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Federal tax prep that's FREE to prepare, FREE to print, and FREE to e-file* from your iPad.

H&R Block helps you quickly complete your U.S. federal and state returns with easy, step-by-step Q&A.


• Use last year’s At Home account, in the app or online.
• Built-in expertise from the most trusted name in taxes.
• Get complex tax code translated into plain English.
• Rest easy with automatic reviews for accuracy and omissions.
• Keep track of your filed return with status alerts.
• Access and edit your return from either your iPad or your computer’s browser.
• Get FREE audit support and representation from an enrolled agent**.


• 100% Accurate Calculation Guarantee
• Maximum Refund Guarantee – Get the maximum refund you’re entitled to or we’ll refund
any tax-prep fees.

* A free tax return excludes self-employment income (Schedule C), capital gains and losses income (Schedule D), rental and royalty income (Schedule E), farm income (Schedule F) and shareholder/partnership income or loss (Schedule K-1).

** Worry-free Audit Support is available for clients who use H&R Block tax software, online or mobile tax preparation solutions to prepare and successfully file (via e-file or print and mail) their 2012 individual income tax returns (federal or state). It does not provide for reimbursement of any taxes, penalties or interest imposed by taxing authorities. Additional terms and restrictions apply; see www.hrblock.com to learn more.

Customer Reviews

  • Works Perfectly!

    by 4nakisman

    Quick, easy, and accurate! A perfect companion to H&R Block's tax website.

  • Nice app

    by Woody1550

    Had trouble with the app freezing up. Would be nice to be able to pull up past returns. Other than that it works great

  • Perfect!!

    by Mishamax

    This program is so easy and accurate that I can't imagine doing my taxes any other way. I have used HR Block's online program very successfully for many years, and their app makes tax time even simpler. Thanks!

  • Perfect

    by Jrob1964

    Love this app, worked perfectly, no issues, loved being able to work on the iPad, I highly recommend

  • Drops connection a bunch, but otherwise awesome

    by Great 7

    Drops connection a few times a day, but in general love the app

  • Very simple

    by Alex Sullivan

    This app is fast and easy. Highly recommend!

  • Works GREAT

    by Lola911911

    I have used the HR Block app for a couple of years now and I have never had a problem. Awesome!

  • Great

    by Sin City Sin

    Best app for tax ever!

  • can't view past returns

    by Joe2D2

    This app was easy to use when filing tax returns, but when trying to access previous years' returns that were filed using the app, either in the app itself or on myH&RBlock website, you are unable to access the returns. This has to be fixed.

  • Great app

    by Bebo 23

    This is the second year using this app and is great very easy and fast way to get your taxes done right by fraction of the cost highly recommended

  • Internet required

    by F9 Pilot

    Would be a great app but doesn't work without internet connection.

  • Highly Recommend

    by 2013 Taxes

    Very easy to use

  • LOVE

    by Stsjfufudifuj

    The app is very user friendly. Taxes have never been easier.

  • Keeps Saying Server Not Connected

    by Chrisann0519


  • Perfect for on the go

    by Mama Lenore

    You know those times when you're out and you remember you forgot to add something to you tax return, that's when you need this. I love H&R Block and this app is perfect. Everything I do from the computer I see right here.

  • Worked without a hitch

    by ApriliaMille

    I used this app to do my 2012 income taxes. This was my first time using the app over buying the software for my laptop, which I've done for as many years as I've used TaxCut/ HR Block. This app worked as well as the software and was just as user friendly. I had no issues with this app and I'm looking forward to using it to do my 2013 income taxes.

  • HR Block

    by Eegone06121961

    Great app - helps out a bunch

  • Does the job well...just like it's supposed to.

    by LogicalPop

    Been using their product now for 12 years, seems to always get the job done well enough that I get a refund, after all that is what we are all after. I've had some situations over them 12 years (3 If I remember correctly and all were penny ante stuff), They were simple enough problems that with a little leg work I fixed them forms right up... AND for those who DON'T KNOW, the IRS sends out a letter (notice) with the part that is in question or error. They are very polite about it and they even have an 800 number to call and the people who answer really are educated... AND YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THEM, They give some great advice and even for the future use also. No problems from this guy. The items I've gotten hit up with is my kids and their deductions and the "something' always bounces back on to me. So pay the man and in a few weeks you'll have an updated bill with interest (WHICH IN REALITY IS SO MINUTE!) well I won't waste my time explaining that, IT'S CHEAP. So over all I'm very satisfied and I have in the past recommended people for over a decade now on how to do their taxes them selves. It really is getting (In my opinion) to be something that you have to know and keep track of. I've made up spiral binders and put just the pertinent pages from my H&R report in there year per year, use color dividers and BAMMM!!! All that info right at my finger tips. I like sticking with the hard copy vs. digital since I can make all the pencil marking I want and BEND pages.... I know you can do all that stuff digitally now and I DO normally do that, just NOT with my taxes. Well thank you H&R for a very satisfactory program. I would have gone 5 starts but I thought I'd leave some wiggle room for improvements. regards, jerry crotty Phoenix AZ

  • Simple & easy!

    by 2012MacHilde

    Taxes completed efficiently

  • TJ

    by Happy2U2

    I was apprehensive! A few snags, but I would HIGHLY recommend!

  • Server issues make it unusable

    by Megssister

    Last year the app was great, did 3 different people's taxes on it. This year I can't get through one page without it losing connection and having to start all over. I'm about to give up and try TurboTax after 7 years of H&R Block.

  • Doesn't work

    by Cpa77

    Just freezes and does nothing. Useless.

  • Extremely Disappointed

    by NikiMc65

    Have used this on my PC for years, delighted to find an iPad app in the recent update emil, but it's dreadful. Crashes multiple times, I input W2 data it doesn't save it, what the heck. How this was fit for release is beyond me. Back to the PC I go.

  • Come on H&R Block

    by 666opeth666

    I have always used their services but their app keeps telling me there was a connection error and then freezing on a white sceen. I have to back out, reenter all my w2 information and then it freezes again. I'm going to taxslayer right now, a long time customer gone.

  • Very buggy in 2014

    by Fabio9000x

    Fails to open some dialog boxes. Still not updated by early Feb.

  • Server Unreachable

    by Crot2121

    Every time you get started with your federal it blanks out and says "server unreachable" and reverts back to the beginning. I have used H&R for years without problems but I will probably have to switch this year. Unable to use. Low quality app.

  • Glitch

    by Flippin Birds

    Will not work unless you update IOS. Says you can use older version, but if you open older version it continues to give a pop up saying a new version is available. So it keeps sending you back to the App Store. Fix this ASAP!

  • Ripped me off

    by DaniAssassin

    I got everything done and then payed the $27.99 fee to file my state and it won't pass that. It keeps telling me to "buy" when I already have. I received a payment receipt in my email and everything. Somebody needs to fix this!

  • No Info Displayed

    by Theoneandonlyt80

    Launched app...logged in...displayed nothing. I wasn't able to click on any of the side buttons. Closed and restarted app with same results.

  • It's broken!

    by OmniCamaro

    Got all the way to the review of our federal return and a white box pops up and it gets stuck there. Tried backing up, restarting, nothing works. Fail

  • Useless

    by Salt lake man

    Won't even open ! If I could give it Zero stars I would !

  • Didn't work - don't waste your time

    by Salt 9

    Many problems. Can't log on using existing username and password, tried to establish new account and import data, but even when following their prompts screen ends up blank, etc. Even tried to leave feedback on the app and it wouldn't save or submit. Very disappointing and surprising from a company like H&R Block. Update: looks like they fixed some issues, but now I can't upload last year's data to the app. Seems like they didn't think this through when they designed it. Online version works well though.

  • Does not work!

    by Mike. 57854578

    It won't open!!!!!!!!

  • HELP!!

    by Dee Ann Ladson

    I just updated this app and now it won't open at all!! It was an update that was supposed to fix login. I went to app support but did not see where I could get help. I have used this app for the past couple of years to file. Please do something about this!

  • Doesn't open

    by JoeJoeJimJim

    Always use H&R but this does not open on my iPad. Will likely use different version on my computer.

  • Didn't work

    by WI ROCK MAN

    Downloaded, went to open and got message "sever not available". Can't comment on the content, but what can you say when it doesn't even open? I highly recommend turboTax TaxCaster. Why? Because it opened, worked, was easy to use and gave accurate results.

  • Not recommend

    by carzzinn

    Pro: The app works and allows you file your taxes using you IPad. Con: Once you use this app you can't change or alter your taxes on a computer with out paying extra. I recommend just using the hr block website.

  • lots of problems

    by Vmorale

    I purchased this software in February 2013 and I am still waiting for my taxes as they have been rejected by IRS on 2 occasions. The application does not submit all of the required forms in order to the IRS process your taxes. This application is just for your basic taxes nothing complicated.

  • Still can't complete my taxes

    by Mr. Getitright

    Why can't it just get my credit card info instead of going through my iTunes account? Fix it.

  • Super easy

    by Dwysprgfld

    Finds credits like it has to!

  • Great app

    by Granaedy

    Used app to complete federal and state taxes in less time than ever. Normally I use a desktop app but this was much more convenient. Only thing that caught me by surprise was that when you pay for taxes you HAVE to use iTunes apple ID as the form of payment. Not a big issue but it caught me off guard.

  • No problems for me

    by BusPgAdmin

    This app accepted the login info for my account established last year and did not ever lock me out. Didn't try logging on to web version as well. Previously very familiar with web version, and was virtually the same - very good!

  • Great App

    by Emcmee

    On April 14th it saved the day!

  • Locked my H&R Block account

    by Rheflin

    This is is totally separate from the website but it will lock your account. Why not separate the two if you won't allow login to your web app from the app?

  • Great App

    by Lego Damashii

    Clear, with plenty of explanations along the way. I feel pretty confident that I got my takes right.

  • I really liked it

    by lanenaclau

    It's true, at the end you have to pay $30 to file State, but it lets you e-file federal without any problems and the process is very easy and fast. My suggestion to HRB is to let people know in advance that they have to pay to e-file the State return.

  • User Profile not matching

    by Miguel Inacio

    If your an existing HRB online customer, your profile won't be recognized with the app, but it has no problems locking your account for repeating the login procedure even thought it's entered correctly. What's the point of being a repeat customer if you have to recreate a new profile just to use the app!

  • Great App

    by NashvilleTN06754

    Easy to use, worked perfectly!

  • Scam don't buy

    by Real person #5465L

    Takes you through the whole process then forces you to buy the state return for 30$ before you can file at all. What a total rip off. I will never give HR block another dime for my entire life.

  • Nice

    by Dlocz559

    Very simple to use app!

  • Fast and Easy: could use a few minor improvements

    by Climbin' Burge

    Made filing easy and provided good updates on the status of submissions. Two improvements would make it the best: 1) directly link to the IRS website that provides taxpayers with their pin # from previous years rather than directing us to call 2) directly link to state government sites to help determine school zones (TurboTax has this feature)

  • Great & Easy

    by tp31304

    App guided me through nice and easy! As a first time user, it was simple.

  • Very Good!

    by Soukous player

    Great app! Easy to use and the app guided me through some tricky forms that I needed to complete for the first time this year. I have recommended the app to my family members, too.

  • Great Service, Good User Experience

    by Tom McDonald, New York, NY

    H&R Block's At Home service has made it easy for me to do my own taxes for the past four years. Even when I had a much more complex tax situation in 2012. I had to file in two states due to a move. And I had mistakenly made an excess contribution to my Roth IRA, which is a complicated thing to correct and report. Of course you still need to make sure you get all your forms and info handy yourself, but then their system walks you through easily. Highly recommended.

  • Great app

    by HutchSolutions

    Very easy to use! Definitely recommend especially if you have a small business

  • Mr.

    by WmHW64

    This app makes the tax filing process easier every year. The confidence of having H & R Block support make it even better!

  • Even easier with iPad4 and this app!

    by Mictrostar

    I loved this app! Literally finished my taxes in 1/2 the time as usual! I had used H&R Block last year to efile on my PC, so I decided to give this app a try this year. It was so easy to use and even faster! My favorite part was: I've just purchased a new complicated to set up printer. This app allows you to save your return as PDF so I didn't have to mess with wireless printing! YAY! Lots of apps require you to print your return before they will e file it. Glad this one doesn't! If you don't have your information and you need a PIN from the IRS? This app connects seamlessly to the IRS website and you have a PIN in seconds! ✔

  • Simple

    by Mello-Renny

    This app is great! Easy and so convenient, will recommend it to anyone. I just filed for my taxes from my couch while watching Tom and Jerry :)

  • Extremely Easy to Use

    by HyperbolicHunter

    It was even better than their desktop version. I was also able to import some stuff with the touch of a button. On the ones it couldn't import, it simply said that the information wasn't available for import and it let me enter the information. I love this app.

  • Great, taxes are finished

    by Lankie 1

    I did my federal taxes on my IPad while I was watching the NCAA tournament ....very easy to follow. I e-filed my taxes today:))

  • Very disappointed

    by TexasRangers77

    This app is a joke! It continually crashes and will not allow you to log back in until you reload the app. Extremely frustrating!

  • What app?

    by Piperscafe

    I just downloaded this app. Tried to set up account. That worked, which means they now have my email address to bug me forever. But every time I try to sign in, I get a message that it encountered an error. When I press where it tells me to press, I get the same error. Closing, forcing closed, re opening, all don't help. Good thing there are lots of choices. Obviously HR Block doesn't need new customers. Don't waste your time. Try someone else.

  • Can't use with existing non-app account! DUMB

    by smlyc

    If you already have an HRblock online browser-based account, you can't access it using the app! You have to create a new account just for the app. Stupidest thing I've ever heard.

  • Tax Time

    by Gran-ma

    H&R Block's tax app was great. I didn't realize that they had an app until I filed on line with my computer. When I downloaded the app I was able to print and save my tax return, check my filing status, and view it with the convenience of my iPad2. Cool!

  • 1st time tax filer

    by Kayce Bee

    This was my first time filling taxes. I always heard it was better to go in and have a professional do your taxes for you but I've been seeing lots of ads for h&r block software and decided that it can't be rocket science. It was awesome! Fast, simple, and a lot cheaper than going and having your taxes prepared. Plan to use this very year!

  • Should be done by now!

    by Qu222

    This App has crashed or frozen or refused to let me log in so many times..I should be filed by now! In fact, saying that, I am now nervous that in the end It will not let me e-file.... Have used H & R online for at least 5 years and loved it, but I am NOT loving this app.

  • Review

    by Mattmij

    Good product. Fast and easy

  • Loved It

    by Gammie123

    I've used H&R Block with my laptop in the past; however this app is great. This is the first time I've used it with my iPad. I love the simple explanation, easy upload of information and fast processing. I will use this app again.

  • Froze on 1099

    by Moving on H and R

    I have use h and r for 3 years, and this is the first year with the app. Pricing guide is elusive, and I am not a fan of the "try it free" approach. I just want to know how much and how it works. It is unclear and it doesn't, respectively. Froze on the 1099 page after an hour of entering data and will now do absolutely nothing. Blank page, ridiculously sporting the title and nothing else, no buttons, restart, my stuff, nothing. I am moving on.

  • t@ksl@die

    by d'lited

    Love this app ;)

  • Good but.....

    by WillTonia

    Good app but what if it was upgraded to track finances as well and then tax info could be preloaded from the same financial information you entered all year long

  • H&R at home

    by Sammy313rtN

    Not a good experience, program froze on my iPad and I had to call for help to finish it using the online version. Program itself is easy to use, may have been an iPad problem, not sure. The call center did give me a key code to resend the state, so I didn't have to pay again, but I asked for one, it wasn't volunteered.

  • H&R Block at Home 2012

    by 92YJ

    OK, it has a good interface for entering data and such but leaves me a little cold when I want to play "what if" scenarios. I want to be able to test various approaches to see which provides the best solution for a specific situation. This app does not seem to have a way to get a result, go back and enter data for a different scenario and then recalculate to evaluate the results. I give it a four but may not use it again without some revisions.


    by Radar212

    Wanted something like this but had to pay for it. This app is free and you will be pleased with how Easy it is. Try it.

  • locked up

    by Tcraft44

    I created an account then started a tax form. My ipad locked up after only a couple of minutes- had to reboot to free it. I deleted this ap.

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