Kick the Buddy: No Mercy HD Games App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Crustalli
  • Updated: Apr, 14 2013
  • Version: 1.9
  • Size: 357.3 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Crustalli Ltd.


All the elements are more powerful now! Even MORE FUN!

We've also switched to classic icon you all love and fixed bugs.


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246 Ratings
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Forget everything you've done before. It's time to take on a new challenge! YOUR IMAGINATION HAS NO LIMITS!

Explode, destroy, fire, shoot, freeze, send the power of the gods and don't even think about stopping, because it's only just beginning!

You get the chance to try out all your skills in the CRAZY MISSIONS! You'll never complete them all!

And check out Buddy's bright and colorful inner world! Ketchup, Zombie or Hippy? Try all these amazing new features!


Key Features:
- Brand NEW amazing missions!
- Brand NEW realistic Buddy model!
- Brand NEW colorful graphics!
- Brand NEW funny taunts and tricks!
- Brand NEW super cool elements and categories!
- Brand NEW awesome decorations!
- Brand NEW interesting achievements!
- Brand NEW shop assistant feature!

Grab this game and make sure you're never without a way to lower your blood pressure or just kill a few spare minutes! 

Have any suggestions about the new items or ideas for Buddy comments? Include your suggestions in the feedback!

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Lone star 02

    Great amazing game. Little hard to get gold but still fun. Some things look cool but cost gold so that's a down. But over all 5 stars please come up with some updates so it's even more fun

  • More Guns

    by Dog ninja

    It needs more Guns and swords plz add A lot of stuff

  • Has extreme potential...

    by Skeleton33

    So far, so good, but there should be a way to... Alright this request is a little cliché, but, you should make a way to exchange bucks for gold, one buck, one gold, just KIDDING! You'd probably go bankrupt from that, due to extreme ease of earning stuff, it would be like getting real gold from India, seriously, gold is pretty cheap there, back to the subject, it should be 1000 Buddy Bucks = 10 Gold Ingots... And you maybe could get some from missions, the chance of a golden challenge should be 1 in 5.2... Best kicker of 2010... Evan Dean... PS. Can you put back the face option? I want to beat up my school bully...

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Nikblor

    This game is awesome but I want you to make some more versions of buddy bots and one that has more than one weapon and and control it more easy and it costs not so expensive like around 2000 bucks.

  • Has extreme potential...

    by Skeleton33

    So far, so good, but there should be a way to... Alright this request is a little cliché, but, you should make a way to exchange bucks for gold, one buck, one gold, just KIDDING! You'd probably go bankrupt from that, due to extreme ease of earning stuff, it would be like getting real gold from India, seriously, gold is pretty cheap there, back to the subject, it should be 1000 Buddy Bucks = 10 Gold Ingots... And you maybe could get some from missions, the chance of a golden challenge should be 1 in 5.2... Best kicker of 2010... Evan Dean...

  • The Gold Situation

    by TheRabidHamster

    I personally don't have a problem with the fact that you have to buy gold but I've seen a lot of reviews that suggest different way to earn it so here's my thought. what if there was a chance to get gold from the daily bonus? please don't take offense to this your game is my favorite app this is just my idea.

  • In-app purchases

    by Awsomous

    I need to restore my in-app purchases. My sister deleted the game and i spent about $20.00 dollars for gold, now it's gone. Please add restore in-app purchases. Otherwise this game is a great game. I have ideas for new items: light saber, ninja and creepy crawlers. Keep up with the good work!

  • Add a way exchange bucks for gold like 1000 for 10.

    by Eric Schalk

    It is a great game but pleas for a exchange

  • Kick the buddy

    by Stevebob0713

    Awesome game

  • Fun game

    by Scratchy999

    Good stress reliever

  • Mindless fun

    by maddd1

    Nothing takes the edge off like beating up your little buddy. Great time

  • Very fun

    by Jdog0806

    Very fun and it passes the time but I wish there was a way to get gold not just money

  • It Rocks But...

    by 6GunSyd

    I don't think The buddy bot and nano weapons shouldn't be gold but other than that great game

  • Awesome

    by Bad gut

    Best game ever created on this earth

  • (Glitches&freezes,frequent)(alot of it) i notice in mornings

    by Soyla123

    (I will only give details) so my whole main problem Is about the glitches and also mini freezes But most of it has lot a glitching i see it in mornings,happens very frequently,time6⃣:0⃣0⃣A.M im not angry cause im never a critical type of person and please fix glitches&freezes

  • Bio hazard

    by Megan'sopinion

    There needs to be like a harrier plane that you can control

  • Update buddy

    by I NEED DATA

    Weapon add list:dragon poison snake(just bucks 600 bucks)dagger tiger and more so keep up the good work

  • Best game ever

    by Emanuel Raich

    I love this game!

  • Cool

    by Mataknight

    I have to say this game is cool but maybe it could need more weapons i may have ideas for new weapons kamoto dragon bowser techno blade wrecking ball iron claw falcon punch & the master sword.

  • Best game ever

    by Kdndjmffrjfrjf

    I love this game because it is sooooo fun it is not glitchy there are no adds it has great graphics it it is very fun to play no matter what i hyghly advise you to get all the kick the buddy games and play them because they are soooo fun

  • I payed $3 for this app I want my money back

    by kelson8

    It's just like the old one but with like a few more features

  • This game is a rip off!

    by WeenisUpeenis

    This is a stupid game whose only purpose is to have you buy more stupid stuff. Don’t waste your time.

  • Can't restore

    by hammerhead shark

    I spent a bunch of money on game and it froze up now can't restore my game lost all of my data

  • Too Much Gold

    by 992759292875

    This game is ruined by the fact that almost every item displayed in the pictures needs to be bought with "gold" currency, which costs additional money. Please have a way to earn gold or exchange bucks for gold!

  • Kick the buddy

    by Buzzooka101

    Great game love it you can do anything to buddy

  • Bets app

    by Real awesome best app

    this app is so cool with the cool weapons like buddy bot definitely buy this app

  • Weapon suggestions

    by TheRabidHamster

    The best app I've ever had! I have some ideas for more weapons: laser sword, edible peppers, avalanche, quick sand, no oxygen, ants, trash compactor, pepper spray, lava, poison darts, electric eel, lawn mower, weed whacker, dust storm, blizzard, noose, wreck ball, medusa head , and a gun that shoots a ray like the one the buddy bot has. please don't take offense to this your game is awesome I just think theses would be fun to use.

  • Same as the first Kick the buddy

    by Vtkvcg

    This game and the original kick the buddy are the exact same. All they added were powerups and a leveling system. It has the same elements. I want my money back.

  • Awesome

    by DaneMac2314

    This game is fun and very addicting. 5 stars!

  • Gold

    by Finny100

    I hate the fact the only way to get gold is by buying it

  • Best game ever played

    by Gutag

    I love this game I play day and night I love the updates I love it

  • Stuff

    by Pinkbrittany

    It would be really nice if you could add "The belt" to the objects or office section. You should also start using something to at least make gold and not just dollars.


    by awesomefire30

    best game ever made

  • My favourite app ever!

    by Jodondcs the name

    Best game ever for the guys who are wondering if they should get this get this NOW! Best weopon fungal vulganus it is so funny when you smash him while he's infected:)

  • Really awesome!

    by Flamingarrow506

    This game is worth it! Five freaking stars!

  • Great

    by Devilman456

    So addicting

  • Kick the Budy

    by Doger 2000

    Tons of things to torture the buddy with. You would hate to be the buddy in this game.

  • Awesome but...

    by Sonicblanx

    This game is awesome but you need to buy gold with real money. You have to buy it because the majority of it if gold :(

  • Soooo much endless fun!!!!!!

    by Emdufeufirjrfjrifjrifi

    This game is amazing!!!! End of story

  • OMG

    by ASFCanadian

    Great game

  • Daily gold

    by O.N.E O.R T.W.O

    This is an awesome game but I hope you make daily gold

  • Buy this one it's the best

    by App freak head

    It's amazing all the items best out of all I hope they make more updates and a dragon and a lizard but I hope they don't make them gold I hope they make a python and make it so you can stab buddy make it when you level up you get gold and stuff

  • Really fun

    by Maxx34$ (:

    It is a really cool game. Best way to waste time

  • It's good, but it's not gold

    by Merk56

    Pretty good game all around, good materials, great voice acting on buddies part. But the whole gold issue still lingers I get it you guys need money to make this game but come on give us something like...Maby if we manage to earn a thousand dollars on our own we get one gold brick kinda like that?

  • Gold

    by Moongirl12121

    Weird, how do I get the gold?

  • Cool

    by Huhiggvghvjhb


  • No updates needed!

    by Do doo doo do dumdudum


  • Funny

    by MattRocks 145

    This game is so fun I play it like 3 straight hours a day

  • Awesome

    by Amazing game

    This game is aweeeeeeesooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee

  • Awesome

    by tickytackyprincess

    .best game.

  • Problema

    by lassleal

    El juego en si, es bueno, pero tuve que borrar el juego por que vendí mi tableta y luego compre otra y cuando descargue de nuevo el juego ya no tenía las armas que había comprado me gustaría que se pudiera restablecer las compras gracias

  • GOLD!

    by Noah Weehunt

    Make it so u can get gold in the game it's stupid that u half to buy gold!

  • Kick the buddy no mercy

    by Pics combination

    Best game ever

  • Best game ever!!!

    by butt kicker1234567890

    Love this game and can u guys make one of those things thats rips people in half in the medieval time to use it on buddy can u

  • its ok i guess

    by jon monster

    ok well i like it its fun just it takes forever to earn money and any of the really cool things must be bought with gold (which you have to pay for with actual money)

  • Kick the buddy no mercy

    by Zander1000000000

    Awesome fun addicting my favorite app

  • Plain awesome.

    by Boy23344

    This game is so awesome i play it everyday . When I'm bored it kills time but way to over rated i mean 12+ man waaaaaay to overrated

  • Feel ripped off..

    by DigitalSweets

    Would be fun but there are tons of pop-ups (I paid for this I should not be bothered with ads) Also to get gold you have to pay even more . Rip off.

  • Good Job

    by Orlando L. Garza

    Well done, although I would like to see much more items this time. Love the new stuff you all added though. Very entertaining and fun. The buddy is still as funny as he was before, never will get old.

  • Love this game

    by The wow slap

    This game I so fun

  • Love it

    by tvenessa

    This game 1,000,000,000 % rocks!!!

  • Awesome but...

    by Good stuff but...

    I like it but when you level up shouldn't you get gold?

  • Best!!!!!!

    by Dildarkhaled

    Is one of my best apps but it needs more apps like kick the buddy in winter or more PLEASE MAKE SOMETHING NEW

  • One of the best's

    by Aj12345

    This game is so fun!!

  • Diaz96

    by Wardog24

    This game is awesome

  • GOLD?!

    by Mr. FunMan123


  • Very good game

    by Tardis friends

    So many weapons and choices to choose from I love this game!


    by CarrieBethBurton


  • Super fun

    by GrrlPoker

    Although I did stuff him with flowers so I wouldn't feel as guilty for enjoying this. Especially fun during boring staff meetings.

  • Wicked! Awesome game toy lol

    by Jadenfire

    good for stress relieving smack him stretch him shoot him etc, the detail is awesome! aw heck I'm not going Into the gory details go on buy it! it's soooo worth it! this is fun! iPad mini iOS 7.0.4

  • Fun but...

    by Carlover4theoriginal

    This game is decently fun, but the reason it's not fun is because; 1. You don't earn money fast enough 2. Gold is too expensive for the stuff you get 3. Most costumes need to be purchased with gold. This game overall is fun if you are patient. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SPEND GOLD ON THIS GAME. THE STUFF YOU GET IS NOT WORTH WHAT YOU BUY!

  • Amazing

    by Desmond Basdeo

    So fun

  • Fun game!

    by tphayden78

    Love this game! I love the little comments that Buddy makes. Great game!

  • Awesome

    by Marcus Alvarez

    The game is so fun I hope you will put awesome and cool updates

  • Awesome

    by Domiwami

    Always fun

  • Cool

    by G10vann1

    I love this game but the things are to much money.

  • Noooo, please make it compatible with iOs 4.3

    by king98

    I cant play the new version becAuse i dont have iOS 5

  • Great game

    by Andrew Bazan

    This is a good game I love it but I think that we shouldn't have to pay for any weapons since we already payed 2or3$ I forgot the price I'm just saying i would rate it five stars but I have to buy things so I give it 3 stars


    by Gamerboy2501

    I love this game because of how there are so many amazing things to torture buddy you can customize him when you get $2500 and awesome games and power ups. Although the saddest thing i have to say about this game is i wish there was a easier way to earn GOLD in your "wallet" because I want to buy more fantastic weapons. Crustalii maybe in the next update maybe you can add a power-up that gives (dark voice impression) MO GOLD Lol. Or you could get gold by winning in the slot machine,ok that would be to Op so hopefully crustalii there is a easier way to earn gold in Kick the buddy in the next update <------ only a suggestion. But overall this game is (dark voice impression) AMAZINGLY TORTURIFIC.

  • Thomas

    by Xina55232

    I love love love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome

    by AaronTitlestad


  • Micro transactions

    by toe knoee

    You have to BUY virtually EVERYTHING in this game! That seems like the way that all games on the App Store are going and I don't like it at all.

  • Good

    by Bdpcgrfhfbv


  • Love it

    by Reese'se

    It's a very fun game trust me its the best game i have bought

  • Great game but here some ideas

    by Danish06:-)!!

    1- I miss that we can't put faces on buddy anymore 2- we need more chances to win gold maybe a second slot machine 3- more holiday weapon and section for thanksgiving 4- a celebrity section to hate certain celebrity's " cough cough Miley Cyrus... excuse me" 5 - buddy dances to the beat to our music 6- more slot machine weapons 7- change gender and religion of buddy 8- more religion sections 9- alarm clock to wake you up in the morning kill buddy to stop alarm 10- wifi multiplayer to make both buddy's fight 11- able to make and change a name for buddy 12- set a birthday for buddy for a birthday section 13- Hollywood section 14- god and goddesses section 15- try add new weapon for everything because the weapons are starting to get boring 16- more mini games Thank for reading my idea really hoping you will present them in the game

  • Great Game, But.......

    by Rtftcghgfdygcgh

    The Game is good ,but you guys have to have a way to earn gold instead of just buying it with real money PLEASE FIND A WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pretty good

    by I Love New York!!!


  • One of the best

    by Daniel Georr

    Great job but you must try to make a way for us to win GOLD even if the required gus costs 100000BUCKS and gives only 1GOLD a shot

  • WHY.

    by A:CM

    It is a great game, but we still can't earn gold. The missions that require gold are impossible without paying real money. Come on, Crustali

  • Worth the money

    by sanzephmas

    Great game, really good time passer!!!!

  • Love it

    by Deserthawk16


  • crashes

    by Sheep 2

    what's the problem, you can't fix the crashes , my crash log is filled with nothing but this game Fix the problem or refund all the money I have put in this game , get it together !! magamoo40

  • Thanksgiving

    by Horsegal359

    Love the Game been a fan since the very first kick the buddy but why no Thanksgiving weapons? I mean there is July 4th, Xmas, Halloween. Just saying

  • Fun

    by awood08

    More holiday weapons

  • Meet Your Buddy

    by A Done All King

    Absolutely the very best stress reliever one could have. (Of course keep away from kids.) To the people who had a say in making this great game, my hats off to you. I often find myself calm when I turn on this app. The voice used as the buddy really is cool. It almost makes me think twice in hurting the buddy. I love how there are mini games, as well as a slot machine. Plus as you play the slots, your buddy motivates you whether you do good or bad. The game really does keep one's attention. There could always be things that could be added to make more fun. Trust me the app is still very very good. Here are a few added ways to make me and a lot others smile LOL. 1) When playing own iTunes music, make buddy dance to it, let him or her just have a good time. Also for the dance add guitar or drums maybe a microphone. Show him or her how to disco or slow dance. Maybe even line dance.., 2) Just a thought but maybe add in text to speech, let us talk to the buddy. Maybe ask him if we could hurt him or her. Or maybe he or she could teach us. Maybe like math or english class. 3) Make buddy a he or she, maybe even choose to make the buddy a Christian, even maybe GLBT. Really just make your friend,,,,your friend. 4) I like how you let us dress the buddy our way, but how about going a little farther, like letting us make a little dog house,,, or a play pin, like a kid to teach him or her discipline. 5) Have the app play in the back ground, heck let him be our home screen....., that be awesome. Again thanks so much for the fun you give us. And to Mr. Buddy, your my favorite app,,,,,,you are always welcome to my party.. You keep us laughing and having a great time. Until next play thru, Miss you, as well as millions of fans ADONEALL KING is your buddy.......LOL P.S. Let us do dental work or surgery on him...., that way we know if it hurts, and know how it feels to go thru that kind of pain... Really let us teach or be teacher......thanks again...BUDDY....LOL,,,, P.S. One of the reviews I seen was to add interrogation, that be awesome I pick that one too. Saints Row 4 and GTA 5 has a lot of things that can be consider cruel and is brutal.... So why not let it be in this game...., of course just say 17+ ,,,,,,, this game is really awesome,,, again Thanks Mr. Buddy.....LOL,,,I will continue to add to this review.....My Friend....., How about letting Buddy be an alarm clock and weather reader for you... Or even tell you a bedtime or regular story reader for you to go to sleep...., there is just so much fun I am having with this app,, it really is making me think,,, of just why many other games or apps don't follow suit,,,,, I guess it means more money for you Mr. Buddy.......later for now,,, thinking of more ways to discipline,,,,,bye for now Mr. Buddy.....LOL One more thing let us fight the buddy in vs mode......LOL

  • :):):)

    by ilovesaintpaul


  • Fun

    by Spyboy916

    I think this game is really fun and exiting


    by Jrules4

    Love the game but can you increase the chances Of getting gold like at every end of a level Please

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