Joe Danger Infinity Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Hello Games
  • Updated: Jan, 09 2014
  • Version: 1.0.6
  • Size: 87.61 MB

Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Seller: Hello Games Ltd

*** Preparations for next big content update!! Coming soon ***

*** Booster screen no longer appears every wipeout,so you can race again quicker! ***
*** Now Earn Boosters using in game coins! ***
*** Just like Joe Danger, coins are now kept even if you don't reach the end of the race ***

*** iPhone 4 Bug fix for Dining Room (Tour 11) world, tasty! ***
*** Level progression fix ***
*** more iOS7 improvements ***

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
196 Ratings
All Versions:
513 Ratings


**"Joyous and addictive" PocketGamer **
**"One of our favorite games on iPhone" TouchArcade**
**"Looks beautiful" 148Apps **
**"Endless Fun" Kotaku**

The World’s Most Determined Motorbike Stuntman has been shrunk down into a tiny world with hundreds of new levels!

Defy death with dozens of new vehicles! There’s motorbikes, cars, airplanes… even a tank and a runaway firework! Fight remote control helicopters, dodge snooker balls and use a block of cheese to ramp over bowls of soup!

If you enjoyed Joe Danger Touch, one of the App Store’s BEST of 2013, then you'll LOVE Joe Danger Infinity and his infinite micro world.

*VEHICLES! 20+ new vehicles. Motorbikes! Cars! Planes!
*FUN! Critically acclaimed gameplay in your hands
*BOSS BATTLES! Can you defeat them?
*INFINITY! Hundreds of levels!
*UNLOCKABLES! 25+ playable characters to discover
*COMPETITION! Pull tricks and combos to beat your friends

More praise for the original multi-award winning Joe Danger Touch:
**"Lovingly crafted" 9/10 IGN **
**"Funny and super addictive" 9/10 Eurogamer**
**"A gorgeous, must-have motorbike game" 9/10 PocketGamer **
**"One of the most fun games on iOS" 9/10 Digital Spy**

ENHANCED for iOS7 - iPhone 5, iPod 5, iPhone 4S,new iPad with retina display, iPad 2, iPad Air and iPad Mini!
60fps Retina graphics with normal mapping, dynamic shadows and hundreds of physics objects!

Hello Games is a tiny indie studio, your support and 5-star ratings keep the updates coming :)
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Customer Reviews

  • Give me points

    by Nicklaus lee


  • Great game

    by Carnie03xx

    Great game to pass the time with

  • Keeps Losing Progress

    by Duldras

    Great game, but I keep losing coins and progress. I have lost anywhere from 5k to 50k coins during play session. Update: After each session, goto options and save to cloud. This will ensure you don't lose your progress.

  • Dangerously Awesome!

    by Hiya Hooy!

    After playing the first Joe Danger, this definitely beats it. I do miss some of the characters from the first one, like Zombear and Chimpanzombie. Still, I prefer to mute the music as their is enough sound effects, action, and game design to keep me entertained. For $.99, it's a must buy.

  • Awesome

    by Charger SRT8


  • Fun game

    by Ipadfather

    Pretty good. Not too easy, not too hard.

  • Super Fun!

    by Imagoonie78

    Super Cool!

  • Hours of fun!

    by Aasfgggleosmx

    This has definitely helped me through my candy crush addiction when I have run out of levels to play. Love it!

  • Great

    by Hogan metz


  • Wow

    by Ajuyoy

    It's really a great game that could last you without paying money

  • Great game

    by Imerty

    Great game!

  • Good for adult AND children!

    by Gzuzrocks

    I've played most versions of joe danger and have enjoyed them all. The developer behind this game has proved itself to make high quality games and I always recommend them to others. Their "Joe Danger" line is great for both children and adult alike. Very fun and humorous. U will enjoy greatly. 10/10.

  • Fun but sometimes difficult

    by DukeHunter7731

    I love this game but sometimes when you are tapping so you can jump or swiping to do a trick, it won't work and then I would die.

  • Excellent

    by Bromantic

    Amazing Game!

  • nice game

    by ryounino

    awesome~ its a wonderful game^_^

  • Not bad

    by Targbulldine

    It's fun but crashes and freezes.not bad for a Buck.

  • Here for the coins

    by Cbadlancers

    It's fun doe

  • Hello!

    by Openworldgamer

    I'm buying this game for a few reasons. One being it looks freaking awesome! :D The second being they could use some help after their unfortunate flood in their office and three because their developing no mans sky. I will rate it as soon as I have played through it. Cheers!

  • Very cool

    by maddd1

    Fun and very entertaining. I hate IAP though. Seems some items are un reachable without a payout. But if you can enjoy what you can get it is a blast.

  • Good, but...

    by SkyrimNord108

    I like this game a lot. It's fun, long, and it's not childishly easy. The only problem I have is if you don't get all the achievements(or whatever they're called) in certain levels you have to play with certain characters or vehicles. If you don't have them, you have to pay to get the coins to buy them. That's stupid. Other than that it's a fun game.

  • Mad

    by AngelDevil1

    U guys lowered the price :O -.-

  • Keeps Losing Progress

    by Duldras

    Great game, but I keep losing coins and progress. I have lost anywhere from 5k to 50k coins during play session.

  • I love it but now it won't save my data

    by ashbaker12

    I got really far but now it won't save my data fix it now!!!!!

  • Frequently loses progress!

    by 879 093 612

    My 3 year old has been working hard to save up for his ridiculously overpriced $100k car that he has to have to proceed, only to find his 40 minutes of building up his coins was lost between game plays! Updates haven't fixed this embarrassing issue! Congrats on making A 3 year old cry

  • Better than the first

    by ch4s3r

    Joe danger infinity is great and way more engaging than the first.


    by Biggs146

    Funest game ever!!!

  • Great Game for .99

    by BC0613

    Great game to pass the time away!! And only 99 cents.

  • Author

    by Chucky Bukowski

    Very fun game

  • Fun game

    by Awesome boy1223

    Fun game buy it because it is fun and there business just got flooded

  • It's ok

    by Das Büt

    I've played better but I've also played worse

  • Good Game

    by Awesome5656

    This Game Looked Bad But It Is My 2nd Favorite On My IPad My First Favorite Game On My IPad Is Minecraft PE

  • Amazing!

    by Joe danger dude!

    Awesome addictive...great game

  • Good game

    by Thrax2

    Good game

  • Not too shabby

    by Oxymorphone


  • Cute, Fun, Entertaining

    by Jorge Muxica

    Just a generally good game very fun (but a tad too easy) Very funny, cute, and enjoyable atmosphere to it.

  • Great game

    by Patio1761

    Really addictive

  • by Fliboyz11

    Love this game, very cool

  • Joe Danger

    by Bryan2468345

    I bought this game for 2.99 and now it's 0.99 why u steal my money nice game though. I love it

  • FUN

    by beth dauscher

    Great game !

  • Perfect Short-Run Game

    by DimerHunton

    Do you have a commute? Like bite-sized gaming? Get this game.

  • Joe Danger

    by Dyabc123

    It's great you should get it everyone should !!!!

  • Good

    by Serg dawg

    Pretty good

  • I love it!!

    by KillA611

    I love this game but every time I play it, it always crashes!

  • Progress not being saved in game!

    by Drewsak

    I have passed so many levels in this game...some of them I spend my coins on invincibility to pass the level but when I come back to the game later on, the game shows that I shows only my previous progress. This is starting to happen every time I exit the game. Please Fix!!

  • Fun

    by edgehead510

    A good fun game. Nice looking levels and great controls. A must have.

  • Fun game

    by Rockjt30

    Good time killer. Fun to play and challenging

  • Great game

    by Dggdfjrhhsfh

    Wonder ful game

  • A blast!

    by Duhbyo

    Way to go Hello Games! Looking forward to No Man's Sky!

  • Awesome

    by J awesome 11111


  • Awesome, simple and fun!

    by Brian Sickles

    Really simple and fun controls


    by Big Tooter

    It's fun but you don't control the level you're playing AT ALL. What I mean is, if you try to tap your guy or change your vehicle, it won't let you. Would be five stars but this is ANNOYING!

  • Good job

    by Daniel Georr

    One of the best games on the app store.There aren't many cool games like that right now

  • Good

    by Guy737292

    It's an okay game, but I would have like more customization, and the whole gum all thing is really overrated.

  • Love it

    by singaboy7

    I wish there were more fun cars, but maybe in an update?

  • No Man's Sky

    by crocodileman

    Love the game. I bought it here specifically it to support the developer, Hello Games, who's office was recently flooded. They need all the help they can get right now. You should buy this game to help them recover from the flood, and so they can keep working on their next game, No Man's Sky. And if you haven't already, go check out the trailer for No Man's Sky. It looks AMAZING. And to the developers I say hang in there guys, and keep up the great work!

  • Good..

    by Opie12345678910

    Great game, but every time I close and reopen the game, I lose coins and progress (in terms of pro coins)

  • Cool

    by Hay hay 222


  • joe Danger Infinity!!!

    by BradBombGamer420

    i really enjoyed this game , it was only $.99 when I got it , and it was pretty long , very fun, and challenging at the same time. I felt very rewarded when I got every single guy ball token. Go Joe Danger!!!

  • Good

    by Hotrod900

    Good but would like to actually buy the characters with coins.

  • Epic!

    by jekabsk

    I've never played any of Joe Danger games before and wasn't expecting anything close to what the game is! It's addictive and with lots to do in every mission/level. I recommend this to everyone!

  • Great game, except for In-App Purchases.

    by mjedi7

    IAP ruins everything, but this game is so fun, it won't affect the experience. Just be careful when you buy something, disable the IAP in your iOS device just to be sure. Adding achievements could be a nice addition to the game.

  • Hm...

    by esaevian

    Seems simple and boring, but I can't stop playing. It's kind of scary really.

  • Really fun, but lost progress is disappointing

    by 879 093 612

    It's bad enough you have to save up for a 100,000 vehicle mid game (screams freemium - not cool in paid games), but the game loses your progress on coins, to the tune of a few thousand every time you step away. Fix the progress issue!

  • Add multiplayer!

    by original_p

    Fantastic game! Please add multiplayer, with the game mechanics as is, I would love to see 2-4 multiplayer racing on the same courses over wifi or online!

  • Joe infinity

    by Savage2477

    Very challenging and very customizable (characters and vehicles) and has a very long lasting appeal. Some might say infinently apealling!!

  • Great game.

    by M1010J

    Great game.

  • No no no

    by Wasayyyyyy

    I've been playing bike baron for the las couple of years and never had any bad thing to say about it, only more new levels but that's it. So I try with this one and it's terrible! So slow and childish! And on top of all you have to purchase more coins to advance because the normal way will take you for ever to pass levels! No good! At all!

  • Sweet

    by Joey Vee

    Love it.

  • The best game on the App Store!!!

    by Supercalafrigistic



    by ScottySauce

    I've been waiting for this one for a very long time and it's definitely worth the price of admission. There's so much it's crazy and you know they're not done yet. Just get it! Keep up the great woot and keep the updates coming.

  • Great game - but take away long cut scenes

    by Jjjeffyyy

    What makes great games that people play a lot is, well the playing of the game. Cut scenes got old very fast and they take up a lot of time. I have found myself not wanting to play JDanger sometimes because it takes so long in between doing everything. We play the games to actually play them.. Although the stuff between levels can look good.. They got old and frustrating and they should be don't away with.. When restarting, or unlocking new levels.. It should just be unlocked when the previous level is completed. Not sitting there watching levels unlock. I would, and I'm sure many other people would, enjoy this game much more if the "in between" cut scenes and animation things were done away with so we could get to the fun part: playing the game!:)

  • Great game

    by fireguymike

    One of the best games I have ever played on iOS

  • Super fun game

    by Naty Garcia

    Best game on the app store love it and it's only 99 cents can't beat it

  • Awesome

    by Za ck I sa n

    Very Fun Game! Addicting at times and very challenging. love this game!

  • Great Game

    by Saad Alhotan

    Love the new update

  • 1 star for app review demands.

    by hgriesen

    One star for requiring I review this app. Stop that.

  • Nonstop Crashing

    by Alexander Binkowski

    Won't stop crashing, even after re-downloading two times. Waste of a dollar.

  • Amazing!

    by DopeKill3r

    This game is of the hoook! I love how it's not violent,creative,& cool. I say there should be a second one!

  • 5/5

    by Superdingo500


  • Cool game

    by Kenalanl1981

    Fun game

  • Amazing

    by Hthahanahajanaanj

    This game is truly amazing,fun, and colorful

  • EssEeEff learn to read

    by Dj_Constantine

    You sir are a moron it says right below the title that it offers IAP. Does that mean you have to buy it no. If you spend a little time you don't have to spend money. Awesome game! Sorry to hear about your office flooding though :(

  • Revved Up

    by BHLingard

    Better than the first in every way -- tons of characters, vehicles, and really fun stages!

  • Good game

    by Turgmr

    Really fun but a bit dizzy with the graphic


    by jweaver1982

    I love the whole Joe Danger Series. I was sorry to hear about Hello Games Studio being flooded but happy to see they still worked together to make another great game. The only problem with this installment of Joe Danger was the integration or lack there of; Achievements with Game Center. Hopefully this will be taken care of with the next update. Hated to see that the first review was about I.A.P. Firstly, games aren't meant to be so easy that you can fly through them in no time. So if your short on coins either purchase them or do what developers want you to do; replay boards. It's called replay value for a reason. Secondly with what Hello Games has just been through be glad they came out with such a great game and quit crying! This is a must buy and with infinite replay well worth the low price of $.99. I have seen games much shorter worth three times this on the App Store. 5 stars all around!

  • Babish

    by FineItalian

    Im 15 and i thought this game would be pretty cool but once i played it i was kind of disappointed because it really is 9+ ages i don't recommend this game to anyone unless your like 11 and under thx.

  • Dosnt require purchasing in app purchases

    by Th3 apple man

    This app Dosnt require in app purchases like some are saying

  • Just got this for $2.99 now its .99


    The game is worth $2.99 so get it now at a dollar. I feel I should get $2 credit But yeaa!

  • Shame about the IAP, BUT...

    by Ash Hawthorne

    Still an absolutely cracking experience and boundless fun. It's just a shame that Joe has succumbed to In-app-purchases. It's the way of the world these days though, I suppose. Hoping the game isn't crippled by having to buy things. Well, here's an update from a good few hours playing through: if you get the gumball tokens on each level, a lot of the vehicles and characters are given to you/unlocked. So you don't have to grind. The only in-app purchases I've seen so far are for cheats and extra coins (and where's the fun in that?) and I'm well into the game - Tour 10+

  • Too many IAP

    by Wthermans

    Too many IAP and not a fast enough coin gain.

  • Good game

    by Gamedudepc

    Fun game with great challenges

  • 5 Stars after fixes are made.

    by 3DGhost

    Awesome Game! Reminds me of the NES days of Excitebike hahah. Great looking graphics and pretty good controls, other then sometime after jumping and doing a trick it doesn't register and ur just floating in the air doing nothing.. Other then that it just needs an endless mode and some cheaper requirements to play later levels down the road. All in all its a great game and you should pick it up while its .99 cent. P.S.- please fix the ios sync feature. Does Not share my saved ipad mini data with my iphone 5.

  • No Man's Sky


    Love the game. I bought it here specifically it to support the developer, Hello Games, who's office was recently flooded. They need all the help they can get right now. You should buy this game to help them recover from the flood, and so they can keep working on their next game, No Man's Sky. And if you haven't already, go check out the trailer for No Man's Sky. It looks AMAZING. And to the developers I say hang in there guys, and keep up the great work!

  • Lame

    by markymarkanddafunkybunch

    This game is so boring. Nice graphics but who cares? The game is fun for a 5 yr old. Buy the game if you like to keep tapping stuff endlessly.

  • Good

    by JonahManUtd814

    It's a pretty good game

  • Good solid game

    by Thaeos

    The reviewer under me posting about having to grind to get past a level is lying. The tank costs 8,000 or 5,000. You will have plenty of coins to buy every vehicle as you unlock them. You may need to eventually grind if your trying to get every character, although you can win them in the lottery game. It's a fun game, definitely worth the price.

  • Clever & we'll executed

    by Jedster247

    Really addictive. Challenging but accessible.

  • Freakin BS!

    by ahdbqushq

    I paid $3 for this game, and now it's $1! Screw u guys:( the only reason I gave 2 stars is becuz it's actually a pretty good game but I want $2 back

  • Not worth the money

    by Apthird

    It's not very fun, runs are short, and the price is way to much for this game. Do not buy.

  • What are people smoking?

    by Steve aka porkchop

    I don't get the great reviews... This game is boring and lame-o!

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