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★ All premium recipes (previously available as in-app purchases) unlocked!
★ Brand new recipes!
★ Brighter look!
★ Links to more Paleo recipe resources!
★ Bugs fixed!

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★★★ The bestselling app from Nom Nom Paleo, recognized by Saveur Magazine as the Best Special Diets Food Blog of 2012,Top 3 finalist for Best Cooking App in the 5th Annual Best App Ever Awards, and winner of’s 2012 Homies Award for the Best Food Photography on a Blog! ★★★

All 128 recipes now unlocked upon download, including all 113 original recipes and 15 brand new recipes!


● Simple, tantalizing recipes, all free of gluten, soy, and added sugar, sortable by food category, searchable by ingredients, and approved for the Whole30® nutritional re-set program.

● Over 1,800 stunning, high-resolution photos showing every step of the cooking process.

● Two different views for each recipe – one that allows you to linger on each step, and a more traditional “Recipe Card” view that shows the ingredients, equipment, and cooking instructions all on one screen.

● Simple-to-follow instructions, including tips, shortcuts, and information about food and techniques.

● An interactive, email-friendly grocery list that makes food shopping a breeze.

● An extensive “Paleo 101” primer that explains the benefits of the “caveman” diet and provides resources for more information about ancestral health and nutrition.

● A Whole30-friendly 30-day meal plan with links to recipes.

● An in-depth shopping guide with product reviews and links to sources for cooking tools and ingredients.

● The ability to bookmark recipes, create a personalized category of favorite recipes, and add notes.

● A “constant-on” function to prevent the screen from dimming while you cook.

● The ability to email complete recipes and shopping lists.

● Mouth-watering, high-resolution images optimized to take full advantage of the new iPad’s Retina Display

Praise for Nom Nom Paleo:

★ "One of the most complete dietary companions you'll find." - Emma Barker, The Daily

★ "Awesome." -

★ "One of the best virtual cookbooks available in the App Store." - 148Apps

★ "Brilliantly designed." - Apps Magazine

★ “If you’re a foodie and into Paleo, I’m sure you already know about this. I’ll be the first in line.” – Chris Kresser, L.Ac

★ “Gorgeous, easy to use, and creative. Your kitchen should not be without it.” – Melissa & Dallas Hartwig, Whole9

★ “Simply amazing and delicious in every way.” – Aimee Anaya Everett, Catalyst Athletics

★ “Visually stunning.” – Gear Diary

Message from Nom Nom Paleo:

Yo, peeps – my cookbook app is here!

This “cookbook on steroids” is a uniquely immersive culinary experience. It’s a visual feast packed with brand new recipes, as well as updated versions of classic Nom Nom Paleo dishes – all presented with my own special brand of whimsically snarky commentary. Food lovers and busy home cooks can now visually follow each of my recipes from the pantry to the dining room table.

But that’s not all! For those who want to learn more about the “caveman” approach to nutrition and health, I’ve included a “Paleo 101” primer that explains why we eat whole, unprocessed, real foods (like meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and nuts) and avoid highly-processed and pro-inflammatory foods. You’ll also find an in-depth shopping guide, a 30-day meal planner, an interactive grocery list you can email, and much, much more.

My hope is that this app will delight, engage, and inspire you to eat well and be well.

● App developed by Y Media Labs ●

Customer Reviews

  • Nom nom paleo

    by Jun-kento

    Best book I ever got! I'm trying to better my family's diet! They love it!!

  • AMAZING ! A just have for anyone

    by Jessicafit

    I have her nom nom paleo book and use it daily. Now this app is awesome! Learned so much these past weeks !!!

  • Great App!!

    by fdorey37

    I love this app. The recipes are step by step instructions and are so easy to follow with great pictures! I bought the book and I am so happy I bought the app as well. It is great for anyone who follows the Paleo diet. Make you use the links for her blog as it also contains more information and recipes. Thank you for writing such a great book as well!

  • Great

    by Gbug5454

    Great app! Love the pictures, really helped to get the kids excited and on board!

  • Kitchen helper

    by Mickey6761

    Very helpful, I use this App all the time! I like the recipes being shown two different ways.

  • Thank you

    by WBURfan

    Really just want to say thanks for such a great blog and cookbook. You have made my transition to Paleo easier and more fun and delicious. Keep the info coming

  • The best recipe app ever

    by AKiteFlier

    Learning to go Paleo and wanting to try unique and tasty recipes I decided to download this app after exploring the web site and blog. I was DELIGHTED with the yummy recipes, the step by step directions (with pictures) of how to make the various dishes AND the shopping list feature. I only wish I could somehow add my own recipes to the app because my iPad sitting on my counter is a whole new way of cooking. Fantastic!

  • Nommy

    by Kelly Wheeler

    Very useful. Artfully photographed, well organized. Step-by-step with pictures and measurements :) I have recommended it to several friends who want to try paleo diet which can seem really hard for a lot a people. This app gives great variety and options

  • Lovemypaleo

    by Paleomommy

    This app is absolutely wonderful! So great to have so many recipes that the main ingredient is not sugar! Excellent paleo resource and SO user friendly. I love the grocery list as well as the kitchen tools section...this has made my life so much easier in eating paleo and raising a primal toddler!!

  • Beautiful app!

    by 37LF

    Great recipes & perfect for those who like to visually follow the steps of a recipe.

  • Love this App

    by SexyCh

    As I am new to the Paleo way of life, I've found this app incredibly helpful. Recipes are great and I love the shopping list feature. Great explanations, great photographs, app consistently works.

  • Awesome app!

    by Dirrtyrc

    Amazing app! Very helpful if your just starting and have no clue what to do!! Strongly recommend!

  • I like it

    by Billsee

    These are some of the best recipes around to my tastes. Simple, great directions with pictures, easily acquired ingredients. These are satisfying recipes that can become favorites made over and over. It allowsme to simplify my pantry storage and makes food shopping easier. The hardest part is finding pasture raised meats with the exception of beef.

  • Best App for Paleo

    by ssstack

    I love this app! The recipes are unusually creative complete with step by step instructions and beautiful pictures! I just started the Paleo way of life and this app has me completely inspired and encouraged. I highly recommend purchasing the app! I easily whipped up the Paleo mayonnaise recipe and it was delicious. I even experimented with a variation by adding chopped fresh tarragon. A yummy topping for smoked salmon!

  • Update time

    by Everything is taken!!!!

    Okay I need more receipts!

  • Amazing

    by Yessuh09

    Great app

  • Yum Yum

    by kva496

    I am new to Paleo and to cooking in general and NomNom's app and blog have been enormously helpful to me. Michelle gives lots of hints and tips on how and why to use certain techniques and ingredients. My husband and kids are fairly picky, non-paleo eaters and they have liked almost everything from nomnom I have made, even some of the vegetabe recipes. The app contains some tasty recipes that aren't on the blog and there are tons of beautiful, step-by-step pictures. But I also bought the app just to show my appreciation for everything I learned from her blog.

  • Perfect intro to paleo

    by theothermelanie

    I love everything about this app. My family and I are just starting a paleo diet, so the wide variety of recipes is wonderful. Because I'm teaching my boys to cook, the step by step photos are enormously helpful and interesting to them. A great app!

  • Can't wait!

    by Capitol gamer

    I just downloaded the app and can't wait to make some of these awesome looking dishes. The author did a great job with the step by step making it nearly idiot proof.

  • Awesome, super creative recipes

    by Mishonito

    Excellent ideas, awesome photos!

  • Search Function Doesn't Work

    by JR_Editor

    I love the nom nom paleo website and have found lots of great recipes there. Thinking that this AP would be a wonderful vehicle to access those great recipes on my iPad that lives in my kitchen, I paid $6 for it. Unfortunately numerous times, I have tried to search for a recipe on the AP that I knew existed on the website, and it came up not found. Even a search for eggs, doesn't turn up the hard-boiled eggs recipe. The search function should be better in an AP that costs this much, I my opinion.

  • Nice looking but bloated

    by nisa27

    The app has some good-looking recipes and photos in it but is kind of on the large side in terms of space it took up on my iPad-- I had to uninstall about 10 smaller apps just to make room for it. On the downside, there's not as many recipes as I thought there would have been -- I should have gathered recipes from around the web and created a Pinterest board before I purchased this app.

  • Won't download

    by SGTMiles

    Since I bought this app I have been trying to download it and it just gets stuck at waiting, tried all the fixes offered by the apple support and community and still this is the only app that won't download on my iPad. Wasted $6 on an app that won't even install. Thanks for that.

  • Not Working

    by Jlcooper1

    This app is awesome. It is exactly what I want from a paleo app. Unfortunately, I downloaded it onto my brand new ipad air, and it lasted less than a week. It is no longer on my ipad- but when I look into the App Store, it says "open". It wont let me open it. Could I please have this app back, or please be credited for it? Thanks.

  • Way too Fru Fru

    by HL123456

    I was hoping for some easy recipes that use on hand ingredients. These recipes are more suited to foodies than every day moms trying to cook healthy. Sorry I wasted my money.

  • Whole30

    by Ntenney

    Started my whole30 last week and this app has been my go-to for meal ideas and planning!

  • Worth it!

    by DooleysNorth

    This is a really great app if you like to cook or want to learn. The food is interesting but also realistic to prepare for a family of both adults and kids. Nothing is too gourmet but I'll bet most people will find some flavor combos or techniques that are new to them. (She does use a pressure cooker in a number of recipes, which is not something that everyone will own. She makes me want one though.) I especially appreciate her inclusion of very simple food preparations for those times when you need less fuss at dinner time. The app is beautifully organized and merges well with her award winning blog. The recipes have step by step instructions with gorgeous photos that take you all the way through the process and on an iPad the steps scroll easily. Although the recipes are all designed for a Paleo diet there is no need to be on a Paleo diet to make use of the recipes. They are good enough to round out any healthy eating plan. If you are trying to eat Paleo then I would think this is a must have app to help you figure out how to get the most out of your meals. I have added meat back to my diet recently but I am not on a paleo diet and I use this app regularly.

  • Love this:)

    by Mcirinelli

    Great recipes and step by step photos. Very entertaining as well.

  • Love it!!!

    by Meldeb88

    Beautiful pictures, easy to follow recipes, shopping list, where to buy... What's not to love? I tell everyone about it!

  • Nom Nom

    by ZSSilver

    A beautifully laid out app. Clear directions, easy navigation...and GREAT FOOD. Well worth the money! So much cheaper than a cookbook, and faster than trolling pinterest for similar content of lower quality.

  • Amazing!

    by deoxiribo

    This app is worth every penny! There are links for extra information (like on eggs and other ingredients), and the shopping list is incredibly helpful! Love the NomNomPaleo blog and this app!

  • Love!

    by Food can heal

    Nom Nom delivers! I follow her blog and she's amazingly talented! Her app is a must have for food lovers. I love being able to click on the tab and be taken to her site. As usual she comes through with Fab photos and great recipes and my the added bonus...the shopping list she allows you to create! Rock on!

  • Great App

    by kmarlyse

    I've made several recipes for my family and each has been a huge hit. The app itself is beautiful and very easy to use. This is definitely one of the best apps I've purchased.

  • Vegetarian section?

    by Cristianacrin

    I'm a vegetarian, and this is the worst waste of money ever for me. As I am sure, the recipes for meat eaters are awesome, for me, this is totally useless!

  • Super cool app

    by Akmax

    Easy to use, lovely layout and photos. Cool shopping list feature.

  • Love it

    by Carolewhole30

    So helpful for my whole30 program!

  • Great recipes, great app!

    by dr.kaos

    Delicious recipes, beautiful and functional app. Would like to see the shopping list do a more thorough of adding / combining ingredients from multiple recipes, but overall a very useful app with some fantastic and easy to prepare noms!

  • My go to food app

    by Cbus Chanter

    This app is awesome! It is my daily go to when I think "Hmmm, what's for breakfast/lunch/dinner."

  • Great App!

    by New manager - looking for tools

    For a beginner In Paleo - this is a great resource. I love the beautiful pictures and the attention to detail. I'm not an experienced cook, but this making me look good!

  • Fantastic

    by gong girl

    I love this app - the recipes are amazing and the design of the whole thing is beautiful. I can't wait for the book!

  • Love it!!

    by NNPall the way

    I love this app!! I use this app EVERY day :)) This app has helped me with the paleo diet! Awesome food!! All recipes that I have made so far has been really good!!!!

  • Great recipes.

    by Jesus Freak <><

    Highly recommend easy to use

  • awesome app

    by PDX-Smitty

    Love the pictures, shopping lists and detailed instructions.....better yet, great tasting food!

  • Nom Nom Good

    by NoNameCA

    Everything we have tried from this app has been great! Love the design too. As a non-beef, non-pork eater one could hope for more birds and fins. More food/recipe apps could embrace such a simple and effective style.

  • Love it

    by Clark Johnson

    Photos are amazing and ability to flip from pic to pic while cooking is great!

  • Amazing app

    by S~Jay

    It is so user friendly! The information is great I just decided to do the paleo life style and I'm so happy I paid for this app it's worth every penny! It also helps that the food is so good I'm making myself hungry thinking about it. Try this app if you are looking for good food and knowledge of the paleo diet.

  • Love it!

    by RM937

    The app works great, beautiful pictures. It's great that it stays on, I don't have to swipe to see the recipes in the middle of cooking. recipes are delicious.

  • Best cooking ao

    by 2patty

    I love this App. Although it is for paleo cooking these recipes would form part of a healthy delicious diet for anyone.

  • Fantastic

    by Runnergal9007

    This was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so glad I got it. Healthy menu planning is a breeze.

  • Love It!

    by Cami K

    The recipes are fantastic. I've loved everything I've made.

  • Luv this app

    by Bizarro fan 12345

    Healthy recipes. Great pictures. I use this app a lot. Thanks!

  • Great even for non-cooks!

    by KatFL2013

    I'm not a good cook, I don't even like to cook. My food never looks or tastes like what the recipes say, but these recipes are the exception. Sometimes the food comes out so good I have to remind myself to share it. I used to avoid cooking, now I look forward to it. The Brussels sprouts, roasted tomatoes, and tuna cakes are my favorites so far.

  • Nom Nom Paleo

    by Stu Blee

    Love this app!! It is easy to use, great information and the recipes are delicious. Two weeks of eating Paleo and I have lost 10 pounds and better yet, my allergies are gone.

  • Best Food App Ever!

    by Foxyqueen

    I love this app. Beautifully designed, easy to navigate and the recipes are good too! Will thereby updates with new recipes?

  • Worth every penny

    by Hugirl

    Great app. Is my go-to guide for starting the Paleo way of eating. A book would cost much more and this has everything you need. Excellent app, highly recommend.

  • Recipes

    by Dragoontech

    Great recipes. I have been loving them.

  • Yummy

    by Is there a fix

    A friend shared with me! I love how easy it is to use, the shopping list feature and the pictorial instructions.

  • Essential!

    by Laurenica

    I just started paleo a week ago, and this app has been so incredibly useful in helping me to plan my meals as well as stock my fridge and cabinets. Not only is the info spot on, but the app itself is so well done and easy to navigate. I also love that the author's voice is so present throughout! I feel like she's really experimented with these recipes and techniques and is presenting only tried and true meals. This app is totally worth the money and is definitely a paleo essential. Thanks for creating it!!!!!

  • Love it!

    by happyheart32

    Well worth the money. Amazing food, great instructions, creative layout. LOVE this. Recommend to everyone! Downloaded for whole30. Thanks nomnom!

  • Awesome app!

    by Schickelgruber

    I love this app! The ease of use, pictures, writing/instruction, and, of course, the recipes are terrific. I especially like the interface with the shopping list and also that the exact kitchen utensils that are needed for each recipe are listed. (Please keep the recipes coming!) I would recommend this app to anyone who likes to cook (and eat) -- not just those following a Paleo plan. Nom nom!

  • Nom Nom

    by Dwiddler

    I just love this App. The coolest recipes, to helping you with your grocery list, to the awesome photos for making all the recipes. Directions are excellent too! If you like being Paleo this App is for you. Go Nom Nom!

  • Loving it!!!!

    by Tj2inspire

    I purchased app months ago and I find myself going to this app for a lot of my recipes. I love the pics and the recipes are easy to follow. I have made many of them for my family. I also enjoy the recipes on the links.

  • Great!

    by lindamh

    I've tried a number of the recipes, and they have all been great. The instructions are very clear, the photography is beautiful. Great resource for people who want to cook healthy and tasty meals.

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