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• Squashed some more bugs.

• We were going to allow payment via "interesting trades," but our CFO said he'd rather see us add PayPal support. So, PayPal support it is! But you can still give us your old Volvo.

• You'll get some nice status updates for all orders now. And, if your order is a bit behind, you can now contact us without leaving the app. We'll find it for you and update you via text to make you feel better. Novocaine for the Soul.

• More bug fixes than you can shake a stick at.

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Hungry? The GrubHub app can help. Enter your address or search your current location and be treated to all of your nearby delivery or pickup options from our massive restaurant network – 20,000+ eateries in more than 500 of America’s best cities. Once you find what you’re hungry for, you can easily place your order right through the app.

And with all your past orders saved and available for easy reordering, there’s a slight chance you’ll eat too much and too often. But hey, your self-control is beyond the scope of this app.


-View menus, reviews and restaurant information for 20,000+ restaurants in more than 500 cities, and easily place your order online through the app.

-Search your current location or enter an address to find and order from takeout restaurants near you.

-Search by cuisine, restaurant or menu item and filter restaurants to see which are currently accepting online orders.

-Save multiple addresses and order faster from the places you frequent.

-Search for delivery restaurants, carryout restaurants or both, and filter by the restaurant’s proximity to wherever you are – perfect for grabbing some grub on the go.

-Save a little cash with our coupons and discounts.

- Stay up to date on your order’s progress when you order from our Track Your Grub restaurants. Select restaurants even let you track your delivery’s progress in real-time on a map.

-Past orders are saved for speedy reordering – seriously, just a couple of taps.

-Your payment information is stored so you only have to fiddle with all those numbers once.

Available in more than 500 of your favorite cities, including: Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Bloomington, Boston, Boulder, Champaign-Urbana, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Hartford, Houston, Ithaca, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Madison, Miami, Milwaukee, Nashville, New Haven, New York, Oakland, Orange County, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Rochester, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Scottsdale, Seattle, Syracuse, Tampa, Tempe and Washington DC.

Customer Reviews

  • Its good but getting stale

    by Rmchicago

    How about a universal pad/phone app?

  • App is Amazing!

    by ChristieCarlson

    I'll preface this by saying that this is a review of the service that GrubHub provides, not the restaurants that use it, and yes there is a distinction. It's not GrubHub's fault if the restaurant you ordered from screws up your order or is late in delivering. GrubHub is great for a few reasons. First, they put jut about every choice of food at your fingertips (of course, I'm coming from Chicago so if you love in a smaller city there are probably fewer place available to you.) There's no googling to see what restaurants deliver in your area or settling for crappy chain restaurants just because you know they do. Second, these people are INSANELY courteous. I usually hate calling help lines, but on the couple of occasions my orders have been really late I have used it just to see if they could get a status update from the restaurants. BOTH times they not only did exactly that, but they also have me a $25 coupon (even when one of my original orders was less than that.) GrubHub sympathizes with you. They want to help you. They like you. Third, they'll save your old orders for a while just in case you wanna order the same thing again. If you forgot the name of that thing you loved, it's right there in your history. (I know this isn't as great as the coupons but it's still a nice feature) Its come in handy the few times I've used it. All in all, GrubHub is a great company. So if a restaurant screws up, call them. In all likelihood they'll give you a coupon just for your troubles. (And to the people claiming GrubHub is "too expensive": The restaurants set the prices. Sure, GrubHub charges a fee for being on their site, but ultimately it's the restaurant's decision on what to charge you and it's your decision on what to spend. There are still plenty of cheap choices available and you can even sort your search results by delivery fee or minimum.)

  • Improvements

    by oMeN357

    Make it easier one click to rate the restaurants. My asian was super, the Italian sucked it wow u do have to season Italian food guys.

  • Da BOMB

    by MJSBoss

    My life is complete.

  • App is great, BUT...

    by Tino Barnes

    The ordering process is great and they're upfront about their delivery charges and minimums (which for a single person is usually too high). The typical delivery charge is 7.95 with a minimum (before delivery charge) of $35. Then you have the option to tip ahead of time. This is like gambling because you don't know the level of service ahead if time. You also have no idea how long the order will take. The tip is based on both the food AND delivery charge, so on a $35 order the delivery and tip were over $15. Okay, paying for convenience. I get it. Expensive but okay. However, the order took 2 hours to arrive. They don't tell you how long it will take until AFTER you pay!!! Then the delivery person couldn't find me in the directory to get in the building --so once he got up to my apartment 10 minutes later he yelled at me as if it were my fault. The food was from a very good restaurant but it was not hot and I just got scolded after paying $15 in tips and delivery charges. So I paid over $50 for a great Caesar salad, Pepsi, and a medium two topping pizza that I had to wait two hours to get. Food was good, but of course after two hours I could've eaten a shoe.

  • Great

    by terrence joiner



    by Dj NCO

    I always order food, this made my life muuuuuch easier with much more restaurant options then you would normally find on your own.. Recommend is 1,000%

  • Conveniency at its finest!

    by Love2edit

    Quick to order and updates on your order!

  • Great app

    by Dukez327

    Pretty darn hip app! Simple and easy, like that I don't have to call. I can use my app to order food

  • Great!

    by Esiandama

    Simple, efficient app with great customer service support. No complaints here.

  • Great app...need food

    by Indy food

    Love the app and service. Need more delivery options!!!!

  • Seamless and Supported

    by Paideuma

    The application itself works quite well. It's intuitive and allows everything you'd want. More importantly, the customer service behind the application is tremendous. All of the pain points that could come up when using a third party are eliminated. Well done, Grub Hub.

  • Works Great!

    by Razzymatazz

    Works great! I use grubhub 3 times a week! Friendly customer service!

  • Great app!

    by Ya12385

    Oh nom nom nom

  • Love it

    by Taylahhhh :)

    Way too easy, I use it way too much.

  • Great idea but sometimes food is cold

    by Ryll

    I had some delicious sushi and hot/crunchy garlic bread arriving in half an hr despite saying delivery time is an hr and a half. But I had also have orders for fries, pizza and pastas coming cold 45 min after a delivery time of an hr and an half (so wait time was over 2 hrs). The app is great! Overall, I will use this again but take other users' reviews seriously.

  • You'll Never Call In An Order Again!

    by QuikSilverTX

    After you use GrubHub a few times you'll never call in an order ever again. It's super convenient. You'll find yourself ordering more and more carry out. If you're worried about your waist line, do not download!

  • No more phone

    by 87ofHarts

    Finally I never have to use my phone as a phone ever!!! Seriously, this app revolutionized my phone usage.

  • The Pam to my Archer

    by itmightbedavid

    The app looks a little disco, but the service is solid and I couldn't live in San Francisco without it.

  • I lubba GrubHub!!!

    by ChessurKat

    I've been using GrubHub for a little over a year and order 2-4 times a month. It's usually from two places but sometimes something different. I love the ease of use, the ability to favorite orders and reorder them and the overall convenience. I've never had an issue with the App or service, the restaurants can sometimes run a little late. I love it and recommend this app to you if you order for pick up or delivery. It just makes it so easy!

  • Only got bad food

    by fahunter2

    I haven't found a good quality restaurant on this app.

  • Horrible!

    by Laddy16

    Why isn't there a link to review the restaurant in the app? I even tried the "nifty" review link online and it just doesn't work.

  • Could be better....

    by bgiggs4

    The idea of the app is really good but the execution of it is lacking. Added the app and was disappointed by the fact that there was only 3 stores that showed up as being around where I live there is easily 20-30 restaurants in a 20 mile radius from my house so that seemed weird how only 3 stores I've never heard of was all it found.

  • Waste of time

    by reldif34

    After downloading app, registering, and setting up my delivery address, the app is returning time out messages and error code (200-299) when searching for delivery options. Tried deleting and reinstalling and rebooting iPhone and still no luck. Looks like a waste of time.

  • One star because zero is not possible

    by marcellcolon

    They could not confirm with the restaurant and after order was placed and billed through paypal they had to refund. Listen, this is like waiting for your food in a restaurant and then have the owner tell you they are not serving you food. Imagine how frustrating that can be.

  • Grub Hub

    by LdMarduk

    Totally useless where I live. :-(

  • Terrible

    by Merachel

    Worst app ever Never got our food. Said wait was over an hour and a half. Never showed, no one answered their phone.

  • Horrible

    by Vanessa71638492926:7

    I never write bad reviews on apps- but this app was just horrible. For everything I searched I only got one result that said "pick up only". Even after I made an account. I don't recommend this at all

  • Worthless! Not even worth 1 star!

    by I get delivery! GH don't!

    I live in Kansas City, which in case Grub Hub didn't know, is a HUGE city! They only show 1 restaurant that delivers to my place. Really? Just 1? All this time I've been ordering from places that don't exist? I must be calling inter dimensional restaurants with freaky, fast delivery!! Save the money your spending on commercial time Grub Hub, and just send us all the yellowpages! Epic Fail!

  • Not available in my area

    by Skrewedbylife

    Pointless for me

  • A must if you order delivery often

    by Ken955555

    Wouldn't want to be without it now

  • yea

    by adustumm


  • Worst

    by Akallday8

    The worst. Overpaid like crazy to have food delivered... 4 hours later I'm still waiting. I Complained to grubhub, they offered me $15 off my next order. Get real. There will not be a next order from me.


    by Lmh2324

    Do not use grub hub. Never delivers within promised window and have never received an order in under 2 hours. Received wrong food 2 if the 5 times I've used them. Kept hoping service would improve, but no such luck. Have deleted app and will never use their service again.

  • Dope app

    by Los1526

    If you like delivery food this is the app for you; easy to use choices and the customer service is on point

  • Doesn't show anything while another app does

    by mokeonefoundation

    This app shows no delivery. There is another app that does show the delivery. I place my order on my phone. It calculates the tip added to your card. It shows the menu, and ratings. I get updates on my order. It shows delivery time as well. Remember, this app doesn't even work where I live, while the other one does.

  • Can't find the right genre

    by dmpyron

    I say "Italian" and it gives me a choice of burgers or Chinese. I say "pizza" and sushi. I say "taco" and it gives me a fish place. And so on. I haven't even used it because it hasn't been able to find me what I want.

  • Great service. App needs work

    by Winkingchef

    Overall, I love grubhub, but whoever designed the mobile app needs to talk to the guy who does the website. There are key features missing. If an order was started weeks ago (but never completed), the app doesn't prompt immediately to cancel and start a new order (this is obvious on the website) No ability to specify TIME of delivery when ordering on the mobile version. I ordered while getting on the plane in Houston - want it delivered in San Francisco when I arrive home. (Restaurant is too slow to just wait until I arrive). Delivery time estimated needs to be in the time zone WHERE THE FOOD IS TO BE DELIVERED (duh), or at least be specific which time zone it is in.

  • Best food delivery app

    by Lyd90077

    This app is awesome. Not only it's easy to use but also it has great customer service and order tracking function is a plus. Definitely recommended.

  • Quick and easy

    by Caballera Maria

    Very quick to use and easy to navigate. The credit card capture feature makes it even easier. One thing that GH has over Seamless is real customer service...if your order is taking longer than expected or you have some other issue. GH will look into it (and often throw some GH $ your way to boot!).

  • Trash

    by Sammo87

    This app is trash

  • Grub hub terrible response time

    by Chicago Spartan

    We ordered food and it was late by over 1 hr and it took 20 Minutes to get through to grub hub and they too over. 30 minutes to get a response to me. The best they did was an 18% discount and grin hub gave me $25 credit. 2.5 hrs later! Cold food

  • Awesome Service, Bad App

    by Jesse Richard

    Use GrubHub almost daily, love the service, the app on the other hand... Crashes upon opening, every time. On iPhone 5 / iOS 7 and iPad 3 / iOS 7.

  • Great app

    by Bobbyp88

    Got my nom on with this app

  • Where is the ipad app?

    by Hungry ipad user

    This is still an iPhone app optimized for the iPhone 5. Grubhub has had plenty of time to put together an app optimized for the iPad. If Seamless can do it, why can't Grubhub? Now that they have had a successful merger, you would think they could share mobile app technology...

  • Great app!

    by BuickGS67

    Easy to use, convenient, and even kinda fun to order food. Love grub hub!

  • Good

    by Hakeraw

    Love the app but I can't leave reviews about the restaurants

  • No Shoes, No Shirt, Great Service

    by LEFV2

    The app is great. No lag, no glitches and no crashes. The app is perfectly organized, so there's no navigation issues whatsoever. It's much better than using the website itself. Contacting 'GrubHub' to speak with a representative isn't that bad. Majority of the time the time, reps are genuinely friendly. I can easily say that we (the customers) are too easily butt-hurt when it comes down to us being satisfied. Please take note that you (the customer) are not the only-single-most important customer in the world. It's true that some restaurant's simply do a terrible job when it comes to providing an excellent product as you expect. Overall; this is excellent. I'm looking forward to a potential update with a new layout.

  • .

    by @jmolicious_

    Most annoying app ever.

  • Stop

    by Dennis 80

    Ok so this sounds like a great idea right, it's not listen call the restaurant directly it's easier I ordered 3 times with this app I received only one of the orders. So this concept is just a middle man ordering your food and because of this the wait is longer. As I write this review this will be my third and final time using this app to order food I called the restaurant and they never got the order but my cc was charged the restaurant was closing when I called to find out where my order was which was never received then was on hold for 23 minutes to speak with someone on grub hub customer service lets say delete it order directly don't let these people make a profit on our local restaurants.

  • Well shoot partner.

    by xIBlasphamat1c

    Downloaded the app. 'Well shoot partner, we haven't made it to your neck of the woods yet'. There are multiple delivery places around and the app is telling me otherwise. Guess I don't know where I live.

  • I just want delivery

    by Hozay12

    This app used to be better. It seems like a lot of delivery places in my area no longer use this app. And now this app shows me a ton of restaurants in the area that don't deliver or are pickup only. I have yelp for that.

  • Love this app

    by Gennycat

    Super easy to use, lots of restaurant choices. My favorite thing about grub hub is you can pay with a credit card or cash or pay with a card tip in cash. It's nice to have options.

  • Excellent

    by Noble Exile

    Really enjoy the app interface. Easy to use and navigate. I wish more restaurants used its service.

  • Customer service?

    by Rockanrolo

    I mistakenly order the wrong thing and only noticed once I saw the receipt on grubhub. I immediately call the restaurant to tell them to change the order , they told they they couldn't that I had to call grubhub. So I did but I waited 13 minutes on hold for anyone before I hang up the phone, I called the restaurant back and they told me that they could change it because they had already made it. I'm disappointed and won't use grubhub again.

  • Love it

    by Lady Monet

    Ever since i saw the commercial i had been wanting to try grub hub now that i have i love it

  • Good idea, bad execution

    by Jmxafb777

    This is a classic example of an app that lacks basic testing before launch. I put everything I wanted to order in my cart and then grub hub somehow forgot I had an account. I jumped through the hoops to make a new one and then it just dumped to the start screen to re-do the whole order. This is basic usability, get it together! Once I actually submitted the order the estimated delivery time was 90 minutes for a basic pizza from two miles away. Save yourself the hassle and just order direct!

  • Locally dead.

    by Robbiesmith323

    There are only 3 places in montebello/east la that deliver... And its thai food. I am kinda sad at how its dead for being a semi popular city. I will keep the app in hopes that more businesses will take some sort of initiative. But delivery.. Considering gas is almost $4 it will take a while.

  • Best food delivery service

    by Vinod Tonangi

    The app is great, but their customer service is even better. When a restaurant mistakenly forgets something calling them back is a pain - but if that happens a quick email and the issue is solved. GrubHub is THE best food delivery service I've used. I use them at least 3 times a week.

  • Late

    by Rdtiezzi

    Delivery times are not respected.

  • I use this at least once a week!

    by John Senger

    I use this all the time and it is mostly accurate with places that deliver. I've had a couple call backs denying my distance but I'd still give this 5 stars.

  • Great App

    by Andimus

    I mean, I'd you like food. It's kind of a crappy app if you never eat food.

  • Need to fix credit card issues

    by cher_wilson

    Every time I pay with a credit card it tells me I have the wrong zip code. So I have to delete the card and re enter everything to fix the zip code that wasn't wrong to begin with. Every. Single. Time.

  • Not useful

    by roverman

    Tried it and only 1 restaurant came up. That was a five star restaurant. Didn't even list the numerous restaurants around me that deliver. Could not find a way to even specific how far of a search radius to use. Deleted it. Sorry!

  • Horrible

    by Sparks2334

    Glitchy, never works. Waste of time.

  • Food is always late

    by Telecasts

    I've used GrubHub about 5 times so far. Only *once* was the food ever on time. The other 4 times it's embarrassingly late. We're talking 90+ minutes MINIMUM from "Place Order" until the knock on your door (and I ordered from places less than 2 miles from my house). You're better off using this app to discover who delivers in your area, then calling them and placing your order yourself. Trust me. Don't use this app for placing your order. You'll regret it.

  • Smashing

    by JaeParlae

    Easy breezy but wish i could order from multiple rest

  • Great app

    by jacquil neri

    Best app for people's like me aka stoner

  • Got about 9 seconds of use, uninstalled.

    by StatikBit

    Classic example of: good idea, bad execution. It only found 1 place to eat, 5 if I refine search. Terribly disappointing (even more so when very hungry).

  • Not for smaller cities

    by Hunnibunni

    Wanted to try it out but it's not even in the big cities near me... Pretty Lame!

  • Very convenient.

    by Ventrola

    Love it when the weather is bad and you can just order online and your food shows up. Brilliant! And you can avoid orders being screwed up over the phone.

  • Sweet

    by Geetee10

    Works great!

  • Too Disappointed - fix your service

    by Very upset avid ex user

    The service used to be good. From an avid (ex user) should you wait 30 minutes for customer service when food is 2 hours late? The app works fine, the service doesn't. I encourage people that use better services to post recommendations here. I have filtered large business here and have been nothing but disappointed of late. Perhaps it is their driving service. Either way if the app works and the service doesn't you are just taking up home screen space. Try to call customer service tel:877-585-7878 and see if anyone actually answers before your battery dies.

  • gets the job done

    by laralulu

    you don't want to talk to someone to order? - you want delivery? - you want to put it on a card without yelling it out loud? - you want a dumb amount of options that are far and near ?- you found your app!

  • Love this app

    by Sr. Eats A Lot

    Save your CC to this app. It's seamless then and requires little effort to get food delivered. It can be a little wonky at times but all in all, easy to use and lot of options. I'm a Chicago resident so it may be different for people that live in other areas.

  • Not half bad

    by Mang908

    Very useful when I need it. Especially living in a city

  • Some things we could we could digest.

    by ToastyVollyBall

    How about putting the Health Department Grade on all the restaurants to help. Customer ratings are nice however being sick isn't.

  • Excelent

    by Lovin NYC

    To the users that downlaoded this app and having trouble because of where they live please read. This app is EXCELLENT and better than seamless. Its good for BIG CITIES...BIG CITIES. It clearly states 500 BIG CITIES. Thanks GrubHub

  • Cool app

    by Pompaii

    Super easy to use

  • This app is the worst in the store

    by Hungry man 123

    Grub hub app is absolutely horrendous. I thought I would be able to find delivery places near me but it gives me stuff not even in my city. I know there are over 10 restraints who deliver near me. I just wanted a different one which I thought this would provide. This app is worthless and so is the website.

  • Total junk

    by Jcrfreeride

    Doesn't even list pizza around me, stupid app

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