Wells Fargo for iPad Finance App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: Wells Fargo
  • Updated: Dec, 17 2012
  • Version: 1.5
  • Size: 8.6 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Wells Fargo Bank

• Save your username for added convenience
• Ability to add new Wells Fargo Sure Pay
recipients and send money to them
• Mobile Deposit updates

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
112 Ratings
All Versions:
538 Ratings


Wells Fargo for iPad is a fast, secure, and free* service for Wells Fargo and Wells Fargo Advisors clients. Wells Fargo for iPad is optimized for iPad devices which are iOS 5 and greater and is available 24/7 using your existing Wells Fargo Online® Username and Password.

The app enables convenient access to your banking and investment accounts. Use the app to check balances, view account activity, deposit checks, pay bills, monitor investment accounts and markets, make transfers between accounts and to other Wells Fargo customers, send and receive money with eligible accounts at participating financial institutions, and locate Wells Fargo ATMs and locations with one tap.**

Your security is our priority — Mobile data transmissions are safeguarded by 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to prevent unauthorized access. Our Online Security Guarantee provides added protection against unauthorized access to your accounts. We’ll never transmit your account number.


• View your account balances and activity. For consumer accounts, view check and deposit images.
• Available balance and pending deposits — learn more about how your available balance is calculated and what’s still pending. Note, some transaction activities may not be immediately recorded to your account and may not yet be reflected in the available balance.
• Search and Sort — Find the transaction you're looking for in just a few keystrokes.
• Detailed transactions list — View the date, location, amount, and more for transactions on one page, just like you see in Online Banking. Swipe to navigate between different transactions lists, from account to account.
• View your credit card rewards balance.
• View up to seven years of online statements


• Deposit checks directly into your eligible Wells Fargo checking or savings accounts.


• Send money, using a mobile number or email address, to friends and family with eligible accounts at participating financial institutions.


• Make transfers and payments to your accounts.


• Schedule payments and pay bills right from your mobile device.
• If you're already a Bill Pay customer, your payees are automatically available for use in Mobile Bill Pay.


• Monitor balances, holdings, account activity and open orders for your Wells Fargo Advisors and WellsTrade accounts.
• Get real-time quotes, interactive charts, market data and news.
• Trade Stocks, ETF’s and Options with eligible WellsTrade accounts.


• Let us help you find a nearby Wells Fargo ATM. Locate an ATM using your current location or enter the zip code or address of the area you wish to search. You’ll be provided a list of ATMs with the address and distance from your current location.

Deposit products offered by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.


Wells Fargo Advisors is the trade name used by two separate registered broker-dealers: Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, and Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC, Members SIPC, nonbank affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company
WellsTrade accounts are available through Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

*Your mobile carrier's message and data rates may apply.
**Minimum system requirements: iOS 5 and higher are supported.

Customer Reviews

  • Easy to use, quick and intuitive.

    by UsaSzerelem

    A very nice little app that is quick and to the point with what you need to do. Works without problems, no crashes on an elderly iPad.

  • Works great

    by Stromee

    I don't get all the negative reviews. App works great. Does everything I need it to do.

  • Works great for me

    by Meggira

    I was troubled by everyone else's review, but I gave the app a try anyway and it works great for me on my iPad. It does save my username (which is the option given - there is no option to save my password which is what I think some people are mistakenly complaining about and I'm fine with the app not saving my password!), and I can log in and access my accounts just fine. I only use this app to pay my bills when I'm on the go, so when it comes to that I give it 5 stars.

  • Works great

    by Yinyowhite

    Does what it's supposed to. No problem with login. iPad mini

  • Feature request

    by CrishOnline

    I have multiple checking accounts and sometimes deposit a check to the wrong account. Intuitively, when I view an account's recent activity, and then click the large Deposit Check button above the listing, I expect to deposit into the account I am viewing. Instead, it defaults to the last account you deposited into. What would be preferred is this behavior: When you click on Deposit Check, the first thing you have to do is pick from your list of accounts, then you get the panel where you enter the amount, just like you have now. At least then you have to pause and think about it. And the default should be the account you are currently viewing. Thanks. otherwise it works great. Sorry that others are having issues.

  • I don't know what you guys are talking about

    by Treatmewell5543

    The app worked fine for me! There was no problem signed in no problem took pictures of my check no problem

  • Not happy

    by Buykat

    The iPhone app is so much better. I can use the iPad to look up balances, etc but I can't seem to make it DO anything. Won't save a change to a payment. I haven't been able to create a payment or a payee. I have to go to my phone puter to get anything accomplished or else use my iPad browser and go to the "regular" internet full page. Seems to get worse with each upgrade. Someone in IT is asleep at the switch.

  • Overall pretty good

    by Docstyler

    Of all the financial applications I've used to access my accounts, this is one of the better ones.

  • Awesome!

    by ForestShore

    Hey, I almost didn't download this app due to all the negative reviews, but I'm really glad that I did. It works just like advertised. No complaints here!

  • Why the app don't work

    by Nicolics

    I called tech support and they got mine working! Change your password to less then 14 characters on a computer and it should work just fine. I hope this helps.

  • Decent but...

    by You are a tube

    Please make your app optimized for iOS 7. A fresh smoother redesign will be greatly appreciated!

  • works fine

    by GoJian87

    working perfectly on an ipad mini. user name saved, log in/out no problem. great app just like the website. haven't tested the mobile deposit yet but my feeling is that it should work just fine.

  • Works Great

    by chaplainV

    I almost didn't try it after reading the reviews but it worked flawlessly for me. It is easy to navigate and has all the features I want in a Mobile banking app.

  • App works fine

    by tester51

    I just successfully logged in to the app first time and login name saved fine - as mentioned need to turn save button on after u type in ur user name and before u log in. This gives an option to turn off in future if wanted. Also if not seeing all ur available accts go to settings under the 'more' tab and be sure all accts u want to view are turned on. I had no issues please try again!

  • No problems, fresh install, saved username, completed mobile deposit

    by Machine154

    No problems, fresh install, saved username, completed mobile deposit. I'm not having the reported issues.

  • Love It!

    by Photo9999

    I love the app has transfer and bill pay. Lots of great functionality! I've had NO issues with the app at all

  • Useful but there is a problem with the iPad version

    by In-Kahootz

    The desktop and iPhone recognizes my id & password but this iPad version stopped recognizing recently. Anyone else having the same problem?

  • Great app

    by Dhozer

    I love mobile deposit, the amount of time it saves when I receive a paper check is fantastic.


    by Sirdeathx

    My user name is saved and it works! MAKE SURE TO TURN THE SAVE USERNAME >>>>>>ON! <<<<<<<<<< I got it on my mini iPad and iPhone 4. Once again before you log in MAKE SURE TO TURN THE SAVE USERNAME >>>>>>ON! <<<<<<<<<<

  • Love it

    by Quiet whiners

    Works perfectly

  • Broken

    by Daggertrout

    Haven't been able to login through the app for months. iPhone version works fine.

  • Century behind compared to competitor

    by Sgops

    Looks like this bank is century behind compared to their competitor from the same city. They need to get better talented people to design their app.

  • Is a joke!

    by Holydamned

    What a joke! These idiots never test thoroughly before the release....has never worked with iPad Mini Retina. These idiot developers need to learn/copy from Chase Bank app.

  • dont upload...app is worthless... cant transfer btwn accts

    by zreese

    stupid upgrade!! now you have to txt in-order to just transfer between accounts!! might as well just use your browser and go to the actual website!

  • Terrible Update

    by Smdrummer

    The update is terrible. It takes FOREVER to pay bills now!

  • Continuously crashes

    by DKuzNY

    Can't deposit a check without it crashing

  • terrible

    by guillermo astorga

    I'm unable to sign into my account. It limits the amount of characters I can put into my password box. When I get to the last letter of my password then I can no longer delete what I typed in and it will not allow me to sign it. This app is atrocious.

  • Latest Update Truncated password field length.

    by Tester2917

    Now I cannot login. Please fix.

  • only one problem

    by Game player1123

    I can't even deposit a check, it force closes every time in try to do so if it wants to force close than forget it, it can stay closed

  • App not working

    by DebasisHero

    App was working fine. Suddenly it is saying that my username or password is wrong. When i use the same user name and password in the browser, i am able to login to the site. App is working fine in my iPhone.

  • When are you going to fix this

    by Chshevbsj

    Still does not work. Wells Fargo is a huge company and the best bank I have found. Can you seriously not find a crew to write apps that work. I understand mistakes happen especially with a new ios but two weeks should be ample for a company of your size and position to make an app work properly. Make it work and prove your worth.


    by straubman

    Can't even log in, what good is it???

  • Unable to login on ipad with latest update

    by Djdehsh

    I've read others are having the same issue...I am unable to login to my accounts using this app on a mini ipad. App support button takes you to a random help page on Wells Fargo website...doesn't have a link to contact about issues with the app. Hopefully they will fix this soon!!

  • Deposit Checks Doesn't Work

    by Alainabyrne

    The app closes every time I try to deposit checks.

  • Used to be fine...

    by mkw23

    Now it crashes every time I hit "Use" when trying to take pictures of the check I am trying to deposit.


    by N H


  • The big miss

    by Big bank snafu

    The app randomly works... I can log in just fine with one user name, and not at all with my other user name/accounts. Tech support had no idea what to do, we updated user name info - the ap still won't recognize the user name - for that account. On the accounts I can log in with, it works great, the one account I need I can't get in - this is a huge miss for such a big bank :(

  • Worthless.

    by rsjames

    Can't sign in. Doesn't recognize username and/or password.

  • Horrible update

    by Me123jklollmfao

    Nice feature (remember username) but I can't use the mobile deposit feature app crashes every time I tap "use" please fix

  • Doesn't recognize my username

    by ImNotAMooseOkay?

    Can't login. Useless.

  • W F

    by AwesomeO2013

    Worst investing operation. Download at your own risk.

  • iOS 7


    OPTIMIZE FOR iOS 7!!!!!!

  • Please fix :(

    by JoJnD

    Loved this app... Until the last update. Now, no matter what I do, can't get my checks to deposit. Hope this gets fixed soon!


    by nenonie

    I am unable to sign in to my account from this app. For approximately a month I have been receiving an error message that my password is not recognized. I use that same password to sign into my account from my mobile device as well as at the full site; however not on my iPad. Please correct this error so that I can continue to use this app without being inconvenienced. Thanks.

  • Really?

    by Strong Passwords

    Since the update, I can't log in. There seems to be a limit on the number of characters you can enter for your password. The app taps out at 15 characters... Good thing the website still allows a full, strong password to be entered... With all of the comments here, I imagine WF will fix as soon as the elves return from break... If not, PNC will get a new customer.

  • Bad App!

    by Rapidman1984

    Will not allow me to access my account. Says it does recognize my username and password. Worked fine before the update. It is useless.

  • Poor user interface compared to BofA

    by Dabuzzkill

    I just switched from Bank of America. I miss the more secure login offered by BofA. When users login to that app, they have a challenge picture to ensure that it is not spoofed app / site. Also th how the current balance is displayed along with pending charges is a lot more sensible versus this app. Thirdly,I have used mobile deposit with no issues with BofA. Wells Fargo app is more buggy and rejects many of my check images. Needs to get some better developers.

  • Update is terrible!

    by WF app

    I updated this app, and now I can't log on! SO frustrating!!! Unusable.

  • Password

    by Money talk101

    I am unable to login to this App ever since I change my password, i am still able to log into the main website with my new password. Just not able to with this App.

  • Great

    by DieHardTheHunter

    I've been using this app for a while and have had no problems.

  • Crap since up date

    by Mummbles111

    Can't deposit a check since the update

  • NOPE

    by Roccofan

    NEW INFO : I figured it out. This update increases the number of characters for the password. I have a long password and Wells used to cut it off at the "o". Now it goes to the "l" and that is why it wouldn't work. When I truncate the password to stop at the "o", the app works. My rating won't change, but at least those reading this might be able to access the app. ORIGINAL REVIEW: New update is garbage. You'd think a bank as rich as this one would spend the money and take the time to test their apps properly. My password isn't being recognized with this new update and I can't access my account. Fail!!!!!

  • Can't see all my accounts

    by DJ Tea Lover

    In addition that I can't view my credit card account. The app is not saving my user ID when opening. Works fine on iPhone.

  • QA

    by 32 years a customer

    This is a glaring breakdown of the QA process. There is no fix and no workaround. This is a major financial institution's application and should reflect the integrity of the business promoting its use. That there was not a fix within the first hour of its release reflects Wells Fargo's callus disregard of customers and our greater need for swift and accurate banking transactions during the holidays. I doubt that we will see any refund of banking fees in our stockings for this blunder.

  • WTH

    by Cindy Shirley

    Why y'all wanna change something that works?? This app doesn't work anymore !

  • Does Not Work

    by DougSD

    You can not log in with this app. Every attempt will be greeted with a response indicating your user name and password is not recognized.

  • Works great!

    by Wheeew

    I'm not sure what update people are complaining about but the app works great for me! Saved my login info, recognizes my account and is easy to use!

  • Unable to log in

    by Bridget1357

    I am unable to log in on my iPad. iPhone works, computer works, but I have tried 10-15 times with correct username/password on the iPad and it doesn't work. Useless app unless it is fixed.

  • Not Working

    by jpayant

    I cannot access my bank account through the app even if I delete it and reboot. However, if I go to the Full Site link I have no problem accessing my account. Worthless app!

  • Can't login on iPad.

    by daybv80

    Your stupid app doesn't work.. Can't login from my iPad app, works perfectly on the iPhone.. Please this is pathetic.. Fix this!!!

  • Works Great!

    by debald

    Works great! iPad app remembered my login on my iPad Air. Features worked that I accessed. Looks great, thanks!

  • Frustrating...

    by CristosNikator

    With the 'upgrade' I can no longer login to access my accounts at all. I get a pop up message saying that I need to visit their online site to answer a security question and return. Guess what? It does no good. Try it 20 times if you like, you will NEVER get back through the quagmire. I loath dealing with the anodyne pablum of the help desk. Delete the app.

  • Update Fail!

    by Heavy Hitter #1

    It would be nice to be able to access my account, your app doesn't recognize it. I see I'm not the only one frustrated. What was the point of your last update? Before changing the user interface, perhaps you should've tested it.... Perhaps you need to revert to the old app?!

  • Crash

    by suible

    Great when it works. The constant crashes are terrible. Five stars when it works, which it currently doesn't. So, one star for crashing five times in 3 minutes.

  • Works well, just like website

    by kreees in Baltimore

    Not sure what all of the griping is about. This is a well-written app, which works fine. Saved my user name without a problem. I like it.

  • This uptade its garbage

    by cayo2338

    Cant log in...

  • Can't Log Into Account

    by Edward Coffey

    Read the title. Please fix this.

  • Garbage

    by TattooedTiff

    Won't let me log in since the update, says my account has been locked and to call a number. Log in perfectly fine through the mobile web browser, every device with the update says the same thing on the app, garbage. Good job, was working just fine before the update, too!

  • iPad vs iPhone

    by Ronnv

    My iPad (3rd gen) everything works perfectly, username saves ect. On my iPhone 5s it does NOT save username and if I even attempt to save it it says my account is locked, I then just quit the app re-open and don't try to save the username it signs on, so definite problem with the 5s (iOS 7 on both devices as well)...UPDATE: Now iPad version does not work with username

  • Update a step backward

    by Audi4t

    I use this app for most of my banking. The update is a step backward - user name storage is preferred but adding this feature screwed up the app

  • BAD UPDATE!!!!!!!!

    by KerrDogg Erk

    Recent update is bad...will not recognize Username or Password! TEST the updates before you post them!!!!

  • Does not work at all!

    by Cory949

    Thanks for the update Wells... Cannot log in at all, unrecognized password errors, locked the account, disabled old app and cannot log in at all. I have to use the WEB site to gain access to my account. Did anyone at WFB try this app on an actual mobile device?

  • When will I learn?

    by Lammiek

    I should always read the reviews before I update. Doesn't work. Thanks for nothing. Now I cannot use the app at all. Thank goodness I have options at my other bank...where all of my money and business may soon go!

  • Can't use

    by Cesarsar

    I can't access my account with this update

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