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Seller: JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA

- Access revised Online Privacy Policy
- Redeem Ultimate Rewards Credit and Debit Card points
- Access to expanded market data information for Chase Wealth Management customers

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Do your banking on this iPad-optimized app

You can manage your accounts, make deposits, find ATMs and more.

Now it’s easy to do banking 24/7, right from your iPhone® or iPod touch®. To start, just enroll in Chase Online.

• See account balances & transaction history
• View your credit and debit card rewards status

• Pay bills and credit cards
• Transfer money between Chase accounts
• Make deposits with Chase QuickDeposit SM
• Send wire transfers
• Make changes to pending transactions
• Send and request money with Chase Person-to-Person QuickPay℠

• Find the nearest Chase branches & ATMs

• View your credit card balance and activity
• Make payments
• View Ultimate Rewards information

• View your balance and transaction activity
• Make a deposit with Chase QuickDeposit and reload your card
• Transfer money to a Chase Liquid card

• Best Use of Smartphone Camera 2011 – Webby Awards
• "Best in Class" for mobile banking in 2011 – Javelin Strategy and Research
• #1 in Mobile Website and App Categories 2011 – Keylime Interactive Best Mobile Retail Banking Solutions
• #1 overall in 2012 – Keynote Mobile Banker Scorecard

Some features are available for eligible customers and accounts only.

iPad is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

There is no charge from Chase, but message and data rates may apply. Such charges include those from your communications service provider. Delivery of alerts may be delayed for various reasons, including service outages affecting your phone, wireless or internet provider; technology failures; and system capacity limitations. Any time you review your balance, keep in mind it may not reflect all transactions including recent debit card transactions or checks you have written. A qualifying Chase transfer account is required to transfer funds via text. Phone Alerts are not available for Chase Basic Checking℠ account.

Customer Reviews

  • Simple, great, effective


    Best banking app. Period.

  • Needs 5% rewards information

    by JB in Napa

    I had assumed this app would have a speedy way to remind me of the current rewards categories for the Freedom card. Zero information. This would be easy to implement and very handy. It looks like it will be easy to monitor card balances so I'll probably use it instead of Safari for that.

  • Great for deposits - crashes a lot

    by SloppyJo72

    Great for checking balances and electronic deposits. It crashes maybe every other time - usually when taking pictures of checks.

  • Nice app!

    by Kaarthy

    It is a nice app and functions really well. I did find an issue, but couldn't find a way to report it. Any suggestions on how to report it?

  • Eh. Quick deposit

    by Llacey42

    The overall app is fine but Quick deposit is disappointing. Great idea in theory but too difficult to get a decent picture of a check.

  • Great redesign

    by WhatTheDogSaid

    I have used this for years and was hesitant about loading a big redesign. But I do applaud the makeover on the credit card side. I have no other accounts with Chase, so can't comment on checking or savings features.

  • Works fine

    by MizzKrys91

    Apps work flawlessly for me on iPad 3 and iPhone 4 ios 7.0.4

  • Good but there's room for improvement.

    by CK770

    The app is great, however, I would like to see the following updates: 1: The ability to see deposited checks 2: A better keyboard layout 3: A rewards app instead of being taken to the website 4: the ability to search by charge type 5: A better layout on the iPhone app

  • Best App in banking by far

    by gxk1983

    Love the iPad and iPhone app, banking on the go.

  • Quite good

    by jaimerodrigo

    I thought this app was quite good and well designed. I got to see my bank info, savings account, credit cards.

  • Awesome

    by ucat2006

    Saved 30 minutes and a gallon of gas making a check deposit on my iPad. Simple and fast. Great app!

  • Good app

    by Anomumousyguy

    It's pretty responsive and easy to use

  • Works great

    by erikmejia

    I've had no problems with this app. Just sign in and have access to almost everything.

  • Needs fixing alerts notifications

    by Evy167

    I like this application - it allows all my banking to be done - transfers and deposits, pay bills and monitor accounts. I don't care about iOS 7 update as long as I can do all of these activities. I have this app on all my devices - iPad, iPhone, and iPod. My only wish to improve it is the alert notification go away from all devices when they reviewed on one. I don't like to review same alerts on each of my devices.

  • App is better

    by R0ckS0lid

    The latest update seems to fix crashes that I used to have. Please add feature to view check images as available on my PC desktop web version.

  • Bam

    by Hightowerboy

    Made me cry

  • Most are good

    by Yang sc

    I think this app is good in most senses, but I hope you can add secure message into this app, make the communication more convenient.

  • Not working since iOS 7!

    by FriedDylan

    Working again. Great!

  • Missing feature

    by Kingbingo1

    If the mobile app could provide the feature of seeing current and upcoming payment activity, I could use the iPad for all the functions. So just be aware.

  • Great easy to use and works on IOS7

    by Times reader 123

    Maybe they have improved the app now but worked for me first time on IOS7. Nice app and very easy to use!!


    by Superman new52

    great app overall , but crashes ALOT please fix

  • Crashing every time...

    by A Swannz View

    Love the app and had one successful check picture deposit. But now whenever I take a photo of my check it crashes. Tried several times and keeps crashing. What gives?

  • Issues with iphone and ipad

    by Bonami0

    Iphone Cant access the flash when taking pictures of my checks to deposit. It works well from my phone but not on the app. Add a separate flash feature on the app either as a separate camera setting or a way for the app to recognize it so pictures of checks can be taken with no problems in dim lighting Ipad Can't edit payments to payees or delete a payment to payee. I can do that on iPhone but not on iPad. Need to add it to get it to work. It isn't fair that the iPhone has it but not the iPad

  • Great in concept, useless in real life

    by Billypea

    Deposit a check... Cool, right? Wrong. The pics I took were perfect but several hours later I got an email saying they wouldn't accept the check for deposit. It was a bank check, not hand written. I had to log into the website to see the reason the check wasn't accepted. Try again with a better pic and wait a few more hours for another rejection. Just go the bank and make the deposit. I can check my balance online already, so what's the point? I deleted the app.

  • Crashes on deposit pics

    by August Stone

    Generally it's a nice app. Gives lots of helpful info. Easy layout to navigate. But the deposit by picture crashes often. On my iPhone and on my iPad. Frustrating.

  • Unable to make payment

    by Melt1

    This App is good to view purchases but I keep getting a message that it is unable to process payments. I am deployed with the military and this is my only way of making payments.

  • Credit Card Deficiency

    by RJB44

    The app is OK, but why can't I see my most recent statement? I see the balance due and due date, and recent transactions, but I would like to know what's reflected in the balance due. Other banks have apps that do this.

  • Very difficult to deposit checks

    by Ethtsai

    Should've NEVER update to the latest ver of CHASE app. I have been spending an hour trying to deposit my check, some goes through some doesn't and it's the checks from the same company. and the app told me the picture isn't clear enough while it's crystal clear. What's the use of this app if I have to run to a branch and deposit my check every single time? CHASE really need to fix this bug.

  • Crashes a lot

    by QO Pro HD Customer

    It worked better before but now it crashes and kicks back to the home screen probably 4/5 times taking pictures for the remote deposit, which is the main reason I liked the app. (iOS 7, iPad mini 1, wifi 16 gb)

  • Downloaded...or not.

    by Patriotfan213

    I have experienced same problem as Nisa68. I can only access through App Store since it says I have the app already-but it is not on my phone or iPad even though I downloaded them already. Needs fixing. Hope it is taken care of soon. Hope their security is handled better than this.

  • Horrible

    by _Ninjaroll_

    A great idea that's horribly executed. The main feature that got me downloading this app was the "take a picture to deposit" which I saw on the commercial. Looks easy right?? Well this feature works 1 out of every 10 times if you're lucky. As much money as Chase has, this is the worst app on my iOS device

  • NEEDS negative stars

    by Off with their head

    Horrible app. Horrible bank. Yes, THEY REALLY ARE false advertisers.

  • What Happened?

    by BobFelix

    I used to love this app. I deposited a lot of checks right from home. No more. Now the iPhone crashes when I try to take the picture from the back. And the iPad keeps saying the picture Is not clear enough. What happened?

  • Truly a sad app

    by David Hurlburt

    It is so disappointing that a bank with this kind of money can't make an app that works properly. I've struggled time and time again with deposits. The iPhone, iPad, neither can capture an acceptable pic. 5 time out of ten I am forced to use an ATM. And isn't isn't as if chase couldn't afford it.

  • Pathetic.

    by hawksclone

    Won't accept my username + password, yet I have no trouble logging in on the website. The ability to take pictures of cheques to deposit them is very hit or miss, so far this app has wasted more time than going into a branch. Please get your act together, you are a billion dollar multi national bank!

  • Garbage app

    by Nisa68

    Didn't fully download and won't let me delete it. The only way to use it is to go through the App Store and open it. This can't be correct , does anyone know how to correct this ?

  • Redeem rewards?

    by broseph23

    Uh all it does is take you to a link to the website. You don't actually get to redeem the rewards in the app. Nice false advertising.

  • Limited functions

    by DocDunphy

    Doesnt do half of what website offers. But useful

  • Thanks for nothing, Chase

    by The Crenz

    To call this app minimalist would be an understatement. No way to view your latest statement? Come on. You might want to look at how your competitors do it to get some ideas.

  • Deposit never works

    by Aziza Kazimi

    The app has always had issues with accepting deposits, it always rejects the pictures and I've tried different lighting situations. Bank of Americas deposit and mobile banking is soooo easy and seamless - please use their technology.

  • Used to be good

    by Artabartzes

    After a recent "upgrade" to "improve app performance," now I cannot remotely deposit checks. It complains that the picture is too blurry, even though the pictures I am taking are from a mounted camera and are much clearer than what used to be accepted. Very disappointing. I can still check balances and activity so it's not a total loss.

  • Officially done with chase

    by Sigh....who cares?

    How is it that one of the biggest banks in the country can't keep up with software updates when all my other apps are fine? Can't log in. Idiots. The quick app check deposit feature was the only thing keeping me with chase. Now that it's not working, I'm off to a local credit union.

  • Works great! Love the updated UI

    by LordBleen

    Chase did a great job with this update. Enjoying the iOS 7 UI updates.

  • Chase Bank App.

    by EZ-13

    Just purchased the new Apple iPad Air (iOS 7). Installed the Chase Bank App. Logged in. Had no issues what so ever. Had to write this because there are so many bad and negative comments here about the Chase app. Personally I recommend it. Perhaps they've taken care of any issues others may have experienced. I do not work for Chase Bank! However; I am a satisfied customer!!! Thank you Chase Bank. Robert

  • Need to reboot

    by tan1465

    I had problems with the app after updating to latest version. But I followed the suggestion to turn iPad completely off then back on. That worked, and now everything's back to normal functionality. Wish the instructions with the update had said so in the first place.

  • Would give five stars, but...

    by Auntie Deej

    I really like this app. I do have one complaint though. There is a monthly deposit limit. Once you exceed that limit, the app STILL allows you to enter all your info, take the two pictures (front and back of check) before it tells you, "You've exceeded your monthly limit." Would be so much better if it told you that BEFORE you take the pictures, so you don't waste time taking the pictures. Other than that, app works great. If they ever fix that one issue, I will change to five stars!

  • Need to turn off iPad

    by Cantobasso

    I updated the app, and tried to log in. Nothing worked. I turned off my iPad, then turned it back on. App works fine now.

  • Pretty good

    by Talieh B

    I like this app because I can deposit checks, check my balances, pay bills, and see all of my accounts in one place. What I would love to see though is a way to get to ultimate rewards to cash them/use them from the app. Otherwise this app is great!

  • Love it!

    by JG in SB

    Great app. Works for me just fine on iPhone 5s and IPad Air both running iOS 7. PLEASE UPDATE THIS APP TO MATCH THE NEW iOS 7 AESTHETICS!!! New keyboard, etc. They need to add the same notification and alert settings to the iPad app that they currently have in the iPhone app. They designers determined people want PUSH notifications on their iPhones...and they have why do they think those same people don't want these on their iPad?? Please add them!

  • People can login?

    by Dudeman44

    Ever since ios7, On any of 3 devices I try to login with I ALWAYS get the same response: "we are temporarily unable to complete your request...". I've changed the cookie settings, it doesn't mater. I've even reinstalled the app. I can login on any PC no problem. I can't see how anyone gets logged in.

  • Love it!

    by Princey007

    I'm not sure why so many seem to be having problems. I use it every day and have never encountered a single issue.

  • Crashes

    by Hmlsspzz

    App crashes every time I try to deposit a check.

  • Poorly designed and executed.

    by schmapdy

    Wow. This is not an impressive app. I'm stunned that a huge corporation like Chase would release such a low quality product. The layout is confusing and pedestrian. The animations are just bad. Functionality is missing. Weak weak graphic design. If this is how Chase does business, I will take my business elsewhere.

  • iOS7 fix

    by Nasdog

    If still having issues logging on need to allow cookies in Safari to log on.

  • Indispensable

    by JonnyRidge

    I love the Chase app. I have it on both my iPad and iPhone. I always use it to deposit checks now rather than visiting the branch. Being able to see checking, saving, credit cards, mortgage and brokerage account balances easily. A lot of the web functionality is available in the app such as account transfers, quick pay etc. love it!

  • Quick deposit. Hahahahaha

    by Guru This

    Yeah, if it worked. Screw you Chase!!!

  • Errors

    by BonePA

    It keeps telling me I'm over my daily limit of check deposits, while I haven't deposited a check in three days. Not only that, it refuses to cash the one check I have printed on a "chase" check. Every other check works, but to deposit one from a chase customer I need to walk to the bank.

  • Doesn't seems to work

    by Leftist propaganda!?

    Doesn't seem to work with iOS 7.

  • Horrible!

    by Academic Socialite

    Doesn't work at all!! Constantly crashes!

  • Log in fine

    by Phcsuz

    I logged in just fine, not sure of the issues others are having. It's new and has a new look for the iPad, still reviewing but so far I like it!

  • iOS 7 breaks app

    by BRO1088

    I upgraded to iOS 7 and now the app "cannot process my request"

  • POS

    by Sgmdude

    Load ok....icon works also.... But the open/load screen will not clear....I have two app upgrades that I can not get to because the Chase load/open screen is in the way......ugh!!!

  • User

    by SJasmint

    Works great! Easy to log on and navigation is quick and conveniently laid out. Looks nice too, love it!

  • Can't log in since iOS update

    by Shoegal872

    Very VERY frustrating!!! Please fix the app soon! Especially on the iPad!

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