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Languages: English, Spanish

Seller: Domino's Pizza LLC

• Miscellaneous enhancements
• Minor bug fixes

Recent updates:
Have a Pizza Profile? Now you can reorder faster than ever! With a Pizza Profile you can:
• Access recently placed orders. Your address and store information are also saved for you.
• Save your favorite order as your Easy Order™ – for even faster ordering!
• Select 'Keep Me Signed In' for immediate access to Profile features next time you order.

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1923 Ratings
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Did Domino’s just launch an iPhone app? Oh Yes We Did! You can now use your iPhone or iPod touch to order. It’s convenient, easy and fun!

Order Domino's using either English or Spanish! Our app now automatically displays in whichever of these languages you have chosen in your smartphone or tablet settings.

¡Pide Domino’s en inglés o en español! Nuestro app se configura automáticamente con el idioma que has escogido para tu smartphone o tableta.

The ability to order from almost any Domino’s in the U.S. (Nearly 5,000 locations)
Access to all the items on our national menu.
Find coupons available for use at your selected store.
The app will remember your most recent store and other useful information.
We do not require you to login, but you can login to access your saved addresses.
In app credit or debit card payment.
Use Domino’s Tracker to follow your order from the “make line”, into the oven, then out for delivery or ready for pickup!

An iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 4.3 or above.

If you have questions or comments about this app we would love to read them. Please email

Prefer to use the desktop version? Please visit

Customer Reviews

  • This is a pizza app

    by TehKekon

    An app for pizza, all you need from an app.

  • It works

    by willbklyn

    Pizza time

  • Dominos is awesome

    by Atos10786

    Very easy to use. A++++

  • Awsome

    by Werner Cuessi


  • Awesome!

    by Byrdsgirl97

    Great way to order :)

  • Very good app

    by Keck21

    It's great! Easy to use.

  • Awesome

    by Handmade fan

    Quick and easy.

  • Made by God

    by KB Joseph

    Amazing... Nothing like ordering on the go and the delivery guy and myself show up at the same time... Love it. Get it. Feed it.

  • New app. Some better. Some worse

    by RevHotRod

    I like how it gives you your total and cost of each item AS you add them. There are some good improvements. I'm still looking for a preferred customer discount plan. Overall the app is better but still not a 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ yet. RevHotRod

  • Pretty good pizza

    by X2c2fly

    It is easy to use and has lots of options I like it

  • Great!!!


    Great app,but if you forget your password...there's no option to retrieve it

  • Excellent

    by SuperGalen

    Very smooth process. Setup of app is nice!!

  • One of the best made apps.

    by Steampunk Astronaut

    Easily the most reliable, well written app in the App Store. If only other companies' apps were this solid (looking at you BofA).

  • One of the best made apps.

    by Steampunk Astronaut

    Easily the most reliable, well written app in the App Store. If only other companies' apps were this solid (looking at you BofA).

  • Thin crispy

    by Lolakmae

    Love this app. Makes life easier and tracker is fun to watch on full website too. But we sure end up eating a lot of pizza because they do a fantastic job too.

  • This app has everything

    by Amberrrm

    The bar that tells you where in the construction & delivery process your order is at is amazing. & you can send a note of encouragement to the people making your food. So many times I've been too hungry to think & this app has saved me by already knowing what I should order. Great app!

  • Timestamps?

    by Vincecoppola

    Love the app, functions surprisingly well. One think though, why does the pizza tracker online include timestamps while the iOS version doesn't?

  • Easy!

    by Rhys009

    Glad they have this! Easy to use and easier to order! In from alaska and they always take 20mins everytime i order

  • Awesome app. Keep up great job.

    by Reshad1996

    Thank you Domino's!


    by Melkogab

    Our orders are always so easy to place, track, timely, correct and YUMMY!!!

  • Love the app!

    by Fcspim

    I love the app, but it keeps saying that the store is closed when really it isn't , it had happened to me a lot already and it won't let me order it, please fix that!

  • It doesn't deliver!!!

    by lovejcforever

    It doesn't deliver to my place!!!

  • Great choice

    by Cream Tsu

    I was like totally in munchies mode and me and the babe was like yeah DOMINOS! So we use the app it went by real smoothly and boom there's our rating! HA!HA! C.R.E.A.M.

  • Great

    by UnclJac

    Obama should have Dominos handle the health care. This app is great

  • Easy but needs an iPad version

    by Chandlerusm

    Got fed up with Papa Johns so decided to give Dominos app a try. It's much easier to use, plus the selection is wider. This review would have been five stars but there is no ipad version. Using the phone version on the iPad is clunky enough to drop a star. Still, it was quick and easy to select and customize our choices, and navigating among different sections of the menu was also easy and intuitive.

  • Improved app - only took a few minutes to order!

    by Amateur Photog

    I like the coupon options and the ability to quickly customize a pizza.

  • Love it

    by Mike.brown

    Like i said, love it.

  • Very good app, very useful, robusto, perfecto.

    by Vinny vintelligent

    Who doesn't love pizza? I love it. You know what else I love? Taking my time, building a pizza and a side. Better yet, I love the fact there in NO confusion like involved in making a phone call. This app? Pretty much makes the pizza better. They have deals, a variety of food, and at great prices. If you ask me, I give this app a 5 star rating just for the fact of its easy approach, and favorable outcomes.

  • LoveThisApp

    by B-man1978888

    This is the best restaurant related app out there. Keep up the good work!

  • Trouble with feedback

    by Hexagrammos decagrammos

    I give my delivery 5* but the app doesn't allow to.

  • Not all menu items available

    by Jmcgann

    I think this is a great app, except for the fact that all menu items are not shown. We ended up having to call the place anyway to get what we wanted...

  • Perfect App for your pizza experience!

    by AtlasOfEden

    You can build pizzas from scratch and see prices labeled on pizza sizes, you can save orders for quick order and save locations for friends places and your home, there's also access to tons of coupons that can save you quite a few bucks here and there over all this version has been PERFECT or my self.

  • Used to be my source of fatness!

    by dPixels

    Now that some much-needed features were added, like profile management with saved addresses and payment options, the app crashes often. It's frustrating.

  • Quick and convenient ordering. Easy to use!!!

    by Micbonner

    Excellent app.

  • update app

    by natas parx

    the app should have an option of double cut slices because I like smaller pieces..

  • Great App!

    by lalala46-44

    Super quick and easy!

  • Its so awesome!

    by Bitros

    I love using the app, because I'm not always able to call the store to order, and this gives me a way to enjoy my hot and tasty goodness even when I'm on the road/not near a phone!

  • Good App

    by regimeoftruth

    Should be able to use pay pal, otherwise it would be five stars.

  • Pizza=Love

    by Pm1347436544

    Best app ever, use it more than I should...

  • Great

    by Daddyoooo

    Love this! Quick!

  • Great deals

    by Destroyer1185

    Love the app makes it quick and easy and gives quick access to the great coupons ;)

  • Good App

    by TaraKM

    The app works good, but the stores blame the app on orders being 100% entered incorrectly or late. I'm not sure if its the app or various KY stores but there's a problem somewhere you don't see with other chains.

  • Great ap

    by David Montgomery

    Love how easy this app is to use. Use this app often and have never had a mistake. Simple and adds options.

  • Great app!

    by Drew8511

    The only improvement I see is to incorporate an option for, "Place order for the future," instead of just order now.

  • A must!

    by G96706


  • I like it

    by Lady Bland

  • Squall

    by Sanjikik

    Easy and convenient

  • Great App

    by Lilwobbly

    It really makes ordering convenient. I have used it several times it works great!

  • Uh

    by B. Cheifer

    I'm only writing a review so the app stops bothering me. Pretty convenient though I guess.

  • Awful update

    by mbruni316

    Ever since the last update the app crashes immediately after launching. I hate it.

  • Convenient

    by M313DET

    Easy to use!

  • No way to delay order.

    by utahdeer

    I order pizza for the grandkids to eat after school. Doesn't appear to be a way on the mobile app to order in the morning for a 3 pm pick up. I can do that on line but not on mobile app. Needs to he fixed. Otherwise OK

  • Love this!!!!

    by Appy mama

    Love this App super quick and easy :) Thanks Dominos!!!!

  • Convenient

    by blackcement3

    Good app but a little outdated

  • Great

    by Sangeenobs

    Great application

  • Yar...

    by  Skhandrika

    Yes it's easy to use but have found that some of the online coupons don't work correctly please fix

  • The Best Pizza App

    by msohn

    I have Dominos, Papa Johns and Pizza Hut on my phone. I love all three but this app is by far the best.

  • Really?

    by Cjdubzero

    I get excited for certain coupons and little things aren't specified. With my price rising and not having a live person to ask questions or edit my price, I'm stuck with additional charges. Include fine print in the coupons or at least have side hints that shows a price increase.

  • Quick and Easy.

    by carmbar

    If you're familiar with ordering from them online, you'll live this. Orders are saved for quick retrieval and navigation is very user-friendly.

  • What will they think of next?!

    by Luckybride23

    The easiest pizza ordering app I've ever used. Order is accurate and delivered quickly.

  • Awesome

    by HBaugher

    Makes ordering very easy!!!

  • Awesome

    by FazliS85

    I just ordered, app was super smooth and easy to use. No glitches mA!

  • Too easy

    by Jennyanyadots

    Just another reason I go to dominos pizza. It couldn't get more easy and fun.

  • Fantastic pizza!

    by SaraLV12

    Love the pizza and love the simplicity of the app.

  • Awesome app.

    by Queendiva1968

    Having this app makes it easy to order dinner for my husband. My orders are always on time.

  • Great app

    by Mr. Disco

    Easy to use with a nice design.

  • Love this app

    by User129472739

    I use this app whenever I order Domino's !!

  • Dominos is the $H1T!!!

    by WreckingROY

    Good for a guy with the munchies !!! Legalize IT!!!

  • Love it! So convenient!

    by JenA30

    Love this app! Few suggestions though... # 1 when ordering 2 or more deal, it only takes the discount off 2... Not more. #2 sometimes I don't have time to rate my order right away. It'd be nice if there was a way to go back and rate past orders. That is all:)

  • Gets the job done

    by Yung Stylin

    It's straight

  • App Prices Coupons Wrong

    by Pat114155

    Terrible App!! Will overcharge vs the advertised coupon price. Do Not Use!!

  • Pizza

    by Bookitty30701

    Great app

  • GREAT app

    by Pizzadudelol

    And my pizza is good. What more could I ask for.

  • Best food app ever

    by Unkl3G

    Makes it extremely easy to order and look for coupons that interest you.

  • Beware of bug with wing sauces. It will cost you money!

    by gigot hudspeth

    Steps to recreate... Order 40 piece wings to order and it defaults to 5 sides of ranch dressing. Change that to zero and add 5 of another flavor. The order gets submitted to the store as 5 sides of ranch PLUS 5 sides of whatever you ordered. You get charged for 5 sides of ranch you didn't order. So, if I order via the app I have to follow up with a call to the store to subtract the 5 orders of ranch. Which also means they have to issue a credit to my charge card and re-run it for the correct amount. What a pain. Fix this bug and the app gets five stars from me.

  • Nice

    by nadiadominique

    This app is a fast easy way to order. So much more effective than dealing with some of the incompetent and rude people on the phone

  • Nice

    by nadiadominique

    This app is a fast easy way to order. So much more effective than dealing with some of the incompetent and rude people on the phone

  • How can you not like this!?

    by BuD_1107

    This is an app that gets you pizza! Nuf said!

  • Very Cool Until Now...

    by CherylSaynHi

    When it's working, it's fantastic!! However, It's useless for now because I keep getting the network error message: "The operation couldn't be completed. (com.dominos.HTTPStatus error 408.)" I'm on wi-fi using Onavo Extend and Onavo Protect. I'm not switching wi-fi off and using my data plan, either - I shouldn't have to. Please fix this app.

  • Works but could still use work

    by 1ricca

    For what it is, it's pretty nice. I can do just about everything I could on the main site but with a little more difficulty. It's still a hundred times easier to make an order on their site though.

  • Well done Dominos!

    by Linsly52

    Me likey pizza

  • Love new and improved app/dominos

    by Asimsimma

    Awesomeness, wrapped in hope, with a side of love.

  • It's the best

    by CEO Samz

    The ultimate app

  • So-so app

    by Muramg

    I got it to work, but it was not great. I could find no way to get descriptions of the menu items.

  • Can't use

    by Englewood74

    Can't use app for delivery shows store as being closed. When I know it is not because I can order from that store on the website.

  • Way too easy!

    by Willie1913

    Love this app! Easier and faster than online and phone ordering!

  • Crappy app

    by Lulu1969wwww

    I'm so sick of this stupid app. Every time I try to use it, a window pops up about the store having trouble with online ordering . REALLY for 3 months... Come on, fix it already.

  • ❤️❤️❤️

    by Gisela99

    Love it

  • Amazing

    by TonyRowe90

    Best app ever, it's even military base friendly!!!

  • Awesome

    by Smbbms343434

    Excellent process and easy ordering!! App works well

  • Great

    by Real Lovatic♥

    I love this

  • Easy to use, but order status is worthless

    by Enataidan

    Order process easy to use, but status of delivery is not kept current. Had to call the local store to get status of delivery ,

  • Great app

    by Wdghohfejffidjtjugvjh


  • Needs delivery instructions field

    by Steichen Fam

    I really want to give 5 stars. Very easy to use, visually appealing, and not at all glitchy. However, my house is new enough that the map program used by my local Dominoes can't correctly locate is. We put delivery instructions in on the website and almost never have issues. The app doesn't have a place for notes and EVERY SINGLE ORDER the driver has gotten lost. This cost you one star. Add a field for notes and you get your star back.

  • Easy & Awesome

    by Brughvt

    Best thing ever. Quick and easy.

  • Excellent programming

    by M. de Sade

    The ordering process was improbably concise. At times, an error message displayed about the Internet or an http malfunction or whatnot. However, it worked just fine. Good work, you crazy mow foes.

  • Love it

    by Jimmie91

    Used to order using another pizza app and was disappointed but with this app I can get coupons and the app roxs!

  • Loved the website, Now it's an App!

    by Maxwell975

    Loved the website, now the app is mobile! Even better! I love the pizza tracker!

  • Need alerts

    by CASAtlanta

    It would be great if you could get alerts, either text or just notifications on your phone.

  • Dope

    by T WalK


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