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  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Publisher: Trulia
  • Updated: Aug, 21 2008
  • Version: 6.6
  • Size: 16.42 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Trulia, Inc

Trulia iOS Fans: We have a pre-holiday release just for you!

This release includes a ton of new features:
• Customize your search by drawing the area you want to search in on the map on iPhone
• Easily share properties (and the app) with your family and friends via AirDrop, Facebook, and Twitter
• View price heat maps and neighborhood, zip code, and county boundaries on the map on iPhone
• Search for mortgage quotes directly from any of the mortgage calculators
• iOS 7 optimized

Keep the feedback coming! Email us anytime: [email protected]

Quick tip: Don’t forget to "save" your favorite homes and searches to get updates on new home listings, price drops, and open houses.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
787 Ratings
All Versions:
46473 Ratings


"Best way to house hunt, hands down!"
"Great app, very useful and easy to use"
"Must have app for the home buyer or renter"

Trulia’s top-rated real estate app helps you find the perfect home, wherever you are. With just a tap, see a map and photos of nearby homes for sale or apartments for rent.

Easily adjust filters to see real estate listings just right for you, and then save your favorites. We’ll keep you in the know with real-time updates on homes you've saved and helpful alerts when new real estate listings come up that match your criteria.

Now optimized for your iPad, you can explore neighborhoods with full-screen interactive maps showing crime, schools, amenities, and more.

The Trulia Real Estate app is the easiest, most pleasing way to get the real estate info you crave - while at home, or on the go.

Key features:
• Instant Maps: With a tap, see nearby homes for sale, open houses, or apartments for rent
• Custom Searches: Add search filters like price, neighborhood, number of beds, and more
• Full-screen Photos: Scroll through vivid, full-screen photos of homes
• Digestible Info: Get helpful property info and home facts in a simple-to-use format
• Home Alerts: Get notified of new real estate listings that meet your exact search criteria
• Instant Updates: Get alerts when the status of homes you are following changes
• Local Scoop: Get school ratings and median price information for any city. Also see nearby schools, restaurants, grocery stores on a map.
• Interactive Maps: See maps showing crime, school zones, average prices, and more.
• Mortgage Calculator: Get personalized rates and calculate your mortgage
• Anytime Access: Log in to see your saved searches and homes across all your devices
• Connect w/Agents: Quickly contact relevant real estate agents

We’d love to hear your feedback! Email us anytime at [email protected].

Note: Trulia is only for properties in the USA at this time.

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Customer Reviews

  • Thank you!

    by Lecsee

    I just closed on a house with Cheryl Winters and also using this app she was a fantastic agent. She showed us any house we wanted to see and didn't hesitate to work with my odd ball schedule throught the whole process, she also got me just about everything I wanted out of my home buying process. She was a great Realtor and I highly recomend her! Very pleased with her work! Thank you Cheryl!

  • Great App

    by Minnie 998

    Very easy to navigate and use. Perfect prospective home-owners.

  • Love this app!!!!

    by DianaBS

    Awesome tool!!! I had it for over a year and new accurate information is always coming in.

  • Good but annoying

    by TDela

    Every single time I look at a house the stupid black things come up "there is no school detected"when ur in the school zone or "no houses found in this area" when there tons of houses then is messes u up its really annoying plz talk that off

  • Super Easy To Use.

    by Val 4m New Orleans

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app! Just plug in the city and state, and bam. Super cool for sure. Definitely recommend this app.

  • Nice app

    by Tulippxxx

    I have zero complaints!

  • I design apps for a living, I'm impressed.

    by  Moophw

    Good job, this app rocks!

  • Nothing special

    by DJ Logike

    Search and notifications need improvement.

  • Amazed

    by ShoretnessIC

    This app would get five stars if it would stop closing while I'm looking at pictures of houses. Then I have to start all over

  • I LOVE IT!

    by Ambergeini

    I've used this app for a couple years now, & I love it! This app has allowed me to look at houses on the go, & has never frozen up or anything! This is app is amazing, I've never had a problem with it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • Beats Zillow by far

    by scottdoug79

    A lot more properties covered and of greater quality as well. I know some of this may depend on the market but overall this has been my experience.

  • Frustrating

    by Melski24

    Your trulia account should be universal, right? Well, when I use my regular computer and save something it's not saved in my app save list when I'm on my phone. I'm logged in with the same account. Stupid and frustrating when I want to find something and I can't seem to figure out if it's fixable.

  • Great App

    by Gina1957

    Very nice app ... Thorough and reliable

  • East to use!

    by Melissamaydowhatever

    Way better than Craigslist! Very happy someone had a better way!

  • Good features, still buggy

    by Welcme2Life

    Really great expect when it ask you to rate in the App Store, then it freezes and I have been able to get the alert off the app...

  • Great but...

    by Saintsman5150

    If you want an easy search for homes it's great but if you don't want 50,000 emails a day then skip it. 50K is only a slight exaggeration.

  • So handy & fast

    by The Pork Tornado

    Helped us find our first home, and such a pleasure to breeze through in bed on Sunday mornings. :)

  • Ok app

    by Jameshowelett88

    Its a decent app but I'm tired of getting searches for homes for rent for just one stupid room when i want to rent an entire home. Also if there was a way to delete places i have looked up so i can see other searches.

  • Yoli8

    by Yolli8

    This is a great app....very easy to navigate love it!

  • Love this app

    by Sophia718

    This is so easy to use

  • Worthless

    by Pets;76

    I looked up a specific address and it told me I needed this app to view it...the app shows me a blue screen and says address not waste of time and if u say no thanks to the app it just locks up your iPad

  • Not a fan of being forced to download app!!

    by Scbydooo

    Not a fan of being forced to download this app to even be able to go to the trulia site on my ipad!! The "no thanks" button doesn't even work and your not given an option to do to desktop version or mobile site!! Looking at this home on here to get add then looking it up on Zillow!! Forget you!

  • Scam!

    by Kfigg

    Every house we wanted to see the owners were away out on vacation or moved out of state. They required a really high application fee in order for you to SEE the home. We even found some of the houses contact number were all the same. Horrible app. Never using it again.

  • Mixed

    by A.Eaves

    This app was fine until I attempted to enter search filters. Now it's not allowing me to scroll like I was doing before. I even cleared all of the filters and it's still not working. Needs improvement.

  • Ok,but some work

    by Listen to the people

    After I read the reviews I see why people rated it low, it has potential though. A lot of the functions and filters help you find what your looking for, but has its problems too. Force stops and frozen screens is such a problem, wrong addresses are a problem too. Quick bug fix please

  • Not easy to navigate

    by Bozinator

    Not easy to use. Difficult to find houses that are saved. It also isn't very easy to view previous searches. You can only see part of the search. Would be nice if it could be viewed as a list.


    by Eric Turner

    Photo resolution is horrible on some and the app crashes terribly! After it crashes, you have to start your search all over again and refine your searches. Very frustrating!

  • Not very user friendly

    by Rich Da Lich

    The app shows properties available but is difficult to navigate and very user UNFRIENDLY.

  • Here's your review.

    by Gretsch59-2010

    Don't ask me to rate your app. And, don't send me to a non-App Store review when I click that I'm not going to give it 5 stars.

  • Search by address

    by Cw3newt

    With all the "search" capabilities and can't input an address? WTH?

  • Kisswani

    by Kisswani67

    I got no word to discribe how scam the listing in this app it's just pure fake listing Worst app ever. Try it so you could find out your self.

  • Notification keeps showing for ever.

    by Gauravkj

    Notification keeps showing for ever. Navigation to get in saved searches, etc is not very responsive

  • Too Many Scams

    by Cyhebert

    I have loved this app for a year but the scams that they are allowing to be perpetrated are ruining it and making it dangerous for consumers. They need to make realtors confirm their information before the listings go out to people. BEWARE: if it seems too good to be true, IT IS!!! Don't send money to anyone.

  • This app is Garbage!!!

    by Billy Makris

    App is very leggy on the iPad air and the pictures do not show up. You have to open the listing 2 or more times to see the pictures and then it'll freeze sometimes. I have yet to see any improvement with this app for the iPad air. There are still a lot of problems and the developers need to fix them. This review will change once the developers fix the problems with this app. Stay away from this app!!!

  • Fine until you want to look up an address

    by Mark Ferguson

    I'm okay with this app until I am searching for a specific address or MLS number. It doesn't allow for specific addresses as best I can tell and won't paste MLS numbers. Looks like it's Zillow for me.

  • Rating Nag Screen Freezes App

    by justjoff

    Your rating nag screen locked the app, so here is your 1 star review.

  • Crappy

    by 10n1=7n1

    A friend e-mailed me a listing from your website. When I tried to view the property, the website forced me to download this app to see the pictures and info. Then, it would not even pull up the info. This app needs some beta-testing done! Fix

  • Crash crash crash

    by Rockdiva710

    Can't do anything in app because of it always crashing.

  • Frustrating App

    by Lovingsocial

    Using this on my iPad. When I tried to view pics of homes it doesn't pull up. I have to go back to previous screen and wait few seconds and try again. Map freezes up and starts flashing so once is starts I have to close the app completely and try it again. The app crashes constantly also. They need to fix this ASAP.

  • Huge error/glitch... listings inaccurate and dated.


    Recently about 20/30% of the listings on trulia have shown up from two or three years ago, they show up as NEW but they are sold from 2-3 years and WAY unavailable. I called on many listings and the seller agent told me they had received tons of calls on listings from YEARS ago. Fix your app!!!

  • Doesn't work for me

    by A B SEA1

    The cover page shows up, and I can never get to go to the property on my iPad. When I tap open, nothing happens. Better stick with Zillow. Very frustrating.

  • Hmmm... The home I fell in love with was not on the market

    by Udai M

    Do other folks know that a ton of homes on Trulia are not really for sale? Sounds like a scam

  • Photos are poor, app is awkward, stiff

    by Newsjunkie 88

    While at one time I used trulia all the time, right now it is my least favorite real estate app. The photos are always awkward and uncomfortable to view. I know that sounds weird, but that is how trying to view something on this app is. It's worthless if you want to see the property. Plus while you are trying to see the photos the app constantly locks up and has no flexibility. Searches are frustrating and have no integrity!

  • Wow

    by CHawk13

    I've read some reviews about this app and it's very interesting to see so many complaints! I was in search for a home for less than a week and found one thanks to this app and my roommate! I am pleased with this app and it's features. I thought it was very user friendly. I also used it on my iPad numerous of times!

  • Keeps crashing

    by XxXTrickaaXxX

    Love the app but as I am using it, it will start to lag then crash. When I restart it, it will go back to something I was looking at days ago. It will lag so much that I can't even flip through pics. May just uninstall since it runs like crap.

  • Report

    by No one absolutely

    How come this review does not send to trulia. What the heck are you guys doing? You need to stop making me from aggravation. Pig headed.

  • Crashing

    by suzgor

    I've been using Trulia for a long time but all of a sudden anytime I link my email alert to open in the app, the app crashes. I have gone to the app support page but there is no direct link to report this problem to the developer.

  • Terrible

    by Veltpat

    Couldn't even write this review because kept going to a black screen. This app crashes and freezes so I constantly have to go in and out of app, waste of my time. I try to send pics to a friend and the screen freezes or goes back to app home page.

  • Crashes

    by Kimberatk

    Crashes every time I click share

  • Multiple home owner

    by Ivena Pinto

    Great app... A lot of useful info and very informative with pictures ...

  • Crashes and freezes on ipad

    by robinsapple

    This is the slowest App ever. Its awesome set up and search. Its a great layout and a fantastic way to search houses, but wow, it crashes alot. totally freezes and you cant get out of it. Have to play around with Ipad alot to exit and reboot the app. Gets seriously frustrating. The you find a home on google and the app immediately suggests you view the home through the app instead of the website and so you hit open, to open the app and the house you found has totally been erased.. frustration again and again. oh well. I may uninstall and just use website but get tired of exiting out of the app suggestin that pops up..buggy, very buggy

  • Foreclosure info from RealtyTrac is crap

    by Z@lli@

    We purchased a house which had a foreclosure judgement on it, prior to the actual foreclosure. Imagine our surprise to see that Trulia now has the house we are living in listed as foreclosed and for sale by the bank! To be fair, their information source is RealtyTrac. Buyer beware. Trulia info is unreliable, and RealtyTrac is apparently not above a scam.

  • Deleting saved searches

    by jcabuilder

    Wish I could figure how to delete pass saves! I can't find any directions on how to do it. Otherwise I like the ap.

  • Joey's Bag of Donuts...

    by SMarty57

    It is a real mixed bag. The app works great when you want to perform research. Where it fail, and it fails spectacularly, is when you try to share information with someone. My wife are trying to find our next home and when wee want to share something we like with the other person, it just doesn't work. This is an app failure as the website works just fine on laptops and computers. But from a tablet or phone, it doesn't. We have been trying to share our ideas but when you try to open a link from something sent to you on your iPad, it forces you first to Safari. Here it asks you if you would like to open it in the app or on Safari. All well and good but it just freezes. The only way I have been able to make it work is by clearing the cache after each use. While that works, it seems ridiculous. So if you are a sole shopper, then no worries. If you work form a laptop or computer only, no worries. But if you wok from a tablet or phone, then sharing is just a big pain. I don't understand why they can't fix this?!

  • App crashes every 5min

    by AKavaj

    Good app. Wish it had all the refinements that the website has (ie: pets). But it's basically unusable since it crashes every few minutes and doesn't save your last search.

  • Useless

    by Cars-10 Sch

    As opposed to Zillow's real estate ap, Trulia has totally wrong data for my home, and does not show the homes that are for sale in my neighborhood. (!!!). And there is no way to list my home for sale. Bottom line: useless for both buyers and sellers. I'll stick with Zillow.

  • No!

    by cherry_jt

    I love looking at beautiful homes but everyone of them I go check out is already sold. They don't update the houses!

  • Easy, Intuitive, Simple

    by XT-421

    This app is great for browsing apartments in locations such as New York City and the region surrounding. It is also a great way to quickly the crime rating of a given location. I greatly recommend this app to anyone in college with a smart-device.

  • So Far So Good!!

    by jillb4da

    I have just started using Trulia, again. When I used it before, I didn't like it so much bc of so many bugs and issues. This time it seems to be working, very well, for me, but I have only been using it for one day so if things get nasty then I WILL post another review and take away some of those stars and let ppl know what my gripes are. Have a nice day peeps!

  • Egh

    by Tarry_starry

    This app would be good but it kept crashing on me and it was so annoying I couldn't finish my searches.

  • Great App

    by Broad water

    I love this app for my iPhone, and use it frequently. Being able to look for listings using the map, the zoom function, the save... I spend way too much time on this, but one of these days I'm going to find that PERFECT rural 2nd home. I wouldn't change a thing.

  • Seems it should work

    by Another request

    I actually don't write reviews but I hope this gets back to the developers so they can work on a few significant glitches. I can't count on what I want to save actually being saved. Often enough to notice my saves just disappear. Also, I put in my filters but the app forgets them and then even sends me suggestions that are so far off on my wish list. The app has potential, but for me, it falls really short.

  • Nice app but shuts down

    by MJBare2

    Love this app but it keeps closing while I'm using it. Very aggravating please fix. I updated my rating because months later and no fix for the problem.

  • Very Dissapointed

    by Delia Roberts

    I thought this was a reputable site but after encountering numerous erroneous scam of people trying to rent properties that are not even theirs, trying to scam people out of their hard earned money and I can't believe the site does not double check if the person is legit. A very disappointed who was loyal to the site but not anymore and will be erasing it as my option to look for homes.

  • Map, listing, and photo issues

    by zahumphrey

    I'm having nothing but issues with the current update of this for the iPad. Nobody is reporting similar issues from what I can see, maybe it's just me. The map is constantly "blinking". I have to select properties multiple times before it actually shows up on my screen and sometimes photos show up, other times I have to exit the listing and go back in for the rest of the photos to load. When they do load, they load very slowly and take some time to clear up.

  • Can't manage your listing & alerts are out of control

    by @Pandora

    This app only works to look up properties for sake or rent. it does not work to update property listings or to change search alerts. There is also a problem between the app in the dustcart changes synchronising. Very frustrating!!! Don't bother just use the mobile website.

  • Decent for checking out future areas

    by Mr. Cut Em'

    This app has a lot. That's good and bad. They are some auction properties as well as some really low priced foreclosed homes that may not be worth your time. But I am hooked. Decent pics, prices are about where they should be, & I love it. I recommend it

  • Realestate

    by Pgh61

    Great site- easy to move around!

  • Terrible

    by Mamakirkadell

    Long load times, and terrible navigation make this a difficult app to use. I will remove it and use a browser. I get an email with houses based on my search, and it goes through the browser before going to the App where it takes a very long time to load. If I look at a second listing from the email, then want to go back to the previous listing, it takes me to a default search that is not one I have entered, or have interest in.

  • Works just fine for me.

    by House Hunting906

    We are starting our search in a small (28,000) city in a rural area. All info given to us by Trulia has turned out accurate thus far and the maps have been spot on. The pictures seem cut off though, I can't see much.

  • SCAM & More SCAMS!!!

    by Theo Will

    Random people can make fake ads & the biggest lie they use is that they are subleasing the apartments & are overseas. I failed victim to one of them. They used God to help with their lies. Smh Be very carefull using this app. People will do anything for $$$.

  • Zillow is better

    by Rooski3357

    Cannot filter by school rating booo

  • Need school search

    by Csig

    I am disappointed that I an search by school district. That's the only determining factor when buying a home and it's surprising that this app doesn't allow for that. School districts are one of the many important deciding factors when buying and it would certainly save time and weed out all the properties

  • Need school search

    by Csig

    I am disappointed that I an search by school district. That's the only determining factor when buying a home and it's surprising that this app doesn't allow for that. School districts are one of the many important deciding factors when buying and it would certainly save time and weed out all the properties

  • No privacy

    by BDPanther

    Beware: good app for info but they give out your name and info and what properties you've viewed. Very disrespectful!! Will be deleting it now.


    by Jay Viray

    People pretending as owner of a rental properties that you are inquiring about. They will email you saying they live far away blah blah blah... They will say that they're looking for someone that they can trust to treat the property as their own. Recieved few emails like these from different inquiry of rental properties. SCAMS!!! Don't be fooled!

  • Like it

    by Princess Sheri

    Good sight , will probably use it to find a new place!!!

  • Wonderful Application

    by Shoefrenzy

    Easy to use with great filters. A must have if you need Real Estate information

  • Garbage

    by Mailboxuser187

    This app used to be great a while back. Now it's a royal pain to use. Not at all user friendly, difficult to navigate, and crashes regularly. Complete crap.

  • More $$$$ options

    by Toomuchbigboss

    This app was helpful BUT the price range option needs to be expanded to include more options on price range.

  • Can't find homes for sale

    by CarmelToolMaven

    I entered the min/max price and bedrooms/bathrooms for my Carmel home that is for sale. Surprise: no homes shown for sale. Fix your system. Else this app is WORTHLESS!

  • Older version was a winner - this one is not

    by RahrahSC

    Please revert to the previous version! I loved it! This update is slow to load maps and the map is static. The older version allowed the user to move the map around to study neighborhood streets and amenities. I'll use another real estate app until this one is restored to its previous beauty. Sad. :(

  • Helpful

    by Corinapr

    Great app. Love the drawing option.

  • "request timed out" the whole time

    by Iewssssssssss

    not useful

  • User Friendly

    by barbourmj

    My first choice when using a real Estate app...

  • Great App

    by Angela Waller

    Love the detailed info on all properties. I can make an informed decision.

  • Excelent!

    by carlojav

    Excelent application for house hunting! Very easy to use.

  • Truly Great

    by Fish to enjoy

    I was living in a house for the last 10yrs Now I am looking for an apt. Trulia works great for me.

  • Fun App

    by Drafter10

    It's a fun app and very easy to use. Nice job.

  • Great site!

    by Seaniewigs

    Awesome site so far.. Looking for a place.

  • Full of cons and swindlers

    by A.Bross

    This is app is a haven for fraud, should be shut down just for aiding. They do no research on people listing

  • Great

    by Skeeyee

    It's so perf

  • Amazing app!

    by steph1021

    I used Trulia to find my first apartment and now using it to find my second! Easy, reliable, flawless.

  • Poor and annoying

    by Mtw156

    Constantly crashes. House pictures only show up sometimes. Does not show all of the info you can see on the website. Didn't save a house I wanted to view later. Frustrated. Annoyed. FU Trulia.

  • Fun App

    by Sajoatmon

    Not planning on moving, but it's a blast to check out properties in down town SFO, or check out prices on Madison Ave. This makes it fun just to browse and check out how the properties look on the inside.

  • Decent

    by pdownes

    Sharing between people and devices is inconsistent and frustrating.

  • Trulia

    by Dangosolutions

    Excellent help, the best in style, thank

  • Very well done app!

    by SometimesWrongNot

    This app is nice, simple to understand and works well! I'm using it to find my next home well done!

  • Love it

    by Betty151boop

    Great app. I love the emails updates.

  • Better Long Island search options

    by TheLisners

    Public transportation is a big deal... It would be helpful to search by proximity to the LIRR or bus.

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