Fairway Solitaire HD by Big Fish (Full) Games App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Big Fish Games, Inc

In this update:

•Optimizations and bug fixes.

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Customer Ratings

Current Version:
43 Ratings
All Versions:
1020 Ratings


#1 Solitaire game in the App Store for nearly 2 years!

· Play brand new solitaire boards every single day!
· Watch out for water, sand, and rough cards that test your skills!
· Play long streaks of cards to win bonuses!
· Show off your skills and fill up your trophy case!
· Wild shots can either make or break a terrific golf game.
· Find irons and Midas Clubs™ while you play and shoot a round under par.
· See where you rank in our Game Center leaderboards!
· Watch out for the pesky gopher!

Fairway Solitaire is one of the most exciting and addictive card games available! Fairway Solitaire includes hundreds of hand-crafted golf holes, mini games, trophies, golf announcers, hazard cards and one SERIOUSLY ticked off gopher! Follow this hilariously sarcastic story of the gopher and his seething disdain for golfers. From beachside courses where palm trees sway, to the hustle and bustle of illuminated city courses, keep your eye on the prize because there is nowhere this gopher won’t follow you. Whether scoring a double bogey or an eagle, this hit will have you laughing so loud, you’ll forget to be quiet on the golf course!

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· Winner of IGN’s 2012 People’s Choice Award for Best Mobile Board Game!
· “It might look like a straightforward card game on the surface but there’s much more to Fairway Solitaire thanks to its assured, inventive design. It’s hugely enjoyable, supremely polished strategic deck shuffler that should suit puzzle fans to a tee.” PocketGamer: 8/10
· “I’m totally engrossed…sheer mindless entertainment.” TouchArcade
· “One of the best designed games ever…” and “…so wonderfully fun it demands to be played!” Bill Harris of dubiousquality.blogspot.com
· “…an incredibly awesome puzzle game masquerading as solitaire.” Penny Arcade
· “It’s all smartly done…This game is the real deal, not just another boring free solitaire game for iPhone.” Kotaku App of the Day

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Customer Reviews

  • Love It

    by No Par

    I love this game. Very challenging and rewarding.

  • Addictive

    by MystyDove

    I am so addicted to this game. Love the challenges.

  • Addictive

    by .Nix85.

    Fun and keeps you coming back to play more.

  • Addictive

    by .Nix85.

    Fun and keeps you coming back to play more.

  • Fairway solitaire

    by Soryboutchaluk

    Great game, challenging

  • Love this game.

    by BravesW

    Play it all the time.

  • Solid

    by Pakman68

    Good addicting game that really helps kill time

  • Awesome.

    by dreadz da centaur

    Love this game. This game is hard to put down

  • End hole button on Fairway Solitaire

    by jaybee1013

    I think you purposely put the end hole button on the top so we would hit the buy extra cards by habit!!!

  • Good

    by Tarzzan Kibitlewski

    This game is addicting get ready to be playing a lot of this

  • Fairway Golf Problem

    by Dfcamper

    My wife and I play this game daily. We compete against each other. We have enjoyed it for over a year, but since the last update my daily challenge disappears. I play the game, get my 3 stars, and win my trophy. The next day the game comes up like I never played it. No stars, no trophy, and asking for 500 golf buck to play. I'm hoping the new update I just loaded repairs this issue. I intend to continue playing. Hope you can repair this issue. Thanks Fairway Golf Fan.

  • Angry

    by Urtickingmeofflol

    Who gave golf shop permission to give out phone numbers? Had I known, would never have done it!!! Should have known if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is! Earn the cards on your own or they'll sell your phone number!!! Love Fairway golf ! Though some courses are impossible to win!

  • love it, works perfect

    by reel-n-time

    too bad the negative reviews comment on things that are not content related. This is a great game. You do not have to spend $$$ if you don't want to. I feel it is challenging and fun, need a little luck, but if it was easier you would blow thru it and move on to another game. Build up your golf bucks and go.

  • Not working since update

    by JTWgytr

    Just installed the latest update and I am unable to see the daily challenges. Please fix!

  • Trophies

    by AnalogG33K

    The challenge trophies are gone from the holes! Where did they go???

  • Nice, but getting like other Big Fish games

    by Honeyrockdogs

    It's too bad that the prices to play these games keep going up. I can't play as much as I would because of the rising cost to play. Even with "sales" it's a bit much.

  • Good game

    by DinFLA

    I like it a lot. Play it for hours. The thing I don't care for is the money all the extras cost. Otherwise a great game

  • Please change club wiggle!

    by Meija1

    Come on guys, we had an update and you still couldn't listen to all of us complaining about the sound of the wiggly golf clubs?!! Fix it plz!! Hi there I love this game it keeps bringing me back. I updated to the latest version and i gotta say that bit where the golf clubs wiggle around to remind you to use them... Is Really annoying! Click..click..click I'm trying to play my game click..click..click.. Please either remove it or make an option in the settings where we can Turn It Off. Thanks!

  • Mac1975

    by Mabelmc1975

    Love this game.

  • Good game!

    by BooBooBrains

    I like this game. It is very challenging, which is why I like it. I can't address any of the issues regarding purchasing of items as I have never spent a penny. That's why the game is so challenging. I think if I had unlimited clubs, could have any or all of the items in the golf shop, etc it would be a very dull game indeed!

  • Crap

    by p*ssed

    This game gets worse with every update. I have purchased many Big Fish games, but will not buy any more until you fix this crap.

  • Golf solitaire had

    by Patska44

    I bought a second mulligan for every hole. Sometimes it shows up, most times it doesn't. How can I get the mulligan I paid for.

  • Fairway solitaire

    by Jasgrandma

    I get frustrated with game. Should be able to get bucks/irons without always paying. Like many games I play I get bonus points every hour/day to keep me going then if I should run out I have option to purchase. Then it keeps me coming back, your way is way too expensive, a rip off.

  • Terrible

    by Cyms1973

    Let me start off by saying this is a fun game but leaves you frustrated on many levels. The first is, if you playing for additional cups and the challenge is to get 14 cards of the same color in a row than make sure that you provide the opportunity to win the challenge. This happens on many courses. Secondly, when you are playing the wild ball challenge make sure it doesn't land on the gopher taking 3 of you cards each time. I played that game approximately 35 times and I counted 75%of the times it lands on that. Thirdly, it is very expensive in golf dollars to buy the irons leaving you with not enough money to buy anything additional. Fourthly, the game is fun but there is no need to have someone buy clubs with actual money on your credit. Don't you think we pay enough for games. Let someone earn enough golf dollars so that they can buy specialty clubs. I know you need to make money but sometimes this gets irritating. Like I said, it is fun to play and the commentating is funny, at least in my mind. Thank you for good games and make sure you listen to those who give feedback.

  • Fairway Solitaire

    by Mz Wiz

    I refuse to play this game as long as you have the bouncing golf clubs in the golf bag. I really enjoyed playing this game, too. I even liked the voice-overs. So, instead of 5 stars I am rating it a 1.

  • Used to love

    by Ed12345612

    I have played this game for years on my iPod and now that I have an ipad I repaid for the game and hate the changes. Especially hate that you cannot leave the level and restart it like you used to. Impossible to get three stars on some 9 holes courses now. Disappointed!

  • Fairway Golf

    by Patska44

    Used to be able to start the game over without taking the app completely off the iPad. Also my husband and I could both create a golfer and compete. Now it's pay, pay, pay.

  • Scammers

    by p*ssed

    Listen to your players and quit scamming us.

  • Disappointed

    by PlainGrace

    Zero patron appreciation with money making tactics.

  • Mrs

    by Grammyhart

    Loved the game. Now clubs too expensive. Won't be playing very often.

  • Disappointed...buyer beware!

    by Blackkatfish

    Price increases for cards and Midas irons. when all courses are completed..GAME OVER!! Except for daily challenges which btw you may not get 2 play daily (and when u don't..the golf bucks needed 2 play increase in amt). Surprised no one complained. Plus daily courses are not saved..so if u missed it...oh WELL!

  • Updates

    by Millerdoc

    I have loved and played this game for several months. In fact, have it on my iPad twice! However, your latest update really upset me. 18'000 GB for 8 irons? Really? I have spend several hundreds real dollars buying clubs over the months and although not too happy with the change from 34 bags to 200 clubs, kept on playing. But this latest is just too much and I will no longer be playing! Shame on you for being too much about profit and not enough about about your subscribers!

  • Disgruntled

    by Ohlookabunnyrabbit

    Pros: Fun game. Cons: I played and, as others, when purchased, I lost everything as though it was a new game. I just watched enough adverts for 7500 worth of golf bucks. When I downloaded an app, it took me out of this game and when I logged back in, the 7500 points were gone!! What kind of a scam is that???!!!

  • Used to be great

    by Dino334

    Too many bugs and glitches. Really don't appreciate the fact that my clubs, golf bucks, etc do not transfer from my iPhone game to the iPad version. I have to start from scratch on the iPad HD game and it just isn't as much fun anymore.

  • Latest upgrade

    by kjcoff

    Downloaded the latest upgrade and lost all my stars and trophies for complete courses.

  • Buying more cards freezes the game

    by Bu113t

    Seems to be a bug in this version. When you run out of cards and buy more, the game freezes. Please fix.

  • Love the game

    by Wd6349

    Would rate it much higher but the one thing I don't like, the price of the clubs keeps increasing, and the number of clubs for each hole keeps decreasing, but the holes get harder, so it's very very hard to do well. Liked it better before all of the changes!

  • New update

    by GuitarBoy6898

    Very disappointed in the new update, the game longer fun, cannot have more than one user, wish I would not of updated, would be nice to have previous version back, sorry to say I won't play this new one.

  • Ridiculous tapping sound!! >|

    by ~Kates~

    Great until the update! Now it is so annoying to hear the clubs CONSTANTLY tapping in the bag that I don't play it anymore. Pathetic

  • Fairway

    by Tarzzan Kibitlewski

    Tri towers gone wild love it

  • Even more stars if there were more!

    by Polly1130

    Getting a little expensive though. But I do love it!

  • Not happy

    by Momo2wins

    Was one of my favorite games till I reset my iPad 1... Now can't install and play even though I paid for this... Would at least like access to an older version I can put this back in please..

  • Best

    by Gingybeer73

    This is the best solitare game app

  • Jingle all the way...

    by Mecool71

    Great game and very addictive! The only reason it doesn't have five stars from me is the rediculous jingling of the golf clubs. Very annoying! Otherwise, fantastic game...

  • Cynstacy7

    by Cynstacy

    Not a huge fan of so many in-app purchases. Already purchased the game itself, for the love of Pete.

  • Fairway Solitaire

    by Chuck10pin

    A lot of fun even if it is a little commercialized

  • player

    by PoppiJimbo

    Not Happy. Why such severe changes? We can only have one player? Can't replay a hole without going back through the complete course? We lost all points and cups. Not liking this new version.

  • Great game

    by Disappointed in WY

    I didn't like the latest update at first, but after playing for awhile, I think it's great. I like that the Midas clubs are stacked on each other and I can use them when needed, instead of stacking them over the numbered clubs, causing players to have to use those first. And to all of you complaining that the daily challenges are too hard, it's supposed to be challenging. If it were easy, it wouldn't be as fun. I have played this game for awhile now and have never had to spend real money. If you don't like that game, or if you are not smart enough to play it without spending real money for clubs or "add ons" , then maybe you should find a simpler game to play.

  • Ready to quit forever

    by amcody

    The latest update took away ALL of my game progress. I emailed support and they told me to wait on the NEXT update to see IF it would bring my completed courses back. This is the 2nd time in 2 years that I have lost my game. I played all of the courses over again last time, but I don't think I care enough this time.

  • Used to love

    by momee05

    Stop, stop, stop those stupid clubs from jiggling! Like most who have recently rated I HATE that "feature". It is a bug to us. Please update fix that gives the option to have the clubs jiggle. It is simply annoying.

  • Please change club wiggle!

    by Meija1

    Hi there I love this game it keeps bringing me back. I updated to the latest version and i gotta say that bit where the golf clubs wiggle around to remind you to use them... Is Really annoying! Click..click..click I'm trying to play my game click..click..click.. Please either remove it or make an option in the settings where we can Turn It Off. Thanks!

  • Fairway

    by Vegas Grand-Ma

    Love the game!!!!!!!

  • J

    by Kippjonez

    Great game loved it since day 1

  • Great fun!

    by Cavagna1993

    Challenging and just good fun.

  • Great

    by Quadside

    One of the best games ever

  • Great game

    by Matmn1

    Good game but why did they put the buy cards right next to the pile when a hurry I hit that button instead of end hole button

  • Sad

    by Keeganmeone

    Loved the game. Played daily, now it's all about trying to get money. Hate that I can't restart a hole. Restarting the whole course makes it to hard to advance and it get boring repeating the hole several times. Lowered the number of GB rewarded for every trophy...why? You got too greedy. Off to find another daily fix.

  • 5 to -5

    by Annieoaklet

    This game went from a 5 star to a -5 star at the speed of light. All it does is try to force you to spend , spend, spend. No more bags of Midas clubs. No more great shots recorded. Now it is just BORING. No where do I see the courses that are shown on the app screen. They don't exist. It is just another ruse to get you to SPEND SPEND SPEND. No thanks.

  • Ms

    by Laddyboylovett

    Out of points. No way to play more games. Have to wait for daily. I don't like the new format. I accidentally use points when you moved the end icon.

  • Freeway solitaire

    by Sparksdi

    It's a great game! Very addictive.

  • Great Game

    by Snookadook


  • Not as much fun

    by lha726

    Not as much fun anymore...very difficult daily challenges. The game can't keep track of purchases and there is no support. The recent changes have made this not my daily go to game anymore.

  • Fun

    by Disneyloves

    Still learning the ins and outs of the game

  • NOT A Happy Golfer

    by Staticmindstate

    Here's my new review update. 1Star only because Zero is not an option. Just like the value of the Golf Buck decreased, so did my 5-Star rating for this game. Seems the developers are trying to force a bunch of Real Bucks from die hard players. This latest update puts you down there with the rest of the Greedy Game Developers. The end

  • Great until....

    by Layla19111

    Who's bright idea was it to have the bonus clubs jingle in the bag every freaking 10 seconds? I love this game. Love the sound effects but that is just completely annoying! Make it stop! Good grief!

  • From 5 stars to 1

    by prahl777

    I've started every day with this game for years & have loved it! The latest upgrade has RUINED the joy of the game. An animation of the golf clubs in the lower r/h corner intermittently wags at you during the course of play. Even if u don't have a touch of ADD, u might find this maddening! It is sooooo stressful ! What a shame! Is there absolutely NOONE at Big Fish' GHQ who plays this game on a daily basis? If there were even 1, this upgrade would never been foisted on their devoted customers.

  • Game now ruined!

    by pdc1

    Between jumping, wriggling animated clubs now distracting you from play, to the constant in-game push for IAP, the developers have now completely ruined what used to be a fun, relaxing game. This latest update is the worst! Finally convinced me to delete the app and load up Ski Solitaire instead.

  • Daily courses harder

    by CC568

    I've been playing this game for quite some time, and I've enjoyed it. However, lately the daily challenges have been a bit ridiculous. They have too many grass cards, and all of these "so many colors in a row or so many without a suit, is a little too much. McDinko should only have 0 or 100. It's getting to the point where the game isn't even enjoyable anymore; it's more frustrating than anything!!!

  • By far, the BEST golf solitaire game ever.

    by Angela Graflage

    This is by far the best solitaire game out there... If you don't get addicted by the amazing graphics and fun game options, you'll be completely entertained by the hilarious commentators. Definitely worth a buy!

  • Awesome games

    by Shawnwest758

    Love this game very entertaining!!!!

  • Can't restart a course anymore

    by hkflash

    Can't restart an individual course in a set without starting from the beginning. Not worth playing any more. Need to make sure not to update on any other devices. Used to be my favorite.

  • Disappointed

    by catdog21

    It's obvious that the changes were made to make players spend more money. Moving the end button to the top makes it more likely that one will press the additional card button and spend money. Also the bouncing irons are very distracting and totally unnecessary.

  • Lost game

    by Hotmama1956*

    Updated game today and now everything is gone, loved the game and doing well but, can't play anymore : (

  • Love this game but...

    by Elanebeth3

    I love this game. Have been playing it for years. I love a lot of the recent updates too. But why are you making things take more and more golf bucks? I think that is bullcrap! You are trying to make more and more money and that is not fair for long time players.

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