BlockTrade: Watch the Smart Money Move Finance App Review (iOS, $99.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Mobile Interactive LLC

.UI improvement
.Fixes a display issue.



BlockTrade provides unique data for near real time tick by tick calculation. For every symbol of the query, Block Trade searches from millions of everyday's trading record tick by tick and selects the biggest-sized data to display to users. The data are with context so that users can reference to them and make a read that it is a sell or it is a buy. This app also includes a Smart Filter to help you to remove the noise of the possible invalid trade. You could also turn on color for easier indicating the detected buy or sell of those large sized trade.

A block trade is a large-sized transaction of stocks. It is sometimes considered as an indicator of how smart money moves.

Savvy traders pay attention to block trades. The BlcokTrade app exhibits the 10 biggest trades (of an appointed US market stock) that occur during the regular market hour (9:30am~4:00pm EDT).

The summarized information includes the trade size, the trade time (in milliseconds level), and the price.

Furthermore, you are able to find some context of the trade, especially the corresponding best bid/ask price and the trade price right before this particular trade (Last Tick), which will possibly reveal the intention behind the trade. If a trade is executed at the asking price, it usually indicates a possible active buy. Such information is very valuable for trading.

Now users can also cusomize the time range (by hour) to identify the 10 biggest trades within a certain time frame. Default is from 9:30 EST to 16:01 EST.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app!

    by Whodoneit03

    Interactive mobile llc. Makes many great products including this one. Block trades are a great indicator of smart money moves. The recent update provides the bid and ask so you can tell if a buy or sell. I also recommend option volume app from them.

  • Love it/Hate it

    by Brainal

    Fills a long needed niche. One suggestion I have us to list weather the block was a buy or sell. Update: it stopped working


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