Fairway Solitaire by Big Fish Games App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Big Fish Games, Inc

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•Optimizations and bug fixes.

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Customer Ratings

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157 Ratings
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26353 Ratings


#1 Solitaire game in the App Store for nearly 2 years!

· Play brand new solitaire boards every single day!
· Watch out for water, sand, and rough cards that test your skills!
· Play long streaks of cards to win bonuses!
· Show off your skills and fill up your trophy case!
· Wild shots can either make or break a terrific golf game.
· Find irons and Midas Clubs™ while you play and shoot a round under par.
· See where you rank in our Game Center leaderboards!
· Watch out for the pesky gopher!

Fairway Solitaire is one of the most exciting and addictive card games available! Fairway Solitaire includes hundreds of hand-crafted golf holes, mini games, trophies, golf announcers, hazard cards and one SERIOUSLY ticked off gopher! Follow this hilariously sarcastic story of the gopher and his seething disdain for golfers. From beachside courses where palm trees sway, to the hustle and bustle of illuminated city courses, keep your eye on the prize because there is nowhere this gopher won’t follow you. Whether scoring a double bogey or an eagle, this hit will have you laughing so loud, you’ll forget to be quiet on the golf course!

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· Winner of IGN’s 2012 People’s Choice Award for Best Mobile Board Game!
· “It might look like a straightforward card game on the surface but there’s much more to Fairway Solitaire thanks to its assured, inventive design. It’s hugely enjoyable, supremely polished strategic deck shuffler that should suit puzzle fans to a tee.” PocketGamer: 8/10
· “I’m totally engrossed…sheer mindless entertainment.” TouchArcade
· “One of the best designed games ever…” and “…so wonderfully fun it demands to be played!” Bill Harris of dubiousquality.blogspot.com
· “…an incredibly awesome puzzle game masquerading as solitaire.” Penny Arcade
· “It’s all smartly done…This game is the real deal, not just another boring free solitaire game for iPhone.” Kotaku App of the Day

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Customer Reviews

  • Completely addictive!

    by Rhapsody's Dream

    A friend of mine recommended this game and I can't stop playing it!

  • Fun

    by Beachnnessa


  • I love fairway solitaire! My favorite!

    by jeff hamman

    Best game ever! Play it everyday before bedtime!

  • Love It

    by Bella-Mortificadora


  • Very addictive!

    by CJBohan

    Love the game!!

  • Great game

    by 9195hunter

    Great game very addicting been playing for a while love it.

  • Great!

    by Kris10-86

    Love this game!! Super addicting :)

  • Fairway

    by Arias pat

    This is the best game. I play it every day before I go to bed. It is challenging and just fun. I love it.

  • Best game

    by Winikkilee

    I love this game it's a challenge every time I play it! Luv it.

  • Great game!

    by Mjiggs1st

    A lot of fun!

  • Great game

    by Bruizerb

    Hours of fun

  • Great fun

    by Just1oldlady

    I love this app. Be careful once u start playing you won't want to stop

  • Rates top

    by Big pigss

    Love this game

  • Great game

    by cxb348

    Lots of fun

  • Love it

    by Wendy Coe

    Love this game

  • Fairway Solitaire

    by CPGAYGD

    I love this game! I play it every night before I got to sleep.

  • Fairway Solitare

    by 2putter

    Fun game!

  • Acp

    by Mommenem

    Love it!!

  • Outstanding!!

    by Jobinator01

    Great game!! I play it all the time and love the daily challenges.

  • Great game

    by JoDee & Terry

    I just love this game

  • Crasher¡

    by Sasse-mimi

    I think I would love it but it crashes before it even opens!!!!!

  • Fairway solitaire by big fish

    by Howlepino girl

    Love the game but keep losing my challenge stars and trophies after I complete games. Lost the whole week this time and now charging more to play again. Tried everything. I have recommended this game to many but will quit if this is not fixed. Hate to leave this game but tired of this problem. Would give this 5 stars if this problem was gone.

  • In Ap rip-off!

    by Llmom2

    I was totally addicted to this game UNTIL I checked my In-Ap purchase log. There must be over $30 in purchases that I don't remember or had any intention to make! Midas clubs, course packs and other stuff that I don't even know what it is. No signing in to my account, no confirming purchases. What the heck!!! This is appears to be huge scam by Big Fish that needs to be addressed. I have never had this issue with any other game. Check your account ASAP.

  • Addictive

    by Boosonlybabe

    Love this game! Great play and no glitches or problems!

  • Fun

    by Syl21311

    Great game during insomnia nights

  • Great game!

    by RDOSpeedwagon

    Absolutely love this game, although very addicting it is a great way to pass time. Makes you use your mind without too much work!

  • Time killer

    by KrazyYace

    I kill TOO much time playing this game


    by TKnight1967

    Fun and entertaining.

  • Love it

    by Team Magginnis

    Very addictive game. Fun.

  • Pretty good

    by star wars is awesome55

    I like the variety. I can come back to it anytime and pick it up. It's not so hard that it frustrates me but there is still some challenge. Nice mix. (:

  • Lots of fun!

    by SandieLW

    I love this game! Play every night to wind down. Sometimes want to smack the little critter, but still love to play.

  • So Addictive

    by Mgowdy3

    This is a great game to download that will kill the boredom that you have in your life. You won't be able to put your phone down.

  • I like it

    by Zgirlizfine

    Luv playing this game

  • Fairway

    by Dbacksjd

    I hate this game, it's too addicting!! Love it and can never get enough of it. Good challenges all the way threw, some of the seem to be impossible but can be done. Thanks

  • Great voice over! Hilarious!

    by Gamehorror

    Love this game. Totally worth .99

  • Lost Everything After Update

    by STP VIC

    I enjoyed this game before the recent update. It was 5 stars. After the update everything I had was locked up again. The achievements we're unlocked but everything I purchased and courses I opened were now locked again. I hope this can be fixed. I was a huge fan.

  • Lost Everything After Update

    by STP VIC

    I enjoyed this game before the recent update. It was 5 stars. After the update everything I had was locked up again. The achievements we're unlocked but everything I purchased and courses I opened were now locked again. I hope this can be fixed. I was a huge fan.

  • TigerKillsLion

    by AaronLaPort


  • Great

    by Golfer123693829


  • Fun

    by Starre6911

    One of the best solitaire games ever. Starts out easy and gets harder with each level, so that makes it a challenge

  • Great game

    by Ms brownsug

    Awesome!!! play it every chance I get

  • Normally I love this game!

    by Pamnypoo

    But this latest update screwed me, all my daily games keep resetting , for like the last week everything I do keeps getting reset and I have to do it over and I keep spending my golf bucks for nothing!!! I love this game please fix it! 2nd request!

  • Really!!!

    by Mskeleka

    This is a good game, but it's a shame they prefer you to purchase more. Why even download it! Would've given it 5 stars but not now!

  • Fairway

    by Crabgrass31

    Need more gopher bucks!!

  • Game exits after winning mini games

    by Shellybeeen

    After the update I've been having a lot of trouble with the game. When I finish a mini game, win or lose, the game exits to my home screen without saving. So I am not credited golf bucks when I win. It also happens when I finish a hole. It's getting very frustrating to keep doing this. I am weary about uninstalling and reinstalling because I have purchased this game and will be very upset if it won't let me play the full version. I would give it 5 stars if it didn't do this.

  • Lots of fun

    by Allilee

    This game is fun and challenging. It has enough variance that its not boring after a few days...I actually want to keep playing it!

  • Ok game

    by Very good lite

    Good game to waste time

  • Very fun! Addicting!

    by Alp713

    Love this game! Whole family is hooked!

  • Entertaining!

    by Krzyman1

    Excellent app. Can't stop playing.

  • Fun Game!

    by MzzCindy2u

    My grandsons (and I) really enjoy the game.

  • Daily course mode screwed up!

    by Hessian9

    The daily course mode does not maintain records! Since installing update 1.7.1 three days ago I have played many of the first courses of daily course packs each day. I also paid the first course golf bucks for all of the available previous days in an attempt to try to catch up with the daily play because I had been without Internet access for several days. A total of 10,500 golf bucks each day. Today I load the game, open daily mode and nothing my game play or golf buck payments for the past three days is there! FIX THIS !!! P.S. You owe me at least 30,000 golf bucks !!!

  • Gopher Golf

    by Tex jj

    Congratulations on the baby girl. This game is a blast.

  • Great game!

    by Ritchie1872

    This game rocks!!!!

  • Great Fun!!

    by Flickerfoo

    Love this game. It's so much fun and the gopher makes me laugh. Highly recommend it.

  • Lost all daily stars

    by Griffins89

    I love this game but the latest update wiped out all daily bonus games so much for the bug fix

  • Love, Love, LOVE this game!

    by Sunnie's Mommy

    I really enjoy playing this game it's very addicting! It's totally worth buying you won't be disappointed! Only thing that would make it better is if it would load to which level I'm on rather than having to scroll over to it... But its still worth it!

  • Love this game !!"

    by Candace Watson

    Can play it for hours

  • Spectacular game!! Great buy!!

    by The wiff

    I was in the hospital recently for a whole month and my night nurse told me about this game and that game kept me from going insane, and kept my mind busy so I wouldn't get all stressed out!! Awesome game! I wish they would add more levels!! I'm addicted!! Please add more levels so we can play more!! My 3 ur old loves to play this game too!!

  • Great game

    by ChiTownHoney

    I love this game. Lots of fun for hours at a time.

  • Rate

    by Leeberry5


  • Neal62

    by Big Ned 50445

    Like "heydere" my daily courses were wiped out a couple days ago. Time and money buying Midas clubs to get these completed. Can someone answer why this had happened?

  • Fun game with some fixes needed

    by sillywoman89

    This game is so fun, I can play it for hours, but there must be a glick in the game. When I play the daily challenges and win the game and trophy and I go back and check it, to see if it shows I won..it doesn't then have to do it all over again. I hope it is fixed soon. I really love this game. I hope the makers of this game is reading these comments to fix the problem.

  • Addictive n fun

    by FadingMineCraft

    Challenging game love the gofers lol they r funny.

  • Very much worth $1!

    by Concerned Statue

    This is an insanely long game. Every level is just different enough to be new and challenging. Also, loads of achievements let you strive for your own challenges!

  • Absolutely LOVE this game :-)

    by JennyJ23

    This game is awesome and so much fun to play, but I was wondering if the gopher could make appearances in the daily challenges as well???

  • Fairway Solitare

    by RdsBrat


  • Fun

    by Braft24


  • Hours and hours of fun

    by G25rocket

    Great game! There are always new boards being added so it's well worth the money. Addictive in the best possible way.

  • Great

    by Ghixxle

    The makers of this game have great creativity and style, and it shows!

  • Great game but..

    by mosskidd

    Sometimes it seems like the Ai fluctuates so that one course is relatively easy and the next is much harder. Other than that I love all the trophies, the different tableau, all that. Keep up the great work Big Fish!

  • The eagle has landed!

    by LoDaddy09

    Challenging and entertaining


    by Haydere

    To be fair this is a really fun game, but I spent so much time, irons, and money on winning stars and trophies on the daily challenges and when I went to go check how many more courses needed stars, ALL my daily challenges reset. I have to pay to play them again when I already spent so much to get to where I was. My regular game was fine but I am VERY upset about the daily challenge

  • Good solitaire take-off.

    by Grtgtfyyh

    I am addicted to this game. They keep it fresh and interesting. It is nice to have a new game every day. Also like the bonus games.

  • Worth buying it

    by Miriam Morales

    I love it

  • Really awesome version of golf

    by T.B.I. TY

    They've Don an excellent job incorporating the solitaire style game with the actual game of golf! Every card you turn is considered a stroke, And that's how you determine your stroke limit for par. I was honestly very surprised by how well this game was put together! And it as well has great graphics! This game is for sure an A big A➕➕➕➕‼️

  • Great game

    by Airxa

    Can't stop playing, so much fun!

  • Golf

    by Zareheneq

    Love game but hate the money hungry ppl making it. Having to pay to play or buy things takes all the fun out of it.

  • Fun game!!

    by cherri.a

    I would give it 5 stars if the makers weren't so money Hungary.

  • Awesome

    by Wlfhnd127

    Great game

  • Review

    by Easy gopher

    So much fun to play !

  • Why?

    by dodaszz

    Love this game!! But why does it erase my progress? Grrrrrrrrr

  • Gator

    by Deucegator

    Great game but why is it so short then you have to pay to play on,can't keep playing even tho I like the game Not gonna pay for it Delete time Later bureaucratic Obama supporters

  • Great game.

    by Me2review222222

    Great game. Not real happy with latest update. Keeps resetting all my daily challenges to incomplete. Having to pay to do them over again is getting old. It has only been happening since the update. One of the other updates made me start all over from the beginning.

  • Golf man.

    by Puddin89

    Great just cost a lot of money, takes the fun out of it. Come on don't be so money hungry like the rest.

  • Poypom

    by Birdobsessed

    Very entertaining

  • Great game

    by Clsands714

    Really enjoy this game even with the pesky gopher!

  • Wonderful

    by Zwkctmom

    Love this game.

  • Beautiful game

    by Magorambla

    Is really a beautiful game is my favorite

  • Fun & entertaining

    by pzlr00

    Really enjoy this kind of solitaire, but some major issues with the event update. The update deleted all my progress in the daily challenges, including all the courses I'd already paid for with GB. Also the day after I was suckered into spending real $$ on the "iron factory" (because they put it on sale), the update changed the rules so that the iron factory is meaningless. What a waste of cash that was!

  • I'm addicted

    by Lklde

    I love this game and play everyday for hours!!!!

  • Awesome

    by Sam102477

    Awesome game very fun

  • Fun

    by Brennadddd

    Enjoy it

  • It is really a fun and exciting to play I really enjoy the gopher

    by fisherman61

    One of the best games I have played

  • Great game

    by JayS215

    Has reset my progress twice now. The latest one I had almost completed the game. Developers dont answer questions. Can you give zero stars?

  • Fun for hours

    by Chinchi03

    If you have nothing to do, this new solitaire game will have you busy for hours:-)


    by noraida

    addective games

  • Game review

    by H1rolr

    Awesome game

  • Fairway

    by :):)99

    A good game

  • Disappointed

    by Brit 87

    Was great but now erases my daily challenges that I have won. I'm not going to pay to play a course I have beat.

  • Great game

    by 21kim

    Fun n addicting

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