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Seller: JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA

- Access revised Online Privacy Policy
- Redeem Ultimate Rewards Credit and Debit Card points

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Do your banking right from your mobile device

You can manage your accounts, make deposits, find ATMs and more.

Now it’s easy to do banking 24/7, right from your iPhone® or iPod touch®. To start, just enroll in Chase Online.

• See account balances & transaction history
• View your credit and debit card rewards status

• Pay bills and credit cards
• Transfer money between Chase accounts
• Make deposits with Chase QuickDeposit℠
• Send wire transfers
• Make changes to pending transactions
• Send and request money with Chase Person-to-Person QuickPay℠

• Find the nearest Chase branches & ATMs
• Speak with a service representative

• Deposits
• Account balance levels
• ACH transfers

• View your credit card balance and activity
• Make payments
• View Ultimate Rewards information

• View your balance and transaction activity
• Make a deposit with Chase QuickDeposit and reload your card
• Transfer money to a Chase Liquid card

• Best Use of Smartphone Camera 2011 – Webby Awards
• "Best in Class" for mobile banking in 2011 – Javelin Strategy and Research
• #1 in Mobile Website and App Categories 2011 – Keylime Interactive Best Mobile Retail Banking Solutions
• #1 overall in 2012 – Keynote Mobile Banker Scorecard

Some features are available for eligible customers and accounts only.

iPhone and iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.

There is no charge from Chase, but message and data rates may apply. Such charges include those from your communications service provider. Delivery of alerts may be delayed for various reasons, including service outages affecting your phone, wireless or internet provider; technology failures; and system capacity limitations. Any time you review your balance, keep in mind it may not reflect all transactions including recent debit card transactions or checks you have written. A qualifying Chase transfer account is required to transfer funds via text.

Phone Alerts are not available for Chase Basic CheckingSM account.

Customer Reviews

  • Not as bad as I thought

    by LoveFromAbove2010

    Earlier I posted that I couldn't deposit checks. It actually works fine now so I'm changing my rating. But I do hate forced updates.

  • Does what it needs to do

    by LoLoMac

    Very nice & simple interface.

  • Where's the iOS 7??

    by #1chargersfan!

    Really needs an iOS update

  • Fast, secure, doesn't crash

    by Monkeydafist

    Awesome for mobile credit card payments

  • Great banking app!

    by BloodFidelity

    This app is great and easy to use! *Can you make the icon a brighter white color like the rest of the iOS 7 Apple icons? It looks too full compared to the rest of them. It's not flattering.

  • Awesome

    by Katiekovalyak

    Love being able to keep track of all my finances on my phone.

  • Deposits.

    by AmyLou96

    Every time I try to make a deposit when I take a picture the app kicks me out. I love the app, I use it all the time, but this is annoying. It was fixed for a while. But it's knocking me out when I try to make a deposit again. What's the point of having the app if the best feature keeps kicking you out.

  • Good app

    by thejesster1993

    I do quite like this app, I just wish they would update the interface for iOS7.

  • Update?!

    by Mjh1833

    Still waiting on the iOS 7 update (keyboard layout).

  • Outdated

    by myOct13

    Please update to ios7 look!!

  • Great app

    by uuuuuuuuuuudu

    Look & feel is 2010, but it works

  • Picture Button

    by Bear549

    Great app and love having mobile access to my accounts, but the photo button for depositing checks really "stinks". You have to keep pushing it over and over until it actually works and then you have to hope to keep the check in focus while doing this.

  • iOS 7 look.

    by Vicente Vivas

    Where's the me look for iOS 7. It's the only app that I know of that still hasn't been upgraded.

  • Works great

    by Dollipop

    I've been using this app forever & it's been so convenient for me. The Chase QuickPay is so amazing....I've tried the picture deposit before & it didn't work but I live in NYC where there's a Chase on every block & almost every major drug store, so I don't really need to use that feature but I can understand the convenience it would provide. But other than that, I get specific alerts almost immediately to my phone which is something I appreciate. Not sure why this app doesn't have at least 4 stars.

  • Mixed

    by Jennifer Williams

    It's been awesome but sometimes when I log in the app freezes and won't actually log on and open.

  • Great app!!!

    by jjbullfrog21

    Don't listen to all of the negative reviews, this app is really convenient and always accurate. I get notifications immediately after a transaction and you can customize it to what kind of notifications you receive.

  • Good but could be better!

    by ant316

    The app is great for checking balances, however, to deposit checks it's inconsistent. Sometimes it works and other times it does not! Please release an update to make this option work smoother. If it could this would be a perfect application to making banking much easier. Please fix!

  • frequently failed to take check pictures

    by Dragonite小D

    need to Increase the success rate when taking picture of check; also will be better if ultimate rewards store is built-in

  • Add external account transfers!

    by Chris Banoub

    Versatile app missing one critical piece--the ability to transfer funds to external accounts.

  • Crashes too often

    by Artielky

    The app is very handy except when it comes to deposits. Instead of snapping the picture, it crashes. Of course that means I have to log in again and start from scratch. If this glitch gets fixed it will be a 5 star app!

  • Am I the only one having this problem?

    by msmickeygirl

    For the past couple of days I sign into my account and the app shows my accounts all have a balance of $0.00. I check my account online and my accounts are ok. I've deleted the app and re installed it, but it's still showing the zero balances. I think I'm going to remove the app from my phone indefinitely.

  • Pls Fix the Deposit Feature for iPhone 5s

    by Thop72

    I've used this app happily for years but after recently upgrading to iPhone 5s, I can no longer deposit checks! This is very frustrating since it is the primary feature of the app for me. I too have the same experience as other reviewers in that I tap the photo button repeatedly, hold the camera as still as possible, and yet the photo will not take. This cannot the a problem with the device as my camera works perfectly and my photos turn out beautifully. Chase - please fix this!!

  • Will not log onto Chase Bank. Useless.

    by MK7409

    Seems Chase's mobile site is down. Bummer. Would have been convenient to be able to access over my iPhone.

  • Worthless, just like the bank itself.

    by *UnderTheStars*

    Literally downloaded this for the check photo deposit feature alone. Has never worked to successfully deposit the check, not even once. It gives me every single error message it can possibly conceive to refuse my check. Things that don't even make sense, like the amount that I entered does not match the amount on the check. Yes, yes it does. Exactly. The photo's as clear as possible on a well lit pristine check. It'll give me different error message every time, its complete BS. Hey, at least that's one thing that's consistent about Chase is a bank!

  • Picture deposit don't work

    by Slake Bimkins

    The app is meh. The main reason for me was the ability to deposit checks, but it almost never works. Hire a designer and developer and get this right. It's embarrassing that a company of this size can't get it right.

  • Function deposit check stopped working

    by 5241444F

    Ever since the last update the app crashes reliably when I get to the take picture step when depositing a check. If they break the ability to check your balance will make the app completely useless.

  • Login

    by tweed85

    There needs to be an option to use a pin to login! Just copy the functionality from USAA and Discover.

  • Limit is annoying

    by Misfitg

    Why is there a limit on the deposit amount?

  • Not able to pay

    by Uwhofun

    I login and start to set up payment for my bills and I am not able to click next to continue on to finish the payment. I have to call the 800 # to get to payment made. Please fix this bug.


    by Angelus 300

    Come chase this app has a terrible design!!! When are you people will invest some money to get a decent looking at for us... the customers and clients!

  • Deposits do not work.

    by Richsonn

    App keeps closing during deposits on my 4S.

  • Terrible

    by carnival753

    Never logs in. Can't deposit through pictures

  • Crashes, won't let me deposit

    by alplfh

    It was a fine app once upon a time, but it crashes several times before it will accept my deposit. Very annoying.

  • Crashes when paying

    by JMD1026

    Trying to make a payment other than the minimum due or the entire balance crashes the app every time. I've had the app for over 6 months and this still hasn't been fixed? Come on chase

  • Deposit issues!!!

    by SBO98

    I use to love this app, I was able to deposit my checks into my account without any problems, lately every time I try to deposit a check using the app it closes and I have to renter my username and password. When I try the second time and I'm taking a picture of the check it closes itself once again. Because I'm try to deposit my check using the mobile app I do this multiple times until finally I give up my frustration. Fix it!!!!!!!!

  • So aggravating!!!

    by  Chellynne

    This could be such a great app but it never works!!!! Why???!!! Please fix ASAP. Always get "session times out" errors or "unable to reach the server". Help!!!


    by bull_shii

    Checking account alerts does not work. I've gone to 3 Chase branches and non of them know what to do. This thing started 2 updates ago. Please fix!!!!!

  • Deposit pics crash app

    by Iggy the OG

    For checking balances and paying bills the app is very convenient but it crashes when I use the deposit check digitally feature. This is a recent problem, used to work. Chase really needs an update to fix this!

  • Fix it


    Had for a couple years, this's a joke. Won't load, slow and slower, closes out!!! For Pete's sake, FIX IT!

  • Broken

    by Paperchasaman

    I dowloaded the app and i still dont have it. But when i go to the app store and search chase it says "open" and when i tap the button it doesnt do anything. Takeing up memory for nothing!!

  • Crashes

    by Azlwood

    The app crashes and shuts down every time I take pictures for deposit. Used to work well but not now.

  • Fix remote deposit

    by Twonson

    Previously, one of the most useful features of this app was the remote deposit capabilities. Every time I use it now, it crashes after you take a pic of the back of the check. I've tried everything to reset the app but nothing works. PLEASE FIX IT!!!

  • Problem with Deposits

    by ohiotickhead

    Every time I take a picture of a check for a deposit, the app closes. This is a recent problem. Please fix this Chase!!!!

  • Fix the Quick Deposit

    by Virgofromjersey

    The main reason to have this app is the Quick Deposit function but it isn't working. Every time I take a pic of the front or back of the check the app logs out. No error message or indicator of the problem. Please patch ASAP.

  • Beneficial

    by Hennessey.lady.2010

    But why can't I access it today? I could really benefit from using it today and there was no warning that I wouldn't be able to sign in today.

  • Depositing Checks Works 1/10 tries


    Depositing a check rarely works. You can pay your credit card bill fine, and view your account balance/transactions fine too. Though you can just use the web for this. As an app, it’s no more helpful than just viewing the website.

  • Please update

    by Bigj7

    The app itself gets the job done, but I would love to see the interface updated for ios 7 and made easier to use. Once that's done you'll get my 5 stars.

  • Mobile deposits rarely work

    by Jolie2150

    When I first got this app, I could take the photo myself but now I must wait for the phone to automatically take it. I literally hold my breath to keep the image steady and it will not take the picture. I have not been able to deposit checks for weeks now. Very frustrating

  • Deposit hasn't worked in months

    by Jlb_detroit

    What's the deal? Deposit used to work and now doesn't. Picture is fine.

  • Does what it should do :)

    by LorenaB7

    That's all

  • Best

    by Cass=)

    I have many bank apps and this is by far the best, fastest, and easiest way to connect w my finances. I do not understand all the negative reviews- especially the one where the user said they would switch banks over an app. I can pay my chase credit card bills easily, send payments with quick pay and view how many savings withdraws I've done in the month without issue. Great way to monitor finances.

  • Pointless

    by Zortfellow

    Very very limited the chase mobile texting is as useful

  • Perfect

    by Bambamwiz

    This app is just what I needed out of my bank. I love the fact that I can pay my credit cards and transfer money to and from my savings account! I can just take a photo of my check and deposit it. What's next, cash by phone? Ha

  • Ok, but really needs a facelift

    by Fichetola

    The Chase mobile app, among other banking apps, really need to be updated to the IOS 7 interface. The app is old and outdated and really needs a change. Mechanically it works fine, other than the occasional crash when trying to use mobile deposit.

  • ATM locator

    by mcb2468

    There needs to be an option to view locations on a map when trying to locate a nearby branch or ATM.

  • Chase DOES NOT clean up their Apps

    by LetsDo2012

    This App is a great reason for me to go back to Bank of American. Forget depositing checks using a picture. App crashes each time a photo is taken. I deleted, reinstalled and no difference. Chase is a Waste.

  • It works.

    by Jeffewilliams

    I use the app everyday to check my balance, transfer money, and make payments. It always works and never crashes. The reason I give it one less star is the UI. It's in need of an update. It has not been ios7 revamped. The keyboard is still old, and the design doesn't blend with the ios7 theme. All my other banking apps have made the change. It's time chase makes it.

  • Used to be great...

    by Anders Kensson

    The main reason I used this app was to deposit checks. Since updating to the current version on my 5s the focus goes in and out and I continuously receive an error saying the quality isn't clear enough...

  • Latest version keeps crashing...

    by Bobsama

    This was a good, albeit basic app to see your balances, transfer between accounts and deposit checks - with depositing checks being the killer feature. Unfortunately, the latest update causes the app to crash when you are uploading pictures of the check. Please fix!!!

  • Update

    by TylerT5

    This app definitely needs a UI update it looks ugly compared to the rest of my apps

  • Hit a wall immediately

    by Bambina52

    Went to pay my credit card bill, told I need to update the app first. Great. Plug in my near useless iPhone 4S for the update... Go to pay my bill- nope. The green "next" button to make payment won't work. It's more than 24 hours before my due date. Have to get to a computer and try there, or call Chase. Fail.

  • Don't you want my money

    by BM1456

    I downloaded the app to check balance and make scheduled payments. The payment screen does not work. First, can't change the amount as it preloads my blueprint amount and is not an editable field. I am able to change the date, which is good, but when I'm ready to Submit the button does not work. The cancel works fine. I've been trying for months, downloaded an upgrade hoping that it was just a bug that would be addressed with the update. But, nope. It is frustrating. I am using on iPhone 4S, btw, which may be a consideration. It seems that is one of the most important screens to get right as far as ease of use and that it actually works. The app does work on the iPad that we have (2nd gen). Been making my payments from there.

  • Works as needed!

    by SombraBuho

    Great for keeping up to date.

  • Cannot make a deposit

    by Indygirl37

    Every time I try to make a deposit, I get kicked out of the app. I have signed in again and the same thing keeps happening.

  • Constant mobile deposit errors.

    by Schmactor

    Using latest version on latest ios. Getting "check photo not clear enough to deposit" no matter how well I take the picture. Serious glitch and seriously annoying. Chase has done nothing to improve this app in a year.

  • Crashes during check picture

    by 26Swiss

    This app has always worked well but not it shuts off when trying to photograph a deposit check three times in a row.

  • Very convenient for electronic deposits

    by chrispy1222

    I have always found this app very useful. However, it has a bug. I was just trying to deposit 5 checks and had the app shut down four times in the middle of me taking pics of the front and back of my checks. Very annoying. Please fix this. Thanks.

  • Chase allow to still you're money

    by vikbar

    I call chase do dispute unauthorized charges on my account and chase allow to unsurprised peoples use my account without any punishment. Ridiculous Chase I don't believe I was you're costumer for 14 years

  • Sometimes works

    by HoratioCruzD

    When it works it works well and saves me a trip to the bank. Lately depositing has been very buggy. As soon as I tap to take a picture of the check the app crashes. Also this app has never been able to handle BoA checks correctly and I have to manually enter the routing number.

  • Good

    by Edgar.N.95

    Needs to be updated for iOS 7 standards tho

  • After update, steady problem

    by 96!!

    Used to work fine, now I have to hold my phone for about two minutes over the check until it thinks I'm steady enough to take the picture!

  • Change the color back to solid blue

    by maximy


  • Suggestion

    by Kartoshka99

    I would love to be able to see the interest rate my checking or savings account is yielding somewhere and the current year to date interest earned. Can you please add this functionality?

  • Outdated

    by JP89Hornet

    The app's design feels like something for iOS 5, needs a more iOS 7 facelift. Looks and interacts really cheap. Wish it had a passbook notification like American Express has... It's a pain to have to type in your password every time you get a purchase notification. My work around is to disable the badge icon.

  • Decent App, missing one crucial piece

    by Whysee12

    If you're banking within the US, this is a great app. My issue is that it won't allow you to initiate wire transfers to foreign bank accounts, which is exactly what I need since I live abroad. Also, the mobile website doesn't provide you with the option to see the desktop version. Chase makes you log into a personal computer. Great for safety (I suppose*) but super obnoxious for me. *Anecdotal story: The reason I say "I suppose" is that banking in Europe is uber safe. There's really no such thing as identify theft because each transfer requires a unique PIN number and each card has a chip in it. You can transfer amounts to friends within hours and across borders easily and within 24 hours. It's a different experience that makes you realize how primitive our banking system is.

  • Daily User - Alerts Annoying

    by dmr933

    Great app! 1 issue I have is the alerts for iPhone - I have multiple accounts and never can tell which acct the alert is for and just dismiss it. Have to look at account summary but alert notification is annoying.

  • BankFail

    by steve shepherd

    As long as you're just checking your account balance or making a transfer you are fine with this app. 9 times out of 10 the app quits when I try to deposit a check.

  • Update iOS7 design!!!!!

    by Komitas add me

    This app is old! Please update it with the design and layout of iOS7. Also, please take Discover app as an example and make the statement available on mobile app. Also, make it easier to switch from personal and business accounts by saving the username. Thanks.

  • Deposit problems

    by freethinker4u

    Why can't this app tell me the picture isn't clear enough before I make the deposit? Looks clear enough to me. Then... Blah... Start from the beginning.

  • Please stop updating your app

    by T-Quest

    It's really annoying that I have to update the app every other time I need to check my balance.

  • Crashes when trying to make deposit

    by MomTeachesWlove

    This app used to work. Not sure what changed. Now it crashes each time I try to take a picture. I'm using iPhone 4s. Hope the bug gets fixed so can give a 5 star.

  • I have an I phone and have no deposit problems.

    by Imanii123

    I think this app is fantastic. All my information is accurate. When I go to deposit my checks through my app, I never have a problem. I've only had to retake a picture of my check once. I haven't had an issue with doing deposits through my I phone, and it's a 4s. This app has never given me any problems, I've been using it for almost a year.

  • Great App

    by xo_cort

    I love this app! I use it to check my balances, transfer money, and deposit my checks! It's quick, easy, and very convenient! I would recommend this app to anyone who has a chase account

  • Terrible

    by HughFlabberghast

    This app crashes every time I try to take a picture of a check. I tried everything, including deleting and reinstalling it.

  • Terrible bank

    by renichms

    App is mediocre, at best. The bank behind it is downright bad. They put long holds on fully paid off cards for no apparent reason. Do NOT get an account with them. They don't give a crap about their customers.

  • What happened?

    by Noabcnofan

    I never rate apps but I have to take the time to do so here. I used to love this app. Now all it ever does is shut down while I'm trying to make a deposit or transfer money. This is extremely frustrating and I hope Chase resolves the issue. What good is having a mobile app to perform these functions if it doesn't even work?

  • 5 stars

    by Yuri's Bakery

    Awesome app ! Can't complain !!

  • Direct Deposit DOA

    by Hachoohachoo

    Whenever I take picture for the check's front, the application crashes. Wow.

  • Absolutely Worthless

    by GJH1616

    Don't bother with this. Impossible to deposit checks.

  • Please update for iOS 7

    by Ryman13

    Good app but needs to be optimized for iOS 7. Icon is iOS 7 style but app isn't. Doesn't make sense. Other than that works really good.

  • I like it and all but needs some adjustments

    by Mg16xoxo

    I use this app all the time when using my card for something I need but I can't take pictures for deposit it's keep crashing and logging me off Please fix it please

  • iOS 7??

    by danceonyourgrave

    It does everything it should. It's annoying how many taps it takes to clear alerts. Also, where's the optimization for iOS 7? This is the last app I have that hasn't had a redesign for iOS 7 or at the very least updated the keyboard. It's not a huge issue, just an eyesore.

  • 5S Check Deposits

    by leftymo

    USAA was one of the first banks to introduce mobile app check deposit. Their updates have made it even better. With Chase, their updates have made it worse. I know press the “snap photo” button 8-10 times before a single picture actually gets done. All it ever does is continue to focus. Please repair this costly and timely flaw. It is so bad, I might actually save time by going to a bank and depositing it myself.

  • Good enough, but so many updates

    by M17304

    I feel like I have to update every time I want to use the app. Granted, I use it infrequently, but that does change the fact that it's obnoxious.

  • What happen

    by Houseofhardknox

    I used to love this app now deposit by phone won't work. Big downer

  • I used to love this app....

    by jbadge

    I used to use this all the saved me many trips to the bank, which helped Chase to have shorter lines in their banks. However, after upgrading to the iPhone 5s, which has the best camera available on any iPhone, I can no longer deposit a single check.... Each time I try to deposit a check, I'm told that my high quality photo is not clear enough. I've been using this app since I had an iPhone 3G without any problems. This is super frustrating....I may need to switch to a bank that can actually build a proper app if this issue is not resolved.

  • Other Banks have better apps

    by haddassah

    Chase's Mobile Banking app does not show individual transactions nor differentiate between pending and authorized transactions. The only thing the app does well is report the balance of the account; other than that, this app is useless.

  • Other Banks have better apps

    by haddassah

    Chase's Mobile Banking app does not show individual transactions nor differentiate between pending and authorized transactions. The only thing the app does well is report the balance of the account; other than that, this app is useless.

  • Nice mobile app but...

    by bparker02

    Now the alert badges won't go away. I have 80! I've checked them but there aren't 80 shown, maybe 80 total for the account. Even when I check them they all come back on the next alert.

  • Great app

    by Lakebett

    Does everything a bank app should. Let's me pay bills, check my balance, and transfer funds.

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