Cashy-Display Finance App Review (iOS, $54.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Store Handling AG



This application needs the Cashy-POS cash register application to operate properly!

A customer display showing the transaction details from Cashy-POS on an iPhone or iPod touch screen.
A must for every professional cash register!

Perfect to reuse your old device!

Cashy-Display shows each transaction-item and and summing-up total of the transaction as well as the payment method chosen and the received/returned amount.

You can choose a picture or movie showed during a defined inactivity of the cash register.

In order to not need a power cable connecting to the customer display, the screen can be dimmed after a user defined time of inactivity.

We tested Cashy-Display in an average frequented shop and the iPhone 3GS was running on battery more then 10 hours.

Several colours for the digits (red, blue/green and white) can be chosen. The background colour during transactions can be black or white.

As first step, Cashy-Display and Cashy-Pos need to be paired.

Sliding horizontally on the display will reveal a button to access the settings menu of Cashy-POS.

Minimum requirement: iOS 5.1.1 on iPhone 3GS or iPod touch third generation


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