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Seller: Foursaken Media

• Fixed a sync error that would occur when inviting two or more people to a multiplayer game.

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Build your fortress, and defend it to the end!

Block Fortress gives you the freedom to create a stronghold in almost any way you can imagine, and then puts you in the middle of the action trying to defend it from the relentless attacks of the menacing Goblocks! Put your skills as both a builder and a fighter to the test as you try to survive as long as you can!


• a unique mix of TD and FPS gameplay
• complete freedom to build your base any way you choose, from towering fortresses, to sprawling castles
• customize your blocks, weapons, and equipment using a massive crafting system
• team up with your friends in 2-4 player cooperative multiplayer
• fortify your walls with over 30 different building blocks
• defend your base with 16 advanced turret types
• gear up your avatar with tons of weapons and equipment
• lots of support blocks - including power generators, depth charges, land mines, spotlights, teleporters, and more
• day and night cycle - build lights and spotlights to prepare yourself for the harsh night!
• several game modes, including a "free build" sandbox mode and a more intense survival mode
• 6 different types of terrain to conquer
• upload and share your creations, and download others
• up to 4 player cooperative multiplayer

Customer Reviews

  • Fun

    by 0t1n


  • Bigger worlds

    by Awsome kid 1,000,000

    It's an Awsome game but some thing u could do to make it better Bigger worlds More location choices

  • Block fortress

    by JondaOnda55

    Really good but coop and uploads do not work please fix now

  • Cannot stop playing. It's SO AWESOME

    by Jfast0218

    It's worth every penny. Challenging to keep you engaged. Bots to help you fight the goblox horde. Level up system is perfect. The graphics are fresh. The game is uncomplicated and easy. I would add more maps with a new rare mineral type and more bots. This game has so much potential

  • Real fun but...

    by Andrew 9

    Love the game but crash. If or base is too complex you will crash on the 4g iPod. It's not fair I can't build an eic base because of it can you fix plz?

  • Amazing

    by dbreiny

    This game is really unique and is extremely fun to play. The block upgrade schematics add another cool asset you can use to strategize. The only thing is I want them to keep adding bots! Great game, love to play it

  • Better than mine craft

    by Mîñèçràft

    This Game is better than Minecraft and it's worth more than Minecraft

  • So much fun

    by Zane Abi-Rached

    You should just add for turrets


    by Assasin 908

    THIS GAME IS AWESOME but you chose what you want to say its only a couple of words and the co op should have survival and sand box too so it's not just QuickStart and you need aim sights i love this game it's addicting I would like more guns and towers and possibly new looks for your character i hope it get an update so its 2X better please do your self a favor and PLAY THIS GAME

  • BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!! :D

    by Failed Prophece

    Every time i delete a world game crashes please fix. You should make it so you can play as the goblins and attack a fort in a campaign or be able to make your own ALSO ADD MORE BOTS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D One more thing make it so you can type your own message and improve it please :D

  • Love it

    by WashableGoat

    The game is great, addicting, and all in all a great game. Though I do think note could be added.

  • Overall, Great!

    by Tyler18190

    I can't put this game down!! But, every time I delete a world or try to play on a downloaded one, I get kicked off of the app. Please fix!

  • Stop the crashing

    by Choosy dot

    Plez fix the crashing! I love this game but every single time i play multiplayer the game crashes after I chose my bot. Fix plez.

  • Very fun

    by Stufleben

    Very fun

  • Love it, but needs more

    by UnseenHydra6951

    I love this game SOOOOOOO much. But I think it needs more. maybe more robots. But here's my big idea: other planets! Withe new rare materials, new enemies in space suits, the player in a space suit, more land types, more blocks, and maybe even more turrets and weapons.


    by Scoobylink

    Perfect mix of TD and Survival skills, AWSOME updates and, amazing creativity.

  • Great game.

    by Scurtis123

    This game has a lot of potential for future updates. It has been a long time since one and its getting repetitive without one.

  • Awesome game.

    by Lucgogolf

    Funnest game I ever played!

  • Computer?

    by Siths Apprentice

    When I got this app it said it was available on computer. I ended up buying it twice because I wanted to play from my laptop. I figured I wouldn't be charged after already buying it on my phone. On top of that, I still can't play on my computer.

  • Awesome

    by Srtyer


  • Problems

    by IronEagleMC

    I purchased it but I can't open it and it's icon doesn't show up on my home screen

  • Crashes

    by Hddvhtdd

    Each time I push the attack button it crashes FIX it


    by Kutchek

    I really enjoy this game and I love the multiplayer but it crashes a lot!!!!!! Annoying a lot actually. Especially when I try to load my fortresses in the multi. I love this game can't stop playing it and believe it is worth every penny but it just needs some work on a more stable multiplayer. Also the fact that you can only say a few phrases stinks because you don't have the freedom to talk to other players and make friends! And it's extremely confusing of how to add friends have yet to figure it out and have looked everywhere. I love this game but until these major bugs are fixed it will not get above a two star rating from me!!!!

  • Lags and crashes on big maps

    by Deadra of oblivion

    Whenever there are a lot of guns, smoke, explosions or other eye candies, it gets very laggy and crashes. Please make an option to turn graphic settings down. Amazing game though, but I can't build anything too big so 2 stars.

  • I can't delete a game on co-op

    by MAE

    It says there is a error for that and I can't delete something called lol airstrike but other things great game!!

  • Lacks fun.

    by Openworldgamer

    As a hardcore gamer who had an App Store card I bought this. I was immediately turned off and the game provides nothing but building things then stopping it from getting destroyed. DO NOT BUY.

  • Boooooo

    by D1m0ndm1n3r

  • Crash

    by Awesome5733864

    The game just recently started to crash when I go onto a level I am on an iPod 4g

  • Nice!!!

    by Donuthole111111116899

    I just bought it can't wsit to try it out looks like it could be a bad habit in the making!!!!

  • Great amazing

    by Vlatko256

    I dont have words to explain this amazing app i just can'not stop playing it is worth its 1.99 dollars!!!I recommend this to everyone:))))

  • Crash crash crash

    by s0ulkeeper45

    It the game I play the most but it's crashes on my iphone4s all the time fix it

  • Excellent!

    by Adam Melk

    This is not a minecraft ripoff! i has a minecraft block system, but it adds turrets guns defenses and enemies! It gives you a chance to actually defend your castle agains never ending waves of goblins!

  • Needs these things

    by Bodie Edelman

    Wheels animals more weapons motors and desert

  • Great game but why the crashing?

    by Danster114

    ok so I have read through a lot of reviews and I must agree that this game crashes way too much. I am almost certain that it us not my phone because I have the new Iphone 5s. Plus I am not even on high demanding maps when it crashes so please fix. other than that it is a great game.

  • Stupid idea for a game.

    by SteelyB53

    It's a terrible game. Turret defense where towers do not shoot at certain units. Aka not a tower defense. Do not buy this game.

  • Hard

    by NAKRUIN

    In any difficulty make killing easier! It's no fun if you buy an expensive defence and it breaks right away..

  • Great game But..

    by Tallstar4

    The game is fun and to see what you built really do something is satisfying but when I want to go online I keep disconnecting saying I'm "missing map" and it's not just me ether lots of people have this issue please try to fix this . Other wise it worth every cent of 1.99

  • The Best Game on my IPod

    by Adhisfhkdxhurd

    I love the upgrade system, but it would be nice if you added more weapons. Also I have a glitch where if i delete a world it crashes instantly. Other then that, this is the best game ever. Totally worth every penny

  • Great app but

    by 69Hot

    It's an amazing app but whenever I try to chose a preloaded map it doesn't let me use it pls pls pls fix this

  • Helicopters,tanks,motorcycles,four wheelers,bunkers,cars,traps,rope ladders,ropes,squads,clothing

    by Conboy3000

    To make the game more boss

  • Awesome!!!!

    by Ab1nadi

    Actually haven't really played the game yet, fooled ya

  • Boss game everyone get it

    by Deadmanchest04

    This game is so awesome that I can't stop playing it multiplayer needs some work though but it is boss you should get it

  • Vs mode

    by Killer man o

    Hay thanks for putting multiplayer love it but you should also put vs you could make your own world on sand box and then put it together like you all have your own space and you can make barracks for bots so they can battle for you as like your army and once you or your friend dies your bace falls down and then you spectate your friends and plz put it so we can type to your friends or make it so you just talk throw you iPod so like your calling them that would make it the best game ever and to invite friends from your contacts and not Game Center thanks for reading this :)

  • Way more fun then it used to be!

    by Hellhound759

    Now that its had some time to develope its a much better game, i have noticed a bug where deleting a save crashes the game INSTANTLY, also multiplayer is quite slow and frame rate drops, its also insanly difficult @.@ that may need some work otherwise its AMAZING!

  • Wow

    by Famous doc

    This game is really cool and it was a great idea to make it but it always crashes dont waste your money

  • Best game

    by ZombieKiller23

    My girlfriend dumped me cuz I played this too much! I love this game! Although it bugs me when I build an amazing base then someone uploads it again as their own.

  • Cool

    by ANGRYM4N

    I bought this game a while back love it and still play it but come one the multiplayer connectivity is terrible it lags out, and it still hasn't been fixed even after the many updates

  • Fix multiplayer

    by Sigma/Omega

    It's a pretty awesome game. Worth the money. Although I have a problem when it comes to multiplayer. Whenever I try to invite my friends, it always says "NAME has failed to join your game!" Please fix this


    by Domocubed

    When I do coop and download a base and start the game, it says error base could not be downloaded and etc. PLZ FIX AND GET A 5 star rating! This game is awesome and I payed 2 dollars 4 it!

  • It is asowm

    by Mr dalton

    Stop reading reports and by the app

  • L

    by Ausar123

    I love this game but theirs not much to it like it needs something new like pets or something their hasn't been a major update in ages I understand that's it's minecraft tower defense but this is ages behind minecraft their so many more things this could like and it's minecraft tower defense but I don't like see any familiar mobs or something that screws minecraft besides the design of the game

  • Fun but hard

    by Nifernic

    Fun game but it is hard at times so I don't know if you should buy it try the lite version first before you buy it and if you don't like hard game it is a waste of money!!

  • Overall pretty good

    by Kirbyshammer

    This game would be perfect if the crashes would stop. It is a very fun game as well. However I think it gets too hard too fast as at round 1 you can send a regular bot out and go sleep but by lvl 10 things are out of control. Also very hard to get minerals which are essential to your survival. Things cost too many minerals. This game, really if you could get more minerals would be perfect except for crashes on big maps. But maybe the crashes are the fact I have a 4g iPod touch. I think you should get this. It's worth the $2.


    by Scattered_Paint


  • Incredible game

    by The person that eats tacos

    Stop looking at reviews and BUY THIS GAME

  • More melee!!!

    by Wiley1122

    Although this game is great, it needs more melee weapons!!! Like daggers and stuff!


    by Under armor 2275



    by Mindfold

    This game is truly amazing keep up the good work guys! I wish it was on the PC, on steam or something (hint hint) so I could play with my friends cause the co-op on this looks like it would be fun. This game has provided me with hours if entertainment totally worth the money!

  • Gameplay

    by SwimminChicken

    I am a fan of strategy and survival games, and this is my favorite by far. You have towers, turrets and much more that make this game so fun! If it were a console game i would be first in line to buy it. I think this is an amazing game, and you should download it right away.

  • New bots

    by Charles938

    This game is amazing, but it could use some new bots like a laser bot and a fire bot. Thanks!

  • This game is awesome!

    by Tridentace

    This game is very fun, but I think PvP would be easy to do because you already have good weapon support.

  • Fix this crap

    by Omg J

    This game is amazing, except for some major bugs and issues. First off, quickstart is unplayable. I spend lots of time building a base, and disappointment! Cant even start the round. What a waste of time. Second of all, multiplayer is a joke. Sometimes i think you're not even supposed to connect. This would be one of the best games on my ipad otherwise. Still get this game if you're reading this.

  • For those haters

    by Uberstrike

    This game is amazing. If the game is crashing, it is because you don't read reviews, and tried to use mines (explosive ones). That makes it crash. Also, a lot of games do not perform well on the iPods. There are simple reasons for lag and crashes, and that is you. Oh yeah add survival for co op


    by Blockfortresscraftlover

    When I chose some of my forts, and play it with someone, it goes to some weak and terrible fort that's in a different location. This needs fixed: because I can't have fun if I can't play co-op on my proper forts: instead of some lousy one that I didn't make.

  • 1 thing to change

    by Hddhdhsh

    If you could make it possible to unlock bots with levels or buy them with the minerals, i would like this game even more

  • One of the best

    by Yolo to you

    I recommend this game to anyone, just needs more types of turrets


    by Lucadelao

    This game is the best game i have ever encountered in a mobile device by far, its addictive and immersive, and i would appreciate if the creators add more stuff to it!, because the possibilities are endless! best game ever

  • Vehicles

    by Holy crap 34

    It would be nice if the had vehicles

  • Runs great on my iPad Air

    by thakkium

    Exactly what I expected. I love this game, even though it is a little grindy. I only wish this was a proper Minecraft mod and not just a standalone app.

  • Love it but-

    by Warrmott

    I love this game but it crashes all the time that is something you should fix. Your fan, Jessica!!!!!!

  • I LOVE IT BUT...

    by Snakjsvdn

    I love the game but co-op doesn't work for me I try auto matching and it takes YEARS to find a match

  • Awsomely cool

    by Derpman123

    I'd love to see stampylonghead make a video!!!!!

  • Crash

    by Herd21

    I love the game but it crashes like every 3 mins. It would be nice to have a update to stop the crashes.

  • Great game but-

    by Night Wolfx

    The controls for iPod are a bit hard to get use to sesne everything is so small. But just takes time to get use to, also they did a really good job at making this game too, very impressed. It would be nice to add computer allies though! Great game, buy it and I promise you will not regret it.

  • Too hard

    by Manthisiscook

    QuickStart is too hard. You get too little resources and try to defend stronger enemies. On the first wave, I died. I would rate 5 stars but it's to hard on quick start. Btw, I think you should add soldiers so it's easier

  • Great

    by Anonymous 4 now

    The only thing is multiplayer is hard with only 2 people, please make a choice like in single player for easier or normal.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Nonickname153

    This game is awesome the bots help. downloadable all is great and stop looking at reviews and buy it!!!

  • logs me off

    by andyman2004

    this app just keeps logs me off when I try to make a world.plz fix this I never even experienced how good this app would even be!!!!!!

  • Lag

    by More planes please

    The game is really fun but it is lags a lot even on high end devices I give it a 3.5

  • Awesome

    by Riommar

    I have been playing tower games since they first came out. This is defiantly one of the best iOS games I have ever seen. It is interesting that most, not all but most, of the a star reviews are not about the game. They seem to be from people who are too dumb to even be trying a game like this. Why should it be given a one star review because the reviewer to too stoned, drunk or just stupid too just RTFM and figure out how the game works. Maybe you that can not figure out how to correctly play this game should go back to FarmVille or Smurf Village

  • Some issues

    by 1nferbo

    The game is Grito for all of some minor issues and planted inside of it there two things I think you should fix one is the crashing issue sometimes with the gameplay and second the lagging others I'm at the game is great ill make sure that I suggest this to my friends thanks and Merry Christmas

  • Wasn't at all what I expected

    by マイクーーー

    I don't even really know what's going on with this game. Complicated, no tutorial, and a waste of money. Uninstalled 20 minutes after downloading.

  • I wish theyvstill had the duplicating glitch

    by Deacon117

    I wish they didnt take out the glitch so i cam get more money, i really missed that glitch, them i stopped playing, i loved that glitch and i hope theyvbring it back, or i just move on such a great game and i want to keep playing it but i cant survive long without the glitch :(

  • Level Up!

    by ReedM1

    While this game is awesome and you should BUY IT NOW, the leveling up is really slow. CHANGE THAT PLEASE. I've been playing for like 6 months and am only at level 9. Other than that, it's great. The constructor bot is helpful and when you buy this, consider buying the All Bots thing. Better deal than buying them all separately.BUY THIS APP NOW, IF YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!

  • Minecraft to the max

    by Vredevoogd

    Amazingly fun, never gets old or repetitive.

  • 2 problems

    by Jwag1234

    1) i can't do multiplayer globally 2) crashes on most downloaded maps Other wise, BUY IT IT IS WOTH IT

  • I'm not a fan of first person shooters...

    by sajego

    I'm not a fan of first person shooters so this wasn't really my thing. Decent controls and game play though.

  • fun but crashes

    by dragonking78905

    The game crashes whenever i try to buy a robot, but it is probably the most fun I've had with a fortress defense game in a LONG time.

  • Guns

    by The Potato Head

    Can you please put back the guns the way it used to be because now it just looks so small at the bottom right corner. I mean before it really didnt block the screen up that much but now it looks weird.

  • Fun but...

    by Owen yo mama

    It keeps kicking my out of the app and losing my progress plz fix thAt bug

  • Los robots que te ayudan

    by Lower the priceces

    Cambienlo a los niveles para que consigan todos

  • Fix it

    by Tatum the awesome

    I like it but I don't get to play it any more because it crashes

  • I can't stop playing *****

    by Jo£¥

    This game is the combination of my two favorite types of video games. Tower defense and first person shooters. It is definently worth every penny. The graphics are amazing to the point were it looks better than a lot of good PC and console games. The animations for the explosions and lasers and all that stuff is flawless. The enemy's are all balanced and not cheesy like some TDs. Keep updating and adding more locations. I think that the sky looks a little unrealistic. Hopefully I have helped you make up your Mind on whether to purchase this game. Great game and keep up the good work. Five stars! I hope you keep updating.

  • Great but...

    by TaylorGang1819

    Its great, but the game lags when you play with a very big base. After a few levels the game crashes.

  • More weapons

    by Trollarcher12

    Think you guys could add more melee weapons like machetes or something? And maybe a equip flamer or maybe even a cannon turret and can you make a hand to hand combat weapon where you beat the crap out of goblocks or swords please? Also, can you make it so when you lv up more bots are unlocked or make it so you use the minerals to craft the bots? Aside from that I love the game you have the money buy it it's totally worth it, and with a few more tweaks it perfect. Just sayin.

  • Crashes

    by Spanky2087

    I puted one star because on my iPhone I join some players and crashes fix it please thanks

  • Awesome Game!

    by Damper Ghost 2001

    Really good game! H I got it when it jus came out and it has been great. But i thing you should allow unlimited or a bigger ammount of modifications to weapons, turrents, and bots. Other than that keep up the great work!

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