Yahoo Mail Productivity App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Productivity
  • Publisher: Yahoo
  • Updated: Dec, 11 2012
  • Version: 2.0.4
  • Size: 11.68 MB

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, ID, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese

Seller: Yahoo! Inc.

- Easily swipe through messages: Swipe left and right to page through messages when reading messages on the iPhone and in full-screen mode on the iPad
- Bug fixes and stability improvements

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
10864 Ratings
All Versions:
21174 Ratings


Yahoo Mail for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

▶ Note: if you are having problems launching the App and are stuck at the animating envelope screen, please perform the following steps:
1- Go to Settings on the device
2- Scroll down and tap on Yahoo Mail
3- Flip the switch labeled "Reset All Accounts"
4- Launch the App again

The App should now launch properly.

With an easy to use interface, the Yahoo Mail app lets you:
Stay connected
• Access your inbox in just one tap
• Receive automatic notifications for new messages
• Quickly scan messages in your inbox with continuous scroll

Message with ease
• Auto complete email addresses as you type
• Simply swipe left on any message in your inbox to delete, flag, move, mark as read and more
• Multi-select messages to organize your inbox faster

Get more done, faster
• Easily attach photos or take new ones while composing a message
• Preview photos attachments right in your email
• Search through all messages across all folders

And now, you can choose from a variety of themes to personalize your inbox.

Follow us on Twitter @YahooMail

Please email us if you are facing any problems.

▶ Want to turn notifications off? Simply go to device Settings >> Notifications >> Yahoo Mail. Under "Alert Style", choose None. You can also turn sounds off in the same screen.

Yahoo does not provide a local Swiss mail service.

Customer Reviews

  • like the app BUT

    by bella amore

    stop with these freakin ads!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you!

    by Jets2010

    My daily email app

  • tumble

    by Slow/Poke

    works good no problems thumbs up for this app

  • Yahoo Mail App

    by fdamiani

    It's easier to use, but since everyday, smartphones are been used a lot more than in the past, I think it's urgent to provide some features, currently available only on the webmail version. Features that are so important for security like Internet Headers are still missing although the spam marker badge appeared not long ago. So, keep up implementing the features for the mobile app, because we need them and we'll use them the same way as they're needed and used on the web version. Thanks for developers, and continue improving. Cheers ;-)

  • Ads into our mailbox!?!?!

    by moose3K

    Integrating ads into our mailbox on the last update was the worst thing you could have done. I understand ads make you money but don't take away from the ease and efficiency of the app by making ads seem as though they are in our mailbox

  • So cute

    by Hermosa Soy Yo

    It's not only cute but also efficient and I love it

  • Thanks for the fix!

    by Jkmiii

    Thank you for fixing the scroll bug!

  • Smooth

    by Attie1979

    Very smooth and easily operated application. Highly recommend it.

  • Great app

    by Rickyfulg

    User friendly and reliable. Will recommend it to anyone looking for a mail services app for iPad. Yahoo mail :-)!!!

  • Perfect

    by Mimi19582000

    It Aloud Me To Access both of my accounts without the fuss of having to sign out and sign back in again perfect for both business and personal e mails!

  • K

    by Alexauca

    Its ii

  • Very good app

    by nariman1980

    I would recommend this app so far no issues or any problems.

  • Hi

    by Kannek 4


  • It's ok

    by Marissamm

    It is good in some aspects but it has its flaws but so dose every other app so it's not as bad as some of u people say it is!!! :)

  • Easy and convenient

    by DJ RHAJ

    I love this app. It makes checking and deleting junk mail very easy and convenient. No more waiting to check my email from my home computer. Easy to use.

  • Good Application

    by Kill zombies fuccers

    I, on the other hand have actually downloaded this application instead of using the built in mail app already preset on my iPhone. I like the option of marking spam mail so quickly.

  • App de yahoo

    by David118006

    Is very good i like the app.

  • Superb

    by AmirAli79

    Handy & beautifully designed

  • Good app!!!

    by Tad&Clover

    This is a good email app, did get tired of asking to write review but figure they deserve it too. Highly recommend. Still ask for reviews... There rating going down

  • Keeps shutting down in the middle of typing!!!

    by mw10220

    Was liking the app way better than using the generic iphone app, but this is ridiculous!!!

  • Ads? Really?

    by krisreese

    I will be uninstalling this soon if the ads that land at the top of my email list don't go away. Very annoying. I don't use yahoo enough to need for it to be on my phone.

  • Ads? Really yahoo?

    by Sean Co.

    So the app is beautiful, but ads? So spam wasn't enough? Throw some adds in there too. Good idea. Way to get ahead of google.

  • How come?!

    by tokyoblues

    This yahoo mail app has always been crash prone and glitchy. But I kept it. It's hit or miss with the screen saver. It's there sometimes and absent other times. Mostly absent. Yet, I kept the app. Now, you wanna install these random ads?! Ads forced on me via my email? I seriously get enough crappy mail as it! It's like you guys are intentionally sabotaging yourselves and running away the people who are trying to stay. My patience and understanding is on empty. This app is not worth it. #delete

  • It was a good app....

    by A potato

    They added ads. What are you guys thinking?

  • Try to edit a message you'd like to forward

    by Foxie Dallas

    ...and let us know how that goes for you. The reason there aren't more 1 star ratings here is that when Yahoo asks if you like their (cr) app, if you select, "No. Fix my problems." you're taken somewhere else but if you say you like it, they send you here.

  • Advertisments now? Really!!

    by WazerNoMore

    Get rid of the adds and game apps to load. You put them right at the top of of the inbox list. Although it might be great if you advertising, all it means for me is it's time to switch to a different provider.

  • Update removed other accounts

    by LeonDeBoucher

    Did the usual update, and found out that my non-main mail accounts, including from my ISP, weren't there any more. Going back to native iOS app.

  • This app is terrible ads everywhere

    by Yahoosucks35174269

    This app was already terrible. Now I have ads in my inbox. Time to change email service to someone who isn't so greedy.

  • Wow, they blew this update BIG TIME!

    by Dog Ranger

    One update took it from very good to worse than useless. Now the top “message” is a clickable ad you will always accidentally hit and get taken to an expensive download. You know you got updated when all your account info disappears. DON’T DO IT! DELETE! DELETE!

  • New, improved... Now, with advertising!

    by Antimoron

    The top spot in my mailbox is now some sponsored ad? Really? I tried using the Yahoo Mail app instead of the native mail application on my iPad to separate my "work" and "personal" a bit further - just not open my personal email application at all during the day. That worked, and I did not experience too many issues with the look and feel of the app - it was a mail app, it is supposed to show me mail. How hard is that to screw up? Now, however, they added an ad on the top spot in my mail. So, kudos o you guys, you DID figure out how to screw up a mail app. It took all of 30 seconds to put my mail information into the native iPad mail application again, and delete the Yahoo app. Great way to drive away the users. Marketing team? Pay attention.

  • Goodbye Yahoo

    by bbadgett

    After this last update, I'm dumping yahoo and moving to Gmail. Sorry, but I can't bare to look unremovable spam in my inbox. Whoever the knucklehead was that in charge of putting that there, you're probably going to be looking for another job soon because you probably just lost tens if thousands of subscribers.

  • Entire message won't display

    by Karen Anthony

    On all emails, the entire message won't display so I can unsubscribe from the emails that I don't want. If I pull up, I can see the link, but it just bounces back and won't stay so I can click it. Also, yahoo auto deletes! Not ok! God forbid you accidentally delete something. Please fix these glitches ASAP! Seriously considering going back to my paid Mac address. I'm in control, yahoo... NOT YOU!

  • From first to worst!

    by bsquarewi

    This WAS one of my favorite mail apps. As many others have said, now there are email ads integrated right in to your mailbox that can't be deleted. I guess if the ads cans be removed the app can. I sure didn't see anything about "we will spam your inbox" in the update notes or I would have not updated this piece of garbage. Yet another example of why you should be able to roll back app updates. This app is now completely unusable

  • Ads

    by Loveit23

    Is good but ads r annoying

  • Obscene number of ads

    by Jojoba97531

    Come on, ads at the top of every mail box? Great update, Yahoo!

  • Ads INSIDE your inbox..

    by thetrutHurts83

    The top line is an ad so you open your mail and it's always there. I am deleting this app in 15 seconds...good bye.

  • Total crap

    by Missyx182

    The new update put ads in your inbox.. If you're not careful you could end up purchasing something without even knowing it. I'll definitely be deleting this app- the mailbox that comes with iPhone will work just fine for me until yahoo gets their act together.

  • What a joke.

    by Jjr664

    Don't update. Now you get ads in your inbox. At the top too. Yahoo snuck this in and also don't list as part of the update. At least be honest about it. Did they not think this would annoy people? How silly. Moving on.

  • Not happy!

    by Hsmamainva

    Now there are ads in my inbox and no way to delete them either!

  • Really

    by kcs5gd

    Wow that last upgrade takes the cake! To replace where new messages would appear with ads. Seriously! It is a mail app! I get having it on the side or bottom. This insane! Pure desperation! I'm switching to Gmail

  • Shameful

    by Aleksandar Vucicevic

    Can't access my email without being bombarded with advertisements

  • Now with ads above emails

    by mizzourahslim

    FU yahoo

  • Goodbye Yahoo

    by Stunite

    Horrible update with ads. Will be deleting app right now. Thanks for nothing yahoo

  • WHY!!!!??????

    by cubsmuff

    Why are there stupid game aps in my email ? And why can't I delete them? YAHOO....FIX THIS PLEASE OR IM GONE !

  • Not happy

    by Vbrim

    How do you get rid of the advertisement of ads? They are a nuisance. I would hate to switch my email accounts. I have been with yahoo for 14 years so far. The ads need to go away!!!

  • Wow.

    by iPM5s

    Didn't know "bug fixes" and "performance improvements" meant adding ads to the app. Thanks, psh

  • Ads Ads Ads

    by Bryan Kong

    With the new update there's an annoying ad banner right in the middle of my mailbox. It's incredibly annoying and I keep accidentally touching the banner which takes you to an app download page. Annoying

  • New update

    by Dan Los Angeles

    Yahoo's latest update puts an ad at the top of you mail box in a bad position where you might hit it accidentally. This is a horrible way to do business. The app is already slow and clunky to use.

  • Ads are not welcome!

    by incineration

    Supports multiple accounts and manages folders perfectly. Conversation mode and flip through messages are nice. But... Ads are not welcome in a mail app! The swipe feature is not designed well too. Swiping to the right from the left edge of the screen should bring up the opened folder instead of opening the previous email. Flipping through emails should be done by swiping to left or right from the center of the screen.

  • Worst Update Ever!

    by twincamrider

    Horrible idea Yahoo! Forced spam is not ok.

  • Deceptive update features ADS!

    by CautiouslyOptimistic

    "Welcome! You've Got Ads." Oops.... "Goodbye."

  • WTH ADS!

    by Pt_cruiser13

    Will stop using this app

  • Really...

    by Davidstone81

    Now with ads. That must be the reason it takes forever to load new mail. I'm sorry but I will go back to the stock app.

  • Ads--urgh!!

    by Jmmay22

    Love the app but don't like all the new ads at the top of my mail!! If there must be ads please move them so they don't look like deceptive emails! Please remove the ads!

  • Just awful!

    by Lulu HK

    The new update has a constant as at the top of the email inbox that looks like a new email. Transitioning all my contacts to gmail. Thanks for making that decision easy for me, yahoo!

  • Not good

    by Poopsteer

    Too many glitches. I had nothing but problems on my iPad and phone. There are better apps to manage your email.

  • Boo

    by AppEvaluator127

    I pay for a Yahoo Plus mail account to get rid of ads. This latest update just added an ad at the top of the screen for each folder. Wack.

  • Horrible update

    by MAM_Yankee

    Those Ads in my inbox are terrible. Get rid of them!

  • Horrible update

    by Hikingat

    Please fix the advertising that sows up as first email or I'm changing aps and email address if necessary. This is a inexcusable!!

  • Ads in inbox a all folders

    by Darktrine

    Last update added ads in very folder and inbox, they look like msgs but try to make you buy other apps

  • Very poorly designed

    by Rvn_gb

    Last update wiped out all accounts previously setup. The thread concept is really bad. Worst part is it always shows add

  • I hate ads in Yahoo!

    by Hhad340

    Placing ads in the mailbox makes me forced to switch to gmail, this is the thing i don't like in YAHOO :-(

  • Solid app, not pleased with ads

    by Retronami

    Having ads in my inbox seriously detracts from my experience. Otherwise, this is a great app.

  • ADs Add

    by AlexT17

    Was a great app tell this update came out. Update added ads to it. Going to switch to something else. Went from a 5star to a zero if I could rate it that.

  • ADS

    by kbeari

    Should I regret using yahoo now❓

  • Updated today and now I have ads

    by Dnust1

    I was really starting to love this app but after today's update I now have an ad bar at the top of my messages. I have been getting a lot more spam lately and accidentally opened one. Thought I got a virus that caused the ad bar. Tried to find contact info for Yahoo as I had good experience with their help in past. Apparently they are no longer interested in helping people. They make it near impossible to find their contact info and now I've been on hold for over 1 hr after a message saying I was number one in the que. Still on hold. Shame on you Yahoo!

  • Spam and advertising

    by Ghostwalker54

    If you like spam and advertising this app is for you.

  • Ad at the top of inbox?

    by FinalFantasia

    Please give me any single reason that I should use this app with an annoying ad that I often times click by mistake (expected behavior, of course) at the top of my inbox instead of the built-in, cleaner Mail app.

  • loved this app

    by Klurn

    until this update... the ads? are you kidding?

  • Thanks for the ads

    by Akc29292

    Terrible update and sneaky ads at the top.

  • Latest update - now has ads

    by Dug

    Pro - I like this app, layout is great. Con - latest update adds advertisement banner.


    by oldno711

    so I guess by 'bug fixes and performance improvements' yahoo meant they would be pushing advertisements into my inbox. super.

  • Really?

    by coolest dude around

    Ads ?

  • Now we have to put up with ads...

    by The Mac Doc

    As of this latest update, ads are now inserted FIRST in the INBOX. Right on top. Have you no shame?

  • Newest update has ads in the inbox on top of your emails

    by Lupester301

    Newest update has ads in your email inbox. Don't update.

  • Junk Ads???

    by JosedeNoi

    Worst than junk mail

  • Advertisements

    by Caitlinshea

    They updated it to have advertisements right in your inbox. I loved this app more than the standard apple mail app but if they're going to put an add that I can't delete, I'll just go back to the regular pre-installed mail app.

  • Mad

    by Buck6512349

    No ads please

  • And now irrelevant

    by jrager

    I was on the fence about still using this app when aggregating mail apps abound, but now with the absurd ad disguised as an email in each folder, there's just no point. Tricking people is a terrible long term monetizing strategy and a sure way to instill resentment.

  • Ads really?

    by msparks1223

    The latest update added advertisements to the top of the inbox. Thus, I will be deleting this app.

  • Sub par

    by Mtropiano

    Yahoo is now putting ads in the mail, that can't be deleted. Lame...

  • Ads in my inbox?

    by Old but Noy dead

    The ads in my inbox that can't be deleted have to go or I'm getting rid of Yahoo. Can you say, the last straw?

  • Why?

    by Imagijester

    Why in the newest update are there ads in my inbox that can't be deleted? Is Yahoo that low on cash?

  • Ads???

    by QwertyUSer20

    So now I have to see an ad in my inbox? App was great before the upgrade. Off to delete!

  • Worst idea ever!

    by Shaun Conlin

    The latest update puts ads at the top of every folder, and there's no way to hide/disable them. This is, in my opinion, worse than Google using keywords to display ads on the side of your inbox. If it doesn't change soon, I won't be using this anymore...

  • Typical garbage

    by HDdzn

    Now new ads forced into your box that can't be deleted. Lost 2 of my accounts, and last time it did that it also forced new passwords. Yahoo is making more and more and getting worse and worse.

  • stuck yahoo mail home screen on iPhone

    by blueshomme

    home screen stuck with continuously opening envelope. Can't do anything with mail; won't allow access to other mail accounts. Royal pain in the butt!!! Regret very much that I upgraded to latest yahoo mail app release.

  • Ads!!??!!

    by Lkanapp

    Really? Ads? What are you thinking?

  • Ads in Inbox after update!!

    by TrainGuy38

    Didn't mention ads will now show up in Inbox now.

  • Newest version

    by Jan Lewis

    Horrible! Can't read the letters. Worst one so far. Going to gmail

  • Ads

    by Opossum4444

    So the new update makes has ads in it that look like a message. Lame.

  • Ads

    by Powertrain11

    Latest versions is garbage. Really!?! You had to update the app to include add at the top of my message list. Another step back for my yahoo account.

  • Ads in Inbox!!!

    by BirdBrayn

    Loved this app until last update... Then found an ad in my inbox, which I could not delete! Sad to delete this, but really???

  • Ads

    by Lilmomy

    Hate the ads with new update. Switching to gmail.

  • Ads at the top stink!

    by Bks4JB

    With this latest "update" Yahoo has added ads at the top of the email list of every folder. And each one says "install now." So if your finger accidentally misses your email and hits the ad, surprise!

  • Hate the update. Do not do it!

    by Frankhatl

    I hate the sponsored ads in all my folders. I spam all this junk. Now I can not. Time to move to gmail completely after 15 years of Yahoo. And I was a paying customer to keep ads off my email.

  • Last straw

    by TeeBoune

    I will soon be deleting this app and deleting my email account too. Putting advertisements in the email is really sick. The VP that came up with this idea needs to be canned.

  • Annoying update

    by VirginiaCustomer

    I hate that they added an advertisement that looks like a personal email, as the first "email" in my inbox. I really don't like that every time I accept an update, my preference for "no conversations" gets reset. I would love it if they would allow this setting to remain despite updating app.

  • I hate it

    by SamBlanks

    Do not update I repeat do not update All you will get is adds in your inbox that you can not remove

  • Ads Now

    by Troof2Troof

    Funny how they failed to mention the implementation of ads now. Junk, you guys are making google look pretty good right about now

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