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Pay Smarter. Pay Simpler. Pay Anywhere. The world’s safest way to pay online is now at your favorite restaurants, stores, and more. Introducing your new digital wallet.

Take PayPal with you to local stores, cafes, restaurants and more. Use the app to pay with your phone. Even better, use the PayPal app to order ahead.

Pay back a friend for lunch. Chip in for a gift. Collect money for a work outing. PayPal lets you transfer money between friends instantly.

Check your balance, see your transactions, or add and withdraw funds —anytime, anywhere.

• Get special offers only available to PayPal customers.
• Snap a photo of a check to add money to your PayPal account for free.
• Online or on-the-go, your financial info is always secure with PayPal.

Customer Reviews

  • Please please

    by Jessa w

    Bring back the option to check goods when asking for payment. It is so stupid that you can just take it away I would use it everyday with my business and if you think about it there's tons of ppl that only have mobile think of the money you could bring in! Other than that I love the app just need to be able to pick goods when asking for money. If I send money I can pick goods ????? That's stupid!!

  • Paypal app incomplete

    by Darneal

    I really like Paypal & appreciate their attempt to have an app. I just wish I could also track my credit card as well as my cash line.


    by CoolTeen123

    Everytime I click the app, the splash screen comes up and nothing happens after that. Usually crashes and goes straight to my iPhones home screen

  • Cool App

    by Daily Grocer

    Easy and convenient way to pay!!

  • Awesome payment experience

    by Hemanthd

    Now I don't have to search for my wallet, pick one card, make sure that it is accepted and sign. I just have to open my PayPal app and slide to pay that too when I am in line. I got instance response for payment also.

  • Looks Good, Works Well

    by Justin Norman

    I don't send money using PayPal, but I do regularly accept credit card payments for a book about homeless youth on my web site. This app works great for checking out recent transactions and performing bank transfers.

  • Simple.

    by Goth Freak

    I only need to do small and simple eBay and other transactions over the Internet. It works perfect for me.

  • Great

    by Kenny57585

    Quick and easy love it

  • Doesn't work

    by Bryken00173

    When I open the app it get stuck in paypal logo and after a few second crash...please fix this I use it a lot

  • Key feature missing...

    by totalrequest

    Decent app - only wished I was able to make payments to my PayPal Extras MC through the app...

  • Great!

    by FrequentReaderLex

    Does everything that it needs to do for me

  • Finally a withdrawal feature

    by megcooper7

    Thank you so much for finally adding the withdrawal feature!

  • Good



  • Where's Bill Me Later?

    by SmaMan

    It's a great app, but when are they going to put in Bill Me Later support? It would be much better than having to go to the not-so mobile website every time.

  • Great

    by Swollenmonkey281

    Easy way to use my money and safe

  • Works great!

    by Melinthia Warren

    Love the fact that I'm able to transfer money to my bank from the mobile app.

  • All right, but you need to change the default home screen

    by 710 Skyline

    The home screen features a search for local merchants by default. Most people would just want to see their account summary and recent activity, and this can be changed in the settings.

  • Need!!

    by ***cashmier***

    It would be smart to add parole check scanner support!

  • Great app

    by Ggggkfdtg


  • Options

    by Momie04

    Needs more options.. Like refund tab and to be able to view more information on payments/purchases

  • Got to find a new payment system...

    by Kitanigha

    Since they updated this program it does exactly the opposite of what it is suppose to do. It hurts me to write this as I have been a loyal user of this app since '08 when I got my phone. I can no longer rely upon it!!! It withdraws from my bank instead of depositing and it does it in record time unlike the 3-5 days it takes PayPal. When this first occurred in January, I was told after much discussion on how it was probably the way I entered it to where a supervisor came online and said there was an issue with the App but it had been corrected and perhaps in the future I should use my desktop...what?! Then, yesterday I transferred money to my bank again. Today, I discover they withdrew the funds AGAIN instead of depositing. I called immediately, and after explaining the problem a supervisor asked to open my account up and go through the steps since I must have pushed the wrong thing. However, I pointed out to her that you have to not only push the the "withdraw" but have to check which account and physically enter the amount. Please!!! Told there had been a problem but it had been corrected and that maybe it would help if I did a new install but better yet login on line at their website. So much for using this app!!!

  • Paypal - holding your money hostage!

    by Ankank

    Unbelievable but Paypal president David Marcus is threatening the employees who dont use his app. The fact is that this app is crap. I downloaded it when a restaurant told me i will get $10 off if i paid using paypal. I never got anything and am stuck with money in this crappy app. I dont know how to take it out so i havento wait it out. Dont download. Waste of time and waste of money.

  • App doesn't support paypal's 2FA

    by jsMrWolf

    App doesn't support paypal's 2FA. It is hence useless to me

  • Won't open.

    by Bubbles7/7/7

    Every time I open it it shuts off. It will only go to the opening screen, then shuts down.

  • Doesn't work

    by Cwkatc

    The app worked for a while then all of a sudden it quit taking my login. I could login online but not via the app. When I try opening the app I get the paypal logo then it closes. I've tried reinstalling the app and resetting the phone without results. What next?

  • Paypal app

    by Melysarquis

    It was working on the app for about 2 minutes when I downloaded it and then it crashed !!! I cannot open it at all now . It stays stuck when you open it and then crashes again. I cannot even log in. Please fix this! Very important for me to have!

  • Crashes, FIX THE BUGS

    by Kreaming

    When I try to open it stays on the blue screen then crashes.

  • Doesn't work at all.

    by jennbites

    I open the app and doesn't go past the Paypal logo. Then it crashes and goes back to your iphone home screen.

  • Awful

    by Mscheetz

    New update won't let me log in, useless

  • Can't get it right

    by Ricky sticky

    Paypal just can not get this app right. For an exclusively online company - you'd think they could get an app right. Problem here is - looping login screen to complete crash - can not even open the app. Even worse after app was deleted and reinstalled.

  • Garbage

    by Ljstardream

    Doesn't work and put me into collections because the app doesn't work with credit cards. I just wasted my time having to call them for this terrible app. The guy on phone even said it is terrible. It is getting deleted and never used again! Worst app ever

  • Can't even open

    by Ray_spohn


  • Extremely buggy

    by NPerk7288

    I've tried to use the latest version of the paypal app many times with no success. The farthest I got was to the login screen but I received unspecified errors logging in (not a username or password issue). From there it began crashing every time I opened the app. Now it won't even work when I delete and reinstall it. This is why I use venmo!

  • Yeah...a little buggy

    by Usjejayag

    I used this app for a bit. Worked great. would never load so I could check my balance. Yes, fix the big for more stars! :)

  • Terrible

    by Matsy10

    This is the worst app ever. Won't even open.

  • Rebuild plz!!

    by Antonio Berumen

    Missing so many features!! Rather just use the desktop site on my web browser.

  • Intrusive without being worth the space on my iPhone

    by Nurse Robinf

    Only gives you stores if you allow the app to know where you are, rather than just being allowed to put in zipcodes. Also, lots of stores came up with no special offers, which was the lure to get you to give them your information. I'm going to delete it.

  • Still doesn't support two factor

    by Scrambled Elk

    Why would you release an "update" with LESS functionality? Everyone do yourself a favor and switch to Google Wallet.

  • Bad configuration


    I tried to make a payment to my Smart Connect Pay Pal Credit Card and I did through PayPal payment and Smart Connect never received the payment. I deleted this application because do not resolve my problem of payment.

  • Limited

    by Don'tWantToType

    Needs lots of improvements

  • Fix

    by Houston248

    Crashes everytime, useless

  • Won't even open

    by ACW82

    Crashes on the opening splash screen every time.

  • Won’t add checks reliably

    by iOpine

    Please fix this. I’ve called the number and been put on hold twice and reinstalled the app twice and it still can’t scan & add a check. Soooo…. who is losing thousands if not millions in deposits because people can’t successfully scan checks? You are, that’s who.

  • Crap

    by ColtRussell

    The only reason I use this app is because it's the only viable option. I hope when you use it you aren't in a hurry because every time you use it it asks you 35 questions. IT'S MY MONEY, I'VE ANSWERED ENOUGH

  • What happened?!

    by Kills wills

    Paypal used to be one of the most efficient ways to pay, now it is tedious and useless. Just getting started takes a bulk of ur time! I've been a paypal user since 05 this is the worst I've seen it been! Totally disappointed

  • WHAT THE ****???

    by Boompapa

    You don't have an app for the iPad? Are you kidding me? How can a top-tier INTERNET company like this have such a lackluster app for the tablet? This seriously affects my overall confidence in your company.

  • Account is Limited?

    by JaredJF

    My account is not limited, but the app says it is when I try to deposit a check!

  • Can't use it.

    by nebulous|echo

    It just crashes. And crashes. And crashes. And crashes some more. I was able to open the app the first time after installing it. Since then, it doesn't get past the intro logo. Completely unusable.

  • PayPal

    by Babyboo3980

    Was working fine until I did a reset on my iPod. Now it just gets stuck on the blue PayPal screen and eventually goes back to my home screen. Please fix it. I use paypal frequently to check my paypal balance and I haven't been able to keep track in 3 days!

  • Doesn't Work

    by knkn82

    Crashes every time.

  • Two factor does not work

    by Nick Aspinwall

    I would really like to be able to use this app. I use paypal for a number of purchases. Because I wanted to be more secure with my account I can not use the mobile app. Please release an update with a fix.

  • Doesn't work

    by Ratcat195

    Doesn't work and it froze my phone

  • Took money out

    by TBoyTim12

    Tried to transfer money to my bank account - instead PayPal took that money out. Seriously what the heck??? Why does such a big company have so many problems?

  • Bugged

    by Mmmjhgghgfjiyyh

    Have deleted and downloaded several times, won't open what-so-ever.

  • Unreliable

    by Liberty4Ever

    Sometimes this app hangs on the splash screen when launched. Check scanning is the main reason that I have this app and it barely sometimes maybe works. When I scan the front and back of the check and input the check value, it tells me that my account is limited and at least it gives me a number to call. I called yesterday and was told to do a shutdown and hard reboot. That didn't help. Today, I was told to make sure I was entering the decimal point in the check value. Nope. Then I was told that it's a known bug. From the comments and ratings, they've known about it for a long time. I was told to delete and reinstall the app. That's where I am now. Considering the thousands of dollars a year that I pay in fees to PayPal, they should be able to fix this app.

  • Won't open

    by mdbeauty83

    I've downloaded this and then deleted it and tried again over and over. Not once has it opened up for me. You would think with such a huge company something as simple as an app which I garuntee tens of thousands of people use, you'd think the freakin app would atleast open maybe freeze here n there. But NO it doesn't work AT ALL!!! Zero stars, negative stars of that was an option!!!!!!!

  • Doesn't work at all

    by Verthib

    I wish I could give this app zero stars. This app used to work beautifully, perfectly. And now it doesn't work at all. It keeps saying the transaction cannot be processed at this time. I have reported it to Apple support and they said all I needed to do was reinstall it, but that did not fix it.

  • Screws up with your money

    by Lucas.lallement

    2nd time in a row that it says coupon will be applied automatically and when I get my email. It charged me the whole thing. I'm an iOS mobile app architect so I knew what I was doing. Please mention the coupon during inapp checkout

  • Capability certainly limited

    by jkirk1626

    Can't transfer payments you receive in PayPal to your bank account, just look at the received funds, unable to do anything but look at them. Useless. Have fun sending/receiving money to/from someone only to have PayPal seize a huge portion in fees.

  • Crashes

    by CynaSmiles

    After several uploads I finally deleted this app because it always crashed after the opening screen. This app is useless to me.

  • Doesn't support 2-step authentication

    by Indiegrrl2367

    If you turn in security keys (aka 2-step authentication), an ESSENTIAL security measure these days, the app stops working. Amazingly lame. Get with it paypal.

  • Horrible

    by Sapz

    It's 2014 and I still have to wait for 7-10 days for me to receive the payment from a buyer. That's terrible, and what's worse is it doesn't give you a fixed date at which you will receive the payment. Then it takes a few days to get the money into your bank account. Never using paypal again!

  • Garbage

    by Damon Thurman

    Never opened up for me after 100 attempts. Deleted it.

  • Don't work .. bug!!!!

    by Joccx

    I can't get the app to open since the update please fix it!!!

  • Doesn't work right

    by SVilpp

    The new release has a bug. If you use the app for more than one account and deposit a check, it may get deposited into the other account that you are not logged in to or it may vanish altogether. Instead of fixing the app when I told them about this they told me to call anytime I am depositing to make sure I'm in the account that I think I am. I'd rather mail the check to my bank than use it under this hassle.

  • App won't open -- very frustrating

    by Jonathan Coder

    Gee, you think paypal with more money than Zeus could make an app that works. It just sits on the title page and then crashes. Get it together man.

  • Doesn't Work At All

    by NMAN85

    I haven't been able to open this app for quite some time now. Don't know why, but it shuts down upon startup :-/

  • iPad version?

    by Dragbug

    Still no iPad version??? No Bill Me Later??

  • Total crap.

    by Crushjesus

    Doesn't keep proper track of funds, e-check takes forever and even after multiple uses they still hold funds for weeks on end. Crap, total crap.

  • Doesn't let me log in!

    by Nimmi91

    After the recent update, it doesn't let me log in. I receive system error message plus I receive notification alerts tho my account isn't signed in anymore. Need a fix ASAP.

  • Crashes in most recent version


    As the title indicates.

  • Crashes

    by Jo$€$

    App crashes won't even open

  • Time To Give Up

    by TheProfessorAndMaryAnn

    I only ever use the app to send money. There are so many barriers to that simple task, and it’s become even buggier to accomplish, that it’s time to remove the app and use Venmo. Hey: PayPal own Venmo now anyway, right?

  • Keeps crashing

    by crushed

    I don't know if anyone else is having this problem... The app takes forever to start and then crashes. I have tried the app on two separate devices both running iOS 7.. Please fix.

  • Blue Screen Does Not Work!

    by TommyGunther

    Since the update, all I get is a blue screen. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, etc. Big Bummer as I used this app almost everyday. Seriously PayPal? I have paid so much $$ in fees, that you should be able to build a whole brand new app just for me. :( Your new name should be LamePay or Appless PayDummy.

  • Crashes

    by Rick Monsalvo

    Newest update crashes app upon opening. iPhone 5s

  • Won't work w/ 2FA enabled

    by Apple iPhone User

    This application will not log in while my account has two factor authentication (2FA) enabled. Everyone should be using 2FA on their accounts, and this app should support logging in with it enabled.

  • Carshs :(

    by eatfatt97

    This latest update crashes the app from opening on my iPhone 5 please fix it!!

  • Too bland compared to full site

    by Blownaudio

    As an eBay seller you should be able to issue refunds through the app. The app is far too bland. Also, I use PayPal primarily as an account for my eBay sales and purchases. But this app seems geared towards an ad service for local retailers.

  • Not helpful at all!

    by David Wahlman

    This app is not laid out well and doesn't really do much more than show recent activity and shop online. But you can't manage accounts or anything.

  • No go on the 5s

    by tstolliver

    Worked fine until I got the 5s. Won't start at all

  • Doesn't Work

    by reeceajibola

    It hurts to see that a multimillion dollar company under the eBay, and the app doesn't work. I love Paypal but the app is extremely poor, the UI concept is nice but that fact that when I open the app, it doesn't even make it to the login screen?? Nope, that's ridiculous.

  • Crashes on startup!

    by AppDoesNotWork

    Downloaded latest update on iPhone 5s running iOS 7 and now the app won't even load. Crashes immediately. Was working fine before the latest update. Now I can't use the app at all. Please fix!

  • Unable to pay invoice - USELESS

    by NHEbayGuy

    tried to pay an invoice but there is no option to pay the invoice. What is the point of using a mobile app if it doesn't work. Sure I can go shopping and buy stuff or just transferred from one account to another, but that does not help someone doing business

  • Frustrating and unreliable

    by Cardiffdogpark

    The check scan feature is unreliable at best. Every time I want to scan a check I have to delete and reload the app. Otherwise I get an error message and am told to "try later" after completing the steps as instructed. During the confirmation period no information is available to provide status or provide notice of any problems -- you just have to wait. No check image is provided. The developers should take a lesson from Chase - their app is what a check scan function should be.

  • Disappears

    by Luteaadghj

    When I installed the latest update my paypal app disappeared. I can not open the app, or find it to uninstall the app.

  • Still not opening

    by Joeeey1

    The app won't open. It used to work great now I can't even get to the log in screen.

  • Crashes on Opening

    by TheInfamousWaffles

    I've had the app a week and I've tried all appropriate troubleshooting steps (Reinstalling, resetting network settings, etc) with no luck on getting past the first few seconds of the PayPal screen. Seems there's a bit of a bug.

  • Will not support two-factor authentication?!?

    by luciusdomitius

    Really PayPal? You were among the first to offer two-factor authentication, which is great, but you still have not been able to integrate this into your app! Get with mobile already!

  • Crap

    by Iceman198753

    This app is crap!!!! Wouldn't let me log into my account, but when I get on my computer it logs in just fine! The app says I have an invalid email address!! Deleted!!!

  • No...Just No

    by Rob Pederson

    The update messed the whole app up. Stays at the blue screen that says Paypal and then crashes to home screen roc automatically open itself up and stay frozen. PayPal also said they would respond to my email "within 24 hours".... That was Thursday, and I am yet to get anything. This needs to be fixed.

  • Malfunctioning

    by Lili4311

    Says it's installed but doesn't show up or load. This is ridiculous

  • Useless when using security key

    by Icie12

    Ok seriously. How hard is it to implement the SMS security key already?? I just don't get what the holdup is. As such I still can't use this app.

  • Keep crashing

    by josedriftking

    The new update keeps crashing on my iPhone 4S runnin 7.0.4

  • Can no longer transfer to bank account

    by Tzulover6690

    This app was much more useful before the update. HATE IT!!!

  • Doesn't work

    by Sjave07

    Since the recent update to the app I can not get the app to open at all now. I have deleted it ad reinstalled it and still doesn't work. I use PayPal all the time and this is killing me that is doesn't open. Please fix this issue quickly so I can get back to using the app daily thanks

  • Sick of updates

    by Dumasuniverse

    I spend more time running updates to this app than I spend actually using it. Why don't they code the app right the first time? Or the second time? Or the third time? I'm removing the app from my phone.

  • Still no two factor auth support

    by danmead

    Why does PayPal still not support two factor authentication in their app?

  • Useless

    by Zablackwolf

    App won't launch. Nice icon. Worthless.

  • App is Horrible!!!

    by Danny688

    At 1st the app was going good in till I wanted to buy some thing on eBay were it charged my Bank Account instead of my PayPal Because I had no money in my bank account; then PAYPAL slapped me with a 15$ Insignificant Fee and on top of the 23.53$ On the item I wanted to buy, changed to my Bank Account and then Charged me with another 15$ To where I owed 46.97$ to My Bank because Of PayPal... Don't Get a PayPal at all not worth it.....

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