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What's new in this version?
- Optimization for iOS7
- Performance enhancements
- Bug fixes

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A 2013 Webby Award winner, and named by iTunes as Best Apps of 2012! Chefs Feed is the first and only chef-powered restaurant guide. Want to know where Mario Batali gets his carnitas taco fix? Where Wolfgang Puck and Thomas Keller go for sushi? Where Charles Phan can be found eating Chinese at 3 a.m.? Chefs Feed has the answers. Available in 24 cities (and counting) this dynamic new app gets you access to the nation’s top chefs and their locals-only dining secrets. The result is thousands of dish recommendations from restaurants across the country, absolutely free.

Download Chefs Feed now for FREE and you’ll continue to receive new chef recommendations, tips and more.

Here's what the critics have been saying about Chefs Feed:

New York Times: "Three Apps for Overwhelmed New York Foodies"

Gizmodo: "iPhone App of The Week. Chefs Feed one-ups every other food app by showing you the food that chefs—AWESOME CHEFS!—like and eat...The recommendations are BOSS...for foodies who savor every dish they eat, I can't imagine a more reputable—heck, definitive—way to recommend restaurants."

Huffington Post: "Chef's Feed -- a digital database of the best dishes in any given city: the food guide 2.0. But instead of gathering feedback from users a la Yelp, Chef's Feed houses a database of information from hundreds of the nation's greatest chefs, like Thomas Keller, Mario Batalli, David Kinch, Wolfgang Puck and Chris Cosentino."

The Next Web: "5 must-have apps that Apple should have made itself (Chefs Feed, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook Messenger and RoadNinja).”

Bon Appetit Magazine: "New Chef's Feed iPhone App Lets the Pros Do the Yelping"

Yahoo! News: "Unlike the volumes of anonymous restaurant recommendations made on user-generated sites like Zagat and Yelp, the Chefs Feed has the credibility of celebrity gourmet chefs known for their exacting standards"

NPR: "6 Apps worth checking out"

Customer Reviews

  • Death to Yelp

    by Edwardcave

    Chefs Feed is amazing. I have enough meals planned to get good and fat this year.

  • Great food discovery app

    by zaydon

    Please provide iPad native support

  • Must Download if you love food

    by ** E-Bot **

    This application has legitimate dishes and recommendations unlike apps like urban spoon and google local. There are no chains on this list just all quality food. All types of food in many major cities! I'm in love with it

  • Few UX glitches but loving this app

    by Sarahliz_sf

    Finally an app from a chefs point of view. I'm so over yelp and tourist reviews. One glitch is that if you are sorting through restaurants and a text, a call or you jump off the app it starts you from the beginning again. Took 2 hours to get to the letter H.

  • Chefs Feed

    by Zambozachdude

    Chefs are supposed to feed us, not the other way around... Regardless its a good app.

  • Nice update

    by MissV2007

    Loving the new update. It's a lot faster for the new iOS7. Keep up the good work, Chefs Feed! I'm keeping myself hungry for you.

  • Update

    by Mia Langley

    Digging the new iOS 7 update. It looks good on my new phone :)

  • Fiend

    by PeterWaldron

    I am glad I can find food that the experts eat, not a review site built by amateurs!

  • Love it but new update crashes

    by Karim Bouzerda

    New update needs to be fixed.

  • Good ap

    by RedFaux

    I'm a pretty big fan of food, so I love this app because I get to see where the other lovers of food eat. However -- this thing is buggy as hell. Distances to restaurants, searching for dishes, even updated my profile are all either considered "invalid" or is simply doesn't work. With that being said. I'm still going to use it.

  • Awesome app!!

    by JLPizzle

    Already eating my way through San Francisco!

  • Awesome!

    by lucasefe

    What a useful app, man. You gotta give it a try…

  • Best Food/Restaurant Review

    by HornyForBreakfast

    Best interface, most reputable sources for reviews, sole source for such content, no bloat. All killer, no filler.

  • Best Restaurant App. Period.

    by Hungryhippoz

    This app totally schools all the other restaurant finding sites/apps out there. The mapping function is great, dish-centric approach is fun, and the best part is knowing I'm getting recs from the best chefs in every city, not some random person on a UGC site who doesn't necessarily know anything about food!

  • Awesome app

    by jennifer fan

    Great recommendations from various chefs in different cities. Really useful to use while traveling to other cities available.

  • Great food guide. Fun to share what I ate with friends

    by nocalbruin

    The app is great to find food recommendations in a pinch. And a lifesaver when I'm in a new city. Seeing what my friends are eating is fun to keep track of. And now I can reply and mention them in messages. So cool!

  • Nice update

    by Theris10

    Really like the new update, it keeps getting better.

  • Awesome!

    by Foodlover93

    I love all the new features! Looking forward to following all my fav chefs in Canada!

  • Needs work

    by Sfla2014

    Great concept, but crashes constantly making it hard to use.

  • Power off your phones people.

    by John&Bogusia

    This app works great. My apps perform differently if I do not power down my smartphone once ever 4-5 days. Also, if you are having app issues, try deleting that app and the reinstalling it to your phone. That fixes the rest of those app problems. There are bad apps out there, but this is definitely not one of them. Superb app!

  • Was great- new update crashes

    by zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Was my favorite app - but the new updated version is a mess. Crashes, freezes, doesn't up date locations. Great example of a developer destroying what previously worked so well. Hopefully these bugs will be worked out, since otherwise it's a brilliant app for discovering some excellent things to eat.

  • Boo!!!

    by MyTcute78

    I had this app for over a year. It was nothing spectacular and the info isn't helpful or interesting. They also send you random mass emails monthly where they disclose everyone's email address. I have a whole new list of people who spam me now. Thanks, Chefs Feed.

  • Not enough!!! New update pls!!!

    by Cri-cri!

    It must be working with cities over the world, with the most recognized chefs and restaurants from the most developed talking about culinary countries and not JUST USA!!!

  • Crashes!

    by Ukneedit

    The new update is unstable. It crashes constantly.

  • Crash, crash, crash

    by The_Guy75

    I liked the original. Anytime I've tried to use this lately it crashes at every touch of a tab. Needs to be fixed badly.

  • Needs much improvement

    by Babsfrombigd

    Unable to load pictures from Phone/tablet. Unable add other dishes eaten.

  • App crash

    by Armand Gaerlan

    when clicking on the dishes tab, the app crashes 100% of the time - please update asap.

  • No minneapolis?????

    by Robodibo

    Can't believe minneapolis and St. Paul aren't in here. Wow.

  • Latest update...

    by Lookoverth ere

    Crashes, almost unusable.

  • Pointless

    by strangemaryjane

    Completely useless unless you live in or near one of the cities on the short list of available places. Closest one to me was 3 hours away, so trashed the app immediately after signing up and finding out.

  • Excellent Food Porn

    by Runt Pookie

    Pavlovian salivation begins very time I open this app. It stands alone for those who love eating great food.

  • Crash master

    by Wd40pkgyuscjig

    I had the original version and just updated only to find this version crashed every time I tried to open any of the tabs. Sad

  • My city not listed

    by Rvvind

    I might try this app out if I was vacationing in one of the cities the app supports or if I end up moving there. But until Kansas City shows up in their app my rating will remain a 1 star.

  • Constantly Crashes

    by Dkatznyc

    I've only been able to get quick peeks at the program as it crashes within seconds of my opening any one of the tabs.

  • GREAT Update!

    by eatstowin

    Great Update! Much easier to interact with.

  • Bravo

    by evarees

    What a great app! I love the concept, and its very nicely executed. I check it often, both in my city and while I travel. I like keeping track of things I want to try, as well as checking off those which I already have. An invaluable resource, I tell everyone about it! Keeping my fingers crossed for an iPad version.

  • Love this App

    by jaymes858

    My girlfriend told me about this app and we think this is just about the greatest idea since slice bread. Since then I have found restaurants and foods that I wouldn't have known existed.

  • the best way to find new food

    by wrlsmarc

    I love this app because it helps me discover new restaurants and dishes. It comes in especially helpful when I travel. And, now that I follow more chefs, I get to see what they are commenting on. If you like to eat and are the least bit adventuresome, this is a great way to find new food.

  • great app. but a small problem? :-(

    by YaBaDaBaDo...

    i give 4 stars because i live in minneapolis /saint paul, a major metro location in the US . international airport several million people. what up? how about chefs feed in the twin cities? ;-)...

  • Chefs feed

    by Inlaudibus

    I deleted this app because they now insist on having me sign up and have a password. I have too many of those. I can live without this app.

  • needs a fix or two

    by Jeff860

    Used to be great app...clean and lean. Has gotten bloated. "filter" feature crashes. Needs a 3-day cleanse.

  • Invasive malware

    by Andy-W1234567890

    What used to be a good service just turned to spam. Now I need to log in to search. And the app sent me push notifications when I did not give permission and had it turned off in my settings. Uninstall.

  • Great

    by Hnb0411

    Love this app. Great suggestions. Need more cities but still a great app. :)

  • More cities!


    I love the app, but I agree there should be more choices within metro areas. I'm aspiring to be a chef, and am planning on going to culinary school. But it would be great to see what other chefs are creating!! # Minneapolis, Minnesota!!!!!

  • Forced social networking leaves a sour taste

    by cygnus-x1

    I just deleted this app. I used to like it but now, it forces you to log-in in order to use it. I resent being forced to log in via Facebook or whatever social network crap they want me to use. I'll share my experiences of good meals with who I chose to share my experiences with in the manner I choose. I don't want to share my searches with the world via Facebook or whatever.

  • Have to create account?

    by aamcf

    Installed this app, started it, then discovered I need to create an account to use it. Gone.

  • Could be great!

    by Lobster34

    Still has some bugs... For example, when adding chefs that I follow, it lists the same chef up to twelve times. Crashes alot, and pictures of dishes take a long time to load. Also there isn't alot of new dishes added. Needs to be updated more frequently.

  • love the new cities!

    by Frank Foodstein

    Excited to use the app on my next trip to vegas lots of great chefs and dishes to choose from. New cities appeared instantly when I logged out and then logged back in. Very cool :)

  • Crashes

    by HiroProt

    Crashed five times in a row after installing :(

  • The new plan feature is great

    by danieltiger

    Love being able to see the stuff my friends are planning from my profile, now I know who to go eat with!

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