Wells Fargo Mobile Finance App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: Wells Fargo
  • Updated: May, 18 2009
  • Version: 2.8
  • Size: 1.3 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Wells Fargo Bank

• Save your username for added convenience
• Paying bills just got easier with the ability to add new payees via Wells Fargo Mobile
• Redesigned Home Page with new features such as tools and calculators and a direct connection to Wells Fargo social media
• Mobile Deposit updates

Customer Ratings

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Wells Fargo Mobile® is a fast, secure, and free* service for Wells Fargo and Wells Fargo Advisors clients. It is optimized for iOS devices and available 24/7 using your existing Wells Fargo Online® Username and Password.

Your security is our priority — Mobile data transmissions are safeguarded by 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to prevent unauthorized access. Our Online Security Guarantee provides added protection against unauthorized access to your accounts. We will never transmit your account number.


• View your account balances and activity **NEW** for consumer accounts, view check and deposit images!
• Available balance and pending deposits — learn more about how your available balance is calculated and what’s still pending. Note, some transaction activities may not be immediately recorded to your account and may not yet be reflected in the available balance
• Search and Sort — Find the transaction you're looking for in just a few keystrokes
• Detailed transactions list — View the date, location, amount, and more for transactions on one page, just like you see in Online Banking.
• View your credit card rewards balance


• Send money, using a mobile number or email address, to friends and family with eligible accounts at participating financial institutions.


• Make transfers and payments to your accounts.


• Schedule payments and pay bills right from your mobile device
• If you're already a Bill Pay customer, your payees are automatically available for use in Mobile Bill Pay


• Monitor balances, holdings, account activity and open orders for your Wells Fargo Advisors and WellsTrade accounts
• Get real-time quotes, charts, market data and news


• Deposit checks directly into your eligible Wells Fargo checking or savings accounts.


• Let us help you find a nearby Wells Fargo ATM. Locate an ATM using your current location or enter the zip code or address of the area you wish to search. You’ll be provided a list of ATMs with the address and distance from your current location.



Wells Fargo Advisors is the trade name used by two separate registered broker-dealers: Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, and Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC, Members SIPC, nonbank affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company
WellsTrade accounts are available through Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

*Your mobile carrier's message and data rates may apply.
**Minimum system requirements: iOS 4.3 and higher are supported

Customer Reviews

  • Works, but needs photo deposit

    by  Ricaerica4173

    Pretty basic. I use it to see if a check has cleared, but not much else. It really needs to be updated to include photo check deposit. Even the little credit union I belong to can do that. You would think that Wells Fargo would want to try to compete. But for the app, simple, and effective for checking account activity.

  • Works fine

    by Randomunusednickname914

    iPhone 5 running iOS 7.0.4 I held off on installing this app because of all the poor reviews related to mobile deposits. I finally did install today and did a mobile deposit. Worked fine. I laid the check on my kitchen counter (fairly dark surface and fairly well lit), took the front and back pictures, entered the amount and submitted. Went through on the first try. Other functions also worked fine for me so it's a good app in my book.

  • What ? Whaaaat?

    by Ismaelito1820

    Love this app, making bank online is so easy, I personally use to pay my bills and now I'm not late on payments , No more late fees, what? Whaaat? No more late fees ,

  • Crash when reviewing balance

    by NormanGang12

    It's a cool app, never did mobile deposits. But when I click on my checking account to review transactions it logs me out and makes me sign in again! Also, it doesn't send me mobile texts like it's supposed to when transactions are being made or of my account is too low or when money from my checking goes into my savings! FIX IT PLEASE!

  • Good

    by Very gay app

    Does everything i need, good app.

  • Issues with Username

    by Mikeeeee R

    Not sure what the deal is but it was working just fine. I believe it just did an update and now will not save the username even after enabling the option, every time. Could you look into this please!

  • Worked perfectly on my iPhone 5

    by Ferrisl

    Just added this app today, checked my balance, made a mobile check deposit and received an email confirmation for it. No complaints, works as advertised.

  • Mobile deposits

    by Pdfick

    I was having trouble with mobile deposits since December. As soon as I took the picture of the check the app closed. I just got off the phone with customer support. I have an iPhone 4S. They told me to close all apps running in the background and then restart my phone. It worked! I can now use mobile deposits

  • Worker great

    by Dgoldan

    Just installed the app, logged into my account and deposited a check by photo. No crashing or any other problem. Not sure why everyone else is having issues, but the mobile deposit worked fine for me.

  • Mobile deposits

    by Atxlace

    The mobile deposit is no longer working. App crashes everytime I try to use it. Very annoying!

  • Makes banking a breeze!

    by J.A.R.O.

    I haven't any problems with the app since I downloaded. I enjoy making my payments on-the-go and making transfers between my accounts has never been easier. Mobile deposits are fast and simple. I've never had an issues depositing my check over my iPhone 5. Amazing app and great bank!

  • Worked for me

    by Nc1532

    I had no problems with the check deposit. I felt like I should give it a good review because for me I can see my accounts, transfer money, and deposit checks. I was on wifi, I wonder if that makes a difference. But the point is, this app does everything I need.

  • Crashing

    by Tarams88

    Just today this app started crashing every time I tried to look at my checking account, I didn't try any other accounts yet though. Up till now this app has worked great, not sure what has changed but would like for this to be fixed

  • Needs an update!

    by Ashlokeiara

    This app really needs to be updated to accommodate ios 7. It's extremely annoying to suddenly see the ios 6 keyboard & the bulky interface. Otherwise no problems.

  • Never had a problem....

    by BAPosey

    This app is great for me...I mobile deposit quite often and have never had a problem....I also use the transfer funds from acct to acct. works great!

  • Works great

    by xdoo675

    Mobil deposit works just fine, people just don't know how to take pictures. Make sure the check is on a flat surface and well lit, then position it within the guide brackets. Easy.

  • Crashing a lot

    by Scottk5

    1. Never had a problem with depositing a check using this app. Always worked perfect for me. 2. Keeps crashing whenever I want to see what I have spent money on. It kicks me out and makes me sign in again. Never done that until the last update. Other then that it's a great app and I love Wells Fargo :D

  • Great app

    by Skip3459

    Down loaded and conducted Mobil deposit right away

  • Guys, it works.

    by Youse53685

    It works like a charm for me! The mobile deposit is perfect and goes through every time now. I don't know why some others are not having success with it... Maybe they need to try again or update the app?

  • Utilize 5s Fingerprint ID!

    by mmayfield1

    I love the app. Great job; it's extremely convenient, so thank you. I also like the new saved username. But it'd be way more awesome to use the iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner for those who have it. And I'm sure doing so will help prepare for when other biometrics--like retina or facial--replace passwords.

  • Mobile Check Deposit isn't working!

    by Pandaman4

    What the hell happened? It was working last year. You need to update this pronto or I'm switching banks!

  • Mobile check deposit doesn't work

    by Chimi Chongos

    This was the only feature I used in this app and now it's completely broken. Wells Fargo, please fix this!

  • Crashes

    by Threchtcn

    Crashes during mobile deposit...now crashes 5 seconds after signing in.

  • Mobile deposit glitch

    by WendyBird222

    Sometimes the app shuts down and closes after taking a picture of my check to do a mobile deposit, always after I hit "use". So annoying.

  • App doesn't work

    by JaxB5455

    Every time I open the app it blacks out and goes back to my home screen. Guess I'll get my laptop out to do my banking. What is this 2001? Get with it WF!

  • Eater23

    by Grasshopper 565678

    Junk, it used to work, not anymore.

  • Bugs need to be fixed

    by We$lie

    This app used to work great for mobile deposits, I don't know what happened but recently the app crashes every time I try to make a deposit. They seriously need to get this figured out, otherwise a very useful convenient app

  • Recent crashing

    by MrXo

    Dear developer, For two weeks your app has been crashing every time I log on. Please fix it.

  • Garbage mobile deposit

    by Mr. Coolz

    You should really stop advertising the mobile deposit feature until it's fixed, it honestly can't even be that difficult to fix

  • No Mobile Deposit as advertised

    by CubScoutMom

    Mobile deposit does not work, App crashes. Stop advertising for mobile deposit if it's not going to work.

  • Mobile Deposit Crashes

    by keepps

    I used to love this app because I live far away from a Wells Fargo branch and could not conveniently deposit checks. Now, the mobile deposit crashes every time I try to save the picture of the check. Currently seeking a new bank so that I do not have to go out of my way to deposit money into my account...

  • Worthless

    by Alora1018

    I am no longer able to deposit checks with this app;therefore, I am no longer in need if this account.

  • deposit no longer works

    by Janet W.

    The mobile deposits used to work, now it crashes *every single time* after the pic is taken. This app is useless.

  • Hit or miss but mostly awful

    by ohmigod

    The mobile check deposit part of this app is terrible. It either can't read your check correctly or it crashes before you can even submit the images. Overall inconsistent. Even using their recommendations for taking a picture, that part of the app only works correctly about 10 percent of the time.

  • Wells Fargo really.?

    by NeneWilliams21

    I am a very happy Wells Fargo customer. And I love the mobile and online banking. I've just downloaded the app to make my banking easier. But trying to use the app it crashes right after I log on. I like the idea of the app but until the crashing is fixed... It's worth no stars to me, I can't even check my balances.!

  • Deposit doesn't work for scanning checks

    by Ragnar23

    Very disappointed as I couldn't deposit a check using this app. I saw all the bad reviews saying it didn't work but I was hoping it would for me. It didn't.

  • Mobile deposits

    by HillaryDJ

    I'm not able to make a mobile deposit!!! The app crashes after I take the picture of my check! Wells Fargo is not working for me, any suggestions on a good bank?

  • Useless

    by Alert's

    I only downloaded the app because I was told it could mobile check deposits. Now after reading several reviews I know the mobile deposit hasn't been working for ages. This app is useless to me. Wells Fargo you are letting your app give you a bad reputation. Get your game together.

  • Mobile Deposit Broken

    by R. Slif

    The most important and time-saving feature in the application is busted. Multiple attempts to deposit a check with the app regularly crashing.

  • Convenient but not for mobile deposits

    by zookeeper #8

    The app crashes every time I try to use mobile deposit but otherwise it's convenient for checking my balance and recent activity when I'm not on my computer. Otherwise I prefer just using the website.

  • Mobile deposit doesn't work

    by Megals 86

    The Mobile deposit never works. That's the only reason I got this app so now it's pointless.

  • Horrible app

    by Sdbripro

    Just crashes when taking a pic for mobile deposit, worthless

  • Used to be great

    by wekkie

    And now the app crashes every time I try to take a photo of a check. Please fix this!

  • Crashes

    by Waldo&MInc

    I used to make mobile deposits with no problems. Now the app crashes after taking the first image.

  • What happened?

    by Jim Korslund

    I lived this app and used it routinely. However the mobile check deposit no longer works. I've reinstalled, rebooted and it consistently shuts down when I try to use the first picture. Very ridiculous.

  • Mobile Deposit crashes the app

    by Pitchpole

    I'm on an iPhone 4S, and the app crashes after I take a picture of a check. Called WF and was told that I have to close all other apps on the phone. However, that doesn't resolve the problem either. WF is aware of the problem and "has been working on it for some time".


    by Angelus 300

    Come on Wells Fargo you guys need to do better than this... Update this app to a better looking and add more functionality to this simple app... Do it for us the customers and clients.

  • App NEVER works

    by TxAgRach

    I used to love this app. For MONTHS now it freezes every single time I try to use it. It's extremely frustrating!! I thought they would have tried to fix this by now....I wish I could give it zero stars...

  • WF

    by Rrumblebee

    Ditto reviewer above me. I can login in then any transaction button I hit quits the application! Get it fixed.

  • Useless crashes

    by Reywalwen

    Was a great ap, the best bank ap but it's nonfunctional now. FIX IT!

  • Mobile deposit doesn't work

    by ChrisAlexander

    The best feature of this app doesn't work. After you take a picture of the front side of your check and select the "use" button, the app crashes. It's amazing they'd release a version of the app with such a glaring bug in one of its biggest features. Once they fix this, I'll give the app a higher rating.

  • Crashing!!!

    by GoddessEZA

    This app consistently crashes when I take the first photo of my check for deposit. Fix this!!!

  • A team of monkeys can creat a better app

    by Dabuzzkill

    I switched from BofA to WellsFargo. This app is horrible in comparison. With my mobile deposits it won't scan correctly or tells me the value on the check does not match what I typed in. Not sure who needs to be fired but I can tell you that this is unacceptable. If you do mobile deposits - don't bother with this app. I may switch back to BofA just based on this.

  • Didn't even download

    by David Carre

    I "downloaded" this app today as I just switched from Chase to Wells, Chase has amazing app, so I expected the same. After downloading the app it doesn't even show on my phone, so it's useless to me. I can see why this app has a 1 star rating.

  • Didn't even download

    by David Carre

    I "downloaded" this app today as I just switched from Chase to Wells, Chase has amazing app, so I expected the same. After downloading the app it doesn't even show on my phone, so it's useless to me. I can see why this app has a 1 star rating.

  • Useless

    by alphamonkeyco

    Check deposit doesn't work - the key function. Huge corporations are no different than huge government. Little incentive to do things well.

  • Mobile deposit

    by Alisa21!

    Mobile deposit crashes after I take a picture. It worked fine a few days ago. Fix this.

  • Please fix mobile deposit!!

    by NCTrace711

    This app has always been a huge time saver but lately the app has been crashing every time I try to deposit a check. It's frustrating and I hope they fix that big soon.


    by Rdhshawn

    I have been using this app for sometime now. LOVE IT!! BUT....... ITS BROKEN NOW!! App crashes after taking picture for deposit. Please fix this WF, I want this convienence back!!

  • Horrible app

    by Antonio Berumen

    You're a freaking bank! Hire some pro app deplores.

  • How long does it take??

    by Lilmama88888888

    Fix your mobile deposit!!

  • Not impressed

    by Ja4dog

    About all I can use this app for is checking My account balance. I was really hopping for the bill pay option!

  • Mobile deposit crash

    by Fix Photo Upload!

    Downloaded the app solely to make mobile deposits. Has crashed the three times I tried to do so.

  • Crashes when uploading mobile deposit picture.

    by Just Dan

    Crashes when uploading mobile deposit picture. PLEASE FIX ASAP!

  • Check Deposit Doesn't Work

    by LongBall7

    The check deposit function doesn't work, which removes 95% of the usefulness of the app.

  • Bad Design

    by gtgivens

    Pretty bad. Look at the Chase and USAA apps. They are much nicer and more functional. Needs a major rewrite. This app is the same as going to WF.com in Safari. Please redesign this outdated app.

  • New update crashes

    by Weeyum1980

    Just updated and now it crashes every time I sign in. FIX QUICKLY!!!!

  • Sub par

    by Leeax31222

    Hardly warrants being called an app. The new version is more functional but does not include necessary features - no photo deposit, no access to other bank features like direct deposit advance. Should have push notifications for things like when checks clear or for low balance alerts. Just another example of how customer service and ease of use are bottom on the list of this bank's priorities. Longing for the customer care that Wachovia gave us.... Banking with Wells Fargo is disappointing in myriad ways.

  • Mobile check deposit

    by Yoga Mama Jean

    The app crashes after photographing the front of the check and tap the "use"button. Every time. Very frustrating.

  • Crashes at every deposit attempt

    by Abnern

    Since the new year I haven't been able to deposit!!!!! Fix

  • Deposit fail

    by WCren52

    Why did you remove the deposit option. I have little use for this app now. Fix it!

  • Absolutely horrible

    by Jollins

    Not sure how WF made an awful app even worse but they did just that. It bothers me that I trust my money to a company that can't manage to have their web services function reasonably acceptably and pitches me an offensive personal loan every time I call in.

  • Hmm

    by PBmaxxxxx

    Unsteady app aling with bad customer service.

  • This app is awful

    by Lizzie834085

    I used to have no problems when using this app. Now whenever I sign on the app just freezes and doesn't allow me to do anything. I close and restart the app and the same thing happens! It's really annoying- please fix this.

  • Mobile Deposit feature--FAIL

    by Mellow123

    I haven't been able to use the mobile deposit feature because it constantly crashes after I take a photo of the front of the check. The app closes and I have to log back on again. I even deleted the app and reinstalled but to no avail. I end up having to physically drive to the bank so there is really no convenience. I think I might just stick to banking with the banks who's app doesn't crash.

  • Will not deposit checks anymore

    by Awesomest Mom

    I liked everything about this app until it started closing down as I was in the middle of depositing checks. I haven't changed my phone, the checks are clear and I know how to take a picture. Other than that feature, I like this app, although I have not used any other bank apps to compare it to.

  • Dangerous

    by KeeJep

    It always tells me to re-sign in and I don't know if I can trust it.

  • If it would open, we'd be in business

    by Likarish

    After signing in, this app crashes every time. Have yet to successfully open the thing. If Wells Fargo can't successfully put together an app, it makes one a bit concerned about whether they can handle my cash...

  • Mobile deposit fail!

    by Kropigrl

    The app is fine for everything else EXCEPT Mobile deposits. I have better odds of winning the lotto than I do trying to make a successful mobile deposit. So annoying! Waiting to see when Wells Fargo figures their stuff out and gets this app working 100% of the time.

  • What happened?!?!?

    by lilmow77

    I have found this app invaluable since discovering the mobile deposit ability back in May of 2013 and I was using it to make all my deposits after moving away from an easily accessible ATM. However, I haven't been able to make a deposit since the beginning of January without the app crashing on me after taking the picture. I just don't understand what happened... I thought maybe an upgrade to a new version was needed, or the latest newest version had a bug. But this can't be the case since the last upgrade was back in December and I made several deposits since then. Prior to this issue I would have rated the app with 5 stars, mobile deposits were a godsend for my hectic life in a city with not so many WF ATM locations. I gave the app two stars mainly because despite all the advice of why I should switch to a credit union, I've been with Wellsfargo for 20 years and they have always been exceptionally helpful when I've had any issues. Plus they gave me the best credit card ever with an APR no one can beat and awesome rewards. Unfortunately the credit unions just can't compete, I wish they could. Also, it seems that the other features I use (checking my balances, ATM locations) still work, but I do this more often on my computer anyway but it can not make a mobile deposit for me. I really hope this gets resolved soon. :(

  • Works ok when it doesn't crash

    by Dun-running

    Anytime I try to deposit a check if crashes as soon as I take a photo. Please fix this Update: STILL CRASHES EVERY TIME a month later

  • Check deposit does not work

    by Kalynn82

    Being a former Wells Fargo Employee, I was very surprised to see that this mobile app has so many errors and bad reviews. They do not tell their employees of the ongoing issue with mobile deposit. I have tried countless times to use the mobile deposit myself and have only been able to get it to work successfully 1 time. And that happened only after I retried about over a 12 times , each time it would crash. I have tried reinstalling and it still doesn't work. Ever since it doesn't work. I waste 10 minutes trying with no luck each time. Poor poor work Wells Fargo. You'd think with all the $$$$ they make that they could hire a tech support that would actually fix this big issue... Instead they throw it under the rug and instead encourage their employees to promote the phone app through their claim of the magical mobile app they have. That DOESN'T WORK!!!

  • Not bad but Needs lots of improvement.

    by Hkgjn

    As far as i have used it. The app does the job. But user interface needs to be faster & more user friendly. Due dates has to be more clear & well shown. Deposits needs to be improved. Wells Fargo need to work on their website & app.

  • Mobile Deposit

    by totally-dude

    I'm having a hard time depositing my checks through the Mobile Deposit setting. I've seen all the advertisement for this application and I thought it would easy to use. But it isn't, the app was constructed poorly.

  • Mobile deposit crashes

    by ChazzVader

    1/2 way through mobile deposits now it crashes every time. If mobile deposits don't work, don't make the user go through such pain. Just disable the feature.

  • App crashes

    by Sirlukestien

    Since 2014 the app crashes when attempting to mobile deposit check.

  • App crashes after taking photo of check

    by Glt-tlc

    This would be handy....if it worked. I use iPhone 4S. Tried 3 times to use the mobile deposit feature but the app crashed every time I selected "use" photo. Please fix the bug WF!

  • Mobile deposit

    by Israel?

    Mobile deposit will not work. What is the point of offering the feature if it will not work?

  • Crash iPhone 4S

    by Chamaco77

    App has been crashing iOS 7.0.4

  • Don't download

    by Thepersianking

    Don't waste your time downloading or even using this. Your just in for complete frustration as this app doesn't even work.

  • Great when it actually works.

    by Vpracecars

    So handy for mobile deposits but always hit or miss in it actually working. Once I take the pics it often just closes the app and everything I've just entered was a waste of time. Please fix it!!!

  • Mobile deposit never works

    by Amanda Howd

    I haven't been able to use my mobile deposit feature since the most recent update.

  • Handy App, Very Glad to Have

    by Angiemarie1024

    I'm glad I have this app. I can easily mobile deposit, transfer funds to friends, check my balances at any time - it's awesome!!

  • Works fine

    by It's Steve H

    Was skeptical with the low ratings if this would work, but downloaded app and deposited 3 checks with no issue.

  • Horrible app!

    by MJR 1228

    All this app does is crash--it is literally useless! I stopped using it entirely about 6 months ago, and decided to try it again thinking they might have managed to fix it... HALF A YEAR later it is still the same piece of garbage app. This is enough to make me want to change banks. Seriously guys, in the day and age of mobile banking this is an absolute disgrace.

  • Ditch the annoying banners.

    by Chris Breshears

    Dislike having banners that always bug me into transferring money or doing bill pay each time I login to my account.

  • Can't login

    by average650

    I can't login. I've tried over a dozen times with the correct password, but it won't let me log in. It works fine on my computer, but this mobile app is now just useless.

  • Check deposit worked just fine.

    by Mechtelde

    The instructions on this app were clear enough for me. I read all the disclaimers, and they made sense. I have no problem with it, and I will be using it often. Maybe the problem people are having is in the quality of the photographs of their checks. After reading the reviews, I made sure that my check was well lit and lying on a flat surface when I photographed it.

  • Good app.

    by Qwertyuiopqwerty

    This app. Is fast an good.. Nice one. But make an update pls. So i could do more like im on my desktop computer. Thanks

  • Latest version buggy on iPhone 4S

    by Ovirto

    It use to work well. The current version crashes in my IPhone 4S running iOS 6 when I use mobile deposit. It crashes when you try to use the picture you just took of the check.

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