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If you're having problems signing in or using your password to reload in iOS7, please do the following:
1. Check Settings > Safari > Block Cookies. If it is set to "Always", change it to either "From third parties and advertisers" or "Never".
2. Quit the Starbucks app by double-pressing the Home button, then swiping the screenshot of the Starbucks app up (towards the top of the device).
3. Launch the Starbucks app again, then sign in to begin using your Card!


The official iPhone application from Starbucks! In addition to paying from Starbucks for iPhone, you can now add a Starbucks Card to Passbook. It’s the fastest way to pay at Starbucks – just scan and go!

With Starbucks for iPhone, you can manage your Starbucks Card balance, reload your card, track your Stars in the My Starbucks Rewards program and send an eGift to a friend. And there’s more!

Our easy-to-navigate store locator points you to the closest store and lets you search by amenities. You can also explore our whole bean coffees, find nutrition information and build your own perfect drink. And if you feel like being social, you can share your location or favorite drinks through Facebook and Twitter.

• My Cards: Pay with your iPhone/iPod Touch at 6,800 U.S. company-operated Starbucks and 2,000 Target and Safeway locations. Check your Starbucks Card balance, reload your card, view your transaction history and transfer balances between cards.
• Add your Starbucks Card to Passbook.
• My Rewards: Track your Stars in the My Starbucks Rewards program.
• eGift: Send an eGift to a friend via email or Facebook wall post.
• Messages inbox to receive Starbucks notifications and special offers.
• Store Locator: Find the closest stores, directions, store hours and amenities.
• Drink Builder: Create and share your perfect Starbucks beverages.
• Food Menu: Browse our delicious food menu and see nutritional info and ingredients. Use filters to help find foods that meet your health and wellness needs.
• Coffee Menu: Explore Starbucks whole bean coffee and find your perfect cup. Starbucks Roast Spectrum sorts our coffees by three roast profiles to help you find the flavor and intensity that is perfect for you.

We want to hear from you! Go to to contribute your opinion on what Starbucks should do next.

Customer Reviews

  • Nice app but

    by Arsenal2224

    I like the app, it's easy and nice to use, it's easy to scan in store. I just wish that they would have taken the time to redesign it and make it fit in with ios 7. The app just looks outdated and out of place next to all the ios 7 apps.

  • Yas

    by Goldgriffin

    Good app

  • Star per drink, not visit

    by Fst413

    I love the app but think it is unfair that you earn one star whether you purchase one drink or three drinks. I think the app should be changed that you earn a star for every drink in your order. Just sayin'

  • I love Starbucks!

    by Eisforefrain

    Having the app for Starbucks is awesome, but adding it to my passbook saves me time when I go to Starbucks that is not my favorite location. I know when I need my card I can just select the passbook and there it is.

  • Update

    by Hoosier242

    Update to my original issue below: I deleted the app and re-downloaded, problems resolved. I can't add a credit card. When I try to enter one it first says there is an error/try later. Then all of the info disappears. Trying again the app says my payment method already exists, even though it only list the paypal. This makes the app useless. Very disappointed as now I have to go online to manage payment cards. App adds no convenience.

  • time for an update.

    by Zane2013

    it is past due for an update to the bakery and coffee selection in the app. other than that I have had no problems and it works great!! really convenient.

  • Nice idea, broken locator

    by Marcy42

    The number one reason I have and use this app is for the store locator. I'm on the road a lot for work and this should help me find Starbucks. The store locator portion has always had issues when trying to use the filters or when trying to go back to the overall map from a specific store listing but now the entire locator isn't working. Very unfortunate as this could be a great help!!

  • It works fine

    by Crazygurl13

    I haven't had any problems at all. I can easily reload my card and the app never crashes. Very fast and efficient.

  • custom drinks

    by Luckylassy

    This app is great but would be way more helpful if it included the nutrition information for custom drinks as well as price.

  • iOS 7 please...

    by Dustin_UT

    Still great functionality, but it's one of the last of my apps to be updated to an iOS 7 look and feel... Please update soon for full stars!

  • When is this going to be updated for iOS 7

    by tpoccu

    Quite frankly it's a bit irritating that this is the only app on my home screen that hasn't received a UI update, given how long apple and Starbucks have worked together. The app seems so out of place on my phone I try to use passbook as much as possible in order to avoid ever having to open it.

  • Quick question

    by Joeybravo4444

    I noticed that I only get credit on the app per payment and not on the number of drinks I buy. Is this normal? I would think you should get a star per drink and not per visit. Just a thought. Love the app otherwise.

  • Can't reload

    by Chelseahurt04

    I love this app but lately it won't let me reload money on my card :(

  • Update the drinks

    by Erik_J_L

    I like the app and use it. I know many who do. The app needs to have the drink selection updated, though. It's February and the flan drink is not included on here. The drinks & food on the app need to reflect what is available in the stores to keep us, the customers, informed of our choices. ADDED - This is especially true now that La Boulange is supplying baked goods. The app is good. Keeping the menu up-to-date would make it better.

  • More countries

    by Millie Cassie

    You should add more countries to your options. eg. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain. Other than that it is a good app

  • Nice app

    by Kuya Daniel

    Nice app. Suggestion: change the login field for "username" to maybe "username or email". I got a new phone and had to login again real quick. I was at the drive thru and couldn't figure it out, so I ended up paying cash. Small inconvenience.

  • Good but needs work!

    by Latte duh

    Doesn't allow you to transfer partial balances to other cards.

  • Not bad

    by BeyondRegionA

    So far the app continues to work great! I have a suggestion. How about putting in a feature to keep track of the stars from the Star Dashes you throw from time to time?

  • Wonderful - but PLEASE UPDATE!

    by Ladywriter56

    I love this app. Handy, helpful, easy to use. Except... You REALLY need to UPDATE THE FOOD SECTION!!! Went to check the nutrition of some items & none if the new La Boulange bakery items are listed & some items I've been told you no longer carry are still on there. PLEASE update!!!!

  • Love

    by miriam pineda

    I have never had a problem with the app I love it it's super convenient

  • Credit cards don't work

    by MysticMaven

    Haven't been able to reload my balance with a credit card for months!!! Fix it!

  • Crashes

    by Robcab25

    Keeps kicking me out. Does not let me use the app. Fix bug

  • Terrible

    by Xrina835

    This app is terrible. Rewards have never been accurately counted. I am constantly contacting customer service because of the errors in this app regarding rewards and stars. Customer service is aware of these issues, yet the app still has this problem. I have had this problem the entire time that I've had this app, which is at the inception of this app. Please fix now!! The only thing this is good for is keeping track of the funds that you have used. In fact, this will show an automatic and immediate deletion of funds, but will rarely accurately reflect the rewards that you have earned with that purchase!

  • Promising app; desperately needs redesign

    by huckingfoes

    Fix the bugs. Put in what users want, remove all of the bloat and pointless garbage.

  • Can't update payment

    by Richardchacha

    App doesn't work. Unable to update my credit card information.

  • How can you loose a star?

    by Why all name

    I only use this app to keep track of my stars, never tried to pay or add money to my card. I have been pretty happy with the app until this morning, when I discover I lost a star! The transaction clearly shows I have 7 and that's what I saw in the app couple days ago. I even tried updating the app and it still only shows 6 stars!

  • Works but desperately needs an update.

    by Tubal-cain

    Design and function are outdated.

  • Fix reward system policy ASAP.

    by Victoria Robbins

    How are you going to take money off my account/app but not immediately give me my reward? This is a scam and I hope Sbux fixes this before they lose a valuable, gold member, caffeine addict customer.

  • Breaks all the time

    by Jeddierose

    I never truly know how much how I left on my card! The "refresh" balance option does not refresh. It does nothing. Also uploading money onto your card takes DAYS! I want coffee as soon as I upload. Not the next day! Waste of time. Would rather use my credit card to pay that this

  • Needs iOS 7 update and less lag

    by russgold

    App is sluggish and needs redesign


    by ejoyme64

    Unable to redeem and download pick of the week songs anymore since I upgraded to iOS 7. App doesn't interface with iTunes.

  • Starbucks where are you?

    by nmark125

    The app used to work perfectly. Now the card refill does not work. Could get a more modern user interface and artfully designed Passbook card. Where is iOS 7 update? Would have never thought out of all my apps Starbucks would be the most outdated. For such a popularly innovative and widely looked at company, how is it that you don't have one of the best apps in the App Store?

  • Frusterated

    by TB1259

    It is a very useful app when effective, but lately I have had a problem that must be fixed. My balance has been sitting at $0.00 despite me trying to put money on the account several times. Each time a notification pops up and says that the balance cannot be reloaded right now and to check in a few minutes, but it never reloads.

  • Needs to be better

    by Lilshorty117

    Considering the amount of business we ALL give Starbucks, they should invest in keeping us happy. The app is "okay" when it works.

  • Starbucks.

    by rmparis

    I tried to use my app to pay for my coffee and it said I had no available funds...when I CLEARLY put $50 on it 2 weeks ago. The card itself worked but I couldn't pay using the app...Get it together...

  • Starbucks where are you?

    by nmark125

    The app used to work perfectly. Now the card refill does not work. Could get a more modern user interface and artfully designed Passbook card. Where is iOS 7 update? For such a popularly innovative and widely looked at company, how is it that you don't have one of the best apps in the App Store?

  • Double charge!!!!!

    by Nadahmedkjhfffjj

    The app is easier to pay and to know ur balance and all. But i am extremely upset that the app got me double charged when i tried to reload my card. 25$ !! And i didn't get refunded from Starbucks, Im not using this again

  • App stinks- coffee is good.

    by Slowdiva

    I can't believe a company as big as Starbucks - in the heart of technology loving Seattle - has such an awful app. It freezes and crashes constantly on iOS 7 with iPhone 5. I was trying to join some star dash and the app kept dumping me out. This app needs a LOT of work.

  • Song down load

    by Super assasin

    I down loaded a song that I hate and can't delete it help

  • Great coffee. Worthless APP

    by Sctpdx

    Really bad all around. Still not even optimized for ios 7. Many features are broken. Stars take forever to appear and I don't trust they will ever be awarded. I've waited for at least a year thinking that a cutting edge company would do better than this half-assed APO. Guess not.

  • Bugs

    by Gamer-4-life

    Love using this app, but past 2 months every time I try to reload my card it says "it will take a few minutes to see the balance" and it never changes. I hit refresh and still nothing. Once this is fixed I would rate this app about 4 stars.

  • Frustrating

    by Amanda Mac21

    I have the worst luck ever with this app. This is the 2nd time I have loaded money onto my card from the app where it withdrawals from my bank account, but doesn't show up on my card.

  • Unhappy

    by Willi898045

    I have been unable to reload my card balance for quite some time now. I tried the suggestions in the details section, but to no avail. I attempted to sign out of and uninstall the app in order to fix the glitch, however I am now getting an additional error message when I try to sign in. I used to use this app multiple times a week and have been unable to do so for MONTHS now. Very disappointed.

  • Security Bug Alert

    by sabroso26

    The app is great however when you swipe the passbook Starbucks notification from the lock screen to make your purchase, the phone is no longer secured and closing the app only take you to the home page. Need to fix this ASAP!

  • Needs work

    by prahl777

    I can't use the app in the store. The registered card is one I don't use & has a zero balance. The card I DO use doesn't appear & when I try "add a card" the app says it's already registered. Very frustrating. I've deleted the app & reinstalled it but nothing's changed. The employees in the store couldn't figure out the solution to the problem either.

  • Fix this app!!!

    by Locationme

    This is a highly frustrating app. I have to log in every time I want to use it, but far worse is the fact that The reload feature doesn't work at all. It has triggered a fraud alert several times with my credit card company because although my card company approves the charges, the app registers each approval as a decline so the app keeps sending charges through until my card company cuts them off. The company says this has happened with many other Starbucks customers trying to use this app. I can buy my coffee anywhere. Not worth the hassle!!!

  • Very good

    by Cristypm

    I love the app, I love starbucks. But you guys need to fix your app. When I get a balance notification and I slide it to open it, MY PGONE CRASH IT AND IT REBOOTS ITSELF!!! And I know it's your app because it doesn't do it with anything else FIX THAT!! I also wish it would give me an option to refill my card with $10 and not necessarily with $25

  • Very Limited

    by buffalopete

    The only thing this card is useful for is locating stores! Made several attempts to make changes to my account and the App constantly failed!

  • "Add Payment Error"

    by Six so xxjksns

    I tried to add a credit card as a payment method and it keeps telling me that card already exists, when it totally doesn't exist. It does not appear in the list of cards, and the number recently changed because my old card was lost, so I know I haven't tried to add it anywhere. Please fix this bug.

  • Almost prefect here's some suggestions...

    by John Paul A.

    Next update please include - tips options - be able to scan the drinks on your "favorite" list. Thank you!

  • Messages don't work

    by Missdiva27

    When I click on my in app messages it's just a blank screen. I can't download songs or new apps and can't read the message. Just the subject. Please fix

  • iOS 7 update

    by Bibimenjivar

    The app has been useful so far, but I just wish they could update to the new iOS 7 look.

  • Outdated and buggy

    by Cody

    Still not updated for iOS 7, clunky, crashes and has strange bugs. You can do better, Starbucks.

  • Delete app and install

    by McRickster

    I was having problems so I deleted the app and reinstalled it. It is back to working again. Problem solved!

  • My balance doesnt update!

    by AshKatAttack

    No matter how many times i try and add more money it doesnt work. This is quite frustrating!


    by 078482

    The app is great! All that I have to say is that it needs a update on its look. It still has the old keyboard and the darkish bland look! Make it brighter and crisp on the edges! This is all I have to say! The app is wonderful!!

  • Add way to tip

    by Micahewood

    Update please!

  • Ok with bugs

    by Jose Negron

    No problem paying with the app and adding cards. That works great. The real problem is the message area where promos are posted. For example, today I received a message for the 2014 Winter Star Dash. It wants to take me to the mobile site via the app which once there. Is very buggy. The site wants me to add my birthday which I can see is already added but does not have a place to edit. No option. That aside the app is fine for using in the store to pay or add money to a card.

  • Love Starbucks hate the App

    by Csedlmyer

    I love Starbucks and thought the app was going to make my Starbucks experience even better, but it doesn't. In fact it is very frustrating. Anytime I want to use the app it have to log in. I type in the correct password and it tells me I can't log in. I received a new credit card and went to add it. It told me there was a verification error over and over. Eventually I received a message that said that card already exists. When I went to the page where all forms of payment are listed and it wasn't there. Not to mention I had to fight the password issue while trying to add my credit card. This app is extremely frustrating.

  • won't update

    by crfredriksz

    keeps telling me I earned a star for my transactions but my star balance won't update.

  • Love Starbucks but

    by tylerkowta

    Starbucks is Amazing and delicious. HOWEVER, my friend received 2 stars for one transaction because she bought 2 drinks. I went to Starbucks 2 times in one day and bought 5 items while only receiving 2 stars. What's up with that?

  • Love Starbucks, new update is full of bugs

    by Gabby2346

    Ok so I used to love this app!!! I still do. But the stars aren't coming and I've been waiting for about a week! It's disappointing too because I needed one more star till gold. On my email it shows I got the stars however on the app it shows I still need one more although I've gained about 6 stars since. PLEASE FIX IT! I LOVED THIS APP SO MUCH BEFORE!

  • No reward stars given

    by dynomike!

    Haven't been getting my reward stars last 4 days. I can count the purchases and there are 24 purchases, yet I have only 20 stars. Not cool, please fix. Thanks

  • Where's my money???

    by Skatemobile

    I use to love this app but when I backed up my phone to iTunes then reloaded my backup, my money was not there. It was quite a bit so I'm a bit upset. I need to get my money reloaded back to my card.

  • Love the app but....

    by Bwalsh003

    The app has been great up until about a few days ago when I stopped receiving my Stars that I have earned. I have no problem paying with the help. The amount deducts from my card, but I am not receiving any Stars. I know it takes "up to 24 hours," but I'm going on a few days with nothing. Help!!!

  • Update

    by Saulpav

    The search function does work at all. There is no number or email address that I can use to ask questions. To fix my account.

  • Won't show my current stars

    by vviramontes4

    Please fix the problem it doesn't show the stars I've earned after 24 hours,

  • Not getting stars

    by Genevieve MacCarthy

    On my last two purchases, the stars are not appearing. I know it says I can take 24 hours but it has been 3 or 4 days now.. So I'm not getting any rewards

  • If it worked

    by Tburns68

    I did like this app until it stopped updating my rewards stars. I have waited way more than the 24 hrs they say it could take. Sometimes 3-4 days and other times it doesn't register until I make another purchase. If the transaction registers then why can't the reward update at that time as well?

  • by Jan Ana

    Everything is ok, but from 3 days onwards, my reward points are not updating, it's still showing 29 stars.

  • Great, but let's get moving on online orders

    by jagoct23

    Love the app. Love Starbucks...but let's be serious. The ability to order Starbucks coffee/pods from the web store is a feature that should have been implemented into this app a long long time ago.

  • Cannot reload card from app

    by OmigoshBecky

    I can't reload my Starbucks cars from the app. I has to go on the computer to reload. I have my CC information saved on my website profile and on the app but it still only offers PayPal as an option.

  • Useless

    by WozzaSa

    Since the latest update, I can no longer top up my card using the app and I cannot update billing details. Do you not test before releasing?

  • Ok but has issues

    by glitterluver(:

    It works okay but locks up when I try to login. Stars will not update.

  • Useless in the philippines

    by wiewee0211

    Why? 1.) only 4 countries supported 2.) only starbucks card from those countries can be use 3.) horrible interface of the app

  • Useless in the philippines

    by wiewee0211

    Why? 1.) only 4 countries supported 2.) only starbucks card from those countries can be use 3.) horrible interface of the app

  • Love It!!!

    by KingPoppa

    This is such a great app. I was reading the reviews from people who are saying there are issues with this app. I have been using it daily since I downloaded it 2 weeks ago and it works flawlessly from reloading my card to immediately updating my balance after a purchase. Granted there could be some minor improvements and I am sure they are working on them, but overall, I highly recommend it.

  • Cant reload

    by Ilickcheeks

    I haven't been able to go to Starbucks because i cannot reload my gold card on this App. It used to be great but it seems this issue isn't being fixed. Its been like 2 weeks for me, going on 3. Please fix the reload option!

  • Worst App!

    by reddirtlonghorn

    I only have it 1 star because I can't give it less! My balances take hours to reload...if they do at all. Often I get a message saying it can't be reloaded at this time, or the app is not responding or something as equally as frustrating. I seriously wouldn't waste my time with this app, it isn't worth it.

  • Updated Earned Rewards Take Forever

    by sheba570394

    I love this app; however, I feel that it takes a long time for the new balance of the Starbucks card to show up after you purchase something from a licensed store that accepts these kind of cards.

  • by inlandjetstream

    When I wait in line and order, then find out your app didn't reload funds, and then I got out of line to try again and it says to try later! I'll never rely on this as my only source of payment... Wait, then what's the use, why even have this ap taking screen space on my phone?

  • Buggy

    by Buffit02

    Your app isn't very useful, the point of this app is convince, having to either log into my computer at home or go into a store to add funds to my card is not what I want to do. The only thing this app has been good for is checking my stars, woo-hoo.

  • Needs improvements

    by RomeoJayy

    This app is great in that I can see my balance, save fav drinks and locations and reload. The problem is it won't reload or load my stars from my purchases nor my birthday coupon. I have to log in on safari to get up to date info. Please fix!

  • Really baddddd

    by Thinkerous

    Really bad,

  • App stopped working

    by Maya V.

    The app stopped working suddenly and now I learn that it may no longer be supported for iPhone users.... Very inconvenient. I loved using the app! Not any more

  • by Gaspoart

    Starbucks is the most awesomest app ever... You can save all of your gift cards on the app and use them individually... Also you get rewards and stuff off! Download it!

  • Don't Want A Billboard

    by AVonGauss

    The latest version fixes bugs but still constantly delivers advertisements via Pick of the Week and other Special Offers (aka Advertisements) I have absolutely no desire to receive through a phone application.

  • Starbucks where are you?

    by nmark125

    The app used to work perfectly. Now he card refill does not work. Could get a more modern user interface and artfully designed Passbook card. Where is iOS 7 update?

  • Great app but can't add tips

    by Mbierman

    It would be great to be able to add a tip when paying. If I have to have change with me it defeats the point of epay. I would love to have a preference to be able to round my bill ip as a top to. So $3.45 would be 4.00 and the difference.

  • Too many errors

    by sgtmoody

    I give it two stars because the app is functional but i constantly get errors trying to reload my card or adding a new cc card so other than being able to check my card balance its useless right now. It used to work so well i dont know what changed.

  • Too many errors

    by sgtmoody

    I give it two stars because the app is functional but i constantly get errors trying to reload my card or adding a new cc card so other than being able to check my card balance its useless right now. It used to work so well i dont know what changed.

  • Won't refresh card balance

    by dholle02

    Barista thought I tried to stiff them when I paid for my drink using a gift card with a $0 balance. Every time I try to refresh the balance on any card, I immediately get an error message. But at least it's better than carrying around a bunch of gift cards in your wallet.

  • Can't reload card

    by Jhkhd

    Very frustrating that I can't reload my card. Please fix!

  • Annoying!

    by LiciaPoo

    The App Store says I have the app downloaded, but it mysteriously deleted itself. I don't know what's going on.

  • Card reload

    by Pageantchic

    With the new update it doesn't reload the card. It says it will in a few min but never does. Please fix!

  • Notification bug

    by fauxdeux

    I love this app. I love being a gold member. I love Starbucks. Update on last version: all of the sudden the balance shows up on my screen after I use it (I have push notifications turned off) also when I'm near an sbux something pops up on the screen to just let me know (um hello, I'm running into Target!) This also happens on my husbands phone (same apple id) although he doesn't even have the app installed on his phone. Please fix! P.S. I liked it better when the app counted *up* to 12 stars, rather than a "countdown". The countdown is kind of confusing.

  • Loved, now hate

    by Oregonracer

    This app used to work 99% of the time. Like other users, I can no longer reload my card from the app. Can't reload my card, so I can't use all the great offers they send me. So so sad.

  • Crashed and left me hanging at the drive thru

    by Iquestcorp

    Use app and put my card info in. The other day I was at the stars buck drive thru and it froze so I killed It and tried to reopen. It crashed every time after splash screen. So I tried to reboot my phone which didn't fix it. Left me scrambling for change at the window. Reloading later from App Store fixed it.

  • Please

    by Thitran21

    Update it for the iOS 7 look and Update the menu.

  • Help

    by Sammiehaw

    Ever since I did the update my app won't even open. Not happy. Other than that everything always updated promptly and no problems!

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