Skins Creator Pro Editor for Minecraft Game Textures Skin Utilities App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Seus Corp Ltd.

- Awesome new overview layout!

- Fixed bug where accessory wouldn't show up on preview images on the project list page

- Added Description of the Mineorama event.

Stay tuned for some big updates!

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"This is the best app i have gotten by far!" - 5 Stars - User Review


Skin Creator Pro for Minecraft is all you need to create the best skins for minecraft on your iOS devices. Choose from thousands of unique templates or create your own from scratch. Once your finished you can easily upload your skin straight to your minecraft account, email to anyone or order a 3D printed plastic figurine of your skin from our brand new Toy Store!

Our 3D printed figurines are not the same as paper craft! They are 4 inch moveable plastic minecraft characters that come fully assembled and customized with your chosen skin on them. Start your collection today!

* Create as many skins as you want
* Order 3D printed plastic figurines of your skin for a real life moveable toy of your creation!
* Choose from 16,600+ quality skins. With this app you don't have to waste your time searching through thousands of templates that are half finished or are duplicates of other skins! (Skins Include: Fantasy, Mobs, Games, TV and more)
* No internet connection required to create and modify your skins.
* Examine your creation the way it will actually look in game with our unique 3D preview
* Choose from over 16 million colors for your brushes
* Copy, Paste and Undo
* Advanced Brushes with multiple different sizes
* Upload your skins

New templates with each update

This application is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game, Mojang AB.

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Customer Reviews

  • Love this game :-D!!!

    by Bamboo dragon

    Can't wait to put these skins on my surver :D!!!!!!

  • Amazing,but..,

    by Evitaepicness

    Great skins


    by Boby joebo

    I have made a bunch of skins and all of my cousins and friends want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would rate it 10000

  • AWESOME APP!!!!!!

    by M

    It's a really good app for skins and other things I use it for all my skins a really infore downloading it

  • SKIN!


    I'm glad I finally found the right skin creator app. But this app does not let you use your skin on any pocket device YET. If you have Minecraft on the computer, I think this is a great app to bye.

  • Pls

    by CambaKolla

    Pls update for the new accessories on the rest of the body not just your head.

  • 1.8 updates

    by Gyddyupp

    When 1.8 comes out can you add the extra skin customization that 1.8 will provide to the app? Thanks if so

  • Awesome!!

    by TW9164

    I love this app for creating skins, it is very simple to use and navigate.

  • Names...

    by Me I am 123

    Hey, this is an EXCELLENT app! One thing is... we can't rename the skins

  • Update suggestion

    by L

    Guys at sues corp. In the next update, i would like to suggest trying to make the statue instructions for all sides instead of just the front. I love the app and use it daily, thanks for making it.

  • Amazing app...but

    by I don't usually write these, but ...

    This app is epic but were do I purchase in-app purchases

  • Mojang

    by jaedon cc

    U need to update this game because the new skin jackets and stuff are invalid! Plz update to 4.8! ill be really happy...also why does the skins stealer not working because I search for Ssundee and nothing shows up...fix that too I'll be very happy if u do...plz do 4.8 update ill scream like awesomes if u ;). Peace

  • Used To Be Good

    by CrazyHecticLife

    This app WAS amazing. Now the creators are just trying to get our money. Everything costs money and it annoys me! No one cares about the stupid "premium features" that they keep adding. Although it still is a decent app. It is easy to make a skin on it.


    by Skaterx12

    There are a few in app purchases, but you don't have to get them. I have made many skins with this app. I made several doctors from Doctor Who! They even have templates or from scratch or base or even Steve to start with.

  • Awesome app

    by Bryan Smith

    If your deciding wether or not to buy this app you should because you can design your own skins order them and they will be action figures

  • This is awsome

    by Drummer boy 7777

    I started minecraft not to long ago my friends said get this app so I did. Freakin amazing I've so many weird creations. I'm gonna get the other options like the shader but this app is great. Good job seus

  • It's OK

    by Jhjhgffvcjc

    It was OK. But it needs more skins.

  • Great! but...

    by Master52543

    You should be able to view the related textures, like in the earlier versions.

  • 1.8 Update!

    by UxCME

    It's almost time to get out the way to edit the "Body Accessory" for the new update. I like to play on Snapshots and others do too, so it seems right to let it out early... Please and Thank You =/

  • Good but..

    by Zoeyrocksomuch

    I don't have a PCM minecraft account and I only own minecraft xbox and minecraft pe and can you plzz make it so i can download it to minecraft pe cause I want to scare my friends and show them i like it except that little thing

  • It's ok

    by Hucohbchubhff

    It should not have you move to see it unless there is a setting to make it unmoveable

  • His

    by Hdhdugdv

    How do u put the skin on

  • Good app, needs more skins

    by Avre_Smith

    Very good app but it needs more skins in the skin database


    by Home CEO

    It's good for making skins that people will like and it has plenty of skins to improve on!plus you ca. Make your own colors!!!!!!! You can upload your skins to PC easily. I all around <3 this app

  • What a ripoff!!!

    by Discriminating Buyer

    Apparently, you can't use any of the features of this app without spending a lot more money. Do not buy this app!! I would give this negative stars if I could. My daughter is very disappointed.

  • Mojang

    by jaedon cc

    Hello Mojang here... Ur app is being promoted to minecraft

  • Freakin AMAZING!!!

    by Whiffing he

    This is the best app ever! I have made 3 skins in the past day, all of them (in my opinion) high quality. Sure, I purchased the shader feature for 99 CENTS! This price is very low, as it makes the skins look so good some of my friends have begun to offer me money to make them a skin. A very good app, I highly recommend getting this.


    by themanwithmclj

    GOOD GOD PEOPLE Havent u realized its not seus' fault that you cant upload the skins to Minecraft PE™! Mojang™ specifically said that you cant upload skins for a while. This app is only for Minecraft PC™. So stop saying its bad because its a very good Skin Creator. Also, its amazing that you can create Minecraft PC™ skins WHERE EVER, WHENEVER. >:|


    by Lovey554

    This is stupid I haft to buy the app then to edit I haft to buy it in just wasted my money! Thts stupid I want my money back! I'm so angry

  • Was good

    by uryeucjchsjfjxugi

    Can you add an option to disable all in-app purchases? I want to use the pixel editor every time.

  • Great but.……………………………………………………………………

    by LiamFour

    It will need to be updated and there's to many In app purchases AND PEPZ THERE R NO PE SKINZ!!!!!!!!!!! Deal w/ it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome best skin creator ever

    by Unknown????????


  • Love it

    by creepercrafter66

    I use it to create all my skins for my friends and me Really great. But I cannot delete projects...

  • Fun, but...

    by AngelaDeptula

    I really like decorating the people, but you cant upload it to pe. Whats up with that??!!

  • BAD

    by Jjjman10


  • Good app, bug found

    by Secret man34

    When I reviewed my skin to make sure it was perfect, I saw that the shoe on the right side, was backwards on my skin and Steve. If you could fix this by making a mirrored feature or separate legs and/or arms, that would be nice. Thank you!

  • Do not get this

    by dakotasipod

    I hate this it does not upload into my pocket edition do not waste your money on this also you have to buy every thing do not buy please don't waste your money on this I know I wasted my money on this

  • :3

    by CWFTW


  • Can anyone help?

    by Katie4253504800

    I don't know how to make a skin in mine craft pe. I thought this app would help but I designed a skin and I don't know how to submit it to minecraft.Can anyone help with this app or suggest one?

  • Let me where these on pocket edition or give me death!

    by ,l,o,v,e

    Really? No pocket edition exports? Come on guys.

  • Good

    by Ferthhhgg

    I love this app but miss some of the old things. I miss the giant amount if skins people posted but now there is only at most 100. There used to be about 500 or so. You can't post a custom skin anymore. Please add more new skins and let us post our own.

  • 1.8 is coming

    by Ghost freak

    Please when it comes add support for the new skin things like seperate leg textures and accessory for body legs and arms thank you for reading and keep up the good work :D

  • An awesome app

    by Spidermunk333

    Once I played this app I was expecting to be able to transport your new skins into your minecraft game!!But once I got up to date I found out that u can make your own figurine with what you make and it totally made me… just woah!!!!!!!! Also it kept asking for money ! Money money money it's all they asked for!!!!!:(

  • Love it

    by NoOtherNames?

    My fav skin creator ever, but two things. First, add the 1.8 skin templates. Second, I made a hoodie on a blank template but for me to copy/paste it would take for ever. Maybe you could make it to where you can layer multiple skins on top of each other in the easy editor mode.

  • THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

    by iluvcats108

    this is so awsome i made 17 minecraft skins and they are all awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ummm

    by Alexanderpham

    Can u download the skin to minecraft pe

  • Looked at Reviews


    Saw that peoplez'z want it on PE and X-BOX. I want it toozes. Still FIRETRUKIN' AWESOME (not). Also, what's with the statue? Orange wool for a pale man?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • I have an update idea

    by You77777777

    In 1.8 you can have skins with accessory all over the body. Make it so we can do that please.

  • Pretty good

    by Kilograms01

    I do think they should make the pixel editing easier but everything else is good

  • I like this

    by Vhi vhi

    I can't a chatter in my minecaft

  • Pretty Cool

    by Mailman0410

    I personally like this app even without buying all the extra features u can still make a pretty cool skin

  • Changes?

    by Koolkitkat66

    Hey i love the app but you cant do much anymore. Everything you have to pay for now i mean cmon. I also wish the pixel would be smaller you could do so much more but i recommend this app.

  • Only Wool?

    by NoOtherNames?

    Best skin creator ever, but why does the statue creator only use wool?

  • Hate this app

    by Kate Thomason

    I can't do anything on this app what ever you do don't buy this app it is such a rip off first you have to buy the app then you have to buy something else who ever made this they are stupid I can't believe this it so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so BAD!!!!

  • 3D statues

    by Arkalyn

    The app is awesome but seus win my last star by adding 3D statues instead of just the front. Make my dollar worth it!


    by ashler0804

    Thank you for all the apps you have made. I love all the minecraft apps that you have made. I have most of them and hope to get them all. Thank you for all the work you put into these! If I could, I would give all of your apps a 100 star rating!

  • Too Expensive

    by Vermontsterburl

    When you buy the app the creators fail to mention that to do anything useful you'll need to make in-app purchases. To get the "full experience" of this app you'll have to pay at least $10.

  • Worth it

    by Emmy;) :D

    Amazing for real minecrafters

  • Amazing App!

    by JackMickey7

    I'm so sick of the confusing layout of PC skin maps! The shading idea is great, saved me hours. Get this app if you want your appearance to be as cool as you!

  • Sexy

    by Ausome

    Put guys naked with There privet part and girls to

  • You Need This App

    by Dragon Are Awesome

    This App Is Not A Waste Of Money. It Is One Of my Favorite Apps! YOU NEED THIS APP IF YOU LOVE MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!


    by KateK.

    Me and my friend bought this app, thinking it was for Minecraft PE, but it's not. And, you have to pay for almost everything! We just paid two dollars for the app, and if we want more features we have to pay more?!? Don't get this app!!!!

  • Wow2234!!

    by Iron golem 2.0

    Great app I had a different one and I saved my skin to my photo gallery and it let me load it on to it it's really epic is what I think it is really GREAT!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome

    by gxogox

    Awesome is all i can say

  • So great buying endertoy today!

    by dean 2013

    It's so easy to do! I downloaded last night and I'm excited to get my new endertoy of my guys are the best

  • Good

    by Shshdhhxd

    Very nice app, but the IAPs are the only bad part


    by Lucario_lover1212

    Alright the optional paying was "Okay" but REALLY I have to pay to do ANYTHING?! We already payed for the dang game! DON'T BE SO GREEDY!!!

  • Can't buy apps

    by Lordironarm

    I bought apps and theory takin my money away

  • Cool game

    by Walldoe9753

    Like It & Don't Really Mind The IAP's But I Bought The Thing Where It Allows U 2 Put 2 Skins Together & I Thought I'd Just Be Cool If U Could Maybe, ALLOW 2 SKINS THAT I'VE CREATED BE ALLOWED 2 BE PUT TOGETHER!!!!! Thank U.

  • Still awesome

    by Player1,000

    I really like this app but we shouldn't have to buy things anymore we already payed for the app

  • by macmine1

    i hate this app because i can't send a skin to my ipod so i am rating this 1 star plus why do we have to pay money for a supid picture of my skin. i can make a huge me out of blocks anytime. so that is a rip off.

  • Love it

    by Crash machine -_- :(



    by Hogan1toon

    It is AWESOME! I like how u can steal skins... Stole my friends and made it mine!

  • I love this game!!!!!!!

    by justus1804

    This is the most epic adventure filled social fun game I ever played!

  • Awesome

    by Silver VIP creepernight22

    This app realy helps me with is the best for skins I had so many wins in skin comps . So this app is awesome


    by Hi3858281

    This app is awesome! But I wish it didn't have so many add-ons...... I mean I know they have to make money but it is always telling me to get this or get that... Over all it is excellent f you have time to work on your skin and get it right

  • Where the accesorys

    by MFWFMom

    Befor I updated u had an accesory option now u dout what the heck guys

  • Ok

    by Über guy

    Shut up sto1948. Good app Could improve, but good.

  • Great!

    by Mr. Demolish

    Awesome app! The only bad thing is I forgot my password for minecraft!

  • Too cool

    by irock224488

    The app is pretty cool. I like the shading option that didn't cost too much money.

  • Can't use in pocket edition

    by Hammertime from charlotte


  • What happened to no in app purchases?

    by CasaCarrolls

    When I first bought this app it said i wouldn't need to pay for anything. That was their advantage over the other skin creators out there. I'm kind of getting annoyed at seus corp.

  • Grate App

    by Maddy-Matt

    This app is amazing.You can make you self look like what ever you want.

  • WHERE'S MY SKIN!!!!!!!!

    by Minecraftboy101

    I was told my skin would get uploaded to the templates next update! WHERE'S MY SKIN! Pick up the game guys

  • Leg Bug

    by Unchainedmelodylynn

    Hi I'm a minecrafter and seus should fix the bug where the left leg is the same as the right leg and it doesn't look right. Plus I may get a figurine of my skin later and the figurine won't look right with the left leg bug

  • Not for pe

    by Tanman 63

    I bought this app thinking it would be 4 pe NOT 4 PE!!!!

  • Get better please!!!!!!!!

    by Bre02star

    This app is great but we already paid for the app and when I updated it it made me pay again!

  • Awesome

    by A-man47

    I could create so much with out in app purchases

  • Other apps are downdate . But this UPDATE !

    by Ninja @ 1 Ryan

    Other apps: hdskkjfjwkjjfnjzhjdhhajridhjijhjodichiiahrofhjdnsjzjn. Sjwbnwu b bank h

  • Ugh

    by MC Rocks! #awesome

    I like it and all but the statue creator is bad because it only shows the front but it should show the back and sides too. I hope it gets fixed.

  • Improve the IAP's

    by Too much super very fantastic

    I paid for editing skins and i agree paying for new features but improve them EX: put all ten blocks in the statue creator If you improve 5 stars easy

  • Wow.

    by Jak&DaxterROCK

    Cmon don't get greedy, we already paid for the app. Now we have to pay for IAPs to get the full experience? But other than that good.

  • Getting bad

    by Sto1948

    What's the point of updating anymore? Past few updates have just added "premium features" that you have to pay for. What happened to the no in app purchases that you started off with, also still haven't seen my skins in the template section, and I see that you got rid of that option as well. All in all it's still a good app, but stop adding these in app purchase updates, there really pointless.

  • Ok I guess

    by Ideas ideas

    I don't really know how to use it, for it is not very good for beginners. There should be a update to make it simpler

  • Always leads to add

    by bseage

    I love the update and everything but whenever I try to upload my skin it never lets me cause of a minecraft add.

  • Crap

    by Jmeerhoff

    I fully recommend to brake your iphone , ipod or ipad before buying this app. I losed my money.

  • Greedy money bags

    by Whackapuss5

    This is an app you have to pay for and then they add these "premium features" for .99¢ they should be included with the app! I feel like I am being cheated and I regret buying this app instead of the others!

  • [Read]

    by Player 953

    It's great! I like using it, u have no problems. It's not glitching... But keep on making those updates! Get it guys, it's fun!

  • Great!

    by Coolluke611

    The only thing is you can't rename your guys anymore but otherwise it's a great app to get if you have minecraft on your computer. P.S re add the renaming please!

  • Amazing! 5 Stars!

    by RandomMcSomethin

    Seus, you've done it again! Another sweet update! Actually, I haven't seen the update yet, but I will! It looks cool! Not only that, but the app itself is amazing! P.S. You changed the icon to ZexyZek... Cool!

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