Frontline Commando 2 Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Glu Games Inc.
  • Updated: Mar, 05 2014
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 91.92 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Chinese

Seller: Glu Games Inc

▶ Open Fire in a Brand New District of the City! Bust out windows and destroy cars clear a path and make your shot!
▶ Take the Battle to the Desert in the All New Outskirts of Favela Map! Watch out for APC’S and desert Jeeps!

▶ Earn Squaddies, Grenades, RPG’s, Medkits, Drones, Fuel and Gold just for completing new challenging mission objectives!

▶ Try out the most devastating weapons in the new “Trial” missions!

▶ Look out for new enemy abilities like repelling off bridges and out of helicopters! Enemies are smarter and more challenging than ever!

▶ New real time Shadows and effects bring the world of Frontline Commando 2 to life like never before!

▶ Take on the New APC Boss! Fully Armored and loaded with support troops!
▶ Updated Tank Boss – Now even more challenging, look out for its Secondary Weapon.
▶ Updated X9 Un-manned Aircraft Boss. Watch out for Duel Rocket attacks!

▶ New starter packs! Get New Squaddies, New Guns and consumables all in one pack! Everything you need for an edge in Player vs Player!

▶ Follow the road to revenge against General Roediger and his mercenaries!

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
195 Ratings
All Versions:
196 Ratings


Let the bullets fly in the sequel to the popular third-person shooter, Frontline Commando!

**** NOTE: The 4th Gen iPod Touch is not supported ****

Betrayed and left for dead, you must build your team of mercenaries and exact revenge against your enemies.

Recruit and train soldiers to lead the ultimate team into battle! Choose from 65 possible unique squad members.

Lead your squad to victory through 40 unique missions and 13 elite challenges.

Think you have an unstoppable squad? Challenge other players for the ultimate bragging rights in PVP!

Shoot your way through 7 destructible battlefields! Take on snipers, heavy weapon specialists, tanks, helicopters, flying drones and more!

Maximize your firepower with multiple, upgradable weapon classes including sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns and machine guns. Utilize special gear such as drones, grenades and RPGs.



Frontline Commando 2 is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!!!!

    by Iron man1985

    Awesome game !!!must download!!!

  • Great game

    by NHLflyers48

    Best game ever!!!!!!

  • De Diego

    by Diego gta real racing

    El mejor juego de guerra gracias

  • One of the best shooters for phones

    by Royalking134

    A combo of Borderlands2 and TF2.

  • Great Graphics...

    by metalsides

    But another pay-to-win. I deleted it after Campaign 2.

  • Great game

    by Rex?21

    U get to fight people fun! Download it!

  • Pretty awesome!

    by BilboBaggins027

    This game is pretty freaking awesome

  • Great,, Needs Survival Or Last Stand

    by Awesome Game Keep it up !!

    it needs survival or last stand mode ,, otherwise awesome game (( CALL OF DUTY ))

  • WoooooooW!

    by Fastrakc

    Best Third-Person-Shooter game ever! this have high graphics high guns and new pvp and partners.its completely different from d-day the ancient vs modern the modern wins frontline commando 1 doesn't have this graphics and partners and pvp. im playing this game nearly completely one hour!

  • Fun times

    by yc7998

    Great game

  • Awesome

    by Keelan Scott

    Reminds me of Ghost Recon on console. A ton of fun and addicting.

  • Thanks

    by PizzaHead53

    Thanks for releasing this in America!

  • Best game ever

    by Sean002014

    Dude this game it deserves five stars I played a lot of wargames and it's up there with black ops

  • Sd

    by Jackoflantern


  • Nice

    by Mohpcoc

    Nice one

  • ....

    by XxVashStarxxX

    Supplies need to be in game currency not gold currency, it is more harder to kill bosses with out the right supplies please reconsider making the supplies in game currency thank you.

  • Very Good

    by Will 1214

    Reminds me of socom

  • Nice

    by RIZBO986

    Still working on A4!!!

  • Nice

    by Montell Garrett



    by rtknightii71

    Well done!!! I'd like to see armor upgrades. Also more items!!! Please continue to update!!!

  • Unimpressive!

    by Riskylooks

    I am very disappointed with this latest version of frontline commando. I find the gameplay not impressive. The color tones used on the game makes visibility very difficult. Targets are very difficult to pick up. Of course, once again, you need to have your own ATM machine, in order to be able to play effectively. I think I'll pass on this version

  • Problems

    by Reign of dragon

    Keeps closing and it's getting annoying

  • Laggg in ipad mini 2

    by Azrul zainal

    Great graphic great game but lagging problem in this game make me down..please dev make an update n fix this problem..thanks!

  • Don't wast your time!

    by iEmesa

    After the 4th mission you have to pay to play!! deleted.

  • Pretty good

    by 6:$.$:!574654

    It's really addicting fun and I love the multiplayer but one more thing it'd be cool if u can team up in alliances with other players

  • 4th gen IPod touch PLZZZ

    by xTehTiger

    I do wish that the iPod touch 4th generation is supported, oh my god please make the game support the 4th gen!!!!!! Then I'll make it 5 stars!

  • Hummm

    by Farshad_Scientist

    Good game

  • Best shooter!

    by Screwpy

    This game is probably the best shooter in the App Store!!

  • Awesome game!

    by Choji590

    The main character looks like he's from COD: Ghosts

  • Has potential......but

    by NorCalElk

    The graphics are subpar at best, the gameplay is redundant, and there are too many sub-menus in the game. Very disappointed guys. Secondly, how on earth can an enemy withstand 5-10 direct headshots? It should be a maximum of 2; before they are killed. Lastly, are you hiring....?

  • Frontline commando 2

    by Мастер Сухарь

    Игра, скорее всего, не оптимизирована под некоторые модели гаджетов. Первая игра, которая у меня так тормозит... Только из-за этого не 5 звёзд.

  • Epic

    by Gsgsst

    Got it when it first came out and there's nothing wrong in my opinion LOVE IT!!!

  • Great game!!!

    by Xclusive51


  • Great game

    by 15 years old

    Pvp is awesome good graphics and great squad mates

  • Best Game

    by 10Stave20

    This is the best shooter game I've ever played on my phone.

  • Awesome game!!!

    by Collusion19

    I loved the first frontline commando and I love this one. This one has better graphics and gameplay. I definitely recommend this IOS game

  • Good but freezes

    by King of theCut

    This is a very good app but it freezes all the time. The squad mates are cool and the guns are cool. Please fix this issue.

  • Eh

    by Gajptjvshkfgtbdhj

    Seems fun, but glu just wants your $$$$$$$$ also, 4th review

  • Epic

    by Frank edge

    Good job on this app guys. It's a very fun app

  • 2

    by Mr.Yoyoman

    Second review!

  • Great

    by Grim_Reaper7

    It's a great way to pass the time

  • Sucky

    by Reviewking54

    Pay to win. The graphics are terrible on ipad 3 even though they were great in frontline commando d day. Boring repetitive gameplay

  • A mobile COD, awesome!!!

    by code12ed

    cool graphics. reminds of cod except i can play it anywhere. good multiplayer too

  • 2nd place

    by FireskullJ

    Love the game

  • Loving it

    by Rizz0rainmaker

    So far it's a pretty dope game but it gets laggy, so once there are some bug fixes, I'll be hooked!

  • Good

    by batmania15

    Glad there are no timers or energy system for campaign, otherwise would have deleted. Having the energy system for pvp does not bother me as much. Don't mind hitting a "pay wall" as they set it up to grind levels which I like to do. Great graphics and sound. Enjoying this one, would be even better if no energy system in pvp. Also if we could have tournaments to earn items like in D-Day that would be awesome. Also please implement cloud save so I can play on multiple devices!!!!!

  • Best Shooter on iPhone

    by Jay Landsman

    Graphics and gameplay are sick. Can't wait to try on my iPad

  • Entertaining game so far!

    by Robert Bowling

    Another great game from Glu!


    by Elijah7WR

    The sequel we hav all been waitin for

  • Excelente

    by Luisjosegp


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