Fairway Solitaire HD by Big Fish Games App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Big Fish Games, Inc

In this update:

•Optimizations and bug fixes.

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Customer Ratings

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350 Ratings
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36946 Ratings


#1 Solitaire game in the App Store for nearly 2 years!

· Play brand new solitaire boards every single day!
· Watch out for water, sand, and rough cards that test your skills!
· Play long streaks of cards to win bonuses!
· Show off your skills and fill up your trophy case!
· Wild shots can either make or break a terrific golf game.
· Find irons and Midas Clubs™ while you play and shoot a round under par.
· See where you rank in our Game Center leaderboards!
· Watch out for the pesky gopher!

Fairway Solitaire is one of the most exciting and addictive card games available! Fairway Solitaire includes hundreds of hand-crafted golf holes, mini games, trophies, golf announcers, hazard cards and one SERIOUSLY ticked off gopher! Follow this hilariously sarcastic story of the gopher and his seething disdain for golfers. From beachside courses where palm trees sway, to the hustle and bustle of illuminated city courses, keep your eye on the prize because there is nowhere this gopher won’t follow you. Whether scoring a double bogey or an eagle, this hit will have you laughing so loud, you’ll forget to be quiet on the golf course!

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· Winner of IGN’s 2012 People’s Choice Award for Best Mobile Board Game!
· “It might look like a straightforward card game on the surface but there’s much more to Fairway Solitaire thanks to its assured, inventive design. It’s hugely enjoyable, supremely polished strategic deck shuffler that should suit puzzle fans to a tee.” PocketGamer: 8/10
· “I’m totally engrossed…sheer mindless entertainment.” TouchArcade
· “One of the best designed games ever…” and “…so wonderfully fun it demands to be played!” Bill Harris of dubiousquality.blogspot.com
· “…an incredibly awesome puzzle game masquerading as solitaire.” Penny Arcade
· “It’s all smartly done…This game is the real deal, not just another boring free solitaire game for iPhone.” Kotaku App of the Day

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Customer Reviews

  • Totally fun

    by Woody's-MaMa

    I have been playing this app for over a year and I really enjoy it..no glitches....fun challenging levels.

  • game

    by Boo boo this is my id

    i cannot get games to open the next set of games, i am at 13 i just keep playing the old games, WHAT WRONG,,,,also it wont even send my messages.. .?.??? i keep trying to download new games of mcdivet........i have many different games of angry birds,,, why cant i get many games of mcdivet?

  • :)DNA

    by :)DNA


  • A great game!!!!

    by Phoenixuzi

    This game is amazing! It is always a challenge, and one does not get bored. It will keep you entertained, you can not go wrong with this game, It's a must have.

  • Fairway Solitaire

    by Kathy Wadsworth

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game. I play it everyday. I love it so much that not too long ago when I saw an ad to download I tried it to see what would happen, if it would just take me to my installed game. Was I surprised when it downloaded another game and now I get to play it twice a day! WooHoo!!

  • Where did it all go?

    by Zeebapants

    I have been religiously playing this game for a good while now and today when I went to play my daily courses, all of my previous stars and trophies were gone from these past couple of days! I spend a ridiculous amount of money with in-app purchases, but I don't feel like having to pay to replay courses that I have already won!! Big Fish, you need to fix this...ASAP!!

  • Awsome!

    by Blabberchick

    This is totally addicting. What a great time.

  • Fairway solitaire

    by Hermy12

    This game is a lot of fun I relax daily playing it I enjoy the little brown character with his funny antics enjoy!!!

  • Great

    by Wicfrye

    Great game

  • Frustrated

    by Patg23

    I have been playing this game for over a year and a half and really enjoy it. Today I opened up the daily challenge and find the last six days are gone no trophies won, no stars! And now you want me to pay to play ones I have already won! What happened?

  • Good game

    by clr4tkoff

    It's a good game but has the same trap as all the rest. What you win in 'golf bucks' is no where near what you need to get anything from the shop. It is so outrageously lopsided. That is the frustrating thing about these games... To get anywhere you have to PAY $$$$. I have better things to do with my money.

  • Daily Fustration

    by Hmcfmfsag

    Love playing Fairway Solitare. I'm not too happy when I go back to play a prior day's course that I have previously played only to find out that has cleared my stars and challenge cups and now costs golf bucks to play again.

  • My love for the game

    by A diva granny

    I love this game Play it alday all night it's a top 10 game for me

  • Loyal player but what happened??

    by Star0204

    I really enjoyed this game until all my past progresses get deleted the next day. Loved the fact that you could go back and finish where you left off the previous day. Not any more.....and I am certainly not going to pay for courses that I've already played and met the challenge just to get to the third challenge, even if it's golf bucks! Please fix this issue. Also the End Hole button is in a very stupid position. I hit the extra card button all the time accidentally. Another way of us spending our bucks?

  • Fairway Golf

    by 19 hacker42

    This is as good a challenge as it gets. Plus, the added bonus of pouncing on the gopher. Please do more like this.

  • Addicted

    by MicheleBon

    I am addicted to this game! It is challenging but fun! I do not golf but I can't wait to sign on each day and take my chances!

  • Great game

    by benjaminyouup38

    One word "AWESOME"

  • Great game!!!

    by Charlotte Raynor

    Very fun and challenging game plus it's cute too.

  • fun

    by mamaharebear

    I spend a lot of wasted time on this game. used to play with real cards.

  • Talk about addicting!

    by LadybugLu

    This is the most fun and addicting game EVER!!! I have trouble getting anything done & my husband is even worse.....he got me started on this game....darn him!

  • Please fix the daily games!

    by Agdavey

    Game used to be cool, but with latest update, all previous games are gone and have to be re-purchased everyday! Now, it's even worse - last night the previous games were still unlocked, but this morning it's back to paying for each one again, even though you played them and won yesterday!

  • this is ridiculous

    by Wilsteadt

    having to continually use my golf bucks to pay for the same rounds over and over again is getting really old. i've stopped recommending this app to my friends.

  • Hd golf

    by VS1242

    Really enjoyed this game however, not fun anymore to expensive , therefore I'm done, a good thing ruined by greed.

  • Unhappy player

    by VKT10

    I am an unhappy player of Fairway due to the recent changes to the daily challenges. I don't always have time to earn the three stars and/or trophies each day. I like to go back and complete them on a later date. If this trend continues, I will be reconsidering my playing of this game. Nickeling, dimeing, and GolfBucking for every little thing will turn people off of the game.

  • Progress Gone

    by FL Player 2000

    Love this game - my spouse and I share the daily games. However daily trophies and stars are no longer saved making it almost impossible to progress to the second or third game. I had three of the five perfect scores for today's first game and just went back to complete the course and my scores are gone. Was a 5 star, now a 2 until fixed.

  • Great Fun

    by Jazzy 59

    This is a great additive game!!!!

  • Golf

    by ACE902

    Great game - love the challenge - just don't. Like to have to pay for everything u do .

  • I'm in love!

    by seccyk

    Best game ever for a Solitaire addict! The variety keeps me interested.

  • Golf

    by GMa Sharon

    I absolutely love this game! It makes you thing before you flip your next card. It's entertaining for the entire family.

  • Golf Solitaire

    by Rafjean

    I love this game, but I think getting only 60 golf bucks for a winning hand is not enough and not fair! Must be a better way to give more bucks as a reward. Feb. 20,2013 The daily games for the past two days will not download! Please fix!!! Jan. 24,2014 What happened to the game today?? Noticed that previous games already played cost more golf bucks as if they had never been played. They were played, so what gives?

  • Fun to play

    by BADLAB

    Fun to play, but don't earn enough stars to open courses although I've completed all with 3 stars. Can get costly purchasing clubs.

  • Lotta fun

    by Robert Czarnecki

    Likod it so much, I bought the full version

  • Great Game

    by Boo from CA

    Love playing this game, I enjoy the daily challenge

  • Golfin

    by Thinkerdoo

    Love it

  • a player

    by of solitaire

    Used to love this game. It is still fun but the last update was not good - lose the previous Daily stars and trophies won. Some of the challenge courses after winning them the first time are impossible to win...very frustrating!!

  • Game

    by Mystib

    Luv this game ! , !

  • janster

    by Sxmlady

    Simple, fun, and a bit challenging at times. Good way to spend time in a non-stressful, enjoyable way. Would appreciate not hearing the same comments and jokes over and over and over...and get rid of Tommy! He's beyond annoying!

  • Great fun

    by Bill44mag

    Fantastic game for hours of fun

  • Great Game

    by Cbwinc

    This is a very good game. I play it the most.

  • Tpt42

    by Swampfox315

    I love to play this game, but since the last update, I use my golf bucks to buy the next level and play, then if I go out of the game and come back in, I have to repurchase, not happy. Can you remix it?

  • Cost of clubs RIDICULOUS

    by Millc35

    I enjoy playing this game and the challenge to get 3 stars on every course. I even got my mother-in-law hooked, but after the new update I noticed that the price for the clubs went up drastically. Like after buying 1 club the cost then cost up on the dame club from 500 to 3500. That's just ridiculous. If that was your way of getting people to spend real money (not golf bucks) to buy more clubs, that's just wrong. Go back to the way it was! One good thing with the update was the gopher doesn't take your money anymore when you get him in the wildcard. He only takes your great shots and 3 cards. I can handle that... But not the cost of the clubs.

  • Thoughts

    by Pokerpami

    Love this game but it is very addictive and it's driving me nuts.

  • Money pit

    by KadyWhy

    Paid for game. Have purchased clubs and power ups, but prices for everything keep increasing. Unless you want to constantly pay for this game (no end in sight) then pass on this. It is fun and I don't mind paying for games but this is ridiculous! I will be deleting as soon as my current money supply runs out. No game is worth spending indefinitely on it which is what this game expects you to do. Not this girl!

  • Addictive

    by Nataliebuggie

    If you like solitaire pyramid then try this! I liked it very much!

  • Love

    by Kickingcandy

    Love it, play every morning with my cup of coffee!

  • What happened?????

    by Soccermob

    I loved this game. Had over 750,000 golf bucks that is until this am!!!! All of a sudden I now only have 27,000...... What the........ Is this to make me buy more? I have already spent way to much on purchasing irons. Very disappointed in this game that I have spent hours playing! Will not spend another dime on it. Was a five star game but has become a one star. Lures you in and then makes tons of cash and then takes away the rewards you have earned!

  • Good game but get ready to spend $$$$

    by Crimson tide rtr

    I've had this game and have enjoyed it for over a year now. But the developers are getting very money greedy. Clubs were $500 and now can cost upwards of $3500 for 1 club! Rip Off! Be careful as price is going higher and higher! If they keep It up, I'm deleting it!

  • Great game

    by 214Great one

    Love this game

  • Mom

    by Mom8688

    Lot's of fun. Challenging.

  • Fair

    by laurawardlow

    Love the game itself. But have spent a lot of money on it already and now I'm stuck and it looks like I will b for awhile if I need 150 more stars! Can't afford it anymore

  • Gr

    by Dick Exe

    Great fun! The gopher, what a wise guy!

  • Thanks

    by rebecca robson

    Thanks best game ever love it

  • Love it

    by j2gd4ua

    Great game! I love the commentary!

  • Fun game

    by Cottoncandy0753

    Nice game

  • Doesn't save anymore

    by Mom0712

    I love this app but since the last update it doesn't save my progress. Every day when a new daily challenge is available, my progress in the past ones are gone. So I have to pay 500 coins to play yesterday's challenge even though I had three stars on it. I would give this app five stars if it worked like it used to.

  • Goog

    by Jun8885


  • Very addictive.

    by Nanc2222

    For being a simple little card game it is very addictive to get the next course unlocked lots of fun!

  • PLEASE!!!!!!!

    by Pa .


  • So much fun!!

    by Fidge807

    And really challenging solitaire!

  • Love it

    by donnettekmc

    I play games a lot on my iPad and this is one of the best I have ever played. I'm addicted!!!

  • Awesome

    by Fairway!!

    Suuuuper addicting and tons of fun!!

  • Just fun

    by Kajunman53

    Just simple fun Loads for fun

  • fairway

    by slpxoxo


  • Fairway Solitaire

    by Rosieydosiey

    One of the best games ever. I never get tired of it!

  • 100% RECOMMEND

    by Jenvick

    Aside from put-put, I'm not a golfer nor do I know the first thing about golf. I like this game because it's a new twist on the classic 'tri-peaks' solitaire game. Even without purchasing the full version I have enjoyed this game on a daily basis for over 3 months now. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Note to creators: thank you for the recent changes. I love that the gopher doesn't wipe out my bank every time I hit a wild card and I enjoy seeing my winnings immediately rather than waiting til the end of the hole. Good job!! Keep up the awesome work.

  • :)

    by Hope cats

    Love this game

  • Shawdoe

    by Shawdoe

    Great game can't stop playing it...

  • Get hooked on Gopher

    by Monica Cowin

    A great game and very addicting! Highly recommended!

  • Great Game

    by Obotheritsme

    Best game ever

  • Cb

    by Mitcharoo11

    Fun game but challenging.

  • Perfect

    by HFPDXOR

    Perfect time dump. Good game when you are 12 minutes early for work, or a quickie during commercials. Nothing deep or complicated. Just good simple fun.

  • Worth every penny

    by Squeakeer

    Really funny, smart aleck commentators, whack a gopher-what more could you ask for? First rate app!

  • Game

    by Vic9310

    This is the best game,it is fun and challenging! I love it!

  • So Fun!!

    by Katielou817

    I'm so addicted......

  • Daily games

    by Teddybear64

    I played today 3 daily games. Got my 3 stars and trophy for each game. I just went into the game and the 3 stars and trophies were gone. It is if I didn't even played the three games. This is not good. Help

  • Bad update

    by JM3731

    Put the end hole button back at the bottom and lower the golf bucks amounts.

  • Fairway hd

    by Jimgar614

    Great game love the announcers lol

  • CDR

    by Interior designs

    Great game ! Play every chance I get

  • Fairway golf

    by Cataz1953

    Love this golf game! Needs more open courses though.

  • Fun

    by Debra Szablak

    Best game. Addictive

  • Best game ever!

    by Shea#5

    Simple, rewarding, and tons of fun. The developers really care about your experience. Little to no money required to play. Thank you Big Fish!

  • Addictive

    by Nicole McBride

    Love this game, very addictive

  • Delete!

    by Syngflower

    Before the last update, I loved this game. Fun and challenging. Now, not so much. It is almost impossible to win any of the challenges and forget about getting stars. It has become a buy, buy, buy game. If you want extra cards to finish a round that will cost you and of course if you don't buy them - you lose. You can also buy different clubs to help, where as before you could use score points to buy certain clubs, these special ones cost real money. Really? Ruined a really good game.

  • Fun combo

    by Rainybird

    Has enough variety to be better than ordinary solitaire games. Can be addictive!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this game

    by JenYaco

    I am in love with this game. I'm so addicted!!!

  • Great times

    by scott holton

    What a great app! Addicting... However, it would be nice if more courses were available. Right now you have to replay over land over to earn trophies . The only way to earn stars are the daily courses and it is expensive to keep playin.

  • Update with caution!

    by Mom9901

    I can no longer go back and play the daily courses. Lost everything I had accomplished the past week. Have to pay for every course, even ones I had already purchased-golf bucks are still gone however. Used to be my favorite game.

  • Addicting

    by Sigs_93c

    This game is so fun!! Very addicting

  • by Elizagre2001

  • Lots of freezes

    by Dr Eggs

    Has started freezing and waking up after 2-10 hours. That is a BIG problem. Can't get to any other screen and would lose all accumulated golf bucks and clubs under a reload. Heard nothing from their support folks. But, a lot of fun when it works.

  • My favorite game and the best deal in the App Store

    by Mr Heat Miser

    My daughter and I have been playing this game for 2 years now. The daily challenges mean the game never stops. I would pay to hear more from the excellent voiceover hosts.

  • Fun!

    by YeahRica!

    This game is visually interesting and fun. A nice twist on the traditional Solitaire.

  • Fairway

    by Gopherluvr

    Love the game! its challenging, but it so difficult that you could never win. The graphics are top notch. My only issues is that it takes to long to earn a bonus course.

  • Fairway

    by Ladybug22273

    Fun fun

  • Overachiever

    by PaulAlley


  • Great

    by Buttah101

    Good game.

  • Disappointed

    by Camomof9

    I used to really like this game, I purchased the whole game and extra mulligans, but lost it all with an update. Now I can only play the daily challenges. I do not know if this has happened to others, I hardly ever even open this app any more.

  • Can only get so far before having to buy cards

    by Chyleppr

    Liked it but after about 18 courses, you can't get more courses without paying for extra cards. I've tried the same course many, many times and it's impossible to get further. Other then that, it's a fun solitaire game and I recommend it.

  • tnhlbly13

    by Chaweenie13

    Awesome game

  • Fun solitaire game

    by Anette17

    Very fun, fast paced game. Minor complaint though- they moved the button to purchase extra cards directly under the draw pile so I have accidentally tapped that button losing $2000 golf bucks each time. Wish they would put that button back up to the top.

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