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Languages: English

Seller: Balloon Island Limited

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Save Falling Flappy!!

Your mission is to save flappy from smashing on to the ground. Let's try this simple addicting game now!

If you have any questions or suggestion, please welcome to contact us.

Official Website: http://www.balloonisland.com
Find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/balloonisland
Email to us: info@balloonisland.com

Customer Reviews

  • wow

    by kitten bliss

    I am impressed, flappy bird and splashy fish are so hard, but this is SO easy! At first it is hard to get the hang of, but when you do, just WOW.

  • -_-

    by Mybff134


  • Good game

    by I justneedanickname

    It's a fun and addicting game. I like how it gets progressively harder.

  • Addicting

    by Random dude lol


  • Question!

    by Trystand00

    How do you get medals?? And also. This was automatically way better than flappy bird. Because now he actually dies!! And oh how much it joys me to see that little devils guts spewed upon the ground. And may I say, once the world has discovered this game, the whole world shall triumph with celebration and rejoice as peace is brought to the citizens of Earth through the death of a once reigning villain.

  • Nice game

    by Jenkstrojans4

    Great game, but kinda hurts my eyes.

  • Good game

    by Jennifer Tucker

    Does this hurt anyone else's eyes? Otherwise great game

  • Sooooo fun

    by Evfin

    I luv it soooooo fun!!!!!!

  • It's Ataris Kaboom, but with Flappy Birds graphics.

    by Phoenix Inferno

    Not bad.

  • Super fun

    by Smile123:)

    Much better than flappy birds

  • Best

    by Edgar Eldin

    Better than other flappy bird rip offs xD its also very addicting.

  • Flappy fall

    by snickerboy123

    Good game

  • addicting!

    by Laneybananeyy

    my new favorite app since flappy bird is off the App Store! this is a fun addicting game

  • Really fun!

    by Damon Guzman

    Way better than Flappy Birds

  • Beat

    by White boii wavy

    This is going to be better than flappy bird.

  • Highly addictive

    by Carvel Co

    Fast paced and addictive. Good game play!

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