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We've added 200+ meals from the new cookbook as selectable for meal planning and grocery lists!

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**Companion to the #1 NY Times Bestsellers!** All the planning tools you need to lose weight on the 28-day Fast Metabolism Diet without counting calories, carbs, or fat grams! The Fast Metabolism Diet App is your companion to the book and cookbook by celebrity nutritionist and wellness consultant Haylie Pomroy. Compatible with iOS 7.

With comprehensive food lists, you won’t have to guess whether you’re eating the right foods on the right day of the three-phase Fast Metabolism Diet plan. Tailor your meals and mealtimes to fit your tastes, restrictions, and lifestyle. Helpful reminders and checklists will help you track your progress. Consult the app on the go, at restaurants, and while grocery shopping to quickly find if and when certain foods are included in the Fast Metabolism Diet plan.

Features include:

• Customizable menu planning to fit your lifestyle and schedule
• Complete lists for all the foods and ingredients allowed in each phase of the diet
• Over 250 meals from the book and Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook are selectable for easy planning.
• “My Day” tracker with upcoming meals and activities
• Interactive water tracker
• Email grocery lists to print or share
• Export your meal data for your records or for future use
• Tips and advice from Haylie to help you meet your goals

*Please note: American weights and measurements used, not the British Imperial system*

About Haylie Pomroy:
Haylie Pomroy has helped thousands of clients heal their metabolisms and lose weight permanently—all through the fat-burning power of food. Hailed as “the metabolism whisperer” Haylie reminds us that food is not the enemy but medicine needed to rev up your sluggish, broken-down metabolism to turn your body into a fat-burning furnace.

Customer Reviews

  • A Huge Help

    by Sbehr13

    Started using this app to help me with the book. It helps so much! Clarifies everything I was unsure of, has timers to remind you when to eat, and gives meal suggestions and serving sizes; everything I need to be successful. Let's hope the program works as well!

  • Awesome

    by bbgxo7

    Really like this app. It's helping me a lot.

  • This is a great app!

    by Tiredoffat

    This app is obviously a little new, when I click on my day it automatically goes to day 28 even though I start it tomorrow. I wish there was a function to copy meals into the next week as my schedule is the same. Maybe a commonly used meals section? Looking at the food list for each phase is a little confusing but for the most part I like the app and will continue to use it. I like that it will remind me to eat and tell me when the next time I need to eat is.

  • Great App

    by CACJMommy

    Biggest problem I have with the app is it DOES NOT sync from my ipad to my iphone. Please make it so they sync information. Also reminders when time to eat with an alert would be nice.

  • Shopping list

    by Bummed1 2

    Really excited to make this eating plan work!!! Working nice, another suggestion is to have a check box next to the food items to check and make a shopping list rather than typing one up. Reasoning for "Mobil" app to take and access anywhere. Should also have recipes included in case we aren't home to access the book.

  • Great resource to accompany book

    by DFonsecaBooks

    I am glad I purchased the app, lugging yet another book around all day isn't ideal for me. The app helps you keep track of your meals and water intake and even sends you notifications throughout the day to remind you to drink water and eat your snacks and meals.

  • Great accompaniment to book

    by The other Sam Jayne

    Only comment is it is not "night person" friendly. My days start at 2 pm and it would be great to be able to have days begin and end with the times one chooses, regardless of date change at midnight.

  • Fast metabolism diet

    by Teacupgal

    The app does not give choices for vegetarians. Very limited in selections for meals.

  • Great App with Major FLAWS

    by lnardoza

    The app was great for accessing the food you can eat at each meal, and to show your progress throughout. It reminds you to eat and drink water, which is very helpful. It was the tool I used getting through the first 28 days. However the navigation is frustrating, There is a large BACK button that I often press to go to the previous day and instead it took me to the "Weeks' page. I also wish there was a way to portion out your food groups, eating 2 ozs of bacon can be a bit much sometimes- I often did 1 oz of bacon with 1 oz of roast beef, but there is no way to log this in on the app. The VERY BIGGEST FLAW!!! When you're near the end of the 28 days and want to do the program again, YOU CAN'T SET UP THAT WEEK AHEAD OF TIME! If you do, it will start the next 28 days immediately. I was on Day 28 and wanted to plan my following week, I exported my meal maps to apply to the next 28 days, and I noticed next that I was on DAY 1. I couldn't go back to my Day 28 and finish the program on the app. Luckily I exported the data earlier that day to my email. And granted the 28 is being repeated with the next 28 days, but I have no way of going back to my first 28 days as reference, as I know I will make changes in the next 28 days. I was also told if you have to delete the app from your device you will loose all your information. NOT GOOD. One other thing, the app should sync from iCloud from one device to another and there should be a home base on her website. A LOT of work needs to be done before this app deserves 5 stars.

  • The Fast Metabolism Diet App

    by Abigail17

    New to this program but I really like the app on my IPad. Easy to pick your food. Add to a grocery list and email it to yourself. One downfall is that if you pick a recipe that is on the list, instead of specific foods, it prints the recipe with ingredients instead of including it in the list of groceries. You have to go back and forth between pages. I would like to see that fixed. Apples on the first page should include apples in the recipes. Now how do I get the app to my IPhone too without have to purchase it again?

  • Great for the lifestyle change you have been looking for!

    by Broema

    Love her book and app. Lots of support from Facebook, blog and Pinterest. The whole family loves this new way of eating!

  • Fast made easy

    by PJLC

    This app made it very easy to plan menus and follow the fast metabolism diet. I also love the fact that I could track my water. I would love an app for maintenance.

  • Pretty good

    by RichGlk

    Ap makes it easy to follow the plan. Only thing I would like to see added is ability to copy one day to the next (u can copy week to week though).

  • Perfect app

    by Fiona20

    Helps wonders in keeping me on track on the diet. A wonderful tool to use along with her 28 day plan

  • Great tool for fast metabolism diet

    by Slfack

    This app has been invaluable to keep on track with the diet and water intake. Being able to copy the menus to later weeks is just so helpful. it helps pre-plan meals and snacks so we don't get into trouble when faced with temptation!

  • Frustrating.

    by Margo North Carolina

    I am starting on Monday but registered the app last Friday and set my grocery list for Monday/Tuesday. That was great helpful. However I am now being told I haven't had enough water yesterday and today. How do you fix the dates. Unless you shop the first 1/2 hour before eating breakfast it doesn't work. Or it isn't clear how to do it. In either event its frustrating and as of now only partially useful

  • Like but needs improving

    by Jzsusan

    I certainly appreciate this app to assist in following the FMD. However, the grocery shopping list needs a lot of improvement to bring this app up to 5*'s. I want to be able to fill in the menu and the Shopping List needs to total how much I need to purchase of each ingredient. When I tried to shop yesterday I had some items listed by Protein or Fruit, for example, but also a list of recipes with the same ingredients noted again and again. So helpful to plan and keep track of water and exercise but useless for shopping. Looking forward to an update.

  • Great App

    by LadyDiMay

    I just finished reading the book and plan to start The FMD next Monday using the app. Building my shopping list was great. The only problem is when I close out of the app and reopen, it has taken me far out to late sept and takes "forever" to get back to week one. Also wish that the app sync to both my iphone and ipad.

  • App question

    by Ricki 1

    Love this app! Awesome for staying committed to FMD! It makes it easy yo follow & plan meals. One question though. After update it now tells me I need a protein & fat on my P3 meals! Is that correct?

  • Love this App!

    by MelChristene

    I love the Iphone app. I am so happy to add recipes from the book now. I have had issues with miserable bloating for years, as long as I eat according to the plan I feel great. I also look forward to your Facebook posts! Thank You!

  • Does not sync between iPhone & iPad

    by Hawksmoore

    What a shame, no syncing. Let alone, all the errors and differences from book version.

  • Needs Password Protection

    by shelbyny

    Still looking at the app, seems nice. My biggest issue is the fact that it can not be password protected to open. I would really rather have my weight not out there if someone else used my phone and was looking at this app. Hopefully they will add this on the next update.

  • Just ok

    by Julieokapp

    Really only a planning and meal tracker. I was hoping for suggested menus and recipes. I have book. Thought it would be more interactive.

  • Ipinnock

    by Ipinnock

    It would have been nice if there was a wider variety of foods to choose from. Not very suitable for people on the go. I'm a bit disappointed at the selections. What about salmon, popcorn, corn etc.

  • Hope it works

    by Fattycakes17

    This is NOT a simple plan to follow. You're always changing phases and you give up a lot. In other words there are a lot of "No's" and "Do not's". I gave up caffeine ( not allowed to have decaf either), sugar, wheat, soy, dairy, corn and alcohol. The "Do's", well there are a lot of them too. My alarm seemed to be going off all the time telling me what to eat. Even if you're not hungry you must eat. I'm always on the run, I drive a route for my living, and I found it difficult to say the least to keep up "on time." In the book it sounds easy, if you wake at this time then you eat at these times. Simple, right? Not really. I handle blood and tissue specimens, and I can't whip out fruit and vegetables or home made beef jerky while in handling these specimens. I made my own beef jerky, bought organic, cooked in advance and used the recipes from the book and I still only lost 2 pounds. I feel like its just too complicated for me. It's quit work or try another diet. So, hello South beach. I'm going to give that a try. Good luck to everyone doing this program. I wish you much success.

  • Finally!!!!

    by robynwithay1969

    I am so happy that the updates were made. I love being able to add recipies from the book. This app makes following the diet 100% easier.

  • A diet must

    by TeachNTech

    If you are following the Fast Metabolism Diet, this app is a must. It makes it so easy to plan your foods, to see what foods are on the food list for particular days and to track your water consumption. When I am at the grocery store, and I see a sale on an item I can just pull out my phone and see if it is part of the diet and on which day (phase) it is listed.

  • Fast metabolizer

    by Lgrant3

    Great app!! Love the update allowing the reviled to be added to the meal map!! This app makes it very easy to do this plan!! Just wish it had audible reminders!!

  • FMD App is perfect for success!!

    by Notleks

    The app makes following the metabolism repair (I refuse to say diet) so easy. I truly believe I would not have lost the 20lbs without it. Very user friendly, easy to use and easy to figure out. Five gold stars!!

  • Fast metabolism

    by SallyDH

    I love this app. Very helpful with hints to help with plan

  • Makes life on fmd a breeze!

    by Meg254

    I really like this diet, but struggled to stay on top of things picking through the e-book version. Between the meal planners and shopping lists, this app is making life on fmd a breeze.

  • Best app!

    by Gator1234

    This app is the best when following the FMD diet. It totally keeps all the days food as to what you can and cannot have on a particular phase clear. Adding the recipes directly to meal plan is a big help! Definitely worth it!

  • Helps me plan my week

    by Reformed meal planner

    This App has helped me become more organized about planning my meals for the week. It has taken a lot of stress away and as a result I don't feel the need to eat out. I have only been on the diet for a little over a week but I love it so far. Just have to get used to cooking differently and learning where to shop for whole grains and things that I'm not accustomed to buying.

  • FMD-great app even better with the update

    by LisaLMD

    This app makes following the diet easy! Each phase's food lists pop up when you go to add a food, plus now you can pick a recipe from the book, making it even simpler to add what you ate. Tracks your water intake and gives you portions. Well worth the price!

  • Great app!

    by Mar-Car

    This app is a great companion to the Fast Metabolism Diet. The food list is perfect if you are out and about and helpful for meal planning. I also like the reminders and water tracker. The only changes I'd like to see are: 1. Would like to see the recipes when you click on them. 2. Would like the grocery list to print in a complete list instead of by recipes. Overall a great help!

  • Essential companion to the book

    by Needtv

    I got the Fast Metabolism book on the kindle which made it difficult to read, since important information is scattered throughout sections of the book. This app has made it SO much easier to figure out what I should be doing when. Agree with a previous review about the desire for recipes in the book to be included. Not only would this make data entry easier, but the app can't account for the recipes where the legumes count as grains. Beyond that, I think the app is great and has made this program possible for me. Well worth the cost.

  • Great!

    by thumbelina44

    I found this app to be invaluable during my 28 days on this plan. Great to have while out and at home.

  • Metric

    by Mnaguib

    Great app . Very helpful and good companion to the book. I wish it had metric units and changing the quantities would be nice - sometimes I find the amounts too much Also a weight tracker would be good

  • Needs to support iCloud

    by pahutae

    I like this app because it support the plan I am on - but It needs to support iCloud so I can sync data between my iPhone and iPad!

  • I love this app, but it needs work!

    by sam0316

    I have used this app for 2 months and love it. Except today, I downloaded an update to the app, and suddenly my four week meal map that I just entered a week ago has vanished. I am not happy that I am going to have to enter that all over again.

  • Nice Companion to the Book

    by Donncarr

    My favorite feature is the pop-up reminders when it is time to eat again.

  • Great App...needs more!

    by Reaniebeanie

    Iove the app and how it tracks everything according to the book. I do agree that it should be more like LoseIt in changing portion sizes or even time you eat. In the book it says every 2-3hours and the app is set up for every 2hours. Also it says it adds the correct portion size according to current weight and how much you wanna lose. That's not correct either. It only adds 1/2 portion more that's it. So thats only an addition 20lbs making it a total of 40lbs to loose. For me I wanna lose more then 40lbs and the book says to add 1/2 portion more for every 20lbs more. So even if you wanna lose 100lbs the app only adds 1/2 portion nothing more. That's iterating me the most!

  • Decent but needs major improvement

    by MemoBuelna

    1) The developed should check out LoseIt and copy some of its features such as editing the amounts of the foods you will eat. Track weight and other goals. 2) Use iCloud. I want to be able to use on my iPhone, iPad and computer. 3) Incorporate your recipes so that I can select it and it would enter the ingredients in my plan. I like the food list.

  • Nice app!

    by Viking1990

    Very helpful application. The food lists are very helpful, as are the meal maps and portion size information. Easy to use. I like the FAQs within the application. Great tool to use on conjunction with the book.

  • Caution

    by Trish790

    Measurements are off for Phase 2 and olives is listed as unlimited in phase 3 which they are not. Phase 3 needs to specify either 2 groups labeled protein and fat. Didn't realize you are to mix the choices. Really screwed myself up by depending on the app. Should have used paper and pencil with the book.

  • Great App!

    by Merry924

    Love this diet. The recipes and information in the book are great and this app is a helpful companion. Get both!

  • Beware of portion errors and missing fruits

    by Fmd dieter

    App is well organized - very helpful for meal planning and grocery shoppong. Please be advised there are portion size issues in P2 and missing fruits in P1. I spent the first two weeks eating double the protein for snacks as this app is wrong- and still wrong after an update ! I'm not sure if it hampered success or not but very frustrating non the less.

  • Somewhat helpful. Needs work.

    by Rissa V-S

    I would like this app better if you could add recipes from the book as meals! Makes it hard to have to choose one of every food group (and it doesn't always apply), when I could just be touching Buffalo Chili, or Oatmeal Fruit Smoothie. Plus, then portions aren't accurate. Oh, well. Not worth the money yet...

  • very disappointing

    by marley1960

    I had such high hopes but am very disappointed in this app. Does not automatically "right-size" portions based on how much weight you want to lose, none of the recipes Haley has in her book are available to choose when entering your meal maps and unable to enter all the ingredients. Phase 1 allows strawberry French toast which has egg whites in it but no option to select egg whites when planning meal map for phase 1 week 1. I downloaded on 5/20/13 and it has nowhere to input water consumption (at least nowhere that shows up on iPhone 5). My advice is to save your $1.99 or use an app like my fitness pal which is different but designed much better. So disappointed.....

  • Love it

    by Rosiex1

    Really good app, very through. Although I really wish it had the recipes available in the app. That would make it the perfect app!

  • Awesome

    by Lidagirl

    This app is so awesome. I read the book but could not understand how to keep track of everything. This is perfect. I click my water, check on what to have, get groceries. I am having success on the diet I wouldn't without this app.

  • Helpful but needs critical updates

    by Roxy4fun

    I am new to apps. So I find this easy to use. Very intuitive. I recognize that nothing is flawless. Apparently the book and the app have inaccuracies about portions and that frustrates me. I recommend you check the forums if you have more than 40 to lose. All in all very helpful for tracking food and water and weight. Creates grocery lists which is awesome, well, it could be if portions were accurate.

  • Great App

    by Wyeldman

    Keeps track of your food portions and grocery list. The only thing I think its missing is the ability to select recipes instead of just individual foods when meal planning (for those of us who have the book).

  • Love it!

    by Cslmom

    I love this ap!! Would not be able to do the diet without it! I wish the recipes could be added to it

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