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*Intended for use on iPhone and iPod Touch (Does not work on iPad)

*This is an iOS7 (or higher) app! In iOS7 the standard "Slide to unlock" theme was removed, leaving a "Slide to unlock" bar with a transparent background area. Because of this we are able to place custom slide to unlock bar background images BEHIND the slide to unlock text and on-top of your image you would use as your wallpaper! You can then set this new image with the custom "Slide to Unlock" bar as your wallpaper in device settings and enjoy your new lock screen appearance! This app does not change Apple "Slide to unlock" interface, it simply changes the graphics BEHIND the slide to unlock bar to create the incredible effect of a custom "Swipe to unlock" bar that will make all of your friends jealous!

Tired of your boring old Lock Screen? Bored and want to make your friends jealous of your new customized iPhone or iPod Touch? FoxyLocks is HERE to HELP! We have created a way for you to customize the appearance of your iOS7 swipe to unlock bars and of your iOS7 lock screen, while you keep your custom wallpaper! It will AMAZE all of your friends!

We have over 50 HD BEAUTIFUL Lock Screen Overlay Designs, not just for your swipe to unlock bar's appearance, but for your entire lock screen's appearance! With this vast selection of premium, beautiful, professionally designed themes— you will definitely find a "swipe-to-unlock bar" appearance that is right for you!

Check out the screenshots below and be amazed! This could be your lock screen today! Get the app!

Get ready to show off to your friends— FoxyLocks is here!


•"FoxyLocks" is a term of Apps4Life, LLC. - 2013
•"iPhone", "iPod Touch", and "Slide To Unlock" are terms of Apple, inc.
•Do NOT copy this app, or the intellectual property of the idea of this Custom Lock Screen Process… You will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Customer Reviews

  • Thanks for the tip

    by ohonedirection

    Didn't really like the themes so i deleted it. But it does work and taught me something useful

  • Pretty cool

    by rusty620

    I tried this app when I jailbroken my iphone 5 & it worked & now it still works after restoring my phone,it's not like blow up in your face cool but I like it,but I would like to see some really cool lock screens to replace some of the cheesy ones

  • This is a must get app!

    by Stromer019

    This app gives u tons and tons of lock screens!! Also it's only 2:99!!! I am so happy I got this app!! GET IT NOW!

  • sick

    by Buifikhsy

    get it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great!

    by Rtyutugfhb

    This app is great! All of those 1 star mad ppl, this is an iOS 7 app, and did u read the Desc.? It says it's a wallpaper that goes BEHIND the "slide to unlock" icon. It's a great app and in further iOS or iPhone upgrades, I hope to have moving Wallpapers! Soon, I bet it will happen. And then this app would get an update, to actually move and the slide to unlock icon. Again, great app and looking forward to new updates, thanks!

  • Whats with the 1 stars

    by Masonandquinn

    This is the first time I have bought an app that probably won't work. What it does is use a picture and make some borders on it. It sounds lame but it actually looks really good. I hope this helped.

  • Wowowowwowowoowowowowowowowo

    by Dashochkaa

    So everything works. But it's just wallpapers. You have to pick a pic from your gallery then pick the format of how you want the lock screen and then that's your foxylock it's nothing big but it's kinda nice , I don't think this works for the 4 or 4s but it's great and okay

  • I tell the truth

    by Lesson to me

    It works it a background so duuuu but it works anyways people who say it doesn't are lying don't lesson to them this I how u do it u do the lock screen then u go to ur camera and set it as ur lock screen that's it each as Pie so do it anyways rate 5 just learn thx bye

  • Cool app review

    by Flyingmailbox

    I am going to admit that this app isn't why I thought what is was going to be and I'm a little disappointed but what I've seen what it looks like it looks really cool

  • it worked

    by _kyliemiller_

    I didn't think it would but it does and I love my lockscreen. it looks so cool

  • Weird

    by Frog_Lover1

    I don't like how you have to put accesive touch in because I don't like accesive touch! Can you please make it so you don't need it?!?!

  • Not really worth it..

    by Erickkappplayer

    The app give you a thing that it attaches to a picture for you to put as your wallpaper. It's definitely not worth the 2.99 though.

  • Needs more!!

    by 13Adolfo

    Some effects look cool but it would be better if you could change the color of it.. More effect would be appreciated too!!

  • Works great!

    by Jcruz567

    This is fantastic! But you need to make sure you have iOS7!! Won't work well with ios6

  • Awesome

    by Awesome :) wazzzzzz u:p

    This is totally worth buying. Its really cool

  • Is actually kinda cool.

    by reaper140

    It made my lock screen look really cool.

  • appreviewers

    by Dylan Cullen

    It is an ok app. But isn't really as amazing as they make it seem like it is. This is what they do… they take a picture and put a fancy slide to unlock on it. It's really not worth it. —Appreviewers

  • It does work.

    by RebecaKeren

    I've never bought apps like these because I always thought they were no good, but this one really does work! It is a bit over priced, should be at 1.99 but i think it's worth it if you're tired of the normal iOS look. But follow the instructions! If not, you will think it's a rip off.

  • Kinda works, I guess.

    by Curios star gazer

    It "works". don't buy if you want to buy a game instead, buy the game. And if you do buy it, don't expect too much.

  • It's ok

    by Your butt whole

    It's not that great but it does what it say does.

  • Baaaaaaaad

    by Yaser 123



    by Instagram_lover_forever

    I can do it my self its not worth 3:00 its a picture do it yourself



    I hate this app I thought it was going to add it to the home screen but all it does is put it in a picture. It's a waste of money and time. This app isn't worth $3 it's horrible don't get this app!


    by tmd440

    Don't even think about getting this. It just ads a layer over your pictures and sets that as your new lick screen. I would suggest wiping your but with 3 dollars rather than buy this app.

  • Mine doesn't work! Please help!

    by Kittycass12

    I tried to do it! I followed the instructions but it didn't work... I think that it didn't work because you have to pick it from the wallpaper and it doesn't change the way the front is! I think it was a waste of money... Unless somebody tells me how else to make it work!


    by Bella090303

    It's a nice app but it DOES NOT WORK


    by Soccer-is-good-for-you

    It doesnt fit the lock screen it doesnt work dont waist your money!!!

  • by dILLPICKL.•**•.•**•.•**•.

    Nuff' said!

  • What

    by Hrnucnsifnfifnjfjdh

    How do you work this thing


    by Jessie223332

    this dumb app is a waste of money and it doesn't even work

  • Don't buy it

    by lookitscaitlyn

    It just gives you a picture and you set it was your lock screen wallpaper. It's a waste if 3$

  • Horrible

    by Electricman45

    This is officially the worst app EVER!!!! I thought it would be cool but when I finished the process of this crap I hated my lock screen. It just puts a new screensaver that they must think looks cool but is RETARDED!!!! Do not download.

  • JUNk

    by Hashuzbsuxvsi

    this is junk I want my money back all it does is put that frame on to another picture

  • I don't know

    by FTWxXSnipa

    The app is constantly crashing so I can not use it at the moment. It does look cool though. Hopefully there will be an update to fix it. Then I will be able to tell you if it is as good as I think it will be


    by Hamanyoo

    this app made only to steal money from users .

  • If you want to

    by Yeaaj

    Buy it if you want but me personally i don't care its just makes another picture and thats if you finish before it crashes!!


    by :(:(;);)

    I wasted for an app the slide to unlock stuff look bad. And why does it need my photos

  • Worst app ever

    by JaeMCee

    This app is not worth the 99 cents. The just put a overlay on a picture you choose as a background picture. And when you try to set it as your wallpaper it doesn't even fit. It zooms in and doesn't go into the right spot to even make it look like there is an effect on the slide to unlock bar.

  • FIX

    by Akotrch

    When I downloaded it, I started using it but then when I set it as my wallpaper, it was too big so it wouldn't fit right. Fix this

  • Pointless

    by Bswartout71

    The options that this app presents you with aren't that great, this app is decent if 0.99 means absolutely nothing to you.

  • Horrible

    by Aevrin

    It doesn't work with the iPhone 5s!! Nothing happened ugh I'm so mad, wish I could get my money back!!

  • I want my money back

    by 7Toygirl7

    This is so stupid doesnt workat all dont waste your money


    by Butt munch hole

    A stick could have made a better app than this piece of crap. I did a lock but it is stupid the slider wouldn't move which made it so obvious that it was a wall paper. I would rather lick a horses butt before I buy this again!

  • Stupid

    by Twinky2321

    Doesn't even work. Every one else said it worked but nothing happened.

  • Alright

    by TuRo5379

    It's an alright app, all it does is makes a picture for the background of your lock screen. You have to reduce the motion of your device which I don't like. The slide doesn't work ( that's when jail breaking comes in place)

  • Dumb

    by ellamonsterhighscaris

    It does NOT!!!! Work I am so mad it was a total ripoff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stupid

    by Softball4774

    I saw this on Instagram, then I wanted it. I then got it. There is no way that's worth $2.99! It'd junk!!! I want my 3 bucks back!

  • Worst app ever

    by Swag doop

    This app is not worth $2 if I could rate it lower I would

  • It is fine

    by jason manculich

    But if you have a iPhone 5s and you use touch id it's dumb because it does not say slide to unlock on ios 7.0.4 it is better for iPod 5 iPhone 5 iPhone4 and iPhone 4S and iPad 2 iPad mini iPad air iPad mini 2

  • Crappyist app ever

    by Zachdddddhrrsargcsj

    It scams for wallpaper f******* wallpaper -_- no one buy this u have been warned

  • Ehhh

    by Hollistergal412

    It's cool but I don't like any of the options they give you...don't waste your money!

  • App sucks

    by Makemyownluck

    This app is a waste of money and a piece of crap, all it does is change ur background, It does not change the slider. It's a rip off.

  • ❕↘️↘️↘️↘️

    by Guessssswhooo??????

    Don't waste your money

  • Yes!!

    by Tmay96

    Works but it would be nice if there were more options!!! Otherwise,love it!!

  • It works

    by Awsømegūÿ

    It works but it should have more or be cheaper

  • Its works but not how u think

    by GrantDiaz

    It puts a icon on your used wallpaper so when u swipe it, it looks like the photo very cool and witty

  • Please do this

    by Maxwell20021

    If you can make a version were you don't need to use reduce Motion. That would be awesome! Please do it.


    by Autumn Campbell

    Doesn't work!!!Don't buy I wasted my money on a piece of junk app!

  • It's terrible

    by Cecebee889

    The app works terrible on my iPod . The lock screen is not working. I insist on a refund!

  • Ok

    by (~Princess peach~)

    It works but it is just a picture. All it does is put it on a picture. If you know how to do this don't buy the app. If you don't I would still read the other reviews to make sure it's something you want.

  • NO!

    by 1234534

    Do not buy this app!!!!!!

  • GREAT!!!

    by Bat fan24

    Really works!! Did not expect it!

  • Terrible


    You can probably get a wallpaper online just like it it's a waste of money

  • Waste of money

    by Alexa882277

    This app is a waste of money. All it does is put a picture on your lock screen. That's it. It tells you to turn on reduce motion but if you don't it doesn't work. I strongly do not recommended it.

  • Good but needs some adjustments


    I like it and all but all your apps need to be able to have the movement on

  • Bad

    by Johnnycake21

    Do not buy this it's very bad

  • Can do better

    by Plzihavenojob

    It does it, but not what it looks like.

  • Can do better

    by Plzihavenojob

    It does it, but not what it looks like.

  • Can do better

    by Plzihavenojob

    It does it, but not what it looks like.

  • Can do better

    by Plzihavenojob

    It does it, but not what it looks like.

  • Can do better

    by Plzihavenojob

    It does it, but not what it looks like.

  • It works

    by Gymnast_890

    It actually works, it looks so cool, and it's totally worth the money. I love this app so much!!! ❤️

  • Ikekfkeoriwhrogow

    by Igitititiflgdoy

    I could do this my self. It's not worth a penny. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

  • it doesnt work

    by moejoe02

    i cant find the reduce motion option in my settings, so its not working ! someone help me ! i did everything it said but its not there !!

  • Great

    by Lulupop101

    It's a great app, I could do this myself but foxylocks makes it easier! It DOES work but you have to follow the instructions. DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONEY!!!

  • Not as good as it seems

    by Zachary Stata

    They make it look better than it really is. Pretty much just edits a pic for you to put as your lock screen. Nothing you couldn't do by yourself. Don't listen to the 5 star reviews they clearly aren't real just people paid to say good things about them to bring ratings up. Look at their usernames. Some are just random letters! Nice try

  • Amazing

    by cheitoellindo

    Must Buy it actually works!

  • Good App!

    by Mmetler

    It's a great app and it works, but you have to turn on reduce motion which I don't like. Other than that it's really cool!

  • Pretty cool!

    by Frfthgyjgujjfuj

    I honestly didn't think it would work but I gave it a try and it does!!!! But bring the price down to 0.99 cents.

  • It works.

    by Lazy daisy 123456789100

    All it does is take a photo with a outline. Then you put it on your lock screen. It works really well, though!

  • LIES


    I thought this app would give me an actual slider. It instead only makes you a wallpaper without any actual new slider. Don't waste your money.

  • Ugh

    by Whateverrrrrrugh

    It worked but I would really like a refund

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