,EU,US,ASIA,JP)
3.Dynamic switch team in game.
4.Create & Joins Rooms: Play with other players all around the world.

1. Support multiplayer up to 16 players together.
2. New maps for multiplayer mode.
3. Exciting experience in game.
4. Challenge your skill & play with your friends now!!!

*** DESIGN ***
1. Pixel & Block-based Scene, Character, Props, Weapons.
2. Awesome cops & funny robbers, the high quality models design.
3. Jail Break & Jungle Battle & Fighting N Shooting.Play with your friends!!!

For the best experience on iphone/ipad/ipod touch, We optimized the game again and again.This release version is perfect running on all the devices!!!

Challenge your limits!Your record will upload to Game Center.To be the 1st-killer all around the world.We believe you can do it!Just Fighting!!!


*** Support & Feedback ***
Mail: [email protected]
Twitter: [email protected]
Facebook: [email protected]

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Jawzerz

    This is the best game I have played in a while.

  • Cool game

    by D3nis3 l3d

    Cool game but sometimes you can die in 1 shot but it is still a cool game.

  • Addicting

    by gunnerdown1337

    Really fun

  • Wow!

    by Jenny7375

    This is one of my favorite games now!!

  • AMAZING GAME,but..

    by Dredregon

    I apsolutelly love this game and I play it quite a lot i must say...Although I would like to have some 'fun stuff' added.For example: 1. Skin customiser 2. More maps 3. More types of game like Conquest or Capture the flag ... I saw that many people request this in future and i hope that this game keeps improoving Thank you

  • Amazing...but of course there are some issues...

    by TheImmortal1213

    I love this game and the idea, but there are some things that were said as "tips" in the loading screen that are not true. I cannot get coins on single player, I don't get a gift box everyday, and some others. And as many people said: single player is boring! But overall, awesome multiplayer.

  • Butt sniffer

    by Pdccdrrdcdrxdtxr

    This game is fun

  • Ghhghuunghsiii

    by Gosh hygiene

    Need more skins and maps

  • Its not the best but one of the funniest games I've played

    by Sassafrass the real sassafrass

    Ok so first its fun at first but u guys somehow need to add better controls and personally I have the ipod 5 but I've seen the lag on the ipod 4 and u guys need to fix that otherwise runs great and is great. What I wanted u guys to add also is more guns if possible and buying skins for coins now that would be cool.


    by Awesome gunner duder

    This game is so fun and addicting!!

  • Awesome!!!!

    by Hater Joe

    It was one of the best games on the App Store but the rivalry is this game Flappy Birds and Nitro Nation Drag Racing also I think that they should update the game so you earn coins on single player rather than just experience or xp


    by Split/second

    It's great! It just needs more lit up maps and modern maps and I think there should be something were you type in your user name ( and password so people can't say their skydoesminecraft or something) and then it would give you a model playable character of you! :P

  • Cool

    by Anything!!!!!!!!!

    Please add more melee weapons and fix the of grenade sliding through players

  • Very good. This and clash of clan are my favorite apps.

    by Exo_guard

    My game name is Exo_guard, and I love this app. Very entertaining and addictive. I have all of the gold weapons and most of the normal weapons, however I hate when people kill me while I am typing. Make a way so that people cant kill you while you are typing.also maybe add story mode and so,e new weapons,right now there isnt very many weapons. Presets are too hard to get all i get is 50 coins or whatever and whenever i do get a present all i get is somthing lame. I want the christmas sniper or the santa gun for gods sake please let me get these!! Custom skims and guns would be awesome. Add some new maps. Add a new rocket launcher. Maybe a javelin that costs 12000 and is a one shot kill like in real life. Has a slow rate of fire. Has 10 shots since having only 5 is cheap. Maybe add a kind of minigun with more damage than the Uzi but with max rate of fire. Costs 10000 coins. In the future maybe add some vehicle maps with tanks and jeeps, ect. Thinking of ideas that would spice up the game and make it more unique because for now it is a pretty basic fps shooter. Oh and if i go on a godlike kill streak i think i should get 1 gem or somthing. Gems are impossible to get and i get up to 1000 kills per game so i think my effort and skill should be rewarded with extra cash if im on a streak or with a gem.

  • Awesome

    by Southyyy

    I think it's a great game but it needs more skins and let us customize and a story mode and easy to get coins

  • Best game

    by Cruise momma

    BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Need better update

    by Edog5440

    I like the game but most of all I can't aim on my guns so I would really like you to update and thanks for reading

  • Violent fun!

    by Fundalun

    I really like this game! It is fun,enjoyable, and addicting, but it needs a better update. You should add, •more skins •more places •a list of the color codes that you can change your name color • instructions on how to play the game because when i first got it, I was clueless. •and more of space because whenever I play a 12 player game, I keep gerting shot. You should be at least 9 or older to play because it involves some vilience! :-)

  • AWESOME!!!!!

    by dadsRfunny FAN

    Best game ever!!!

  • Updating Cops N Robbers

    by Oppaloppa123

    I can not play on my cops and robbers mini minecraft game because when I updated it it never let me play on it again it says that it is updating! It's a really fun game you should play it but I can't play on it cause of the update

  • Cops n robbers

    by Armanarshad1

    This is a awesome game can you please add a new skin like SkythekidRS and deadlox and shire kens !That would make the game sooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome

  • How do u do this

    by Bearville lover

    how do u other people get there name changed by the color i really wanted to know that


    by Jamesnail11

    This game is amazing! Absolutely amazing! I thought that no one would ever get this done, but you guys did! 5/5 stars! One small problem: for me, the app crashes if I spend more than. Minute in the store from the main menu. Otherwise, it's nearly perfect! Just give the sniper a better aim, and it's the ultimate game!


    by Onionpoop


  • GET!!!

    by luvbolivia


  • Awesome (so awesome it's taking over my sis)

    by sydj7

    This game is so awesome keep the good work up! This is one of my most favoritable I play it every day and it is super fun! But please make the time shorter to get a gift otherwise I love it!

  • Awesome

    by Ty dog 58

    It's so cool but it could use more maps that's all

  • Unknown features

    by Review Sticks

    I love the game and all but where are the people with colored names for is there a secret code or a glitch to get that

  • Very fun!

    by Bunbovanrath

    Fun and addicting

  • I love it but :(

    by Painty26

    I really really love this game but my search bar is broke. I don't know why but please help I hope it gets fix soon.thank you

  • Cool

    by Sgzhfjsjcjdic

    I like this game but need to put 70% off not 50% please but still like it

  • More wepons

    by Landenlou30

    Add a water balloon bome And a ray gun and galtlingun and a flame thrower and tear gas and add cars that you can drive

  • Cop n robbers

    by Jejsjjwjwjwjwj

    This game is awesome when I first saw it blowed my mind I downloaded it and when I started play I said wow!the gun the skin the places it was amazing I played everyday and I'm telling u to buy it

  • Code colors

    by XxAssasinxULTRA

    What are the code for the colors I want to know

  • Need stuff

    by Kterrlee

    You need to be able to make a map not just the name. You should be able to make a gun 1000 coins.There should be more rewords.

  • Goooooooood

    by Hffhsjygsjvdd

    I like it but could u guys add a "gun factory" that's like the "knife factory"

  • Best game ever but needs more stuff

    by iChainsaw

    This game is the best ever!!!!!Its even my stubearn brothers favorite game,but it would be better if you could create your own skin,guns,and war place and there is always 1 more person on each team what's up with that but any way still my most favorite game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terrible

    by Assassinnate

    This app is terrible it doesn't download on 5th gen iPods just like every other app please fix it

  • minecraft rip off

    by Fridolay

    this is a mnecraft ripoff. they are using exact block textures as in minecraft. Mojang should sue this company for stealing parts of their game.

  • Best game ever

    by Magneticgamer

    Hi I like this game and the others

  • Skins

    by Midevilkitty

    The game itself isn't bad, but it really needs to have the option to download skins from the PC version of Minecraft. There are also no pre-set female skins. Hmph.

  • Nice!!!!!!

    by Hiyakk577

    I really enjoy this game and I play it A LOT. The only reason that I gave this game 4 stars is because I usually end up disconnecting from a game, even though I never chose to stop the game!!! Otherwise I really like this and you should get it

  • Good but...

    by Speedtehhedgi

    Knife needs to be insta kill but slow. For those Assassin kills. And needs to be less money robbing.

  • Very fun

    by PokemonPro97

    BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great game

    by Sage808Mena

    This game is soooooo good . I give it a 5 star rating.

  • Cyber bulling

    by PandaMe

    My younger cousin was cyber bullied on cops n robbers. Is there a way to limit the bulling cuz she felt really hurt.

  • Great Game

    by 99winner

    No problems beside the glitch in christmas town. This game just needs more weapons and skins. Other than that this game is very fun and addicting. And btw in the game I'm GodDeath【Lv.??】(I put ?? cuz my lv keeps on rising I'm ATM lv. 51. Tip to new players: AIM FOR THE HEAD. That's all I have to say for now.

  • Adicting

    by Cutecheatah

    I love this game but, each time I try to search the map that I'm suppose to meet up with someone it doesn't work and it should be easier to search by number,word,and other words and it disconnects when I get on and i have great service can you plz fix this game with custom made skins and fix the bug fixes Your loving customer Fun:D

  • To make it better

    by Genntlemen

    1 Add a skin creater but it will cost money. 2 Add a crouch to so it will be harder to see. 3 Add a climber to climb walls. 4 Add a map builder to make a map but every block and size and hight cost money. 5 Add doors to open and close. 6 Add beds and other decorations. 7 Add ladders to climb.

  • Love it

    by Bro co

    Best game ever just needs to stop crashing on multiplayer Look for wolfgirl11, that's me

  • Needs more stuff

    by Jgdkfjmf

    New maps make it to where you can get a coin for killing a person in single player mode and needs new weapons other wise a good game! Oh yeah and needs a gun maker so you can design your own weapons or a weapon mixer so you can make a grenade launcher or even throwing knifes! Oh and you could also use a mad designer that way you can design your own maps and add mines or time bombs also a spot to buy maps and special items like a first aid kit that you can keep for ever and it will heal you over time! Thanks we need all of it!

  • How do you use chat

    by A female like any other nothing 2 brag about

    When I was playing online i saw some one type somthing but I couldn't find out how to chat

  • Beast

    by Tannersmash

    I like this but you should be able to have more weapons and you should get to have more fun places to go and shoot people and go inside a boat or you should definatly be able to drive a car around so you can get around faster and agian it is an ok game !!!!!!!!! !!!

  • its good but

    by gregsgroup

    hi my in game name is tannyboy20 and i think the game could use some work

  • Good lol

    by Kitty cat fury

    Great game so far

  • Best Game Ever!!!!

    by Cr7-simy

    I'm very addictive to this game

  • Hi

    by Boboger123

    A very good game

  • Awesome

    by Typical_gamer227

    One of the best games ive played

  • 3D Graphics

    by Pizza women

    I like the 3d Graphics and its so addicting

  • I love this app

    by Still a grandma

    I love this game this is the best game ever but there needs to be more maps on single player

  • It's ok

    by Two hopeful kids

    This app needs more things. Me and my sister play a lot. But it needs more! Here are some ideas, Skins: More girls Steve Weapons: Cooler guns Bows Others: Ducks Blocks Cows Pigs Sheep Jails for robbers Team areas If you follow some of these we will be so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Almost Perfect

    by Pieguy21

    I love the game but I can only buy one pack of coins or spin then I have to wait until another update comes out before I can buy another.

  • It's awesome but it has a parts to fix

    by Cristian.xu9

    This game is very awesome but just make better gifts please.

  • Cool

    by Jipo7


  • Needs girl skins!!

    by Adelinesb

    No girl skins! You can't even make your own skin! Please fix this

  • Addicted

    by Butterman2.0

    I love playing this game. Every time I come home I tell my mom to give me my ipad. But I have some suggestion. *One let us create our own skins *Next more maps That's all I want and I hope you take my suggestion.

  • I like this game

    by Mjw0517

    I like the game very much

  • Pretty good

    by M destruction

    The game is good but lags a bit when you go into worldwide mode but it is amazing other than that

  • Amazing

    by Shawnee girl

    So fun!

  • More guns and slots

    by Carlos56:)

    Please pls pls pls pls pls pls add more guns and slots and more maps

  • Great game

    by Jasonmon81

    Should add more guns add skin creater and make bots better in single player make money alitle bit easier to get

  • SO FUN❤️

    by landonecyt

    It's a great game I'm 10 and I suggest it the sniper is a 1shot 1kill deal.φήμη λαξδ αφήγηση οδό δήθεν νωπή δεκτό 1κιιι 1σηρπ

  • Awesome but

    by Molleybrat9321

    Made me rate

  • Co op

    by Alexthegreat13

    So coooool {<>,..,<>}

  • Eh...

    by DJ.Dawg

    I don't get the whole minecraft appearance. Also getting one-shot killed by sniper is pretty annoying, but seems like a legit game.

  • U.U

    by Arthur Fontenelle King

    I just mastered, amazing game! 5 stars

  • :O

    by Niqqaboyee:p

    This game is sooo cool!

  • Amazing!!!!!!

    by ~Twilight Hater~

    This game is really amazing and very fun!!!!!!!

  • Awesome game

    by L choo

    Great game! Good graphics

  • Epic Game

    by Lolman194

    We all know its a minecraft rip off but when you're past that it's a great game with excellent graphics

  • I LOVE THe game


    IT'S SO GOOD The guns are SWEET

  • The best

    by Dylandaniels

    This is the 2ed best game ever!!!!!!!! It will be good for a update.

  • Suffer

    by Ddwertyqaa

    Thhstfdfb fdhcivggbbh vggv

  • COOL

    by Migrod0306

    Stop reading and get this app!

  • Please help

    by Keke an jb

    It won't work for US or Global.. Please fix the bug

  • Cool as heck

    by Rich dog123

    I love it... It is the best

  • Wonderful

    by Frostlite

    This game is awsome

  • They could be making a valentines day map

    by Zumba momma

    You have played this app and saw all those servers saying "who needs a bf" or "no killing just ***". we'll, you guys should REALLY make a valentines day map. We don't care what game mode it can do, WE WANT MAPS. maybe you could make maps for each Holliday. I hope you workers are being paid enough to make maps for us.

  • I love this game.

    by -k4ever-

    I love this game. It is super addicting in my opinion

  • Very cool and entertaining

    by Doodlebug140

    I think that it's better than the last one but to saying that y'all should like it that's okay this is my opinion


    by Onionpoop


  • The game is amazing, but...

    by Tdhfueiehfhfidhfuf

    The game is amazing. There's capture the flag, killing competitions, and regular killing! There is also single player. It has no gold. However, It should have more maps. It should also have more game types, like story mode, for single player and multiplayer. There should be changing skin. For the head 800 gold, for the body 1500 gold, and for the legs 1000 gold. I think there should be some recoil. But, overall this is my favorite game for the IPad. So buy it today!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good app but u need to add more things

    by Ali23457

    Your app is great but can you add tomahawks and Call Of Duty maps like nuke town. When you add these things I'll give 5 star rating and keep up the good work, make this face :( to this :D

  • Awesome game

    by Njulien

    Great game


    by Kamron20

    I love this game! Everytime i get on i think im gonna do AWFUL! But i hit a ton of peeps! The only thing i dont understand is the armour and the skins! I really want to change my skin to a girl skin but i cant. Anyway i LUVE DIS GAME! From KSH20KSH

  • This is cool

    by Cboyyy

    I am a YouTuber and I'm going to put this game on it great game. Find me at TheCBRat.

  • :)

    by Block heads fan

    Like it so far and really cool but can you add sneak

  • Great

    by Gbud35

    I think it awesome

  • Awesome

    by Lolololololplplool


  • Kyle

    by Tabby071

    You rock this is the best game ever.come out with another video game soon.

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