Dude Perfect Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Dude Perfect
  • Updated: Mar, 29 2011
  • Version: 1.1.4
  • Size: 44.03 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Dude Perfect, LLC

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** #1 SPORTS GAME in the US! **
▷ Now over 190 Million Views on YouTube!
You've seen the videos. Now play the game.

We’re Dude Perfect™—the YouTube guys who bring you the world’s craziest basketball shots—And now it's your turn!

Few can handle the challenge: a killer combination physics-based puzzler and super addicting sports adventure!

Thanks so much for the incredible support!

--- Cool Things ---

Endless hours of rim-rattling, fist-pumping, that-just-happened, net-swishing fun!

Perfectly optimized for your beautiful iPhone/ iPod display.

Tyreke Evans character now available!

Go ahead. Play with your kids (or with your parents!)

You're in control! CREATE your own SWEET LEVELS with the CUSTOM LEVEL EDITOR available in the DP store!

For massive multiplayer awesomeness, BATTLE against your best friends—or arch enemies—anywhere in the world.

--- Hang with us ---

Twitter: @DudePerfect

Customer Reviews


    by Hi peoples

    This game is amazing just buy the game and dont forget to check out dude perfects you tube channel it is also awesome!!!

  • Yay

    by Gjgdjcdgbfr

    Best game ever but you should add more levels

  • All it needs is

    by Ben O'Connor

    It needs an update other than that it's awesome

  • Fun

    by Colt7527

    It is fun but challenging

  • Dude not Perfect

    by Nic Daly

    Hard to beat a LOT of levels and on the last level of space there isn't even a basket!

  • This app is honestly great

    by KGBeatzz

    It actually reminds me if Dude Perfect

  • Dude Perfect

    by Kdog84

    I love this game!!!!

  • Awesome!!

    by Kaden Hensley

    I love the app!! It is so addictive

  • Awesome and addicting!!

    by That kid monkey

    Great app!!!!

  • Fun

    by smudge50

    Fun game! Makes my insides feel good! Gig em!

  • Fun

    by Krush6


  • EPIC!!!!!!!

    by Fuzzypelican99

    Best trickshot game ever!!

  • Great game

    by JJballer21

    I'm addicted but I kinda don't like the required point limit. I think if you make the shot you should be able to go on to the next level.

  • Really Fun Game

    by DottedHalfWit

    The "physics" take a little getting used to, but once you do, it's a blast!

  • Abberdale

    by Wtffffffffflop


  • Okay for an Aggy app


    It's okay, kind of boring.

  • Patrick

    by Robert Wyatt


  • A great game

    by Jdog53757

    It is an awesome game, from the moment you release the ball you don't know what will happen. Also the excitement when the ball keeps going bouncing off of everything then going in the basket for a high point shot.

  • Dude Perfect

    by Tewbie

    Best game ever

  • Awesome

    by Gopokes1987

    Fun as hell

  • Doesn't work

    by Krep111

    Every time I try and open the app it crashes. Wasted 99 cents on it! I could have bought a fruit and yogurt parfait.


    by Potatoland Man

    Dude Perfect is the f**kin man!

  • All luck

    by 27.!graham34

    The game is basically a game of luck. It would be much more fun and cool if it was to shoot off two walls and hit the ground or something like that. All you do in this app is basically randomly point the ball in a direction and release it. That's why it's only worth 2 stars

  • Great game

    by Jh52797

    Good addictive game

  • What u should change

    by Theawesomeracer

    This game is awesome but not perfect...reason is you shouldn't have to get 3000 points to pass your shouldn't have to bounce off stuff to get points...cause dude perfect doesn't bounce his ball of a wall then floor then hit a plane then to the hoop...what I'm saying is if you just throw it and make it you should pass the level...getting points shouldn't madder to pass a level

  • Fun but...

    by Dummmmm

    *After the 10th try at a level* Pops up in my face "Having trouble?!?!!?!!?!" And I'm all like FUUUUUU :0

  • :(

    by Celticszombie9

    It crashes every time I click on it. I watch friends play and I love it fix this and I will rate 5

  • Dude perfect

    by Funkymonkeys12

    I love dude perfect because there is a bunch of crazy shots but the that I don't like is that to beat it you have to get a target score so I give it 9/10

  • Fun!

    by Paulp911

    Awesome game!! Except it's almost impossible to get 3 stars on the higher levels!!

  • Fun!!

    by jason10003

    Keep it coming!

  • Help

    by Coco beanstalk

    As soon as i tap on the app it crashes no matter how many times i delete it and reload it it wont let me in please help and fix it!!!!


    by Gman 8274599

    As soon as I open the app it crashes.

  • Terrible

    by BigN5006

    The app won't even work. It just pops up for a second then just turns off. Absolutely terrible.

  • Can't open

    by Gfjsjxhi

    I bought it and I cant open up the app, but I love dude perfect and hope to see more videos coming out soon

  • Game is hateful

    by Deadypooly

    This game can piss you the heck off trust me

  • Awesome

    by Pooflips

    Very fun game!

  • All luck.

    by Wordplay EST19XX

    I like the game, but seriously dislike the fact that the game is based solely on luck rather then some sort of skill. You should have to randomly launch the ball to rack up and beat a score to advance. It should be you have 3 shots to make it. If not start over. Maybe as you progress you have to make the shot with one ball rather then having to use the other too. It's a good game, just frustrating having to try and get lucky all the time.

  • Great .

    by Jwood1462

    Love it . Best game ever!!!!!

  • good

    by Steve Jaeger

    the best game that I have ever played!

  • Dude perfect

    by Foxylogan

    Best trick shot game on the App Store

  • So much Fun!

    by Saint Drew23

    I could not stop PLAYING!!! Even though it glitches now and then...Still very addicting Panda is AWESOME!!

  • This game is alright

    by Cat equipment

    Some of the levels so easy and most of the are super hard!!!! It is fun though!!!

  • Great app

    by f00tball player

    These guys are great at what they do. I mean like finding locations just to shoot a basket ball into the net. You really don't need to know much about basketball to be great at this game

  • Great Game

    by Pealsia


  • Dude perfect

    by Neon champ

    It's a beast game love it

  • Fun game but...

    by Confidence101

    Why is there a need to beat a score and get a basket to beat the level? You should only have to make a basket to go to the next board. Otherwise, you're just throwing the ball around to collect points and hope it lands in the basket so you can move on. it kind of kills the whole skill point of the game. Somewhat entertaining but gets tiring after a while...

  • Terrible

    by Martibwell

    Won't let me get in to the game and it crashes right when I get in.

  • Good

    by Jonathan likes turtles

    This game isn't overly addicting buts it's fun and well made. Worth the 99¢

  • One of the best sports game I've ever played

    by IanUsiak10

    Dude Perfect are some of the best trick shooters ever and in Dude Perfect the App you can make your own shots. You can shoot from the Campus house to Space. One problem I have with it is I pad 1.99 for the iPad app then I saw that you had to buy level editor, panda and Tyreke Evans it should come with those but every thing else is great. This is a great app and I hope you buy it.

  • Dude perfect !!!

    by Sean Bowen

    This game is too raw

  • Awesome

    by 21 yrs of ED

    This is my new favorite game

  • Great

    by Sambob50


  • Great game!

    by Bballfleming

    Extremely addicting! You cannot put your device down once you start playing! Deserves 10 out of 5 stars.

  • Fun but hard at first

    by Robbybobby24

    Great overall

  • Fun

    by Cghdjhdhshdhdhehdhhf

    This game is awesome

  • Addicting

    by JJlee14

    Way fun

  • The best

    by Hsudyjshduchdjjs

    Love it! If you like sports then it is a must have!

  • Cool

    by SWAT2003

    Awesomely awesome fishes

  • Boss game

    by Jomanbroman


  • Fun

    by Aeeeeeeeemmmmmmm

    Really fun but they need yo add more maps!

  • Not working on 3rd gen. iTouch

    by djriley7

    I couldn't get the full version to work on my iTouch 3rd gen. running OS 5.1.1 even though the system requirements only state OS 5.1.

  • That's what I'm talkin about!

    by Free Information

    Fun as ever

  • Addicting!

    by PJayGreen

    A really different type of game you can play the same levels over and over differently and they never get get old!

  • 5 by far

    by Turtle348

    Dude Perfect...best game in the App Store hands down!

  • Awesome

    by No Name110

    cant atop playing this game! so much fun

  • Dude Perfect

    by Ytkillaman

    Amazing just as challenging as their videos maybe even harder... It keeps you entertained

  • Terrible

    by Fox racing Kawasaki 401

    Useless and not fun at all, don't buy, it's a waste of money.

  • Great Game!!!!

    by Skins fan 8000

    The game is BEAST!!!

  • Awesome Game!!

    by JC_Sarria16

    I recommend this game

  • Ok

    by Gibbyty


  • Dude

    by Jinny nanny boohoo play it

    Pretty solid game

  • Horrible

    by Bjpal88

    If I could I would give it less then 1 star. Game is horrible. Physics are bad. I want my money back.

  • Horrible

    by Bjpal88

    If I could I would give it less then 1 star. Game is horrible. Physics are bad. I want my money back.

  • Horrible

    by Slice4

    I don't normally ever waste time writing reviews but this game is that bad. Controls are absolutely atrocious and make the game unplayable. Going to assume all of these "positive" reviews are fake with out question.

  • Doesn't Work

    by Screwd up 6

    App won't open on my phone. It opens for 1 second and immediately closes. App support page can't be found.

  • Fun.

    by Tomtom0621

    Really fun, but it takes forever to get past levels...

  • Bb3235

    by Bb3235


  • Love Dude Perfect they are awesome

    by Nosanelson

    Great game!

  • Dope game!

    by Pimp daddy ball hard!!!

    Love doing tricks shots on this game, but there should be a recording option so I can show people my sick shots.

  • Great Game

    by BallinBennett

    Dude Perfect Game

  • Awesome game

    by Arisyxhxgzkx

    Great game really challenging but fun!!!

  • Best Ever

    by Matias_247


  • I don't even know

    by AJMele13

    So, on my iPhone 5s I purchased it played it and went to exit out. it wouldn't let me. I couldn't even lock my phone. idk if this is a bug it something I did but yanno I didn't enjoy that

  • Awesome Game!

    by The awesome m

    So much fun!

  • Level Editor, Please Change

    by Trololololod

    LOVE THIS game it is so addicting Just they need to add more features to the level editor like a rotation tool and more items to use and also could you please make the level editor map bigger

  • Awesome

    by belladama

    It can get a little hard but is is so addicting and fun

  • Better than angry birds

    by Chaz45656373737

    Love it

  • Awesome!!

    by o0artimis0o

    I love it! Difficult at times but worth it when you get a sweet combo!!

  • Good... But

    by Ÿöür môm

    Really fun, but not enough levels, and it's dumb that level editor costs $2, and Panda costs $1.

  • Fun.

    by Cbonezz


  • Dude perfect maniac

    by Cool guy 52132

    Best game ever made

  • App won't load

    by Natswin

    I purchased this app and it will not load. I tried twice- it must be really buggy. Don't bother with this app as it seems to be a total waste of .99 cents

  • This app is beast... Pound it noggin

    by Tmh46

    This app is beast. dude perfect this app is beast get to number 1 I'm Asking everybody. This app is sick.

  • Totes best

    by Justin Griffin

    The best app out there today. Aca-awesome

  • New favorite game

    by Elodge77

    My new go-to game- love it!

  • Great app!

    by LOV3ACE

    Best app for trick shots I've ever played!

  • Good game

    by Phillibuck

    Angry Birds-ish but lots of fun.

  • Good game

    by Pepper171717

    Really fun

  • Addicting

    by Monky Bug

    Awesome and very addicting game!!!

  • Dude Perfect

    by Kowdog_25

    This is the best sport game you will ever play.

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