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  • Updated: Apr, 29 2009
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We are always working hard to improve our apps. A small update this time to make sure our app works great with the upcoming iOS 7.1.

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Winner of the Best “Search Tools” App of the Year, Appy Awards 2013

Is that home for sale? What is it worth? Where can I find foreclosures? Get answers on Zillow, the leading real estate network, featuring homes for sale across the United States.

“Addictive” “Perfect for house hunting” “LOVE Zillow”

Find homes for sale and for rent, plus check values on 100+ million homes in the U.S.

• The Zillow Real Estate App integrates a new photo-driven shopping experience optimized for the smaller screen, allowing you to slide through thumbnail-sized photos of your search results without leaving the map.
• Only on Zillow: Get FREE access to foreclosure listings in your area, including pre-foreclosures, foreclosure auctions and bank-owned properties.
• Receive notifications when new listings hit the market, drop in price, show an open house date, or are sold so that you are always in the know.
• Save your favorites and searches and access them across platforms: or from any mobile device
• Share homes via email, Facebook, and Twitter

Zillow for iOS 7:
Coordinated with the release of iOS 7, the Zillow Real Estate iPad App has been redesigned and features a full-screen home details page that is interactive, allowing shoppers to swipe through a full gallery of beautiful photos, just like turning the pages of a magazine.

Use of the Zillow Real Estate App for iPad and iPhone and the services provided through the apps are subject to Zillow's Terms of Use:

Customer Reviews

  • Really useful

    by MTNotes

    Really like using this app. Though sometimes the info it is pulling is not displayed correctly -- like square footage shows as rental amount. But it rarely happens.

  • Good app, great info

    by 2020sf

    Helpful resource for both home hunting and getting a sense of current mortgage rates.

  • Never used it to buy or sell

    by PSTrot1991

    Just to browse. It's great for browsing. Picture quality tends to be rather poor (the lister's issue). Great filtration system and mortgage calculators.

  • Perfect App!!

    by REVO992

    Glad to finally see an app that works as it should flawlessly... Superb!!

  • Love it!

    by LHLupe

    It has been a great resource.

  • Great

    by SimplyUnique08

    It does exactly what it is suppose to do.

  • Great app!

    by FSU1985

    Easy to use and very useful.

  • Awesome app

    by Kraziem2002

    Great tool easy to navigate

  • A very helpful app

    by Boris Badenov

    For finding a new place to live.

  • Love it!

    by Elitekid

    This is a great app to find just what your looking for. The filters are easy to use

  • Awesome!

    by Mrs.Funk

    Very helpful application!

  • Great snapshot real estate app!

    by Warfighter01

    Zillow is handy for getting a quick data grab in the field. When collaborated with other data points, it will help paint a much clearer picture of a property.

  • Great app!

    by Gafnorin

    Very easy to use, great pictures, everything you need to know about your potential home.

  • Amazing

    by Antonia Pineda

    It help me find a new home before I had my 1st baby :)

  • Using it to plan a cross country move

    by Eric Smith

    Not sure how we are going to do it but just know it's gonna happen. We like using this app to get familiar with the area and market. Very informative. Filtering could be a bit more user friendly though

  • Works better than the others

    by fishies112

    I love this app. I have a few other real estate apps installed on my iPad. We go driving around in search of a new house and this one always seems to work while scouting the area. It doesn't always have all the listings (but most of them) but I can't find an app that does. Also, the other apps are not as easy and flawless as this one. I don't mind the fact that I am a registered user (and I don't have to log in with my Facebook I'd). I like that I can see my saved houses and searches from any of my devices or computers. Thanks!

  • Great App

    by B'Mac

    Love this app, easy to use, and keeps me current on home values.

  • Great App!

    by Jim Doemer

    I really enjoy this app, thanks!

  • Great Concept, But Not Dependable

    by LuckyMeInWestTexas

    Keep going back to Zillow web & other real estate sites, because this app keeps showing results way above my maximum price. Plus, I wish it offered more filters. Still, it offers nice map & consolidates FSBO, agents, pre-market & foreclosures in one app.

  • Could be great

    by firkland

    Not inclusive of all homes for sale on the market

  • Not very user friendly

    by Flojitadorf

    This App is difficult to use. Once filters are established they are almost impossible to change. I get email notifications for homes in areas I no longer care for. When I open those emails their web pages take over Safari and I cannot easily clear the pages or stop them from dominating my use of Safari.

  • Awesome App

    by Dirt Bag Brad

    I found my first home with this application! My fiancé and I couldn't be happier!

  • Good App

    by CaCrazyMommaof4

    Easy to use, keeps you updated w/out the hassle of having to get on an actual computer.

  • Great info but not 100% accurate

    by Alarmneededplease

    I like this app. It's a great starting point to see what's out there. But still do your due diligence because it's by no means one hundred percent accurate.

  • Bought a home a year ago, still like using Zillow!

    by pinoy66


  • Great App

    by Texastman1

    Works well and is great to have on phone as it allows access to comps when look at a given property

  • Overall great app needs updates

    by ekc21

    I love to use this app to day dream about buying a new house. It has lots of information that's very useful. Sometimes the app crashes while I'm looking at homes. Also sometimes I'll look at house that was in the area I want and turns out the house was in a city 30 min away! How does that happen? Lake Stevens and Lynnwood are completely different.

  • Great tool

    by Jay Meyers

    Much better than using the (any) website. Would like to see more HOA information (amounts/inclusions) as well as integration with Google Earth, or at least the ability to export an address or location. Great way to keep search narrowed in.

  • Great app

    by AAngel B

    No issues from this guy. I always recommend it to everyone!!!

  • Its great

    by Trisriel

    Very easy and helpful.

  • Good app

    by llcoolet07

    Fun to browse. Works well.

  • Great app

    by Way 2Funky one

    I'm loving this app!! It shows lots of details.

  • Amazing

    by Razan Jabbar 88

    Great app I love it ❤️

  • Love it!

    by Coleyb31

    Easy to use, I like that it is in map view so I can easily move around to find houses in a particular area for sale.

  • Great

    by Jakeh15633


  • Good App, needs fine tuning!

    by Everlas1

    Nice app, but needs to be a better search engine when looking up homes for sale or's hard to pick some of those homes on the map when they are listed on top of one another!

  • Home searching made easy

    by ThenameIlikebecauseit'smine

    I love this application and the ease of use. Would love to see it cross countries.

  • Great app

    by JCdaDJ

    Easy to use and never crashes.

  • One small addition

    by Evo2006

    I a radius search from a particular address or zip would make app even more valuable. The ability to search say 50 miles from my place of employment would be awesome.

  • zillow

    by sarosas pad

    It's good, but the realtors need to answer the e mail send to them.

  • Zillow

    by Aurite!!!

    Love it!

  • Lots of info!

    by Brandimgio

    Compared to other sites/apps Zillow has more information regarding taxes, estimates, comparables, foreclosures, etc... Love that you can search by vacuity to where you are, lists, maps... It's got it all!!

  • Zillow

    by Conankk

    Nice tool for checking home values Track my home for up and downs

  • Good

    by Sonielly

    Really good

  • by _justice

    When ever I'm board in some random hood.. I like to look at near by homes.. It helps me better understand the ppl I'm w/

  • You looking for a house this is the app to have

    by Natshome79

    Looking to rent or buy a home or apartment great details of the home as well as area.

  • Great

    by Cic001

    This is a great app. Very helpful!

  • Great app

    by Pollito956

    I like this app a lot. Works well.

  • Great App

    by ShawnMan76

    Great App

  • First stop

    by Cross country buyer

    Trying to buy a house across the country is hard when you can't go look at them in person. With zillow it gives us a list of houses that we are interested in looking at when we are going to be in the area. I do not see it as the end all for information but as a starting point to work with a realtor.

  • Good but could be better

    by DEAKNA

    So far this is the best app I have found. However the info is not current more than 40% of the time...

  • Great

    by Matthew Rascoff

    So useful. Love this app.

  • What's more fun than Zillow?

    by Robstar888

    I love being able to window shop for homes. And even being able to quickly pull up more info about something I see while driving by. The info on zillow is pretty thorough. Not always the easiest to navigate, but its great to have.

  • Good App with suggestions for improvements I would love to see!

    by 1stewardess

    I like this app a great deal. Once a realtor puts the property for sale it diminishes the info available and zillow should not allow tax nor square footage info To be removed. Also sometimes real addresses Are not shown on zillow at all.

  • Awesome

    by IronMan1976

    There is nothing else to say but that this app is amazingly awesome!!

  • Great app

    by Jdistrict

    Very useful. I use it all the time with ease.

  • Great idea

    by MM Forever

    This app needs more accurate pictures to go with the properties. I clicked on a property in my area (which was all built 20 years ago) and found that the picture was of a field. GPS feature could be improved. I think this app suffers from poor priorities: a low development budget and a high market budget. Best way to go viral is to do it the other way around.

  • Love and have used it for 2 moves

    by JustJen630

    I have relocated twice this year and love being able to find a home close to the schools I want for my kids.

  • Yay

    by scotdwg


  • awesome

    by K Maclovin

    cool app i like it

  • Great

    by King$16

    Works great!!

  • Great...

    by SarahJane8287

    tool for house hunting! Very easy to navigate and makes the task of searching properties much more manageable!

  • Easy to use and helpful

    by DCLady999

    Gives me a lot of information about neighborhoods in and around the city. Very helpful!

  • Love it

    by Kira1725

    Love this app is super organized and full of details!!!

  • Great tool

    by NickTNJ

    It finds apts and it is easy to use.

  • Good!

    by Yule2006

    This app is great when you really don't have time to go out and search very accurate on locations. Thanks

  • Its working

    by Nasilversurfer

    I like it

  • Great app

    by Cdestina

    It gives me a great idea on good areas and price ranges n that's all I need before I move

  • Helpful

    by Midomana

    Nice app

  • Zillow

    by 2man15

    Great app. Love it.

  • Awesome app

    by Cindy Spa2Go

    Awesome app easy to find locations ...

  • Great app

    by Apper786

    No issues

  • Works Great!

    by T3ach123

    No issues, and I like that it works in more places than Redfin, etc.

  • Great app!

    by Ms adventure 3

    I love how you can see nearby properties without having to re-enter your search! Just slide the map around! .

  • Great app but...

    by LionLambLove

    I love using this app but it doesn't list all the information about the home. Also the mortgage estimates are way off. If anything it should over estimate and not under. I do like the overall app I just like it's missing some key information.

  • Great real estate app

    by 'sfine

    Works better in more dense markets. I wish the valuation model was transparent but I understand why they keep it under raps.

  • Great pp!

    by Kdog561

    Wonderful!! Keep it up..

  • Great app

    by Leeax31222

    Love it

  • Great!!!

    by CLDGood

    This app is great!!! We are looking to move to another state and this app has saved us so many trips and time! Now when we visit ,we know EXACTLY what houses we want to consider!! Waaaay to go Zillow!!!!

  • Generally very good!

    by Naplesmom

    The only reason this isn't 5 stars is because there are some inaccuracies or fake posts that I have come across.

  • Great App

    by Mtngrl360

    I enjoy viewing pictures of homes I am interested in. I don't really agree with the values assigned by Zillow. I believe they are low and unrealistic, but I do enjoy the app.

  • Great app.!

    by L0velyangel

    It s great app., find it very very helpful.

  • Zillow is awesome

    by Knows09

    Great app. Accurate. Lots of information. Love the quick mortgage calculator and birds eye views.

  • great app!

    by jzweaver

    This is my favorite real estate app.

  • Great App

    by Ex 1087

    This app really makes it convenient to look for houses on the go. The information is useful and is updated very quickly.

  • Great app but Zilliow data has many errors

    by Hotfluids

    I've been using Zillow's excellent Web App for a couple of years, but noticed early on, many errors in their house facts data on my & my neighborhood's houses. Fortunately, the houses that have recently sold or are selling have the best, if still frequently erroneous data. Another quibble is Zillow's Web & iPhone Apps' house price estimator-predictor accuracy. Predicting the future is hard, but in our neighborhood it is consistent Lagging Indicator (rear view mirror look) of actual selling prices. It would be nice if Zillow aided the For Sale By Owners (FSBO) group. Improve house facts data, & Zillow gets 5-Stars!

  • JustHasMoreListingsThanMostApps

    by Antler Envy

    I "like" MYzillowAPP! It just seems2have more listings and THAAAAAAT impresses meCUZ I'm from a very small rural farming community!! Thanks Zillow;)

  • Mostly awesome

    by Glucose Doc

    Very good now, however I wish the box home pop ups would get out of the way on close zoom: they obscure a detail view of the homesite. Also, the maps are years out of date. There are entire completed neighborhoods in areas still shown as undeveloped on zillow map. Overall, I can't imagine looking for a home any other way

  • Smooth.

    by Nick Dvorak

    The app is as this review is titled; as if it were butter...or margarine, i can never tell the difference these days.

  • Always looking for our next home and Zillow makes it fun!

    by Chrscott1

    My wife and I love to go on drives and see what houses are for sale and for how much so we know how to budget. This app is phenomenal!

  • Great app

    by BigGuy74

    Definitely worth it.

  • Go-to resource during house hunt

    by ponderevo

    Obviously this wasn't the only thing I consulted when making the biggest purchase of our lives, but it did help immensely and provided clear comparisons. There needs to be a better updating process to remove old listing text (our previous home sold nearly a year ago but the description still advertises an open house this weekend), and it'd be preferable to see Zestimates listed instead of sale prices for all sales older than one month. So, there's definitely some old or dated data listed throughout. But it does most of what it needs to do well.

  • Great app

    by R.D.R.P

    I enjoy this app I can find the houses I'm look for a much more.

  • Great app!

    by Loganberry209

    Great app!

  • Great app

    by FBezee

    Gets it done!

  • The Best RealEstate App I've Ever Used!

    by Experie Crowley

    This app gives me birds eye view! Wow! I love it! I trust this app for all of my home searching needs!!

  • Awesome app

    by Neo02126

    Best app ever

  • Makes Real Estate Fun

    by Bozy4Pk

    Very easy to use and great info. The estimates are a bit lagging the markets, but give you a good idea of relative price points in neighborhoods.

  • Good app

    by DPTVu

    IPhone version is stable. I like the alert feature notifying new listings. Even though the condensed info is not as informative as the website, it's sufficient to answer most question when you are on the go.

  • by tahidy

    It's a good app love it

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