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Languages: English

Seller: Big Fish Games, Inc

In this update:

•Fixes crash that was reported when visiting neighbors.

Thanks for the continued support and feedback, and be sure to keep an eye out for more exciting updates!

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The bayou. The roaring 1920’s. A supernatural secret. Step into Dark Manor, where ghostly hosts will help you find your way! Beautify your manor and explore the spine-chilling hidden object scenes… if you DARE! Brought to you by Big Fish Games, the #1 publisher of Hidden Object games!

•Jump into a hidden object simulation game!
•Download for free and play for free!
•New and exclusive Hi-Depth scenes!
•Switch between day and night modes instantly!
•Check in frequently for new content and updates!

*NOTE: An Internet connection is required to play Dark Manor.

*NOTE: This app does not support 4th Generation iPod touch.

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Customer Reviews

  • Liking it so far

    by Psychopsis

    This game definitely teaches patience, but enjoying working through the levels.

  • Entertaining Hidden object Game

    by Emkb2011

    Really like this game, the hidden objects are challenging and fun. Some items are extremely hard to find even with the Hint so you gotta look close. I agree with others that it takes too long for the items you get to build-3 days on some?!? Very fun but if you play too much it's frustrating.

  • Spooky

    by Hardwarediva58

    Nice sound effects. Like it so far!

  • Vaprice

    by brion

    Been at it for quite a few months. Would have given up but I'm recovering from an ankle surgery. Am not much of a tech person but have become frustrated with the gold and juju increasing the longer you play and new levels taking so long to get to. Also did the buy stone statues for 5 pieces of gold offer. Bought 3 and never received my gold. ATE MORE IF MY GOLD! 91 hrs for an attraction. Really?? Getting ready to give up! One week to get a new plot of land summoned!!?? Special scenes that only open with gold!!?? Frustrated.

  • Having fun so far!!!!

    by Amburr29

    Games cool a lil slow though.

  • Rating

    by jani Therkelsen

    Awesome game! Excellent game! Fun to play!

  • Dark Manor

    by Tssgtd

    I like the game but when you did maintnenance today. It messed up my game I had to reload it. Not very happy.ok just download it again didn't, work right. Had to do it again .This is the last time I'm downloading.My games froze up how do I fix it?

  • Nice Game

    by Lilmsg1

    I'm pretty new to playing games on my iPad, but so far, I'm really enjoying this one. It's pretty addictive. I spent the whole day playing the first day I downloaded it, lol!

  • love the game

    by Speech03

    This is a great game, but a lot of the items are soooooo small they are difficult to find. Could you make them bigger?

  • Bluecatqueen

    by Choirqueen38

    Love the new items and HO bonus,great job. Looking forward to a new chapter 14 hope it comes soon!!!!!! any chance of new land being open? Keep up the good work,in spite of all the complaints people have it is still the best game out there,

  • Dark Manor

    by Roseze

    Great game and fun to play however the time needed to summon land is to long. Also need more variety in the blitz screens when visiting neighbors and it is extremely difficult to earn gold bars especially when you need 200 plus to open premium screens.

  • Fun

    by KLynnBay

    Fun game

  • Love

    by Bluebado

    I am loving this game but it's frustrating that you can only play three scenes before running out of energy.

  • Dark manor

    by Mary m56

    Now that I ve learn this game I do like the areas that you search the different items . I can't wait to get to the next level

  • Good game

    by Deb6139

    I have just started playing but so far, the graphics are great. Love hidden object games.

  • Dark manor hidden mystery

    by Gods girl3018

    Every one should get this game so much fun!!!Love LOVE love it!!!

  • Nice

    by Bigmumo

    Enjoy the game

  • Sylvestersmama

    by Kittyforpresident

    How about freeing up some of that land in the mist so we can branch out and not be so crowded? I'd like to expand more, thanks.

  • Excellent customer service response!

    by Lsanford

    2/5/14 UPDATE: I've been playing this game every day since mid-October or so & I truly LOVE this game. There have been a few issues (some major, to me anyway) but I have to give credit to Big Fish Games for not only fixing the issues but for responding very quickly to my complaints & then more than making up for the irritation I experienced during those problems. I HIGHLY recommend this game - once you play it & figure it out, with a little patience you'll be addicted like I am. ----------------------------- 1/17/14 First, the crashes are ridiculous - spending more time loading the game after it crashes than actually playing. But more importantly, I've bought A LOT of gold in this game & budget it carefully for things I want to buy. So I'm playing along with 26 gold bars, game crashes, when it starts back up I've lost 20 gold bars & I'm down to 6...?!?! This is BULLS**T! ***I figured this out - on one challenge, instead of using 15 energy OR 2 gold bars it takes 15 energy AND 2 gold. This is a rip off & I HATE being ripped off. 1/16/14 Love the new updates, especially the "collect" buttons for juju & coins. Love being able to select which mode to play on scenes. REEEEEEEAAAAAALLLLLLLY love the new chapter & hope you have more soon. I'm on level 58 & not looking forward to the day I can't play anymore :( UPDATE (11/27/13) - love the new enigmas, ornaments & walkers; still having problem with crashing & losing energy but much less frequently. I have honestly played this game EVERY DAY since I downloaded it & am dreading the end. Can you add more chapters?! PLEASE?! -------------------------- UPDATE - I'm going to add a bad review every time I lose 15 energy points - count this as 3 so far already today. -------------------------- Love this game except for this glitch: click to do a challenge, 15 energy points taken, game closes - lose 15 energy points & no game. I'M NOT BUYING THEM & TIRED OF LOSING THEM. I've only played the game 2 days & it's happened 3 or 4 times!

  • Love it!

    by karmagar

    Love it!

  • Dark manor

    by Gravel Gerty

    I really like hidden objects games. This one has too much"build this and that" I don't understand what to do or how to play

  • Review

    by Bea d

    Difficult to see objects and figure out what they are, pictures are not crisp and some of the elements are too well hidden to even take a guess.

  • MamaD

    by LadyDeVille

    I really enjoy playing this!!! I've always enjoyed seek and finds and I love love ghostly part of it also!!!!! I recommend it highly!!! I absolutely love love love this game!!!!!

  • Love to be scared!!!!

    by Tunes for your pleasure

    Awesome game!

  • Dark manor

    by Hendos90

    Dark Fun!

  • Awesome!

    by Kaye Kaye Q.

    So addicting!

  • Awesome

    by Rebel410

    This is the best hidden object game that I have ever played!!! Can't stop playing it!!!

  • Fun game

    by Tediel53

    I like this game but the energy does not refill fast enough. I can deal with the delays from not spending real money, but when I start with the puzzles, I want to continue and not have to wait to refill the energy as much as is required with this one. I had a bit of trouble and lost a couple of items in my design work, but customer support responded right away. I did not retrieve my items but that was my fault, not theirs. I will continue to bounce back and forth between this game and another to wait for my energy to build if necessary.

  • Love it!

    by 811 Shoreline

    Love this game! There's a little bit of everything- hidden objects, challenges, neighbors to visit, and building your own Manor. Graphics in 3D are incredible. A little glitchy in the last couple of weeks, but customer service is very responsive. Definitely a 5-star game!

  • Ummm

    by By cayuse52

    Not what I expected. Hopefully it gets better soon. It' not a hidden object adventure. I really don't care about points or gold stars. Nice 3D pictures.

  • A+

    by Hhhhfdg


  • Dark Manor

    by Debra A D.

    Fun game!!

  • Fun

    by GrannyGeese

    Just started, seems fun so far

  • Kel

    by Kel-Lee!

    I really enjoy this game. It's fun and I look forward to playing it daily.

  • Mansion

    by *Christmas*

    Just started playing. Hopefully (reading some of the previous reviews) I'll enjoy it. I like search and find games

  • $$$$$$$$

    by Should be cleaning BUT...

    Not bad!

  • Dark Manor

    by Francine1234

    Fun, fun game...keeps you coming back for more challenges!

  • Dark Manor Hidden object game

    by VampAngel9000

    This game is way awesome and keep the new updates coming :)

  • Addicting!

    by Meekaj13

    PLEASE PLEASE fix this game! I play it everyday when I can, but it constantly crashes and now I can't even play the game because it says no Internet connection when I know for sure there is and have even tried to play at several different locations. I can't even get in the game to report the issue. Please Help!!!! Love it, however I think it is a shame that the game constantly requires you to spend money. UPDATE!!! This is my favorite game, I play everyday, but there are major stability issues. The game keeps crashing. PLEASE FIX THIS!!

  • Casie

    by 1050dak

    Love this game wish I could make money quicker just like in real life lol

  • It looks good

    by Northxx

    Well I love puzzle games but I pay for a game and I hate games I have to nickel and dime to keep playing....

  • Awesome Game & great customer service

    by BombCrazy

    I was looking for a simple straight-forward hidden object game and somehow came upon dark manor. I must say that it is way better than I could have anticipated. It's a great hidden object game but it also adds in a great building platform which I had never enjoyed playing until now. And to top it all off, they have the best customer service department. A big shout out to Michael in the CS Dept.! Any of you complaining about issues should write to them. They are very helpful. Definitely give this game 5 starts!

  • Starts great....gets worse

    by DrClanky

    This game is great at the beginning if you're a fan of hidden object games. The puzzles are challenging and have enough variation to keep you entertained...at first... Unfortunately the game slows unbearably as you go through the levels. Way too much time is required to earn the coins/ju ju required to advance levels. You're left repeating the same levels over and over. Frustrated, I looked up how much it would cost to buy the points needed to get to the next level (I think there are 50 or more) and it would have cost me $12!! Which would only be access to one new puzzle. Too slow and too expensive for me now, but it gets 3 stars because it was fun for the first 20 levels or so.

  • Dark Manor is the one.

    by Dawnia8

    You can not any better than Dark Manner. The scenes are beautiful, as well as they are not just one style. You have normal, blitz, lighting blitz, hop ticker and unscramble for each scene. Then you have the front yard that you need to decorate, which is another form of entertainment. This game is completely satisfying. You will NOT regret getting Dark manor.

  • -junebug78

    by Junebug-34

    Love this game, still playing it after 6 months. Please, please, please add more achievements!!!i enjoy working toward those goals and the gold rewards!

  • Love it!

    by Scottie's boy

    Cleverly designed!

  • Love this

    by Jordan021605

    Very good


    by CanDanceWalker

    I just started playing tonight and I'm already in love with this game!!! Thank you for your genius work.

  • Lots o fun!

    by Bugwanshree

    Very cool!

  • Player

    by Squelette Harbour

    I recently contacted Dark Manor regarding some gold I thought was missing from my account. Their management team is absolutely the best and was able to solve my problem efficiently and quickly. Dark Manor is still my favorite hidden game even after one year.

  • Great game

    by Player Mel

    This game is super fun.

  • Gina

    by Gdonaldson77

    I like this game it's relaxing...and I like the 3d effect.

  • Fun

    by Mama lsu

    Very fun but addicting!!

  • Wonderful game!

    by Kittysig0614

    I'm absolutely addicted! I recommend it to all my friends!

  • Disappointed...

    by WVRightWing

    Love the game, but several times recently, when I purchased gold, my iTunes account was debited, but the gold never showed up. Then today, without me purchasing anything to use gold, my gold balance has lowered twice. Despite enjoying the game, about ready to quit for good since I am obviously being ripped off!

  • Visiting neighbors

    by Chicky42

    I enjoy playing. I wish I could keep track of which neighbors I visit and/or gift for at least the full day.

  • Review

    by Nick name is nothing

    We love this game but after latest fix I am not getting my Energy like I should. It seems to stop when I leave the game and waits until I return. Also the one million is so hard to get. I run through a challenge and get a low score and others are getting a million right and left...like my husband. Otherr than this. We love it!

  • Link Manor


    Love this game. The new chapters 12 & 13 are great !!! Also the new collect all buttons are a big plus !!! Keep up the great work !

  • Update

    by Jacko1002

    What the ? Someone forget something on the update? Like making the game work. I love this game but can't do squat on it cuz it won't even open. Don't you test this before releasing the update? I still gave it four stars cuz when it works it is a lot of fun.

  • Fun!!!

    by Al_Capony

    This game is awesome

  • Amazing Scenes

    by LittleHemi

    Just beautifully done! Always see the things I'm not looking for!! Fantastically frustrating!

  • Fun!

    by Holy hammers grandma!

    I've been enjoying this game. It's definitely more than your average hidden object game.

  • DarkManor

    by Barbr817

    Great game, enjoy playing. It is a game you can play without bing harassed to pay for things unless you want to. I am more inclined to buy things when I want than being forced to so I can continue playing. I enjoy the hidden objects and putting items around mansion.

  • Quests and price for skipping

    by Dek7095

    I really wish you would add the question to confirm skipping a quest for 5 golds. You have it for exiting the menu, you really need it for the quests. It's ridiculous that a 100 coin quest costs 5 golds to skip and I've lost gold over inadvertently pushing the wrong button. I love the game but this is frustrating, especially since getting the gold is so hard.

  • Love it

    by 4mywolf

    I enjoy the game, keeps me wanting to play

  • Interesting

    by Bingbail

    Good game

  • Addictive

    by Princessdrew62

    Nice graphics, occasionally needs rebooting for memory issues, but fun none the less

  • Like it

    by Nifty J.

    Just started but seems very good for a HO game. A little hard to read on IPhone 5.

  • Dark manors

    by Indiana blonde

    Fun game. Images easy to find

  • Sad day.

    by Eph you

    This game mysteriously was deleted off my iPad. I re-downloaded it hoping to restore my manor (Voldemort'sCrib), unfortunately the game had reset. So upset, I was in the high 30 levels. I don't have it in me to start all over after all of my hard work was lost. This is an excellent game, Godspeed everyone!

  • Please fix the crashing

    by Micgracey

    I absolutely love this game- by far one of the best HO games out there. However lately I can't play it due to either getting error messages about another device- don't have on another device or the game crashes before fully opening. The worst is when it crashes in the middle of playing a scene and I lose that progress. Please fix so I can continue to play!

  • Great fun!

    by Skippycatt

    Engaging and fun !

  • The game is fun but.....

    by TheEvilM

    If you are going to update an app, at least make sure it's actually working for everyone before releasing the update! I'm beginning to believe you are as bad as Zynga! They change things and nothing works. I will never use any product that is offered by Zynga. Don't make me ban all of your products too! My last lock out of the game was for 8 days and I had to jump through hoops to get back online again.

  • Addictive!

    by OddNotions

    This game is hard to put down! Thank goodness you run out of stamina after a while and have to stop and wait for it to refill. Too fun!

  • CD

    by dean girl

    Great fun!!!!

  • Dark manor

    by 2 furry boys

    Fun game 5 star.wish the gold came easier.

  • So addictive!

    by Greygirl76

    I love this game, but I am spending too much time and money on it. I wish that there was more ways to earn gold instead of buying it with real money. It is really fun. I bought the starter pack. I wish I would get offered another pack. I am going to have to quit playing as much as I do. I feel like an idiot for buying more and more gold.

  • Ghostly game

    by Mark Crofford

    The objects are VERY hard to find at first, & it's a little confusing at times. Despite all that I'm having a great time playing!

  • Fun

    by Stunstacey

    Fun game. Love playing it:)

  • Money

    by Sarapodlit

    I always have fun making money in games, simply because it helps to clarify the real world for me. But that aside there is so much you can do in this game, and its grate for those kids that are a little advanced for there age. Most of all there are a lot of points in the games that make me think out side the norm.

  • Dark Manor

    by Rileybar5

    The game is great fun but somewhat difficult on a tablet because the screen is too dark to see items. Also you don't earn enough gold to keep up with the more demanding chapters.

  • Vaprice

    by brion

    Been acting for quite a few months. Would have given up but I'm recovering from an ankle surgery. Am not much of a tech person but have become frustrated with the gold and juju increasing the longer you play and new levels taking so long to get to. Also did the buy stone statues for 5 pieces of gold offer. Bought 3 and never received my gold. ATE MORE IF MY GOLD! 91 hrs for an attraction. Really?? Getting ready to give up!

  • Dark Manor

    by kttykat09

    This is another great game from "Big Fish"

  • Really Entertaining

    by GreatPWSafe

    Love the depth and zoom aspect of the finder games as well as variety of what you can do in the game. Much better than other clue finder games that I have tried.

  • Worth the DL

    by Sarah Metcalf

    Fun little hidden objects game. Not as silly as some I've played.

  • Dark Manor

    by Sandra Mafnas

    It's ok.

  • Fun

    by Al_Capony

    This game is awesome

  • Dark Manor

    by Permilla

    Great game. so areas are to dark to. See.

  • Major respect to the developers!

    by SamBradleyTN

    This game is so well thought out, fluid, coded and visualized. Favorite game out there!

  • 2bears

    by 2bears45

    Really enjoy this game. However since last upgrade the game will only load 50% of the time. It will stop in the middle of playing. Says no Internet connection but other games work. Please fix!! Still freezing up a lot! Says no Internet connection. But other aps are working. Gold is next to impossible to get without purchasing!?!?

  • Beautiful Imagery!

    by LovelyLonghair

    Absolutely breathtaking gameplay!

  • Dark Maner 2014

    by 274 Punkin G BGD

    I like it

  • Fun game

    by SillyCatz

    This has been an experience...my first online game. Still trying to figure out how it all works. Not very intuitive.

  • I'm Flustered

    by 2314 Carol Lane

    .I love Dark Manor, love the graphics and all that goes with it, after finally being able to clear land which I have not been able to do for month's it's going to take 12 day's to clear, come on, that's just unreal, it used to take 7 why 12? I would also love to see more attractions for sale, actually more of everything. How long is it going to take for chapter 13 as I am done with 12 ? Please fix as I so love my Manor

  • Dark Manor

    by Kims itouch

    I have been playing this game for months and have really enjoyed it. Since the new update, it takes my energy away, doesn't give what I am supposed to get, and has a lot of cliches. Not sure how long I will stay with this game if its not fixed very soon.

  • Double silver - HA!

    by annabella48

    I should have known better. You add a new feature that we can use gold to purchase double silver for a week. I was cautious because of other times specials have cheated me in this game but decided to give it a try. It worked great for the first 3 times I played a scene. Now it doesn't do a thing!!! A week of double? Try more like 10 minutes. PLEASE FIX THIS GAME! Follow-up: it's working again... so far. Thank you. And, once again, NOT WORKING.


    by Joycecr

    This is my favorite hidden object game. The day and evening modes are so cool, zombies, spooky things to build and the hidden object scenes can be played in five different modes. A great game for those who like this type of game.

  • Very addicting

    by Bmb(13)

    Very addicting! While this game has beautiful graphics many items in hidden object scenes are so small or the scene is way too dark that it is hard for old eyes to see. It would also be nice if it were easier to get gold bars, it takes way too long to acquire enough to get items and every time you expand the cost goes up. The 2 "special" spaces also go up in cost every time you expand, so that by the time you are ready to get them the cost has become very high. Dispite all of this I love the game!

  • Dark Manor

    by 313 Haunted Taos Inn

    I loved this game and thoroughly enjoyed playing it and expanding my property. I have spent a lot of time and money for the game to freeze and I am not getting my gold or prizes when I win them. When I hit a winning , I am not getting the gold, silver, or the prizes. Please fix the problem whatever it is! Sincerely, D I love this game but this is the third time that I have not received any Iftar in coffins at midnight and seems to be since I have text with problems with the game. This is my favorite game and I just want glitches fixed so all can enjoy.

  • Dark manor

    by Clipper50

    Love it

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